Panania North Public School

Newsletter 2 - 19th February 2021

Principal's Message

I would like to congratulate our students on a wonderful start to 2021. In the last three weeks all children have participated in and completed a rigorous assessment of their literacy and numeracy knowledge. This data has been analysed by our teachers and executive team to inform not only our class teaching programs but where we need to allocate extra support and provide further professional learning for our teachers.

This week, each of our stage teachers were released off class for a day to collaboratively plan targeted literacy and numeracy lessons that meet each students needs for the next 5 weeks. Students learning will be reassessed at the end of this learning cycle to ensure they have met their learning goals and to plan for our next learning cycle.

I look forward to sharing with our community our progress and results.

Meet the Teacher - Tuesday 2 March 2021

Each year we like to provide parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher in order to hear more about the year ahead. This year we have held our 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon a little later in hope that COVID restrictions are lifted. This has not happened so we have decided to still go ahead with a shorter "Meet the Teacher' format. With the current restrictions we feel it is important to have the opportunity to get to know your child's teacher, their classroom and other organisational information to help your child and you have a great year of learning.

Please note that we will be unable to talk with you individually about your child during this time. Individual parent meetings will be arranged for the second last week of term and will be an opportunity to discuss your child's learning needs.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 2 March.  The meetings will be held in your child's classroom.

Early Stage 1:      3:30 - 4:00pm

Stage 1:                4:15 - 4:45pm

Stage 2:                5:00 - 5:30pm 

Stage 3:                5:45 - 6:15pm

2021-2024 School Improvement Plan

At Panania North our school's improvement is a continuous process, centred on maximising outcomes for all students, and sustaining this improvement over time.

In 2020 we undertook a rigorous self-assessment to develop a situational analysis. This analysis is a key component of the School Excellence cycle and has been used to identify our improvement journey for the next 4 years.

The situational analysis identified; literacy, numeracy and positive education as our strategic directions for our 2021-2024 School Improvement Plan.

Literacy and numeracy

Our purpose in literacy and numeracy is to improve student achievement, growth, and performance  through establishing a culture of high expectations and quality teaching practice.

We will achieve this by embedding  a whole school integrated approach to quality teaching, curriculum planning, delivery, and assessment to promote learning excellence and to be responsive in meeting the needs of all students.

Positive Education

Our purpose for our third direction is to implement a strategic and planned approach to support all community members so they can connect, succeed, thrive and learn.

We will have two major initiatives under this direction

Connect and thrive

The whole school community will employ evidence-based strategies to build a positive learning environment by developing supportive relationships with staff, students and the wider community. The community are provided with opportunities in developing healthy coping strategies, resilience and self-regulation. Professional learning is aligned with achieving nurturing classrooms that motivate students with strategies that increase their willingness to learn.

  • Classroom management
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Behaviour strategies/ expectations
  • Staff/Student regulation
  • Positive/ nurturing environments
  • Positive relations (whole - school)
  • Evidence based: flourish movement


All students are supported through a multi-tiered continuum of care that includes promotion, prevention, early intervention and individual student support. The whole school will embed and sustain practices for collective data systems that support evidence-informed decision-making processes.

  • Individual learning
  • Data Wall/Tracker
  • Learning and Support Allocation
  • Case Management Practices
  • Targeted Groups
  • Covid Catch up
  • Knowing our students academically and socially,
  • Targeted Intervention Programs (minilit etc..)
  • Attendance
  • Transitioning
  • PL supporting students with needs
  • Aboriginal Education
  • High potential and gifted students
  • Counsellors program
  • Nurses in schools (mental health)

Staffing change - Welcome Miss Chant!

Panania North has been allocated $120,000 in extra funding to put in place support programs to ensure that the effects of a disrupted year of learning in 2020 do not affect our high expectations of student growth and attainment in 2021.

Although this is fantastic news, it has meant that we need to restructure our staffing to support this initiative. Miss Alison Martyn will be taking the position of Intensive Learning Support Teacher for Term 1 and Miss Megan Chant will be the new teacher for the Monkeys.

Miss Chant will be taking the ‘Monkeys’ from Monday 22 February, 2021.

On behalf of our parents, students and staff I would like to welcome Miss Chant to Panania North PS. She will be another wonderful addition to our team.

We would like to thank you for your understanding regarding the need for this change, we do make every effort to keep consistency with our teachers on class; however, at times these changes are necessary.

Notes & Payments

Please be aware of the following payments/notes that are overdue, or that are coming up.

- District Swimming Carnival

- Voluntary Contributions

- PSSA (Netball, Newcombe Ball & Rugby League) Notes will be handed out on Monday/Tuesday next week and need to be returned ASAP as game 1 is Friday, 26th February. 

Information night Year 6 Parents on Monday 22nd February

An information evening will be held for Year 6 parents on Monday 22 February at 6:00pm in the school library to answer any questions regarding high school enrolment and the changes.


Dear Parents/Carers,


Historically, families living in the East Hills area were offered a choice of either co-educational or single-sex high schools, not both. After an analysis of demographic and enrolment trends with consideration given to each school’s permanent accommodation size, intake areas have been adjusted to ultimately offer both co-educational and single sex options, beginning with Year 7 enrolments in 2022.

In 2021 families living within Panania North Public School’s enrolment area will now have the option of local enrolment in

Sir Joseph Banks HS + East Hills Boys HS and East Hills Girls Technology HS


·         The new intake areas apply to Year 7 enrolments in 2022 and will gradually extend to all grades by 2025.

·         Existing 2021 intake areas will remain in place for Years 8 to 12 in 2022.

·         Enrolment applications for older students or students living outside of the new intake area, will be considered on a case-by-case basis in line with the Department’s enrolment policy.

·         Parents with children in Year 6 completing the High School Expression of Interest (EOI) process in Term 1, 2021 for high school entry in Term 1, 2022 have the option of local enrolment in Sir Joseph Banks HS or East Hills Boys HS or East Hills Technology Girls HS.

·         High School Expressions of Interest (EOIs) will be open from March 10, 2021.

·         Everyone can visit from 18 February for updated information.



·         What is the new intake area? How do I find out which one I live in?  The School Finder website has been updated with the new intake area boundaries. Go to to view them.

·         Will my child/children need to transfer to a different school because of this change? No.

·         Who does the change apply to? The new intake area only applies to Year 7 enrolments in 2022 but will gradually extend to all grades by 2025. The existing 2021 intake area remains in place for Years 8-12 in 2022.

·         Will siblings have to attend different schools? Enrolment applications for older students or students living outside of the new intake area, will be considered on a case-by-case basis in line with the Department’s enrolment policy. Other circumstances involving siblings will be considered in line with the Department’s enrolment policy guidelines.

An information evening will be held for Year 6 parents on Monday 22 February at 6:00pm in the school library.

Warm regards

Samantha Loveridge


COVID-19 – Updated School Procedures Term 1

Schools have been provided with updated COVID guidelines. Many of them remain the same as the end of 2020. Please see the following updated procedures for our school:

QR Code

All adults who enter the school are required to sign-in using the COVID Safe Check-in QR Code located at the front gate.

Morning Drop-Off

Kindergarten: Parents may enter through the front gate and ‘drop and go’ in the playground. 

Parents are asked to leave the site as soon as their child is settled.

Years 1 – 6: Parents are asked to ‘kiss and drop’ at the gates.

Afternoon Pick Ups

K- 2 Parents/carers may enter the school grounds through the front gate after 2: 50pm each afternoon and socially distance on the main asphalt and netball court area.

Parents are asked not to enter or leave through the side gates at Wall Avenue and Mae Crescent.

Please leave the site as soon as you have your child/ren. Students should not be playing in the playground or on play equipment after the school bell.

For the safety of our students, the gates will be closed at 9.05am each morning and opened at 2.45pm in the afternoon. All visitors must sign in at the office if entering the school between 9.00 - 2.45pm.

Just a reminder that students should not be onsite before 8.30am as there is no supervision at Panania North Public School until 8.30am.

Teacher Meetings

If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, please contact your teacher through Class Dojo, call the school or send an email to make an appointment. If needed, meetings can occur face-to-face, however, these need to be planned and parents/carers will be required to complete a COVID acknowledgment form at the front office in addition to using the school’s QR code.

School Photos

School Photos are in Week 8 - Monday, 15th of March. 

An online store for the purchase of all Panania North Public School students uniforms

Advertisements - The school often publishes information on behalf of Community groups – parents need to decide the appropriateness of activities involving their child. It is the responsibility of each parent to research the bona fides of any organisation, in which you wish your child to be involved.

Honesty in all things

At Panania North we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and friendly school with strong and valued community links.