St Pat's News

Term 2 - June 10, 2021

St Patrick's Parish Primary School

Principal: Olga Lyons

Deputy Principal: Peter Sanderson

Parish Priest: Fr. John Corrigan

Phone: 55681371

Acknowledgement of Country

We Acknowledge the Gunditjmara people, the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are gathered today.

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, past, present and future. We acknowledge their stories, traditions and living cultures on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

From The Principal - Olga Lyons

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Wintery blast predicted for this week has well and truly arrived.  Hopefully it moves on before the long weekend.

Last week we said farewell to Kim Chivizhe from 3/4L.  Kim's family have relocated to NSW due to an employment opportunity.  We wish them well. 

We have a Healthy Eating policy which promotes healthy foods in our school.  If parents are bringing food to the office for their children's lunch please consider healthy options.  

The Moyne Winter Sports competition has been postponed again for Friday June 18.  Hopefully this will be the final rescheduling. 

Reports will be released on PAM this Friday after school and the 3 Way Conversations are taking place next Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Could parents please make sure they have booked an appointment. This is a great opportunity for parents, students and teachers to celebrate learning progress and identify future learning goals. I ask that parents arrive promptly for their appointments and adhere to the 15 minute time allocation.  

Kind regards,

Olga Lyons, Principal

Our School Vision & Mission

The attached file contains our current School Vision & Mission document.  This year we are scheduled to review these documents with the Staff and School Advisory Council.

From The RE Leader - Annie Forrest

Wellbeing News - Antonia Balmer

The recent lockdown has certainly brought back the importance for us to acknowledge stress and implement self care in all our daily lives. In our classrooms we discuss what stress is. All people, children and adults, at various times will experience stress. Stress is the body’s reaction to change or overload. It can show up in children’s behaviour, emotions, body and thinking. 

This can look like:

  • sleep changes or tiredness

  • changes in appetite or interest in food

  • returning to earlier behaviours (such as bedwetting or needing frequent comfort)

  • not enjoying or participating in usual interests or experiences

  • withdrawing from friends and family

  • changes in engagement in learning or academic results

  • irritability and frustration

  • fearfulness or constant worrying 

  • tearfulness and crying

  • poor concentration

  • overreacting to small things

  • being physically run down or feeling unwell (for example, stomach pain or headaches)

  • mood swings

  • low levels of motivation.

Many of these signs of stress are similar to an adult’s experiences. 

Self-care is a good way to manage stress

We encourage our students to practice self-care in a way that works for them.

Having said that, there are some common practices that most people find useful, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise.

Some other strategies which you might find helpful in managing stress include:

  • Monitor your stress- recognise your own signs of stress and identify situations you find difficult, so you can be pro-active about managing stress during these times.

  • Learn how to manage your stress in positive ways- such as through exercise, relaxation, breathing, yoga, positive self-talk.

  • Be aware of your thinking habits- challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.

  • Schedule ‘time out’ for yourself- pursue your hobbies or interests.

  • Connect- foster and maintain your personal relationships. A sense of belonging and connection is important for your wellbeing.

  • Relax- learn and use breathing techniques, progressive relaxation, visualisations or meditation to consciously relax your mind and body. Practice mindfulness by focusing your awareness on the present moment.

Sustainability News

This week the sustainability group set up a recycling station outside the ICT Room. The recycling station has:

  • A soft plastic bin, for all your soft plastics. 
  • A tub for used toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, floss containers and their packaging. 
  • A tub for used makers, used pens, CD’s, old phones, batteries and light globes.
  • A Wonder Bread Recycling Rewards campaign bin for recycling your bread bags and tags. Help us turn bread bags into school play equipment.

If you have any of these items for recycling, drop  them at the Recycle Station outside the ICT lab.

If you have any question you can ask the sustainability leaders, Jorja and Andrew or Mr Steere.

Jorja Lowe & Andrew Gapes

School News

3 Way Learning Conversations

Teachers, parents and students will have an opportunity to talk about the learning that has taken place so far this semester on June 15 or 16.  Parents can log into PAM to make a 15 minute appointment time. All Foundation to Year 6 students are expected to attend with their parents.

Stay at Home if you are Unwell!

Just a reminder, that if your child is showing any signs of a cold or the flu, they are to stay at home. 

Visitors to the school are to be for essential reasons only. 


Bookclub orders for Issue 4 will close on June 10

Future orders can be made by sending the order form and cash to the school office or via the online LOOP. Directions on how to use the LOOP are on the order page.

School Assembly will be led by 1/2O & 1/2W - Friday June 11 at 2.40pm- Unfortunately parents are not able to attend.

Assembly Attendance

Under the current Victorian Government COVID-19 restrictions for Regional areas, parents are not permitted to attend school assemblies.  We will notify you if this changes.

Upcoming Events

Friday June 11 - Assembly led by 1/2O & 1/2W at 2.45pm. No parents can attend.

Monday June 14 - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday June 15 - 3 Way Conversations 2.00pm-7.30pm

Wednesday June 16 - 3 Way Conversations 3.30pm-6.00pm

Friday June 18 - Enrolments for 2022 close

Friday June 18 - Moyne Winter Sports - new date

Saturday June 19 - P & F Aussie Trivia Night

Friday June 25 - Last day of Term 2 at 2.20pm

Friday June 25 - Assembly led by Foundation at 1.45pm. Only parents of Foundation students can attend.

Monday July 12  - Term 3 Commences

Saturday July 17 - Working Bee 9am-12pm

School Rosters


Friday June 11 - NO CANTEEN

Thursday June 17 - Jenny McNeil, Nikki McCrohan, Amy Armstrong

Friday June 18 - Michael Pickett, Amy Simpson, Caitlin Down

Thursday June 24 - Marcelle Hennig, Hannah Carrucan, Elle Seath


Library Reshelving - this can be done at anytime during the week of:

Monday June 14 - Donella Mulraney

Tuesday June 21 -

Sickbay Linen - the linen will be sent home with your child the Friday you are rostered on.

Friday June 11 - Nikki Payne

Friday June 25 - Bec Greene

Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools Program


Attendance forms are located on the Skoolbag App. Attendance slips must be filled out by 10am for each day your child is attending Sporting Schools. Any child without an attendance form will not be permitted to attend.

PAM Information

Instructions on how to complete a student absence and how to give permission for your child to go on a school excursion/activity.

Our next P&F Meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd June at 7pm.

This button takes you directly to PAM for Absences, School Activities, Reports, Learning Conversations, Numeracy & Literacy Interviews

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Parish Masses

Port Fairy St Patrick's & Koroit Infant Jesus Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Mass - 6.30pm at Koroit

Sunday Mass - 9am @ Port Fairy

Community News