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Term 4 | Week 10 | 15 December 2020

Principals Column

Hello, Giinagay, Hai

Below is my farewell speech from the Year 6 Farewell last Wednesday:

A huge thanks this evening to our Year 6 teachers Bu Lyndsey, Bu Rebecca, Pak Karl, Ricky and Leanne who have prepared our Year 6 students in such a fine manner.

We’d like to also thank their amazing parents who have worked tirelessly for many years to get their children to this moment in time. A celebration for our young adults of tomorrow. 

There are families here tonight that are moving on from our school and we would invite you to come forward and receive this plant as a symbol of our thanks and appreciation of our home-to-school partnerships and for all you have given to Scotts Head PS and honour:

  • Karl Krause and Jo Brady
  • Rai Molki
  • April Miller and Ben Evans
  • Matt Fisher and Natalie Innes
  • Fiona Vallance and Rob Bitunjac
  • Zoe Pesarra

Evenings like this take place due to a lot of hard work and preparation. Thank you to Bu Lyndsey, Kelly and Ann, our office staff, for your tireless focus to detail. Bu Lyndsey and Pak Adam for the time and energy put into the powerpoints. Bu Lyndsey and Bu Deborah for setting up of the club. A huge thank you to Rai for your beautiful decorations and thanks to Club Scotts and our P&C for your ongoing generosity to the school with the venue and gifts.

Thank you to the teachers and staff of SHPS. Thanks for your input into the lives of these outstanding young people and your commitment to the first class education offered here at Scotts Head Public School. The little school that CAN!

Unfortunately, due to staffing of our permanent positions we are unable to have Bu Rebecca next year. She will be returning as a casual. Rebecca, I invite you to come forward and receive these gifts in appreciation of all you have done for the school. We will miss your vibrant personality and incredible artistic talent.

I would also like to acknowledge Leanne Hunt, who received her appreciation gift during the presentation award ceremony yesterday. Thanks for all your many years of service to public education. Many students under your care will remember your kind heart. You will be missed. Leanne will also be returning as a casual.

In advance thanks to Bu Lyndsey, Pak Adam and Ricky who will be taking the Year 6 students from this event to continue their celebration into the evening and tomorrow. Thanks to Emmy Korn Dainty for preparing a breakfast feast tomorrow for the students.

Congratulations Year 6 on officially graduating from your primary school years. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we first met you and you commenced your journey here at Scotts Head PS and, yes, you have all grown in so many ways – physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally. We’re all very proud of you.

We have felt privileged to share your years of primary school with you and thank you for your commitment, endeavour and passion for all that you have brought to SHPS. We are so proud of you all.

To acknowledge your achievements, you each will receive a bag which contains a calculator donated by Club Scotts, a USB donated by the P&C, a class photo donated by the school to look back in the future at your schoolmates along with a set of juggling balls from me to always be a reminder to keep your mind and body connected and strong.

As you transition to your next phase, remember these 5 tips:

Number 1:   PASSION. Do what interests you. You will be making important choices over the next few years. Eventually find what you love to do, and pour yourself into it. You'll be at your best, by the way, when you're happy, when you feel true joy. Do what you love and make it your passion.

Number 2:   ENTHUSIASM AND DESIRE. When you're spending your time at work or at play ENTHUSIASTICALLY learn your craft. Find balance, certainly, but while you're on the job and in everything you do in life... give it everything you have.

Number 3:  Challenge the STATUS QUO. We all grow up having to listen to those in authority. And there is, ingrained in us, a predisposition to think that "THEY" must know what they're doing. But do we always challenge what we think is not right? Is our moral compass always at work? Have courage to make a difference.

Number 4:    When someone comes to you, say, "How can I help YOU?” “What can I do for YOU?" "What do YOU need?" That care for others will come back to you in ways you never anticipated. You need to give to get.

Number 5:   You must CONTINUE TO EVOLVE in your thinking and in your views on life. You must continue to learn. Surround yourself with bright, positive people. Be open. Be inquisitive. There's a saying, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room".

Savour this moment. Look around at your classmates. This is a day you will always remember. There will only be one, just like this. When tonight is over, look into the eyes of your parents, or your grandparents, your siblings and family members or whoever helped you here to this day. Thank them. Tell them you love them. Be gracious for all that you have gained.

Enjoy your next challenges and embrace it with commitment and passion. Good Luck.

Wishing everyone a safe and restful holiday.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

Thanks, yaarri yaraang, terima kasih.

Bu Gillian

Gillian Stuart - Principal

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) starting in Term 3 2021

After working for the past two years on providing an Out of School Hours Care (OSCH) here at our local school.  I am pleased to announce that Lifetime Connect are going to auspice this service, which will be up and running by Term 3. Initially it will only start as an afternoon service and expand as numbers increase over time.

This service will offer our families more flexibility with their work commitments and child care arrangements and create more opportunities across the whole community. More information will be provided early next year.

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Year 6 Farewell

Year 6 Farewell Powerpoint

The powerpoint presentation shown at the Year 6 Farewell dinner can be seen at the following link:

Online Concert

Last Friday the students performed for an online concert in the LLLCC. Below is a link to the concert.  Well done to all the students.  A fabulous job!

SHPS Film Festival

Our kids have been working hard to create our first annual film festival! Check out the work of our talented writers, actors, directors and camera operators here. Enjoy!

Treasure Hunt at Wakki Beach

This term Pak Chris and Pak Adam's classes learnt mapping skills in an integrated Indonesian-Geography unit. And what better way to put a compass to use than with a real life treasure hunt?! Each class had a surprise excursion to Wakki beach, working with a partner to use a compass and follow Indonesian directions to try to find a hidden treasure chest. The students showed great team work and persistence, re-reading their Indonesian clues, re-counting their footsteps and re-checking their compass over and over until someone finally unearthed the treasure! It was hot work but it was all worth it when the treasure chest was uncovered and they saw what was inside! A special congratulations to Delana in 2/3/4 and Mirranya in 4/5 who were successful in leading their group to the treasure. And thanks to all the teachers and support officers who assisted with this activity. What a great way to finish off Indonesian this year!

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Return to School Dates 2021

The last day of this term for students is Wednesday 16 December 2020.

In 2021 students return as follows:

Years 1 to 6 return on Friday 29 January 2021.

Kindergarten commences school on Wednesday 3 February with Best Start assessments taking place beforehand. If Kinder parents need to confirm their Best Start assessment date and time, please contact the office.

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