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June Newsletter 2021

Principals report

It is the last week of Term 2 and already the first half of 2021 is over!

It has certainly been another busy and exciting term.

I hope your family enjoyed an extra day of rest over the long weekend and enjoyed the first SNOW day of the year! Our playground is always such a pretty picture in the snow. 


Please Note: Our snow day policy has changed due to changes to “Buslines” early pick up policy. 

The bus company has informed us that they are no longer permitted to pick up students earlier than the advertised school bus timetable. This will mean that if roads are closing due to continued snowfall, parents will need to monitor the road situation in order to collect children when it is still safe to do so.


Did you know that “Days missed at school = years lost for Learning “

(A day here and there doesn’t seem like much but…..

1 day per fortnight = 4 weeks per year = Over 1 year missed in a child’s school life.

For this reason, the Department has set improvement targets for each school. While it is vital children stay at home when they are sick, it is also important that they return as quickly as possible when they have recovered. Please help us by keeping in contact with the school when your child is away and by explaining your child’s absence on their return.

Congratulations Kaitlyn Hill

Kaitlyn represented Western Region in  Cross Country on Friday 11th June at Geurie . Kaitlyn trained hard for the event and we are so proud of her.

Well done Kaitlyn


The following students Art Works have been selected as entries in:


GANG GANG Gallery , Lithgow.

(The Exhibition is open from Saturday 24th June at 2pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 3 weeks)

Arturo Cigola,   Isla Pattison,   Elizabeth Smid,  Sofia Ptolemy,  Penelope McAlister,  Elijah Hattie,  Noah Andersson,  Summer Sirisisavath,  Matilda Duffy and Tahlia Puckeridge

Well done everyone


Mrs Dransfield has decided to retire after 40 years of teaching children and sharing her expertise with Teachers across the state, as a Literacy and Numeracy consultant.

Mrs Dransfield’s last day as our Instructional Leader will be this Friday 25th June.

We wish Mrs Dransfield a wonderful retirement, where she is hoping to spend more time with her family and friends.

On behalf of the Staff and Students of Zig Zag Public School I would like to thank Mrs Dransfield for her passion and commitment to our School and for sharing her love of teaching children Literacy and Numeracy all day everyday.

Thank you for all your support at Zig Zag Public School.


It might be the last week of term but it is still going to be a busy and productive week.

1.       FOOTSTEPS Dance Program begins Monday 21st June and concludes Thursday 24th June

-          Wednesday night is our Disco Night- details to be confirmed due to the indicated interest of students

2.       Wednesday 23rd June - we are holding our Annual Spelling Bee Competition

3.       Thursday 24th June- SEMESTER 1 REPORTS GO HOME.

Please Note: Early in Term 3 we will send home invitations for our three way interview with parents and students.


I would like to say a very big thankyou to our new P & C Committee and Canteen Mums who are working so hard to run the canteen and fundraise for our School.

They are a small band of parents who are spending hours at school either selling Mother’s Day gifts, organising the latest pie drive & craft fundraiser OR  preparing canteen lunches for our students.

On behalf of the staff and students  THANK YOU

Don’t forget…if you can spare an hour to help out, please contact the school.


PUFFING BILLIES STARTS NEXT TERM- Thursday 22nd July from 9.15 to 11.15


Around the School

A huge thank you to the students of 5/6 who worked hard to write the following reports, and conduct interviews about activities and events at our school during Term Two. 

A special mention to Victoria, Isobella and Xander who helped Mrs Savath do the final editing of all the articles.

Easter Hat Parade - focus on Parents being back in the playground

In Term Two, Zig Zag School reopened their gates and welcomed parents back into the school for our wonderful Easter Hat Parade. Around Easter time, students were asked to create an Easter hat that they would put on, and march around the school with everybody's parents watching.  With parents back, we’re sure everyone had a great time and we all very much enjoyed having our parents watching us.

The Easter hat parade was very fun. We also had Easter hunts. Mums and Dads were allowed to come watch their children. We all had a great time. It was so nice to see all the kids in the playground having so much fun. It's so great to have parents back at school after such a long time being off grounds due to COVID-19.

We interviewed some students on their opinion on the Easter Hat Parade.

What was the best part in the Easter hat parade?


Oliver B: “My favourite event was the easter egg puzzle hunt. “


Elijah B: I liked the Easter Puzzle hunt, it was fun.

Elijah H: I liked when I got to show off my hat and eat chocolate.


Molly: I liked making the Easter hat.

It’s easy to see how great the Easter hat parade was for everyone. People had a blast and we all were glad to let parents back into Zig Zag. As you can see from the interviews above, the children had a great time. We know our parents and students would gladly do another parade. Until next Easter!

By Micah, Kyeisha, Oliver B

Canteen Special Lunch

Earlier this term we had a special lunch run by the volunteer parents in our canteen. Everyone loved the delicious pasta. Thank you to the mums who organized the Special Lunch options for us. We’re forever grateful for our regular lunches on Wednesdays and are delighted when we’re treated with a special treat. We can’t wait for this Wednesday when we have a second one! This week we could choose from options of fried rice, chicken sticks or spring rolls.

Thank you!

We interviewed some children to ask them what they thought about the Canteen Special Lunch:

Atruo (K) said he liked it because it was yummy and warm.

Harrison (K/1) said it was very yummy.

Elizabeth (K/1) liked it because it was yummy and good.

Abigail (K/1) said it was delicious and she loved the sauce.

Maryanne (1/2) liked it because it was delicious.

Samuel (1/2) said it was SO YUM!

Penelope (1/2) thought it was so yummy and she liked it very much.

Daniel (3/4) said it was extra delicious.

Diamond Jack (3/4) thought it was fresh, yummy and delicious!

As you can see, most people love the special lunch, and can’t wait to have it again! This was a great event and helps Zig Zag keep the beautiful reputation of doing special things for us. Thank you for reading this article and thank you for sending your child/children to Zig Zag.

By Lillijana and Eli

Anzac Day

In Week One, Term Two we had a breathtaking Anzac Walk, and special Anzac Service. The walk was along the front wall of our school and it had all of the delightful artworks from every class about Anzac day. The teachers took photos of Anzac Symbols and put them on the display too. We left it there all weekend for people to see it. 

While we walked along, beautiful music played commemorating Anzac soldiers and we thought about that time in history as we walked by the artworks. 

5/6 then led the school in a special Anzac Service which included poems, traditional music, The Ode and a minute silence.

In cooking the following week we made Anzac Biscuits.

Some children share their thoughts on this time:

Xander (5/6) 

The service made me proud to be Australian. I really liked the service we held. The wall was fascinating.

Claire (3/4) 

The service made me feel sad because of all the people that lost their lives. I loved the service, it made me remember. I loved the walk. It was beautiful.

Tanner (K) 

It made me happy (put thumbs up) I liked the service. I liked the walk.

Mary-Anne (1/2) 

It made me happy. I liked the service. I loved the walk.

By Tilly, Lucas and Jordan

Athletics Carnival


The Athletics Carnival in Term 2 was something that everyone enjoyed! There were one hundred metre runs, two hundred metre runs, fifty metre runs, shotput and many other fun activities for the little kids like egg and spoon races, hoop races and races where big kids helped little kids. Everyone cheered the school on and motivated people to try hard and sometimes win!

We interviewed some students about what they liked about the athletics carnival. 

Mira (3/4)

Mira said that she enjoyed the long jump.                                     

Nicholas (3/4)

Nicholas said he liked everything.

Isla (K/1)

Isla said she loved hula hooping.

Jyrel (1/2)

Jyrel said he liked to look at the big kids running.

Angus (K)

Angus said he liked trying. 

Xavier (3/4)

Xavier said he liked running 

Summer (3/4)

Liked cheering people on

David (1/2)

David said he liked egg and spoon racing.

People really enjoyed the athletics carnival. A day full of great activities like shot put, discus, long jump, high jump and racing. Our students got active and had a lovely day showing off their amazing skills, or just giving it a go and trying a great new activity. We thank our teachers for giving us this amazing opportunity. If you missed it, there is a great video of the day on our school Facebook Page.

By Brenton, Bella U, Zac

Cross Country

On the 7th of May, the children in Years 3-6 ran the cross country course at school. At 9:30 a.m that morning we walked the course, from school up to Water Works Gully so we would know where to run. At 11:30, 3/4 and 5/6 ran the full course while K-2 ran laps around the oval. 5/6 had to run further than 3/4 so they ran past Water Works Gully and ran until they reached Mrs Savath.

K-2 had so much fun running laps around the oval. After they ran a few laps they sat down on the oval and cheered the big kids as they headed back to school.

We interviewed some people in the school:

How did you feel when the 5/6 students made it to you?

Mrs Savath said, “I knew they had run a long way and were exhausted. I was proud to encourage them all to keep going.”

How did you feel seeing all the kids in the school run past?

Mr Grey said, “I was extremely proud.”

How did you feel when you finished the course?

Brayden H said, “I was puffed out even though I’m fast.”

Xavier said, “I felt good and excited to go to District.”

Lilli’anna said, “I felt happy when I ran around the oval"

Tanner said, "I was happy to see my buddy (Olivia Wiggins) running to the finish line."

Arlen said, “I was glad to see my buddy (Zac Anthes) was alive.”

Cody said, “I felt proud, in making it  to district.”

I think we can all say teachers were extremely proud to see their class cross the finish line and the students were all proud of themselves and their friends for making it through the tough run.

We love seeing our students get active.

By Bella D, Ginjer

Representative Sport ( Cross Country, Soccer)

We have had so many people represent Zig Zag in so many sports like soccer, cross county and football. The school is so happy and so proud they have brave kids doing these sports and are so happy that these children represented our school. 

  • Many students went to District Cross Country.

  • Kaitlyn (5/6) went to Regional Cross Country in Dubbo, and she had a fantastic time. She came twelfth, which is a wonderful achievement.

  • Brenton (5/6) is a representative on district Soccer Team

We’ve interviewed students on what they thought about cross country.

Did you like district cross county?

Brenton said yes, and he loved it.

Kaitlyn said she said it was amazing. She got through to run at the Western Region Cross Country!

Junior thought it was great.

Xavier said he had a great time at cross country.

Claire said she had so much fun.

Summer said she loved running.                   

As you can see, our student representatives have really enjoyed our representative sport. We can tell our teachers are tremendously proud of how amazing our students have done. A big great job to everyone who had participated in our representative sport. We hope even more students will be able to join in on these schools.

 By Kaitlyn, Junior, Josh

School Choir

In Term Two, Zig Zag school was honored with the privilege of being accepted to perform at the Festival of Choral Music. This is a concert with many schools in NSW, where students perform at Sydney Town Hall. Since then, every Wednesday, enthusiastic music students have been working very hard to learn twelve songs by October.

Every Wednesday, our choir goes to the school hall and our music teacher, Mrs Smith teaches us a new song for the Choral Concert. So far we have learned six songs. The 6 songs we have learned are Go For Broke, Captain's Tale, Ademius, Shooting Star, Bandyrowe and When I See An Elephant Fly.

Some students have been interviewed on their thoughts.

Summer said that she liked the choir because of the songs, her favourite song so far is When I See An Elephant Fly.

Lucas says he enjoys choir because it's fun, his favourite song so far is Go For Broke.

Olivia says she loves everything about choir,  her favourite song so far is When I See An Elephant Fly.

Victoria says she loves it because it gives her more opportunities to sing. She loves choir and her favourite song is Shooting Star.

Flynn says his favourite thing about choir is that we learn about fun songs, Flynn’s favourite song is Ademius.

Ever since we started choir it has been very enjoyable! Everytime we go into choir, it's just so fun to see everyone enjoying themselves and having fun with all the music. When we learn a new song everyone has interesting questions about the music and what it all means. Choir is very interesting and fun.

Everytime we sing it sounds like angels! Everyone tries to keep in tune and when we try our hardest it sounds so angelic and beautiful. We never want it stop. When it is choir time, we all rush down to the hall so we can have so much fun. 

Thank you for teaching us, Ms Smith!

By Bella A and Kate

Brilliant Resilient Show

The Brilliant Resilient Show was indeed brilliant! It took place on the 24th of May, in 2021. Nearly if not everyone laughed at the jokes and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. This article will tell you what classmates thought about the show.

It was a puppet show and many people laughed at the humor. 

How did you feel about the Brilliant Resilient Show?

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” said Kate. 

Elijah H said that his favourite part was the magic tricks, and said it made him feel funny. 

Harrison said it made him laugh when the puppet named Resilience came out. 

Angus said that it made him feel good and the puppets were his favourite.

So in conclusion, everyone liked the Brilliant Resilient Show. Everyone seemed to think it was laughable, friendly, and overall we learnt some great strategies for being resilient, while having lots of laughs.

By Xander and Oliver E

Hockey Gala Day

On Friday the 27th of May we went to a Hockey Gala Day at Landmire Hockey fields. 

We had to be at the Hockey fields by 9:30. When we got there we put on our shin pads and socks. Then we had some fruit and started the lesson. We had a lot of fun games and we got put in teams with other schools. We played 4 massive games. At hockey, everybody was given the opportunity to do things you don't usually get to do like playing a hockey game on astro turf, weathering a mouth guard and playing with a hockey stick.  

We Interviewed some children in different classes.

Bella D: “ I had fun playing with friends.”

Xander: “I loved playing with other schools.”

Tahlia: “I loved shooting goals with Brenton and Bella U.”

Cailey: “ I loved playing Games with everyone!”

Lakiya: “ I loved running down the hill.”

Maggie: “ I loved it!” ( She also joined a hockey team after that.) 

We think that everyone had the best day.

By Olivia and Bella Mc

Sorry Day

This year Sorry Day was celebrated on Wednesday 26th of May. Sorry Day is also the start of Reconciliation Week. On the 26th of May 1998 we finally said sorry. We said sorry for taking over, taking away your children and sorry for forcing the Indigenous people to learn the white man's way. This year we celebrated sorry day by going out earlier to lunch and listening to Mrs Gillmore read a book. Then 5/6 read some thoughts from their research and learning  in class about Sorry Day.

We interviewed some people from other classes. 

How do you feel about Sorry day? 

Kaitlyn said, “I was thankful that sorry has been said to Indigenous people.”

Summer said, “I feel sad about what happened and happy that we are saying sorry.”

Cailey said, “I feel sorry for the Indigenous people.”

Elijah B said, “I feel sad that we did the wrong thing to the Indigenous peoples.”

Ashton said, “ I think it is really important to the Indidgenous Peoples.”

Tanner said, “I feel happy that we said sorry.”

Everybody was grateful we got to say sorry on this special day. In this special moment, our school came together to help us reconcile. Sorry day is an important event and we believe everyone had a great time.

By Olivia and Bella Mc

Sporting Schools

In May the whole school started Sporting Schools. We had the choice to go on a bus to hockey, cricket or swimming or we could have picked to do touch football or soccer at school with our teachers. So many choices! Everyone enjoys sporting schools.

We asked some people what they thought about sporting schools:

What sport did you do and what did you like about it?

Molly (K) “I did swimming and I loved the lessons.”

Elijah H (1/2) “ I did soccer and I enjoyed annoying Mr Grey because he calls soccer football.” 

Elijah B (1/2) “I liked bowling in our first lesson even though the cricket coach didn’t show up, Mrs Wallace did a great job coaching us.”

Victoria (5/6) “I thought Hockey was fun and I liked the person teaching us. I also thought it was educational.” 

In conclusion, Sporting Schools were great for everyone. Thank you to our sport instructors and teachers for giving us this chance to learn a new sport and introduce us to new, exciting sports.

By Cody and Tahlia

New Main Learning Displays (MLD)

In late May to early June, 2021, Zig Zag Public School, had our old interactive whiteboards replaced with brand new ones. They are convenient and time saving.

We believe that these new whiteboards are more flexible for learning and easier to use, and also significantly brighter and easier to see for students as the screen is high definition. We’ve interviewed a few teachers about their opinion on how the MLD’s, (Main Learning Displays), have helped them teach.

Mrs Savath (Teacher of 5\6)

What do you think of the new panaboards?

‘’I’m very excited about incorporating new technology. I like the high definition and it is very engaging. It is very interactive and I’m happy our students are being exposed to state of the art technology.’’

Mrs Doran (K\1)

Have the new panaboards helped you teach?

‘’The new panaboards have helped me teach my class.’’

We’ve also asked a few students about their thoughts about the new whiteboards, and if they’ve helped them learn.

Jessica (3\4)

What do you like about the new panaboards?

‘’I like the new boards because they are more accessible as a touchscreen, and I think it will be more useful in math when showing our working.’’

Noah (K)

What do you think about the new panaboards?

‘’I like the new touchboards. It is cool that they go up and down. They’re better than the old ones and it’s cool.’’

Many students like the new whiteboards, the majority prefer the MLDs over the old boards as they are interactive, modern and engaging. 

I think we can all agree our new panaboards are super for our learning. From our interviews, we can tell many of our students like it. We hope that the new whiteboards can help us all learn and introduce younger children to state of the art technology.  A big thank you to the Department of Education for providing us with great technology to help us all learn.

By Victoria and Holley

Fire and Rescue NSW Station 343 Katoomba

A huge thankyou to the fire fighters fromFire and Rescue NSW Station 343 Katoomba! They were working in Lithgow, so stopped by Zig Zag to say hello and talk to the children about fire safety.

What a treat for everyone! Facts and life saving information, lights and sirens up close, a truck tour including going inside it and turns of holding the hose and blasting water.

Little Shop of Horrors Musical

Thank you Lithgow  High School, our students absolutely loved your performance of Little Shop of Horrors! Super singing, dancing, acting, costumes and sets! The boys and girls especially loved meeting all the performers and some glimpses from behind the scenes of the show.


Informative Writing Focus

During the first five weeks of Term Two our whole school text focus has been on reading and writing Informative Texts. Students have been learning about how to research information and write a non-fiction text. An informative text might include: information, facts, photos, diagrams and explanations.  Please enjoy viewing some of the informative texts that have been written by students in our classes.

Bucholtz Gully - Mrs Sirisisavath's Class

Cafe's Gully - Mrs Wallace's Class

New Vale Colliery - Mr Gray's Class

Water Works - Mrs Doran's Class

Bees live in the hive and they make honey.

They make the honey on a frame.

They put the honey in a bottle.

 Lucy Thompson

The little boy went to the zoo.

First, he feed the gibbons.

He threw the food to them and they bit it.

Next he fed the lemurs.

It was apple.

Lastly, the giraffe has a long tongue to eat leaves.

The little boy was so happy and lucky.

Harrison Thornton

Oakey Park - Mrs Dudley's Class

P and C News

P & C Craft Fundraiser

Thankyou to everyone who supported our P & C Craft Fundraiser

P & C Pie Drive Fundraiser

Thankyou to all our families that supported our Pie Drive

Canteen Special Lunch Orders

Special Lunch Order 23rd June.


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