St Mary's Bulletin

Term 1 - Week 9 (1st April, 2021)

Dear St Mary's School Community

Values in Focus: Sportsmanship

We play fairly for the enjoyment of all and encourage each other to do our best.

Holy Week Liturgies

The Year Two to Year Six students led us reverently and reflectively through the story of Jesus last week on earth each morning this week.  Thank you to the teachers for preparing the students so well and to the students for retelling the Easter story magnificently through their words, actions and singing.  It was lovely to have so many parents at each liturgy.

St Mary’s Church Mass Times

Please see below for Mass times at St Mary's Church for Easter.

Last Supper and Washing of the Feet – Holy Thursday, 1 April at 6.30pm

The Lord’s Passion – Good Friday, 2 April at 3.00pm

Easter Vigil – Easter Saturday, 3 April at 6.30pm

The Resurrection – Easter Sunday, 4 April at 10.30am

Easter Bonnet Parade

All the students got into the spirit of the Easter Bonnet parade this morning. There was some very creative bonnets - some students going for the more traditional flowers, while others played with the theme of Easter and some even managed to incorporate their favourite football team or  movie/cartoon character into their bonnet.  Thank you to the families that joined us for the parade and for supporting the children in creating their bonnets.

Social Media at St Mary's

The St Mary's School Facebook page has been launched.  All St Mary's families are encouraged to follow and share the page @stmarysschoolmerredin. The aim of the page is to promote our wonderful school and the great things that happen within the St Mary's community.  All comments made in regard to posts need to reflect the values of our school.  Please be reminded that parents, staff and students are bound by the school's Code of Conduct.    The St Mary's School Facebook page is not a replacement for the St Mary's P&F Facebook page.  This page will continue to function as it has in the past.

Ladies High Tea

The Ladies High Tea which was hosted by the St Mary’s P&F on Saturday afternoon was a great success.  It was fantastic to see ladies from both with-in and external to our school having the opportunity to enjoy lovely food and good company all while listening to two inspirational speakers.  This was a great advertisement for our wonderful community and there were many people from St Mary’s who made the day so successful.  Thank you to those mums and dads that helped set up the venue, to Mel Carr for being a superb MC, to Marie Bartlett and her team of helpers Tosha Munro, Amanda Swarts, Jess Nelson and Damiana Demarte who put together a flawless event and to Chesney Maloney for sharing her story – we often go searching for heroes in movies, on social media, etc and we don’t even realise real heroes are with us everyday.


Congratulations to the Anderson Family on the arrival of Darcy - a little brother for Sienna (PP) and Lola.

Term Two

We begin Term Two on Tuesday, 20 April.  Monday is a Pupil Free Day and the staff will be joined by St Joseph’s Southern Cross to look at the Aboriginal Education Improvement Plan before analysing our ELYND data.  Students will be expected to return to school in the winter uniform when school re-commences.

Thank You

It is a little difficult to believe that we are at the end of Term One, it seems like only yesterday that we returned to school.  Thank you to all the parents for their support this term, to the staff for their tireless efforts to ensure our students are looked after academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually and most importantly to our students who always give everything their very best.  Our start to the year and term was tinged with sadness and I ask you to spare a thought for Emmett Tayler’s family as you celebrate Easter with yours.

Happy Easter

I wish all St Mary’s families a Happy and Holy Easter and a relaxing and enjoyable school holidays with your children.  Please be safe and travel safe.

Let Us Pray

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