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Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter 2021

From the Principal

Dear Parent / Carer,


Welcome back everyone! It is so lovely to see all of our students and teachers back onsite this week. That is, however without our lovely Mrs Milligan. During the COVID-19 home schooling period Mrs Milligan let her class know that she was expecting a baby in December of this year. Everyone is very excited to welcome a Jamberoo Public School baby. As the pandemic continued and the home schooling period lengthened, Mrs Milligan made the decision to begin her maternity leave a little earlier than anticipated, to keep her growing family safe. We are very sad to say this early goodbye to Mrs Milligan, but totally understand her extra care for her precious cargo. We do however expect pictures and regular updates. 

To fill Mrs Milligan's position for the remainder of 2021, I would like introduce Mrs Kirby. Mrs Kirby has been a valued casual member of staff this year and has taught Year 2 Cooinda over this time. She was able to spend some time with Mrs Milligan to ensure a smooth transition to our school. 

On other staffing news, earlier in the school year, we began the process to fill a permanent teacher role. This position was filled via the transfer system and we were excited to welcome Miss Brooke Peterson  to our team. She will not be taking up this position until 2023 as she herself is expecting a baby as well and will be on Maternity leave. 

Kindergarten Orientation

Last Wednesday we held our very first Live Virtual Kindergarten Information session. In our zoom we had a panel of P&C and staff to help our new parents prepare their children for school. At this stage we are unable to welcome our 2022 Kindergarten students on site, but we are hopeful that this can occur soon. Thanks to all who attended and to Mr Ross for his behind the scenes organisation of the event.


Teachers are currently writing your child's school report. These reports will look a little different, due to the extended home schooling period. These reports will not include grades A-E. Teachers will comment on work achieved at school and at home. The reporting timeline is the same and therefore families will receive reports before the end of the school year. 

COVID-19 Update

Students are expected to attend school from their designation return to school date unless they are unwell or have even with mild symptoms of COVID-19. Any person with any COVID-19 symptoms must be sent home and not return to school unless:

  • they have isolated for 10 days, when no medical certificate is available
  • they have a negative COVID-19 test result and are symptom free.

In circumstances where children have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms, a letter from their GP is sufficient to negate the requirement for a negative test.

Anyone who is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms is strongly encouraged to get tested and self-isolate until a negative result is received. Find your local testing clinics.

We are excited to see many other elements, such as sport begin to return for our children, although the most significant element is that cohorts are still unable to mix. 

For us at Jamberoo this means that we have three cohorts:

Cohort #1 - Kindergarten and Year 1

Cohort #2 - Years 2 and 3

Cohort #3 - Years 4, 5 & 6

To exit the school in the afternoon Cohort #1 should use the top gate near the administration and Cohorts #2 and #3 the bottom gate closest to the church. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this causes, but must operate under our COVID safe guideline. We are receiving regular advice about the end of year activities, but I am happy to state that the Year 6 farewell will be able to proceed for year 6 students only. We are hopeful for some further reduction of restrictions to allow parents to enter for the final stage of the evening to see the cake and video. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for this important information. 

Thank you for understanding how incredibly difficult this time is and having the extra responsibility of keeping our cohorts separate means teachers are doing double the amount of duties they have done previously. Thank you teachers!

Ms Greta Lewis

Principal (Rel)

Remember: come to school everyday on time and stay for the entire day!

Welcome Back To School!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 1 DecemberProduction filming. 
Monday 6 December Year 6 Farewell
Tuesday 7 December Class Parties
Wednesday 13 December Gold Day Pending Covid restrictions. 
Thursday 16 DecemberFinal School Day of 2021

Public Speaking and Debating Update

A big congratulations to India Binks for her outstanding speech presentations in the regional final and her noteworthy runner-up placing. This positions her in the top 30 speakers from over 2000 Stage 2 school representatives across the state-wide competition. 

Our Premier's Debating Challenge team have progressed to the next round of the 2022 challenge, which sees them taking on zone winners from around the state. Next Tuesday, our 4 talented arguers will be taking on Ross Hill PS in a 'sudden death' online finals debate. 

Week 3 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiLani A, Zahli B, Jack C, Evelyn S & Joel S
Year 1 BirrahleeBryce B, Illyria C, Nate F & Zac W
Year 2 CooindaNoah F, Max L & Amia T
Year 3 Wonga WongaEllery H, Ava K, Winter M, Joshua N & Archie S
Year 4 KookaaraaWindradyne C, Brodie K, Lachlan O, Polly R, Billy R, Maia R & Alexis T
Year 5/6 WombarraDimity B, Amy H, Chloe O Mahala P & Kiya R
Learning Habits 
Principal's Award
Teacher of the Week 

Thank you Jamberoo RFS

On Saturday this weekend we were lucky to have our Local Rural Fire Servicemen and women on site completing a training activity. During this activity they cut up logs and relocated them away from our new outdoor learning space. They now await the plans from the P&C to use the logs in the natural playscape. Now that this area is cleared, students will begin work in planning and developing our new outdoor learning space with cultural influences. 

Thanks Jamberoo RFS!

Thank you to the Jamberoo RFS for helping out with the removal of our logs.

Week 4 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiFaith K, Tyler L, Katelyn N & Evelyn N
Year 1 BirrahleeLeo D, Maeve R, Elsie S & Ruben S
Year 2 CooindaElla H, Luca M, Scarlett N & Beau R
Year 3 Wonga WongaElla A, Imelda C, Maebry C, Mitchell M & Indi P
Year 4 KookaaraaIsla B, Lulu D, Ava H, Maia R & Benjamin Y

Year 5/6 WombarraRylan A, Tannon C, Nate F, Hayes H & Deni R
Learning HabitsCate B, Constantine W & Judah S
Principal's AwardMahala P & Hayley M
Teacher of the week Mrs Martin

Walabi exploring with pan balances while learning about mass in maths.

Please remember to update your child's health care plan on Operoo and supply a paper copy to the office.

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