Our Lady of Lourdes Primary Newsletter

Term 1 Week 1, 29th January 2021

Key Dates

Friday 29th of JanuaryEntries Close Zone Swimming Trials 
Friday 5th FebruaryZone Swimming Trials 

Give thanks to God

As we begin our 2021 school year we give thanks to God. We are reminded many times throughout the Bible that God wants us to Love each other. May we embrace Jesus’ greatest commandment, to love our neighbour, throughout the year as we grow closer to God, our peers and teachers. 

Loving God, you give us this new school year and new friends with whom we share it.

Bless all who pray, work and learn together.

May this year bring peace and harmony throughout our school community and throughout the world.

May we be true disciples who actively live out our school motto “To Know, To Love, To Serve”

We ask this through Christ our Lord. 


Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our staff, students and families. We hope you had a relaxing holiday.

 A special welcome to all families new to our school community. We hope you enjoy your time at Our Lady of Lourdes.


School Hours

Part absences are noted on the electronic roll which is an official record of absences. Any child arriving after 8.55am may be marked partially  absent.

Parents must accompany late children to the  office to sign the late register.


Attendance Register

An Attendance Register is a legal document that records your child’s attendance at school.  Please note that if your child is absent from school, signed, written notification must be sent to the class teacher.  Short absences do not require a phone call to the office.  When parents are planning to take their children out of school for holidays or family circumstances for 5 days or more, they need to obtain a form from the office to apply in writing. The principal may grant permission for this leave.



If your child is involved in an emergency situation, it is vital that we have access to accurate, up-to-date information.  If you have changed your address, email or phone number recently, please forward the details to the office as a matter of urgency.


If you or your child has been on a Visa and the status has changed, please update our records by providing the paperwork as soon as possible.

Office Hours

The office is open from 8.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday.


If your child has recently been baptised, please provide the details to the school office.


Newsletter Items

Families are encouraged to advise the office by Monday of any items of interest for the weekly school newsletter e.g. birth notices.  The newsletter is compiled on Tuesday and will be emailed on Friday.

Opal Bus Passes

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) gives eligible school students free or concession travel between home and school on public transport in NSW, including metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services.

 Depending on where you're travelling, you may receive a free school travel pass, School Opal card or both.

Free or subsidised school travel is available for eligible students through:

 School Opal cards provides free school travel, and can be used as a School Term Bus Pass, for travel within the Opal network. Apply through the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) website . If you don't qualify for free travel to and from school, you may be eligible to purchase a School Term Bus Pass.



Unless on the advice of a doctor, children are not to carry medication AT ANY TIME as this could accidentally fall into the wrong hands.  Parents whose children require regular medication are to complete forms (available from office) and supply to the school, in writing, clear instructions regarding dosage and time to be administered.  If your doctor has recommended that your child carry asthma medication e.g. puffer, please write a note to the class teacher.  Parents of children with other medical conditions are asked to liaise with the school.

Please note that the school does not provide ‘Panadol’.  Should your child require pain relief, you will be contacted to collect him/her or, alternatively, you may bring medication and administer it yourself.

The school will provide Stingose for bites and stings. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish us to use this cream.

Peanut Allergy

Our school endeavours to be a peanut-free school as we still have students who display varying degrees of allergic reactions.  We would ask that children DO NOT bring peanut butter, Nutella or products containing nuts to school.

Asthma Medication

If your child currently has asthma medication at the school please call  the office to check that it has not expired. If your child has asthma and you have not completed the school’s ‘Child Asthma Record’ please call into the office to collect one.

ALSO, for any student with a Medical Action Plan held at the school, an updated Action Plan with a recent photo needs to be provided each year. Please note that a doctor’s signature is required on all Action Plans.

Morning Supervision

The gates of the parish site will not be opened until 8.30am. Parents are therefore advised that there will be NO ACCESS to school before that time.

If you need to drop off your child earlier in order to arrive at work on time, it is your responsibility to arrange a placement with the Before School Care .  For information and bookings please phone 1300 553 583.

Morning Arrival

In the morning we ask that parents drop their child at the front gate and leave promptly. Please ensure that the drop off zone is reserved for that purpose only and not used for parking. 

When dropping your child off at school in the morning, we ask that parents be considerate of others and  remember to move right up in the line, behind the cars in front of you, rather than just stopping in front of the school. This allows more cars to fit in the area in front of the school and contributes to the safety of all children and the smooth flow of traffic.

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Children will remain in class until they are collected by parents.
  • Kindergarten students and their siblings will be collected from outside the Open Learning Area in the top playground. Kindergarten parents only are asked to enter via the top playground gates, which will be opened at 3:10pm, and leave through the same gates.
  • Children can be collected from 3.10pm to 3.40pm.
  • If details change, ie parents organize a grandparent/friend etc to call for the children, then a note must be sent to the class teacher or email  the office. 
  • Please do not email teachers about last minute changes to arrangements for pick up. Please contact the office in these circumstances.  
  • Walkers, bus and after school care children are permitted to leave the classroom.
  • Walkers bus duty will continue for those children crossing Windsor Road and Oakland Avenue.   
  • In the interest of safety, boys and girls are not to wait at the school gates. This area is unsupervised and unsafe.
  •  We are trying to avoid large groups of parents gathering in other areas of the school. We ask that for everyone's safety, all parents adhere to the dismissal arrangements. 
  • Classroom teachers will send the siblings of Kindergarten children to the open learning area, just before the bell, to ensure they are there when you arrive.
  • Other grades are to be collected as per normal, however, we ask that parents do not enter the classroom or stay on the premises. 
  • Please avoid gathering with other parents at the front of the school. 
  • If you wish to discuss an issue with your child's classroom teacher, a phone or zoom meeting can be arranged. 

Bus Supervision

The procedure for after-school bus supervision is:

· Teachers on bus duty will walk children across Windsor Rd or Oakland Ave (bus children and walkers).

· The teacher on duty will only supervise those students who catch a bus at the bus stop on either side of Windsor Rd.

This supervision will stop once buses have left, but no later than 3.45pm. Students catching later buses will be unsupervised until the bus arrives.


Meet Our Staff

Executive Staff

Principal:     Mr Haskins  

Assistant Principal:     Mrs Neylan  

Religious Education Coordinator:     Miss Boidin 

Coordinators:     Mrs Bryant, Mrs McAllister and Mrs Conn

Sport Coordinator:     Mrs Rawlings


KM: Miss Magann 

KO: Miss Oxley  

1H: Mrs Harris  

1R: Mrs Rawlings 

2P: Mrs Pollard  

2Y: Miss Younan  

3D: Mrs De Celis  

3S: Ms Sant  

4G: Miss Grava  

4LH: Mrs Little/Mrs Hogan

5C: Mrs Conn  

5F: Mr Fitzsimons  

6B: Miss Boidin / Mrs Anisse  

6M: Mrs McAllister / Mrs Fox 

Library: Mrs Bryant  

Co-ordinator Release: Mrs Anisse, Mrs Fox, Mrs Lee

Literacy Support: Mrs Anisse, Mrs Fox, Mrs Williams 

Learning Support/ Reading Recovery: Mrs Daines  

Teacher’s Aides: Mrs Banks, Mrs Ryall, Mrs Donnelly, Miss Brown, Mrs Hardy 

PE: Mr Jack Fitzsimons  

Music: Mrs Pearson ,Mrs Williams

Secretaries: Mrs Attard, Ms Borg, Mrs Aloisio  


Congratulations to Miss Luttringer (now Mrs Rawlings) who was married in the school holidays,   


Primary PE/Music     Monday

Infants PE/Music      Wednesday


3D PE                Monday

3D Music          Wednesday

3S Music           Monday

3S PE                 Wednesday


Term Dates

School Uniforms

Our uniform supplier is Oz Fashions. Parents can order uniforms directly from Oz Fashions, and they will deliver your order directly to our school. Please download Qkr app - instructions attached.

Please do not send orders or payment to the school.  Send order forms directly to Oz Fashions.

Please note:

· All our school's uniform requirements should be purchased from Oz Fashions. When buying a new blue shirt (both long and short sleeves) our school emblem is embroidered on the pocket.

· Long sleeved polo shirts and track suits for winter are optional.

Contact details:

Website: www.ozfashions.com.au

Phone: Elle 0421 216 414


Mel’s Tasty Bites Healthy School Canteen Operators

The canteen is open 5 days a week and lunch orders may be made:

· Online

· Through lunch order bags sent into class

· Over the counter (although this may be restricted to what is available)

· Some parents may choose to open an account at the canteen for their children

All lunch orders will be dropped off to the canteen by 9.15am the latest. Any lunch orders that come in after this time cannot be guaranteed to have the lunch they specifically ordered.

As the canteen is a healthy canteen and everything is made fresh on the premises, we make to order. The Online Ordering System used is Flexi Schools.  We suggest to avoid disappointment that you order online.

 To order online, please visit: www.flexischools.com.au, you will need to register your details. As this is a third party to Mel’s Tasty Bites, they do not have access to your account.

Please see website for latest menu and pricing. 

SkoolBag App

The newsletter and other communication will sent out through the Skoolbag App.  Please follow the instructions on the attached flyer to download free Skoolbag App on your smartphone.  Be sure to search ‘Our Lady of Lourdes Primary Baulkham Hills South  and select your year group.

Sports News

Zone Swimming Trials 2021

In 2021 OLOL will be holding  Zone Swimming Trials (if current conditions permit), instead of a normal Swimming Carnival, due to COVID Restrictions. 

*This is Zone Swimming Trials, not a Swimming Carnival. There will be no 25m events. Students competing are classified as serious swimmers who are interested in competing at Zone.  Unfortunately parents cannot attend this event.  

When: 5th of February, 2021

Who: Students aged 8 years (2021) or older (Grades 2-6)

Where: Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope 

How to register: via link Swimming Trials


 - Please choose all the events that your child would like to compete in on the form as you cannot enter in a 50m event on the day.

- Please check all the details you have provided before submitting the form, especially your child’s year of birth. 

- After the online form closes, all races will be pre-set and your child will have a chance at school to check that they have been entered in the correct races. Please make sure that your child is aware of all the races they have been entered in. After this check, no more entries will be accepted. 

*Entries Close: 29th of January, 2021 (5pm)

2020 Christmas Card Competition, Mark Taylor MP

Congratulations to Akira Tai who received an award for First place in the 2020 Christmas Card Competition, with Mark Taylor MP State Member for Seven Hills.