Holy Trinity Primary Granville

Term 1 Week 2 - 5th February 2021

From the Leadership Team

Philip Mahony | Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to Holy Trinity for 2021. If you are new to our school community, a very warm welcome and I'm sure your time with us will be fulfilling and rewarding.

We welcome new teachers to Holy Trinity: Miss Christine Chakty in Year 2, Mrs Randa Osman (Yr 6 Monday, Tuesday and  Yr 5 Wednesday),

Mrs Jillian Tate ( Speech Specialist on Monday).

Thank you for your cooperation with the Maths Assessment (MAI) and Kindergarten Best Start Assessment conducted on the first two days of school. The teachers completed over 160 MAI's and Best Start Interviews and the remaining assessments were completed during this week. The teachers have gained valuable information on your child's mathematics ability and can now plan appropriate lessons and tasks to meet your child's individual needs.

At present, COVID restrictions are still in place for the school. Therefore parents are still not permitted on the playground in the mornings and must follow the afternoon dismissal procedure of entering through the Randle Street gate and exiting out the Grimwood Street gate. We will continue the 'Student of the Week' Zoom Assembly on Fridays, till we can go back to whole school assemblies.

 The 'Learning Journey's' for Term 1 for each class were sent home today and are attached to the newsletter. We will not be having Parent Information Sessions this year due to Covid restrictions. If you wish to speak to your child's class teacher about their learning for 2021, please call the office to arrange a phone call from the teacher.

Warm Regards

Philip Mahony



  Supervision commences at 8:30 am

  Students enter through the small gate on Grimwood Street

  Lessons commence at 9:00 am

  School finishes at 3:10 pm

  Dismissal - Parents enter through Randle Street Gate and exit out   Grimwood Street gate. Gates close at 3:20 pm 


  8:30 am to 3:45 pm


  The school newsletter is available on the Skoolbag app every second Friday

Jason Fisher | Assistant Principal

Welcome back to all our parents/carers and of course the children. It has been a smooth start to the year with the children returning with a great attitude to learning. After speaking with many of the children there is a sense that they are glad to be back. 

Mathematics Assessment Interview

Thank you to all the parents and carers who brought their children to the Mathematics Assessment Interview (MAI) last Wednesday and Thursday. We were able to assess over 130 students over the 2 days. The MAI gives the teachers a good understanding of the students mathematical abilities in Counting, Place Value, Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division.The results are also used to choose children for the Numeracy Intervention groups. Each school's data is also used by the CEDP to track the system’s mathematics progression. So the information that is gained from the MAI is quite valuable.

We are truly blessed to have such a supportive community.


Just a reminder of the importance of good attendance. If your child misses 2 days of school each month they will miss 4 weeks of school each year. That equals to missing over a year of learning during the 12 years of school.

Parents/carers can improve their child’s attendance by;

BEING FIRM. Send your child to school every day unless they are sick.

Develop good sleep and morning routines

Schedule appointments after school where possible

Avoid taking holidays during term time (When borders open)

Mark Galea |Religious Education News

Term 1 Dates:

17th February: Ash Wednesday

17th March: St Patrick’s Day

21st March: Harmony Day

25th March: The Annunciation

1st April: Holy Thursday

2nd April: Good Friday

4Th April: Easter Sunday

Congratulations to our new School Leaders: At Mass today we commissioned our new School Leaders. We pray that they set a great example for the students in our school. We are proud to announce the following students as our leaders for 2021:

School Captains: Hannah, Jazzlin, Danton and Olivia.

Sports Captains

Red: Samuel, Noel

Yellow: Jacob, Manyang

Green: Danny, Gabriel

Blue: Jacinta, Taim

Liturgy Team: Ben, Hany, Mia, Uche, William

Media Team: Abuot, Sarah, Jordan, Sharique, Lucky, Callan, Ariz, Ricky

2021 Staff Personnel

The Leadership Team

Principal:                        Philip Mahony

Assistant Principal:      Jason Fisher

Religious Education:    Mark Galea

Co-ordinators:               Lyn Sweetnam

                                         Mary Georges

                                         Jessica Rapesoska

Office Staff:                   Rose Borg 

                                        Maria Bisazza

Parish Priest:                 Fr Andrew Bass


Kindergarten:               Miss Alexandra Carroll

Year One:                      Miss Jessica Rapesoska

Year Two:                      Miss Christine Chakty

Year Three:                   Mrs Amanda Perrin

Year Four:                     Miss Marie Faddoul

Year Five:                      Mrs Mary Georges/ Mrs Randa Osman

Year Six:                        Mr Mark Galea/ Mrs Randa Osman

Librarian:                       Mrs Caroline Taouk

Diversity Team:            Mrs Kathleen Craft

                                        Mrs Stephanie Finch

                                        Mrs Elaine Said

                                        Mrs Jillian Tate

Creative art:                  Mrs Caroline Taouk

PE:                                   TBC

Teacher Aides:              Mrs Michelle Perez

                                        Mr Dave Watts

                                        Mrs Georgette Johnson

                                        Mrs Rita Khoury

                                        Sr Susanne Nguyen

IT:                                    Mr Tony Chaiban

School Counsellor:       Mrs Helen Boerma (Mon & Wed)

Canteen:                         Mrs Leila Alakiki

Sports Uniform Days (Updated)

Kindergarten - Thursday and Friday

Year 1 & 2 - Wednesday and Thursday

Year 3 & 4 - Wednesday and Friday

Year 5 & 6 - Thursday and Friday

HTG Responsible Use of Technology

The online safety of your child is of great importance to us, so today your child has received a copy of the HTG Responsible Use of Technology Agreement. This document provides a comprehensive list of responsibilities that your child will need to follow when using technology at HTG. Please spend some time reading and explaining this document to your child as it does need to be signed and returned to school. A copy of the signed agreement will be stored in your child's file.

Medical Information

If parents need the school to administer any medication to students, please see the office to fill out an authority form.

Any new asthma plans need to be handed in also.  If your child's plan has expired, please see your doctor to renew.

Thank you

HTG Facebook Page

Have you checked out the school Facebook page lately! We are constantly posting about the great things that are happening at HTG. 

Need to Know

Time Online

How much time should children spend online?  How much is too much?

There is no magic number and the answer will depend on a variety of factors including your child’s age, maturity, family routine and the child’s learning needs.


Ask yourself the following questions;

❏    What is my child doing online?

❏    Is online time disrupting their sleep or exercise routine?

❏    Is my child isolating from face-to-face interactions with family or friends?


The answers to these questions will guide you in creating a good balance of online and offline activities for your child. If you are concerned about your child, work with them in setting boundaries, bedtimes and routines.


For more information visit;


Photo Permission

 During the year, your child's photo or video footage will be taken at school. These photos and video may be used in our school newsletter, in newspapers, brochures, our school website or on our Electronic sign.

If you do not wish for the photos or videos of your child to be published or used digital please notify the office in writing by Friday 12th February.

2021 School Fees

2021 School Fees will be sent home to families from the 15/2/21.  If you have any questions regarding school fees for 2021, please see Mrs Borg in the office.

Notice required before moving students from school

10 school weeks in writing must be given to the principal before removal of a student or a full term’s fees will be payable. 

This requirement is in recognition by the family of the commitment to assist funding of the School by having their child take a place that could have been offered to another family.

How to Install the SkoolBag App

Instructions for parents installing the SkoolBag app.

The SkoolBag school app is the easiest way for parents to stay up-to-date with the school events, notes, newsletters and all school communications.

Follow the instructions below to download the SkoolBag app and stay connected with what’s happening at Holy Trinity.

For iPhone and iPad users:

Click on the “Download on the App Store” button above, or go to the Apple App Store, search for “SkoolBag” and download the free SkoolBag app. After opening the app, add your school(s) and you’re ready to go!

For Google Android Users:

Click on the “Get it on Google play” button above, or go to the Google Play Store, search for “SkoolBag” and download the free SkoolBag app. After opening the app, add your school(s) and you’re ready to go!

A Reminder for our School Community - Complaints and Grievances

If , at any time, you find that you have a concern with the school, you are encouraged to come to the school and speak with the teacher/s, assistant principal and/or principal, to identify your concern.

It is our aim to work with all members of our school community to ensure that we do the very best to provide a productive, safe and enjoyable learning experience for our students and professionally fulfilling experience for our staff.

If you would like to raise a concern, the Catholic Education Office has guidelines for ensuring that complaints are handled fairly. Information about how to handle complaints either informally or formally is accessed on the school website or system website. 

COVID-19 Local Testing Clinics

Please get tested if you have any COVID-19  symptom such as fever, cough, sore throat/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of taste or smell. Self-isolate until you know your test result. Also please do not send students to school if they are feeling unwell. 

Local Testing clinics:

Merrylands Drive Through Testing Clinic

Corner of Burnett Street and Merrylands Road, Merrylands

Auburn Community Health Care Centre Drive Through Testing Clinic

Norval Street, Auburn 

Auburn Drive-Through Testing Clinic

48 Boorea Stret, Auburn

Smithfield Drive Through Testing Clinic

63 Long Street, Smithfield


Student of the Week

Week ending 5th February 2021

Kindergarten   Riva A

Year 1               Maria C

Year 2               Abigail D

Year 3               Isabelle G

Year 4               Michael E

Year 5               Taleeyah R

Year 6               Jacob J

Birthday Celebrations

Congratulations to the following students who celebrate their Birthday in January:

Savar A, Amellia C, Nyitier M, Andrew W, Hercules C, Grace G, Erik B, Zaeemah B, Theresa T, Grizelda T, Ejaz M, Alan N, Katrina V, Christopher A, Taleeyah R, Philip K, Benton S and Danton S


Aanvi S, Lilly A, Edelina C, Tigidankay K, Shishir K, Samipya P, Yar M, Rashad B, Thomas D, Jeremiah K, Leila T, Charles B, Rowland L, Peter L, Joseph N, Matthew M, and Hany A,


5th February

Beginning of Year Mass

17th FebruaryAsh Wednesday
17th MarchSt Patrick's Day
21st MarchHarmony Day
25th MarchThe Annunciation
1st AprilHoly Thursday
2nd AprilGood Friday
4th AprilEaster Sunday

Holy Trinity Primary Granville


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        The welcoming and hospitable atmosphere in our school

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