No.18 Fortnightly - 30 July 2021

From our Staff

Luke Willsmore

Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

Our tech-savvy children and young people are growing up in an ever-changing world where the internet is used for socialising, play and education. 

Parents tell us frequently what we know from research – harnessing technological good must be balanced against the risks of cyberbullying, misuse of private data and increased access to inappropriate material.  

For your children during school hours, our recently upgraded infrastructure at school includes a new Cisco firewall. The firewall covers our network and prevents access to websites that fall into specific categories we identify as inappropriate or risky.  

The network now also has an additional layer of protection via Cisco Umbrella. Umbrella gives us visibility across our network and uses DNS filtering to block unwanted domains and applications before a connection is even established. Umbrella is able to learn and uncover both current and emerging threats like phishing, malware and ransomware attacks. 

As much as we provide the most safe and secure network we can at school, as soon as students connect to the internet at home or elsewhere, this layer of protection is not available. Because of this we strongly recommend parents work with their children to manage how they are engaging in the digital space and what they are using digital devices for.   

For many families managing their child’s device and internet use at home is a daunting task. Only 46% of Australian parents feel confident about dealing with the online risks their children face and 95% want more information about online safety. (ESafety Commission 2018) 

And there’s no wonder why. It’s estimated that teens are spending more than 14 hours online per week, with 44% reported to have had a negative experience online (ESafety Commission 2020). How we support our kids to manage their device use and online safety is becoming ever more important.  

Managing how much time children spend on their devices for non-education related tasks can be a great first step. The recommendation from the Australian ESafety commissioner is that screen time should be limited based on age: 

There are great resources available to assist in making informed decisions on how best to work with your child on managing their digital engagement. The Australian government ESafety Commissioner’s website is a great starting point with specific information for parents; https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents.

As trying to wind back what children are allowed to use their devices for can be challenging, setting up for success while your child is younger is a great strategy. Some ideas are below: 

  • Treat digital media as you would any other environment in your child's life. The same parenting guidelines apply in both real and digital environments.
    • Set limits; kids need and expect them. For example:
      • turn off Wi-Fi at night
      • don’t allow devices in bedrooms
      • use software to be able to control when your child can use their device and control what they can access
    • Know your children's friends, both online and off.
    • Know what sites, platforms, software, and apps your children are using.


  • Screen time shouldn't always be alone time. Engage with your children when they are using screens
    • Play a video game with your kids. It's a good way to demonstrate good sportsmanship and gaming etiquette.
    • Don't just monitor them online—interact with them, so you can understand what they are doing and be a part of it. 


  • Be a good role model. 
    • Show sensible boundaries with your own media use
    • Teach and model kindness and good manners online.


  • Create tech-free zones. 
    • Keep family mealtimes, other family and social gatherings screen free.
    • Turn off televisions that you aren't watching,
    • Recharge devices overnight—outside your child's bedroom to help him or her avoid the temptation to use them when they should be sleeping.


  • Don't use technology as an emotional pacifier
    • Media can be very effective in keeping kids calm and quiet, but it should not be the only way they learn to calm down.
    • Children should to be able to come up with activities to manage boredom or calm themselves down.


  • Don’t assume educational apps are all good. Do your homework.  
    • More than 80,000 apps are labelled as educational, but little research has demonstrated their actual quality.


  • Educate kids on the potential privacy risks and how to mitigate them.
    • Help kids understand the available privacy settings on social media platforms they are using.
    • Teens need to know that once content is shared with others, they will not be able to delete or remove it completely. 

As a school we want to partner with parents so that students develop healthy device use and realise the benefits of digital learning.

Des, our ICT Manager, is a great person to reach out to if you are wanting practical guidance on ways of securing your home network or in using software to assist in managing your child’s screen use. He can be reached at Des@emmaus.act.edu.au.

Our school counsellor, Michelle, often helps our young people with peer issues and is also available to meet with families if device use is causing problems. She can be reached at Michelle@emmaus.act.edu.au.

On Wednesday evening, 8th September (Week 8) from 7pm - 8:30pm, Emmaus will be hosting a Digital Safety Night (pending gathering restrictions) where we will talk through practical options to help manage your child’s device use. We will have a panel of parents and staff presenting their experiences and answering technical questions. If you would like to attend this evening please register on the Trybooking linkhttps://www.trybooking.com/BTFVE. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss digital device management further please also feel free to get in touch with me directly at Lukew@emmaus.act.edu.au.


Summary of Emailed Permission Notes

Full upcoming events are on Skoolbag & the Website Calendars.

The following notes have been emailed home to the relevant Groups.




Y3 Camp

Warrambui NSW


3A / 3BTBA

Prekinder Excursion

Gungahlin Library 

& Park

* 2, 3, 5 & 6 Aug 2021

Prekinder30 July

ACT Schools 

Mountain Bike


* 27 Aug 2021



28 July

Sydney Trip

* 1 to 2 Sept 2021

Yr 1024 June

ANU Kambri

Precinct Cinema

Big Day In

* 7 Sept 2021

Yr 95 Aug

Kingdom Builders

CRU Fit 

* 10 Sept 2021

Y 5 & 6


27 Aug

Upcoming Events

Responding to the Dynamic World of Teenagers

Parent Night

POSTPONED EVENT: Graham Hyman's Youth Seminar for Parents

"Understanding Your Teenager"

Due to the growing Covid restrictions, we have rescheduled our guest speaker Graham Hyman to the tentative new date of Monday, 8 November 2021 (TO BE CONFIRMED closer to this time).

Our sincere apologies for the short notice but we are very keen to have Graham do the student, staff and parent seminars with us and hope that the rescheduling will come at a better time for travelling to and from the ACT.

Please note that all current registrations on Trybooking have been transferred across to the new date. If you wish to cancel your registration/s please email leonie@emmaus.act.edu.au.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The Administration Team

After/In School Activities

Full details and registration details for After & In School Activities are listed under the After/In School Activities Group on Skoolbag, please join this group for details about how to register your child.

Overview of Term 3 Offerings  (please note some may be full)

MondaySecondary Homework ClubY6 to Y10
MondayKids Who CodeK to Y5
TuesdayTaekwondo – Martial ArtsAll
TuesdaySecondary Girls Bible StudySecondary
ThursdayFrench ClassesAll
FridayPlay Dance Classes @ lunchY1 to Y6

CRU Group - Plugged In (Y6-10)

Christian Group @ lunch

Y6 to Y10

CRU Group - Kingdom Builders (Y3-5)

Christian Group @ lunch

Y3 to Y5

NRL After School Program

From the Library

Book Week is coming!

Book Week is approaching and we are very excited about this opportunity to celebrate reading with the children. It will take place in Week 6 and the theme this year is "Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds". Now is the time to start discussing with your children their favourite book characters and what costume they will choose to wear on our dress up day. Shortlisted titles for the book of the year competition are now on display in the Library for students to read and choose which ones they think should win. 

Mrs Richards

Other Worlds: Exploring the Universe of Graeme Base

Parents and Students might be interested to view the exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre which is featuring the work of Australian author and illustrator Graeme Base? https://www.belcoarts.com.au/other-worlds/ 

Blasting off Friday 20 – Sunday 22 August 2021

Launch into Other Worlds: Exploring the Universe of Graeme Base! Lifting off in an action-packed weekend from 20-22 August, get up close and marvel at original illustrations from the book The Worst Band in the Universe by Australia’s favourite children’s author, Graeme Base.

Feeling inspired by Base’s thrilling and detailed works? Have a go at shaping your own colourful story at our zine-making station, or crafting recycled materials into a spaceship or interstellar alien at our junk modelling table.

An expert face painter will be on hand to transform you into your favourite extraterrestrial character, and you can even take to the stage and travel space through song with our galactic karaoke! Quirky roving performers will entertain and delight, but don’t forget to keep your eye out for aliens hiding around the Centre – can you find them all?

Other Worlds is totally FREE and suitable for all ages. Taking off during the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book Week (21-27 August), we encourage you to dress up as your favourite otherworldly character and join us at Belconnen Arts Centre to make, play, learn and imagine.

Exhibition and activities continue 24 August – 10 October 2021

Supported by the ACT Government and the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature.

Scholastic Book Club

Welcome to Book Club!

Please click on the following link to view the latest issue of Scholastic Book Club - Issue 5 2021.

Please note that the due date for this issue is 2nd August 2021.

To place your order go to the Book Club LOOP Sign In link: https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Login.aspx

From the SRC

Sausage Rolls $4

SRC Term 3 Fundraiser (K - 10) 

Commencing in Term 3 Week 2

  • Sausage Rolls $4, pay when collecting
  • Served Thursday Lunchtime
  • K-2 will have orders delivered to their classrooms
  • Y3-10 orders to be collected from Secondary Food Tech
  • Please place your order via the Skoolbag App link.
  • Orders close on Wednesday’s at 1pm.
  • Sorry no late orders can be accepted.

Hot Chocolate $2 and Tim Tams .50c

SRC Term 3 Fundraiser (Yr 4 - 10)

Commencing in Term 3 Week 2

  • Fridays Weekly during Term 3
  • Between 8:30am - 8:45am 
  • From Secondary Food Tech room
  • Hot Chocolate -  $2.00
  • Tim Tams -  50c each
  • No ordering is necessary - cash purchase on the day.

Athletics Carnival

Athletics Carnival Video Link

To view a short video of the 2021 Athletics Carnival please go to the

Emmaus Christian School - Canberra Facebook Page.

PIP - Thank You!

Athletics Carnival - Thank You!

We would like to thank all of the volunteers that contributed catering for the Athletics Carnival. Your contributions were well received and enjoyed by many. 

In addition, a huge thank you to the parents who gave of their time to assist in running and recording the events at the Athletics Carnival. The day was a huge success all thanks to your help! 

Around the Campus

First Day of Term 3!

Fun and Games at Recess

100 Days of Kindy

Year 3: Hard at Work!

Year 4: Sewing Circle

Year 4: Haiku's


Caves are like deep holes

Always a big mystery

Never has an end


By Michael

Lost Dog

Wet and abandoned,

Wondering where the home is,

Seeking for a friend.


By Cianah


Shining like diamonds

Coral reefs swimming with fish

Sharks eating the fish

By Josh

Northern Lights

Gleaming in North Pole

The aurora fully shines

Wings of faded green

By Calvin. S

Year 5: Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

On Tuesday, Year 5 went on an excursion to the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. It was a great day filled with learning about the planets, space travel and how we here on Earth communicate with the spacecraft exploring our Solar System and beyond. On the way back to school, we stopped at Cotter for a picnic lunch and a play on the playground.

Year 4 Music: Percussion with Mr Body

Year 6: Group Work on the Story "Wonder" by R J Palacio

Year 7 Science: Forces

Students in Year 7 Science did an experiment this week as part of a unit about forces. The students were seeing how many drops of water they could fit on a 5c piece. They then repeated the experiment with detergent added.

Year 8 HaSS: Tectonic Plates

Year 10: Maths

'We Have Hope'

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