Chisholm Need to Know


Return to onsite learning - Years 7-11
We are looking forward to welcoming all students in Year 7-11 back to onsite learning from the 25th October. We understand that the decision for students to return to school may be difficult for some families. If you have any concerns about your daughter’s return to school please contact her Year Leader. 

Students must not attend the College if they are unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone who is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms is strongly encouraged to get tested and self-isolate until a negative result is received. 

A reminder of some important information about the return to school.

Year groups - allocated areas
In order to minimise interaction between year groups, each year group has been allocated one area of the school for breaks. Students will need to remain in their allocated area at break times to minimise contact with students from other year groups. On their return to school on Monday 25 October, students will need to go to these areas as they arrive at the college before the bell goes for homeroom:

Year 7: Shadecloth area between Art and Tas, grass and concrete area below Art verandah, under ramp

Year 8: Art verandah, top of ramp

Year 9: On the COLA under the high roof area (eastern side of gutter)

Year 10: On the COLA under the C Block awning and between there and the high roof area (western side of gutter)

Year 11: Senior Common Room, Quiet Garden or Cafe

Students waiting for buses will have assigned areas which will be explained to them on Monday.

Only students with medical passes (obtained from their Year Leaders) will be allowed to use the lift.

Students from Chisholm and Bethany will still be allowed to pass through the schools to access their own school. However, parents will not be allowed to enter the schools to accompany them.

Face Masks
There has been an update to the requirements in regards to face masks. Students are required to wear face masks while indoors at school and on public transport when travelling to and from school. It is highly recommended that students wear masks when outdoors also. Please ensure your daughter has a mask with her at all times and discuss with her the importance of following these guidelines. 

A reminder that as students return to school, the usual summer uniform and grooming expectations apply. In a change to normal practice for this term only, students will be permitted to wear their school sports uniform to school on the days they have practical PDHPE lessons to avoid congestion in the change rooms. 

The canteen will only be open for recess and lunch orders. Orders must be placed online using the FlexiSchool App. Recess and lunch orders will be distributed at different points in the school for each year group. Students will not be able to line up and purchase items at the canteen.

Arrival and departure
Parents who drop off and pick up their daughters from school will need to remain outside the school gate and observe social distancing requirements. Parents are asked to contact the College by email or phone whenever possible. Parents who need to access reception will need to wear a face mask, observe social distancing requirements and sign in and out using the College’s QR code. 

The return to school will be both an exciting and challenging time for students, families and staff. We are confident that we can work together to make the return to school a success for all of our students. 

Please note that Penrith Council has placed signs outside the school (and all local schools) reminding parents of the rules for dropping off and picking up in No Parking zones. We would please ask parents to stop as far along as they can to allow other cars to stop and to avoid blocking the entrance to the college to buses and authorised vehicles.

Year 11 into 12 transition
The students have now commenced their study of their HSC courses. If any students still need to finalise any changes in time for the return to onsite learning, they need to complete this form Application to Vary Pattern of Study - Year 12 and email it to Mrs Dudley at


Caroline Chisholm College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. We wish to remind you that teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, teachers are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. In the case of a genuine emergency please contact the school office during business hours on or phone 02 4737 5500. We appreciate your assistance and understanding. If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact the college.