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Thiele Primary School Newsletter Term 2 Week 3 2021

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Aberfoyle Park

SA 5159

Ph:  8270 4222  Fax:  8270 4773   

ABSENTEE LINE: 8270 4222        ABSENTEE SMS : 0416 906 283

Principal:  Mrs Sharon Willoughby

Deputy Principal:  Mrs Lisa Horton

Email Address:

From the Principal

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are excited to announce that the tender process for the Spence and Campus buildings has been finalised and approved. This means that the roof areas on both of these buildings will be replaced and is due to be completed by the end of June. Work is due to commence in a couple of weeks time however,  there will be some changes made very soon where fences will be erected around these buildings to provide safe areas for the workers and the students. Bins will also be brought in for rubbish to be removed from these areas.

This will mean that there will be some changes made to walkways, entrances to buildings and the kiss and go area in the main car park. Some classes may also be required to change location for a short period of time, Campus Office and the library may also need to be closed at some stage. More information about this will be provided in the near future.

Last term staff reviewed the Mobile phone and personal device and Dress Code policies which were both ratified at the Governing Council meeting this week. There have been a few minor changes to align these with policies with current changes. These policies have been attached and are able to be viewed on our school website and we appreciate your support in taking the time to familiarise yourself with these policies to ensure safety for all of our students.

The results of the Bully Survey were also shared with staff and at the Governing Council Meeting. It was pleasing to note that many of the strategies being taught to students are being followed within the classrooms and school yard, however, the survey continues to indicate that the vast majority of cyber bullying is occurring out of school time when students are playing online games. The survey also indicated that a high percentage of the students surveyed were using devices in their bedrooms. Some were honest enough to admit that they were using their devices when their parents/carers thought that they were asleep. Research indicates that devices are to be kept out of bedrooms and

are to be used in sight of parents/carers. In response to this survey and the needs of our students and families we are looking into booking sessions around cyber bullying and safe use of devices and the internet.

The Mayor of Onkaparinga and the Shadow Minister for Education have requested to meet with me and our Governing Council Chair to discuss local issues and concerns our community may have about education and community needs. If you have any feedback that would be beneficial to discuss at these meetings please provide to me via email

Kind Regards,

Sharon Willoughby


Aberfoyle Park PS Campus - 40th Birthday

Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus opened in 1982, next year will be the 40th Birthday and we are asking for assistance from Parents / Carer’s who would like to join a committee to assist with the planning of celebrations of this event. If you would like to join the committee please email - Thiele Primary School Front Office -

Mobile Phone Policy

Primary student use of mobile phones and personal devices


This policy provides direction to students, staff and families about managing mobile phones and other digital

devices that students choose to bring to school. Digital devices include, but are not limited to, smartwatches,

tablets or laptops that are not part of a separate Bring Your Own Device arrangement. This policy applies while

students are at school, or attending an authorised school activity such as an excursion, during school hours.

Mobile phone use for primary school students

The department’s position is that primary aged students cannot use their mobile phones and personal devices at school during school hours. The department and the school recognise that there are legitimate reasons for students to bring a mobile phone or personal device to school. This may include:

 to ensure their safety while travelling

 so that parents can contact them outside of school hours.

During the school day students are not permitted to access or use their mobile phones or other personal devices.

Students must switch off their devices before storing them at the beginning of the school day. They will not be

able to access their device until the end of the school day.

Storage of personal devices

Mobile phones and other mobile devices including laptops and iPads will be handed to classroom teachers at the beginning of the day and stored in a container which will be locked in a cupboard. Mobile phones will be handed back to students at the end of the school day. Laptops and iPads will be accessed according to the agreement between parent/carer, students and staff member for use during the school day and will be handed back to students at the end of the school day.

Smartwatches may be worn by students during the school day, however, data must be switched off or disabled

during the school day. Devices are not to be used for communication during the school day. All communication is

to be via the Front Office during the school day.

If the student does not comply

 Misuse of their personal device and choosing not to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary

action which includes, but is not limited to: ‐ time out, confiscation of the mobile device, meeting with parent/carer, or suspension/exclusion.

 If a student’s mobile phone or device is confiscated, the student’s device will be securely stored at the

Front Office and will be returned to them or their parent/carer at the end of the school day or at a time negotiated with the parent/carer.

Roles and responsibilities

Principal will ensure …

 this policy is clearly communicated and accessible to all students, staff, and families

 there is a process for regular review of the policy

 secure storage is provided for student personal devices that are handed in to school staff

 Enforce the policy and respond to instances of non‐compliance.

Report and respond to incidents of inappropriate use of personal devices in line with department policy and procedures and any legislative requirements.

Consider requests for exemptions from the policy from parents on a case‐by‐case basis. Make sure that approved exemptions are documented and that relevant staff are informed about students’ exemptions.

Model appropriate use of mobile phones and support families to understand the importance of promoting safe, responsible and respectful use of mobile phones to their children.

School staff will …

 Deliver learning opportunities and maintain a safe and productive learning environment. Take steps to minimise distractions from the non‐educational use of personal devices in the learning environment at times when a device is being used by a student in line with an approved exemption or in circumstances where students’ devices are stored in the classroom.

 Respond to instances of non‐compliance in line with the school’s policy.

 Report and respond to incidents of inappropriate use of personal devices in line with department policy and procedures and any legislative requirements.

 Make sure that any student personal devices handed in for their care are stored in a secure location and are returned to the student (or their parent/carer).

 Model appropriate use of mobile phones and support families to understand the importance of promoting safe, responsible and respectful use of mobile phones to their children.

 Have access to your mobile phone when on yard duty, in class or on excursions and ensure that contact numbers of each Campus school’s Front Office and Principal is stored in their contacts list.

Students will …

 Comply with the requirements of the school’s policy and follow all reasonable directions from the Principal and school staff.

 If permitted to use a mobile phone or personal device in line with an exemption under this policy, do so in a safe, responsible and respectful way and support peers to do the same.

 Communicate respectfully with others and do not use a mobile phone or other personal device to bully, harass or threaten another person.

 Respect others’ rights to privacy and do not take photos, film or audio records of other people without their knowledge or permission.

Parents will …

Support the implementation of the school’s policy, including the consequences for non‐compliance with the policy.

Use the school’s formal communication channels in all instances to communicate with the school (including where a student requires early collection from school).

Encourage their child to always report to a school staff member in the first instance if they become unwell or experience an issue at school.

Recognise the important role they play in supporting their child to use their mobile phone (or other personal device) in a safe, responsible and respectful way.

Communication and review

 This policy has been compiled in consultation with students, staff, Governing Council and the broader

school community to make local decisions regarding storage of students’ devices and what actions will be taken if students do not comply with the policy.

 This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis in consultation to ensure community members are aware of the policy requirements

 This school policy can be accessed on the school website.

 To be reviewed Term 2, 2023

Supporting information

Links to policies and procedures that may interact with our local policy on student use of mobile phones and personal devices such as:

 Thiele Primary School Positive Behaviour Plan.

 Thiele Primary School ICT User Agreement.

 Thiele Primary School Cyber Bullying

Policy ratified by Thiele Primary School Governing Council 11/05/2021

To be reviewed in 2023

Dress Code Policy

Thiele Primary School is one of three schools on the Aberfoyle Park Campus. A Campus Dress Code policy was formally introduced in 1996. Our School Dress Code Policy supports students, teachers, and families within and beyond the school-learning environment in the following ways by:

 Enabling the students to develop a sense of identity, belonging and pride in our school and the Campus

 Supporting a safe working environment minimising distraction, and promoting active participation in all school activities

 Diffusing a competitive / harassing environment where students are labelled according to clothing / fashion

 Providing an aspect of safety whereby students are identified both within school and out of school activities.


Thiele Primary School Governing Council developed this policy in accordance with the Acts of Parliament and within the Department for Education guidelines. [Education Regulations 77 provides School Councils with the right to determine School Dress Policy. Administrative instructions issued by the Minister must be read in conjunction with Education Regulation 77].


Thiele Primary School is aware of and respects cultural and religious values, economic circumstances and other implications impacting on the implementation of our Dress Code Policy. Thiele Primary School will support all families in the application of our Dress Code Policy, however, the ultimate responsibility relies on Parents/Carers to ensure their child/ren are dressed in accordance with our Dress Code Policy whilst attending Thiele Primary School.


 Polo shirt – with Campus logo is preferred, however, maroon polo shirt is acceptable

 Windcheater/jumper/cardigan – plain maroon, with Campus logo is preferred

 Trousers / Pants (including cargo or track pants) - maroon or grey

 Shorts - maroon or grey

 Netball skirt, plaid skirt or skort- maroon (mid-thigh length with bike shorts, sports brief or leggings to be worn underneath)

 School dress- Campus plaid (knee length)

 Pinafore - (knee length) with a maroon, blue or grey top underneath

 Hair – if below shoulder length, must be worn up irrespective of gender.

- blue, maroon hair accessories, if worn

 Year 6/7 Senior top (optional) - maroon with student names, teachers, year level.

 Socks - preferred black, grey, white, maroon or light blue

 Tights / leggings (only under summer or winter dress or netball skirt) – grey or maroon

 Bike shorts or sports briefs – maroon (under netball skirt or summer school dress only)

 Closed shoes

 Hats - Campus wide-brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hat with cord removed

 Beanie maroon with Thiele logo (Term 2 when UV < 3). Not to be worn in lieu of a legionnaire or wide brimmed hat

 Plain ear studs/sleepers

 Sunscreen (must be supplied and applied by Parents/Carers or student)

 Jackets / raincoats, gloves – school colours preferred.


 Black pants, black leggings, black skirts or black shorts

 Denim pants/ shorts/ skirt

 Tank and crop tops due to Skin Protection Policy (including Sports Day and events, excursions and casual days)

 Non-school logos or pictures on any items stated with the exception of footwear

 Fashion jewellery and body piercings other than ear lobes, due to safety

 Unnatural hair colour or extravagant hair accessories

 Ugg boots, thongs, high heeled shoes, crocs, wheelies, slides, plastic footwear or ballet shoes

 Coloured nail polish, acrylic nails

 Visible tattoos & skin art

 Facial make-up, including glitter

 Scarves to be worn to & from school only, due to safety


 Skin protection clothing and sunscreen (must be supplied and applied by Parents/Carers or student)

 No excessive hair colour or face paint (must be applied at home)

 Clothing must be tidy, modest, logos/pictures must be acceptable (no profanity or lewd pictures)

 Footwear must be safe and enclosed.


Thiele Primary School has a “No Hat, No Play” Policy. Thiele Primary School promotes Skin Protection and complies with wearing a maroon wide brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hats when outside in Terms 1, 3, 4 and whenever UV radiation levels reach 3 or above. Caps and hats with graffiti or that are torn or tattered are not acceptable. Beanie maroon with Thiele logo (Term 2 when UV < 3). Not to be worn in lieu of a legionnaire or wide brimmed hat


Closed in sneakers/sandals are recommended footwear for school. Students are involved in fitness and/or PE lessons most days, play outside at recess and lunch times, and may require safe footwear for visits to the Science/Technology, Art Rooms, garden or other activities as requested by the classroom teacher to abide to WHS.


 Devon Clothing Uniform Shop, 84 Daws Road, Edwardstown 5039 Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, Saturday 9.00

am – 12.00 pm

 Online: -park-primary-school-campus/uniform-store

 Onsite uniform shop, Monday 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 am – 9:30 am during the term

 Plain maroon and grey uniform items may be purchased at other stores. (eg. Target, Big W, KMart).

 The opportunity is available for Parents/Carers to donate, buy or sell second-hand clothing. Please contact the Front

Office for more information regarding this.


If a student is unable to comply with this Dress Code Policy on a particular day because of exceptional circumstances (e.g.

clothing being repaired) communication from Parent/Carer explaining the circumstance is required. Department for Education’s policy does not consider non-compliance of the school’s dress code policy a serious enough offence to deny a student access to learning. Consequently, suspension, exclusion or expulsion as a disciplinary measure is not permitted, however the School’s Discipline Policy may be implemented.


 Staff encourage students to comply with the Dress Code Policy

 Negotiate and support Parents/Carers to comply with the Dress Code Policy

 In the case of continual non-compliance of the Dress Code Policy, the School’s Discipline Policy will be implemented.


In exceptional circumstances, with written request from the Parent/Carer, the Principal may exempt students from the Dress Code Policy. However, to comply with WHS, this may result in exempted students being required to play in the courtyard, remain indoors and/ or withdraw from some programs. This will be communicated to Parents/Carers.


 Religious, Cultural or Ethnic

 New students (time to purchase, wear previous uniform)

 Mobile or transient students

 Financial hardship

 Genuine medical or family sickness reasons

 Any other additional grounds as the Governing Council may determine.

These students and their Parents/Carers will require sensitive and careful consideration by the Principal to minimise the

possibility of conflict. All staff are required to comply with the WHS regulations by dressing in a professional and modest manner.

Policy ratified by Thiele Primary School Governing Council 11/05/2021

To be reviewed in 2023

Harmony Day - Wishing Wells

Students have been working hard on building several Wishing Wells using materials that were donated by Bunnings in celebration and recognition of Harmony Day. We started building it by adding glue to the pop-sticks and both sides of the edge moulding to create the roof panels. Once it dried we attached the roof to the side beams and reinforced it with super glue onto the pot. Next we decorated the pot by placing double sided tape around the pot and pressed firmly with pop-sticks to complete the design. Once the Wishing Well was complete students painted rocks and added words that represent the values of Harmony Day. Each Wishing Well will be placed in all three building as a reminder to make wishes for inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone! 

Dale Bliss

Japanese & Digital Tech Teacher

Mother's Day Stall

We would like to Thank the following businesses who donated vouchers or items for our Mother's Day Raffle

  • Coffeed
  • Halo Hair Collective
  • Hub Tavern
  • Jenny's Beauty Services
  • Reflections of Beauty

The winners of the raffle were:

1st Prize: Imigen F

2nd Prize: Mitchell S

We hope all our Mum's had a lovely Mother's Day and enjoyed the gifts purchased from the stall.

Thank you to our volunteers: Kimberley, Narelle, Rikki, Mariette, Rachel, Chris, Marie & Ann for all their hard work.

Literacy Pro Awards

At our assembly last week Angie from Scholastic visited to talk about the importance of reading and introduce a competition for May. Students are encouraged to write a paragraph of how Literacy pro has helped them with their reading and helped them with their learning. Every student who provides this information will earn $30 towards books for our school. I encourage all students to take the time to provide a paragraph and enter this competition, they might also be lucky and win a prize for themselves.

Whilst at the assembly Angie had noted three students who had achieved in reading through their use of Literacy Pro and awarded them with a book voucher and these students were able to select a book to be placed in our library for reading the highest number of words so far this year.


Congratulations Ewan M, Jayden J and Maja I for reading the highest number of words so far this year.

School Photos

Bread Bags into School Play Equipment

Our school has registered to participate in the bread bags for school play equipment program. All you need to do is:-

1.   Collect your empty bread bags

2.   2. Recycle them at school by placing them in the Wonder’s pink collection bin (there is a separate box for the bread tags)

Then we’ll earn reward points to redeem new sports equipment for every 5kg bin filled! We will also be in the draw to win 1 of 5 exercise circuits made for the recycled plastic we collect.

The pink bread bin can be found just in front of the Front Office

Principal Awards


Lucy STiger LAbigail M
Anthony MChase CIhsan K
Isaiah DDaria KNoah N
Mia WCooper B-BAinsley D
Zachary BPortia KAlexia S
Tori PZoe LT14

Mr G-no me

My name is Mr G-no-me. I like to spend my time in the class that takes care in keeping their yard area clean and tidy. This supports our school value of integrity.




is the class with the cleanest area and has  Mr G-no Me for two weeks.


My name is “Palmy” I am an orang-utan. I enjoy spending my time with the class who recycles the most recyclable 10c containers because this supports our school value of sustainability.




 collected the most recyclables

and won the opportunity to have Palmy in the classroom for the following two weeks. 

Rubbish Raffle

These students win a $2.00 Canteen Voucher:

Daniel W - T2

Bowen M - T14

Volunteers Wanted for Reading

As part of the reading intervention programs, MacqLit and MiniLit students are required to read to an adult for 20 minutes each day. We are seeking volunteers who are  interested in listening to these students read. Reinforced Reading sessions will be available to parents/carers and volunteers. If you are interested please contact Aaron Sharp - to express your interest and times that you are available.

Kitchen Garden 

“We could win $5000 to create a kitchen garden for our school to help our students develop positive food habits and understand more about how food grows and is turned into delicious meals. 

If you’d like to help by nominating our school – go to to enter. There’s a $500 Coles voucher for the person who nominates the winning school. The prize is offered courtesy of Network 10, Coles, MasterChef Australia and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Competition closes 12/07/2021 at 23.59 AEST. Entrants must be 18 years and over to enter.  Total prize valued at up to $6,050 AUD. Full terms and conditions at 

Covid considerations

  • Check in using the QR code on your child’s classroom door
  •  Remain outside of classrooms
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m between adults and 1 adult per 2m squared
  • Do not send your child to school if they are unwell 

Materials wanted for STEM projects

In Design Technology we are regularly participating in hands-on STEM projects that require using recycled materials to design and make a model bridge. There are a vast variety of materials we are seeking for our class projects Luke James is requesting general household and recycled items for building these models. The materials needed include:

-      Cardboard

-      Glad wrap tubes/alfoil tubes/paper towel roll tubes

-      Plastic bottles (especially 600ml or 2L in size)/bottles with ridges

-      Newspaper

-      Empty aluminium cans

-      Empty yoghurt containers

-      String/twine

-      Meat trays (foam trays)

-      Plastic shopping bags

-      Plastic lids

-      Small takeaway containers/large plastic containers

-      PVC pipe lengths

-      Cloths

-      Ice-cream containers

-      Corks

-      Pop sticks

-      Off cuts or spare wood

If you have any of these items, please bring them into the Science Room, your child’s classroom or the Front Office.

SunSmart School

Hats are compulsory in Terms 1, 3 and 4. All students are required to wear a wide brimmed or legionnaires hat this term. Students who do not have a wide brimmed or legionnaires hat will be required to follow our “No Hat, No Play” policy. If students are not wearing their hat during recess and lunch they are to sit in the area near the Coorong building. Hats and beanies are not to be worn in classrooms.

Skoolbag App

Have you downloaded the Skoolbag App yet?

It is available for various applications - iPhone, Android & Microsoft, you can may download to your phone, tablet or computer. Just go to your app store and download the Thiele Primary School - Skoolbag App for your device. You will then receive newsletters, notifications, alerts and much more.

Campus News

Library News

Mum’s and Grandma’s are Our Super Heros!

Leading Up to Mother’s Day, students read and heard a story about the many different, cultural and fond names for “Grandma”.

We talked about the history and origins of Mother’s Day and that Chrysanthemums are the most popular flower to give to the people in our lives who have cared for us.

The fiction area of the Library now has new colourful and bright posters to assist students to find their popular reading titles and series. 

Premiers Reading Challenge

Research confirms reading to children just 10 minutes each day strengthens literacy, models positive reading behaviour, and builds children’s self-esteem about reading. The Premier’s Reading Challenge is most successful when parents show interest and support their children. Help your child read their 12 books for the year and you will be making a positive difference to their future.

Canteen Fact

Look out for the new canteen menu in term 2 which will include some new food choices for you to order and enjoy. Don't forget to use the QKR App for canteen orders.

QKR Online Canteen ordering

Canteen Online Ordering

Now Available through Qkr App

Each of the three schools on Campus have signed up to a QKR app which allows payments for various school payments online.

On each of the school’s apps the Canteen online ordering app has been added. This means that parents can now order lunch and recess orders online via their

schools QKR app

Just follow these easy steps below to get yourself set up:

1.        Download the QKR app from the APP Store

2.        Sign up

3.        Create an account for you – add profile

4.        Search for your schools QKR account (school name)

5.        Add credit card details

6.        Add your child/rens profile/information

7.        Click on Canteen

8.        Choose what you want add to cart and submit

9.        All orders must be placed by 9.15 am

10.      There is a communications page that will answer a lot of your questions

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact your school front office.

Campus Uniform Shop

The Campus Uniform Shop is open on:

Monday2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Wednesday & Friday8.30 am - 9.30 am

The Campus Way

  • Respect others 
  • Respect yourself
  • Respect our place
  • Sitting while eating
  • Walking on pavers
  • Keeping out of garden areas, Courtyard/grass area is a quiet play space
  • No Hat No Play
  • Being a Nude Food Dude and bringing Litter Free lunch

Campus Play Cafe

Play Café is operating on Tuesdays and Fridays in the Geoff Simpson Hall.

It is pleasing to see parents/carers from our community enjoying our Play Café on Tuesdays and Fridays in the Geoff Simpson Hall (OSHC building).


Athletics Program for Aboriginal children

In conjunction with Athletics SA a FREE program for any Aboriginal children who would like to give Athletics a go in a fun and supportive environment is being provided at Christies Beach High School on Mondays from 4:30-6:00pm commencing Monday 12th April. Children will join in a warmup and then get a chance to take part in various track/field events guided by club coaches. This is a starting point for children who may wish to develop their athletics further and eventually look to competing out on the track however, this isn’t a requirement but just an option available. Children are more than welcome to just come out each week to have a fun, supportive and fit environment to be a part of.

This initiative has successfully been rolled out with the Port Adelaide Athletics Club and is now being offered to our children down south. Here is the link to the PAAC Aboriginal Academy Facebook page so you can see the great work they have done and that we hope to also achieve in this space.

More information available on the flyer which can be found on Skoolbag.

SA Dental

Term 2 Diary Dates

Week 3

Tuesday 11th May - Friday 14th May


R - 7 Gymnastics in PE

Tuesday 11th May

6.30 pm - Governing Council Finance Meeting

7.00 pm - Governing Council Meeting

Week 4

Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May


R - 7 Gymnastics in PE

Week 6

Monday 31st May

SAPSASA Yr 7 Netball

Tuesday 1st June

SAPSASA Yr 7 Netball

Wednesday 2nd June

SAPSASA Yr 6 Netball

Week 7

Wednesday 9th June

School Photo's

Week 8

Monday 14th June

Public Holiday - Queen's Birthday

Tuesday 15th June

6.30 pm - Governing Council Finance Meeting

7.00 pm - Governing Council Meeting

Week 9

Monday 21st June & Tuesday 22nd June


Wednesday 23rd June - Friday 25th June


The E?!lepsy Centre - South Australia & The Northern Territory

Driving the Power of Purple through Education and Awareness

Certificate of Recognition

Thiele Primary School

are now

Epilepsy Aware

Training completed on Thursday, January 21 2021