Week 3 Term 2 2021

Principal: Ms Judeline Wadhwani,

Acting Principal: Mr Patrick Baiwan,

Head of P-6: Mrs Wiki Thomas,

Head of 7-12: Mrs Rachel Baiwan,

Head of RE, Faith & Mission: Mr Raymond Rangatin,

School Address: P O Box 211, Kavieng, New Ireland Province

School Telephone Number: (675) 984 2128

School website address:

From the Principal

Dear parents and members of the OLSH community and extended OLSH community,

P-6 Parent-Teacher Interviews

I trust parents found the opportunity to have detailed discussion with your child’s teacher worthwhile.  If you were unable to attend the interviews for a variety of reasons, please make a prior appointment to speak to your child’s teacher on a Monday or Wednesday after school.  Teachers have Professional Learning and Team Meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some of them also have meetings with the Head of Primary after school on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Most importantly, please support the teachers by going through the Daily Homestudy Expectations with your child.

School start time & student safety

It has been noted that some students are standing outside the school gates as early as 7.00 am.  Parents please note that there is no teacher supervision for students before 7.30 am.  Please do not leave your child outside the school gates.  This is a hazard to their personal safety.

COVID-19 Safety

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise, OLSH continues to ensure daily high standards of campus hygiene.  Students are supervised with daily regular hand washing and are given regular awareness of the importance of personal hygiene.  Mask wearing continues to be compulsory for all students above 12 years of age as well as staff.

Scabies Management

As there have been a few cases of scabies at OLSH, parents are asked to please take note of the school’s Scabies Management Policy which can be found in the link below.  As scabies is a highly contagious disease, please ensure that you follow the guidelines in the policy.

In the interests of the health and safety of the entire OLSH learning community, it is important that families act with care in taking prompt action to treat their son/daughter if they get scabies.  Please send your child to school only after the steps for first line treatment and follow up treatment (if necessary) are carefully followed.

Scabies Management Policy

Click on the link below to download OLSH Scabies Management Policy

Learning-Teaching at the forefront of daily school life

Following 7-12 Parent-Teacher Interviews last week, the Semester 1 Progress Interviews with Year 12 students commenced last Tuesday.  These interviews provide the opportunity for Mr Baiwan and me to meet with every Year 12 student, to discuss their application and progress based on the Student Progress and Intervention Audit completed by all their teachers from 7-12.

Following these interviews, we will commence with Year 10 students interviews.

I reiterate the importance of following the Daily Homework Expectations document so that your child/children develop and maintain sound study and work habits for success at school and for life.

Important Year 10 and Year 12 dates



Thursday 6 May - Written Expression Mock Examination 1

Thursday 20 May - Written Expression Mock Examination 2

Thursday 3 June - Written Expression Final Examination




Tuesday June 8 - Issue of 2019 Written Expression Reading Booklets to students

Tuesday June 15 - Year 12 Written Expression Mock Exam 1


Following prompt marking of Mock Examination 1, Year 10 & 12 students will be provided with timely feedback for improvement in Mock Examination 2 and onwards to the Final Written Examination.

From Head of Religious Education, Faith and Mission

CATHOLIC CHURCH CALENDAR:  5th week Easter in the ordinary Year ‘B’ 2021



Jesus uses this image of pruning to teach us a similar lesson in bearing good fruit for His Kingdom. He wants our lives to be fruitful and He wants to use us as powerful instruments of His grace in the world.

Jesus is the true vine and we are the branches. Jesus’ central message is ‘If we do not remain in him we cannot bear fruit. If we remain in him we must also be ‘pruned’ and ‘cleaned’ so that we can ‘bear as much fruit’ as possible.

Spiritual pruning takes the form of letting God eliminate the vices in our lives so that the virtues can be properly nourished. This is especially done by letting Him humble us and strip away our pride. This can hurt, but the pain associated with being humbled by God is a key to spiritual growth.

By growing in humility, we grow ever more reliant upon the source of our nourishment rather than relying upon ourselves, our own ideas and our own plans. God is infinitely wiser than us and if we can continually turn to Him as our source, we will be far stronger and better prepared to let Him do great things through us. But, again, this requires that we let Him prune us.

Being spiritually pruned means we actively let go of our own will and our own ideas. It means we give up control over our lives and let the master grower take over. It means we trust Him far more than we trust ourselves.

This requires a true death to ourselves and a true humility by which we acknowledge we are completely reliant upon God in the same way a branch is reliant upon the vine. Without the vine, we shrivel and die. Being firmly attached to the vine is the only way to life.

Pray this day that you will let the Lord prune away all that is not of Him in your life. Trust in Him and His divine plan and know that this is the only path to bearing the good fruit God wants to bear through you.

It is now the month of May. The journey of the statue of Our Lady has already begun with the Prep class. We will follow the program which has been formulated for each class.

Thank you and God bless you all.


Mr R. Rangatin

7 - 12 Parent-Teacher Interviews

P-6 Parent-Teacher Interviews