Willoughby Public School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 1 - Friday 16 July 2021

Please keep up to date with the latest advice for families. 

The NSW Department of Education is working closely with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), NSW Health and other agencies to ensure our schools continue to operate in the safest ways possible in the COVID-19 environment.


At Willoughby Public School we aim to cultivate socially-aware learners who are critical and creative thinkers, within a safe, respectful and responsible learning community.


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to Term 3 at Willoughby PS. The current lockdown certainly wasn’t the way we had imagined the term would start. I hope you had many opportunities to get outdoors and have family time together throughout the holidays. A walk at the end of the day is wonderful for your wellbeing.

Once again, our teachers have flipped their learning and teaching programs in a short space of time for our students. We dropped our planned professional learning on Monday. All teachers worked together to prepare work ready for distribution on Tuesday July 13. The photocopiers were running hot until 6pm on Monday. Thank you to our families for abiding by the NSW Health directives by not entering the school grounds. I hope the system with the gate numbers 1-6 have helped you to identify the learning pack collection points. We are also using this system as entry / exit points each day. The lockdown is set to continue until July 30th, lets hope by then, we have reduced the impact of COVID significantly and can find our way back to “normal” on Monday August 2.

In a livestream at the end of the holidays, teachers were encouraged by Murat Dizdar, the Deputy Secretary School Performance, to avoid the perfection trap. These are difficult circumstances, and the aim should be to do the best we can. I would extend that advice to our students – and parents. Learning at home, even with Zoom interactivity, can be a lonely process. Some students will thrive in this environment, but others will miss those teacher-student and student-student interactions and relationships more keenly. Parents are juggling their own work while trying to supervise their children. The result may not be perfection, so don’t beat yourselves up. Students learning from home – your job is to show up, ready to work and with the attitude that you can and will do everything possible to learn as much as you can. That is all we ask – nothing more or nothing less than do your best.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have concerns about any of the work or are worried about anything. If your circumstances change throughout the week, please send the children to school with their learning pack to continue with their learning.

Staff update

A warm Willoughby welcome to Ms Nadia Morcom who has replaced Mrs Winkler as our Learning and Support teacher. Ms Morcom has a wealth of experience and knowledge to support student learning.

Mrs Deborah de Silva has been appointed as librarian replacing Mr Thorn. Mrs de Silva had a part time allocation at WPS and this part time position has been filled by Mrs Pandelas.

Mrs Shane Clements has been appointed to the permanent classroom teacher position on Kindergarten.

We welcome Ms Montana Daniel to Willoughby Public School. Ms Daniel will be teaching class 3LS for the rest of 2021 while Ms Lindley is on leave.

Mrs Blake, Deputy Principal is working Monday and Tuesday for Semester 2. She is very excited and happy to be back at WPS working with the students, teachers and wider community.

Stay safe and let’s hope we can return to school after July 30.

Kind regards


Jennifer Simmonds - Principal

Learning From Home Resources for Parents


Learn at Home packs ready for download

Thank you for your support his week as we eased back into Learning from Home.

Staff have been working hard to develop work for next week and this is available from the hub on the library website: https://www.librarywps.com/learning-at-home

If you are unable to print at home, printed copies of the workbooks will be available on Monday morning from tables at the following gates around the school:

Kindergarten:  Gate 6 – gate at laneway near high school oval

Year 1: Gate 1 – Rose Garden gate

Year 2: Gate 2 – Rose Garden gate

Year 3: Gate 5 – Keary Street gate

Year 4: Gate 5 – Keary Street gate

Year 5: Gate 3 – Oakville Road main gate

Year 6: Gate 3 – Oakville Road main gate

A map is attached showing gate numbers and locations.

The school has a limited number of iPads and Chromebooks available to loan to families who do not have access to a tech device. Requests for a loan device can be made via this link: https://bit.ly/3wIdlR4

School map with gate numbers


A message from our new Learning and Support Teacher

Hello! I am Nadia Morcom and new to Willoughby Public this week as the Learning and Support Teacher. I will be working across the school from Kindergarten to Year Six. 

Prior to come to Willoughby I was at Ryde Public also as the Learning and Support Teacher.

I have heard wonderful things about Willoughby and am really looking forward to meeting everyone once the lockdown is over. 

My favourite picture book is Mr. Chicken goes to Paris.


News from the P&C

Update from NSW Department of Education Advice to Families: 

    • Families to be encouraged to keep their children at home wherever possible but no child will be turned away from school.
    • Minimum staff on-site to oversee one unit of learning for students attending school site, noting that flexible syllabus requirements are in place.

    • Canteens and uniform stores are not to operate.

    • No community use arrangements.

    • No community language schools.

    • Continued enhanced cleaning and hygiene supply arrangements.

    • No SRE/SEE/VSA.

    • No P&C activities on school sites.

    Parent Guide to NSW Syllabuses


    School Community Charter - Collaborative. Respectful. Communication.

    The attached School Community Charter outlines the responsibilities of parents, carers, educators and school staff in NSW public schools to ensure our learning environments are collaborative, supportive and cohesive.


    At Willoughby Public School we have a number of students with a



    Even a small trace of nut, peanut or nut/peanut product may trigger a severe allergic reaction called Anaphylaxis, which attacks the immune system leading potentially to death within minutes.

    This reaction can happen by taste, touch and sometimes can be airborne. All of these students have access to an adrenaline injection in the form of an Epipen, which can save lives. Photo posters are displayed in the classrooms, canteen, staffroom, playground bags and sick bay for easy identification of these children.

    Willoughby PS works with parents/carers to support students in developing an awareness of their allergies and what foods to avoid. Students are encouraged not to share food and to always check with a parent/adult/teacher if unsure at any time. 


    Please help us by not including peanut or any nut products in your child’s lunchbox. This includes peanut butter and Nutella. 

    Please avoid products with any nuts/peanuts listed as an ingredient. 

    Explain about nut/peanut allergy to your child and encourage the ‘no food sharing’ rule. 

    Please consider what you are sending for birthday treats to share with the class, checking there are no nut products included. 

    The school canteen does not serve products containing nuts. 

    It is only with the continued support of all parents and staff that we can effectively maintain a safe school environment for these children.  

    Thank you for your understanding. We know you will want to support the school and these children.

    Put safety ahead of convenience. Always.


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