Reynella Primary School Grapevine

Term 2, Week 5 | 2021

From the Leadership Team

Half Way Through Term 2!

It is hard to believe that we are just about half way through term 2! What a great first half of the term it has been. It was a very proud moment walking in to the Hall these last two weeks to view the Learning Asset Inquiry Showcase by F7 and F8, and F1 and F2. The ability of the children to articulate their learner asset and identify how they had improved was nothing short of amazing. This was a perfect example of building the capacity of our students to be lifelong learners.


Writing has been an ongoing focus across our school for the last 3 years. We are very proud of the writing of our students and have hosted many teachers from across South Australia to share our explicit approach to the teaching of writing: VCOP. To celebrate our students’ progress our whole school will be participating in the 2021 Mini-Writing Festival which ignites student writing! This is a live interactive mini-writing event for schools in Australia and New Zealand occurring on Monday July 26 – Friday July 30. The Mini-Writing Festival includes 15 live workshops linked to CBCA Book Week theme, Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. The school will be funding this opportunity so all students will be able to participate. At the conclusion, we will be running a writing competition across our school, with prizes, and a famous children’s author judging. More details to follow. You can visit the website for more information .


Over the last few weeks, our teaching staff have been busy engaging in some collaborative STEM learning design. We are excited to work alongside our students to implement this cross-curriculum, project-based learning over the coming months and can’t wait to share the journey with our community.

In term 3, the STEM Action Team will be hosting a whole-school exhibition of our creative problem solving in the Reynella Gymnasium. We look forward to revealing the details of this showcase in the next few weeks with our official invite to the community…. So watch this space!


Reynella PS is committed to maximising the learning potential of all its students. An integral part of that plan is to ensure all students are attending school regularly and that we are aware of, and support, those who are struggling. Thank you to all parents/carers who ensure their child(ren) is at school well before the 8.45am bell which is when the school day commences, with teachers on yard duty from 8:30am. Although the vast majority of our students arrive at school regularly and on time, we are committed to ongoing improvement in the overall area of punctuality and attendance as being late for school has a negative impact on student learning. We all run late sometimes however chronic lateness eventually takes its toll on a student’s overall educational experience.

Being just 10 minutes late every day adds up to an hour a week of lost learning. This adds up to one week of school missed in a year. Being late for class often means important interactions and learning opportunities are missed and the learning of other students in the class is interrupted. Arriving at least 5 minutes before the school day begins allows your student time to prepare. The skills developed through attending school regularly and arriving on time, builds in our students the skills and capabilities that will prepare them not only for school, but for life.

We are always looking to work in partnership with our parents and carers to support them when they are experiencing difficulties getting their child(ren) to school on time. If you would like some support please let the Front Office know and someone will be in touch.

If your child is late, they must report to the Front Office to get a late slip to take back to their teacher. When your child is away it is very important that you either ring or text the school before 9.30 to let us know the reason.


While there’s currently no community transmission of COVID-19 in South Australia, it’s important we remain prepared to respond to the fast changing nature of the pandemic. We will continue to follow the advice from SA Health and Directions set by SAPOL.

Even though we are on the ‘Road to Recovery’ it is still very important that we continue to work together not only in the best interests of our children but our community as well. Things to consider are:

o   You must keep your child(ren) at home if they are sick, even if you think it is just a cold. You will need a plan for who is going to look after the children if they are sick or if schools close.

o   Parents are able to attend assemblies.

o   In line with SA Health and the Department for Education directives, we now have a school QR code for check-in via the mySA Gov website. For those entering school buildings for particular reasons or attending events, it is still a requirement of entry that you scan QR code. There is a hand sanitisation station located in the Front Office.

o   If you have been in Greater Melbourne on or after 20 May and entered South Australia before 6.00pm 26 May, you must:

  • get a COVID-19 test as soon as possible and quarantine until you receive a negative result.
  • get tested again on day 5 and day 13 after arrival. There is no requirement to quarantine after receiving a negative result in your first test, unless you have symptoms.
  • not attend a COVID Management Plan event for 14 days after their arrival.

Student News

Learning with B2 - Rainbow Facts

In B2 we have been busy learning about addition. We have been focusing on the many ways we can make 10, this is called Rainbow Facts. To help us become Rainbow Fact experts we have been playing a Rainbow Facts game.

First we had to paint our rainbow and label it with numbers 0-10.

Once our rainbows were finished we could play our game. All we needed was a deck of cards, a partner and a rainbow. Once the cards were set out the children took turns to turn two cards over and see if they made 10. If they made 10 they kept the cards if they didn’t they turned the cards over and it was the next person turn.

B2 loves playing this game and often ask when they get to play it again.

Learning with C7

Hello Families!

C7 has had a fantastic and productive term. Our class has been exploring powerful mathematical strategies that enable us to solve addition and multiplication problems efficiently. Some of these strategies include using the powers of ten and doubling 2-digit numbers. We have been making our thinking visible by displaying multiple representations of our strategies in the classroom to help us solve word problems.

The students are becoming collaborators by interacting respectfully and using effective communication skills to negotiate ideas and solve problems during various daily learning experiences.

On Wednesday, our class participated in National Simultaneous Story Time. We listened to the story ‘Give Me Some Space’ by the Australian author Phillip Bunting which was being read by an astronaut in space.

We participated in follow-up activities. We created these awesome artwork masterpieces which depicted us as astronauts exploring space.

Another activity that we have enjoyed is the space STEM challenge. Mrs. Ayoubi challenged us to construct a space lander to help Una (the main character in our story) land safely on Mars. We could only use, one paper cup, a small piece of cardboard, some cotton balls, straws and of course Una and her fish Neil who had to sit in their space lander. Knowing what a Mars Rover looked like helped us when designing and creating our prototypes. We needed to test and modify our designs multiple times to achieve a successful outcome.

Swimming Week 9 & 10 - No Parent Spectators Allowed

Attention Parents

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Marion Swimming Centre has very strict procedures for spectators.

This year there is NO parent spectating allowed.

Each class is only allowed 2 parent helpers which the teacher is organising or has organised.

Please practice with your child over the next few weeks getting dressed and undressed, putting on socks and shoes as this will help them tremendously.

National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week 2021


This week students have been learning about our shared histories, cultures and achievements. National Sorry Day is a special day for Aboriginal people as this is a day to remember and acknowledge the Stolen Generation and is also a day of healing for the families and communities.

Reconciliation Week is about coming and working together to overcome our differences. May 27th is the day that the 1967 referendum was passed, and June 3rd marks the anniversary of the High Court of Australia's 1992 judgement in the celebrated Mabo Case.

This year our Aboriginal students have been working with classes, sharing learning on Indigenous cultures and perspectives.  The Reception students in A5 worked with Charli to explore how the Aboriginal people made paint out of clay and how they decorated their bodies for traditional ceremonies. They then created their own body designs.

School News

Southern Valley Cross County

Would you believe it? We had a dry cross-country event! This almost never happens in The Valley. This made for an absolutely lovely day, with perfect conditions, to witness incredible running.

We took a large team of 27 students to take-on the other schools in our district. Knowing our students assembled this year, I was quietly confident of strong results and possibly having more students make the Southern Valley Cross Country team than we have had in many years. Students needed to finish in the top 6 of their event to make the side.

My prediction rang true with 5 students making the Southern Valley Cross Country team. We even had 3 students make the podium – Charli and Tyler finished 2nd in their respective races and Blayke ran a blistering race to bring home the gold in his event. Congratulations also goes to Arthur and Carmella for making the top 6 in their races and earning their spots in the Southern Valley team.

The biggest congratulations goes to the students and their parents. The students and parents woke up early late last term in order to be at school early to trial to make the team. Fortunately, we were able to take everyone that trialled. The students competed to their very best on the day of the district event. They felt a tremendous amount of pride from conquering an extremely challenging course. Their effort lead to us finishing 4th out of 6 schools in the large schools draw. A big thank you to the parents that came on the day and helped with transportation and marshalling the track. A great day was had by all involved.

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)

Transition to High School 2022

The transition to high school process has now been completed by parents and you will be notified by the 13 August where your child has been successful in securing a place at high school.




Just a reminder - during Terms 1, 3 and 4 hats are required be worn to play in the yard.

Please make sure your hat is named.

Our new fence is here!


2 Oval Pedestrian Gates (between hard play and ovals)

Opens at 8:30am closes again at 9am                                                            

Re-opens at 2:30pm and closes for the day at 4pm

Front Office Pedestrian Gate

Opens at 8am and closes at 4pm       


Opens at 6:30am Closes at 9am

Re-opens at 2:30pm and closes for the day at 6:30pm

OSHC Side Gates (near building, stops access to the rest of the school)

Open at 8:30am and closes at 4pm

Side gate near JP Playground

Opens at 8:30am and closes at 9am

Re-opens 2:30pm and closes for the day  at 4pm

Back Gate (near Mikal’s shed)

Opens at 8:30am closes at 9am

Re-opens at 2:30pm and closes for the day at 4pm

Pedestrian Gate near Children’s Centre

Opens at 8:30am closes at 9am

Re-opens at 2:30pm and closes for the day at 4pm

Canteen News

Can you help?

Are you free from 9am until 12pm on a Wednesday or Friday? We would love some parent volunteers on these days if you are available. Come and see me in the canteen if you are interested and would like to find out more.

Plastic straws have been replaced by paper straws. Slushy's will be sold with no utensil, unless a spoon is requested. Most children do just drink them from the cup and paper straws don't work due to the iciness of the slushy.

Plastic cutlery has been replaced by bamboo cutlery.

We thank you all for your support of our Canteen and we want to extend a big thank you to our staff and volunteers for their untiring efforts to supply our school community with delicious, healthy food.

“South Australia is leading the way nationally with our action on single-use plastics and the ban will start from 1 March 2021.” 

“Our legislation at first bans single-use plastic items like straws, cutlery and beverage stirrers and will expand to include other items such as polystyrene cups, bowls and plates in early 2022. There is also a framework for adding more items in the future."

Canteen Lunch Order Cancellation Time Frame

Due to an overwhelming amount of wasted food and related costs incurred by the canteen, due to late cancelled orders, we have had to enforce stricter guidelines.

Cancellations will only be given a full credit, if the order is cancelled by 9am on the day of the lunch order. Of course the sooner the cancellation is made, the better.

No credit will be given if there has been no communication with the canteen prior to 9am.

Canteen Contact Information

phone: 8381 1493 - option 2



From Mrs Brown

Hello wonderful Reynella community,

Mindfulness is certainly a buzz word at the moment but what does it mean?

Simply, Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness training.  It can help with mood regulation and stress management.  We all have the capacity to be mindful.  It involves cultivating our ability to pay attention in the present moment and allows us to disengage from mental ‘clutter’ and to have a clear mind.  Mindfulness makes it possible for us to respond rather than react to situations, thus improving our decision making.  Being mindful can help us to relax physically and mentally.

Here are a few mindfulness techniques to practise.

One Minute Exercise

Sit in front of a clock or watch that you can use to time the passing of one minute. Your task is to focus your entire attention on your breathing, and nothing else, for the minute.

Mindful Eating

This involves sitting down at a table and eating a meal without engaging in any other activities - no newspaper, book, TV, radio, music, or talking. Eat your meal paying full attention to which piece of food you select to eat, how it looks, how it smells, how you cut the food, the muscles you use to raise it to your mouth, the texture and taste of the food as you chew it slowly. You may be amazed at how different food tastes when eaten in this way and how filling a meal can be.

Mindful Walking

The same principle as above, while walking concentrate on the feel of the ground under your feet, you’re breathing while walking. Just observe what is around you as you walk, staying in the present. Let your other thoughts go, just look at the sky, the view, the other walkers; feel the wind, the temperature on your skin; enjoy the moment.

Associated Breathing Exercise

Stay with any distressing thoughts for a few moments, then as you let them float away, you gently redirect your full attention to your breathing. Pay attention to each breath in and out as they follow rhythmically one after the other. This will ground you in the present and help you to move into a state of awareness and stillness.

There are so many mindfulness techniques on the internet.  Many YouTube videos have guided breathing and relaxation activities.  Some great apps to download include: Headspace, The Mindfulness App and Smiling Mind.

Cheers, Fiona


After School Sport


All players should have paid their Term 1 invoice and received a letter with the Term 2 invoice. All Term 1 and Term 2 invoices are due now. Please ensure these are paid promptly.

We do have a waiting list of players, so if your child would like to play basketball, please let Cherie know. As soon as she has enough players and a coach, she can register another team.  For more information about Reynella Basketball, please contact our co-ordinator, Cherie Meekins, 0434 579 079.


Unfortunately SUNA is having major renovations this year, so our Netball teams don't have a competition to play in. Our co-ordinator, Sara Rogers has worked very hard to give our players the opportunity to improve their skills by continuing training on Monday's after school.

Thank you to our volunteer coaches and thank you to our parents and players for their patience with a very confusing netball season.

For more information about Netball please contact Sara Rogers, 0412 737 630.


Our soccer season is in full swing now. thank you to all of our volunteer coaches and managers, without you, our children wouldn't have the opportunity to play.

All players should have returned their completed Registration Form/Medical Form and the Player/Parent Contract. If you have not submitted them, you will receive a reminder next week and then will not be able to play a game until they're been received.

Soccer Registration Fees are also now overdue, please ensure these are paid asap, by the end of Week 6 at the latest.

Courtney has set up a second hand Soccer Boot program. Read more information about this in this Grapevine.

For more information about Reynella Soccer, please contact Courtney Moule, 0423 473 528.


Colour Explosion 2021

Put it in your Diary!

Friday 24 September 2021.

Finance and Communication

Don't miss out on Skoolbag Notifications

To ensure you don't miss out on school communication, please ensure you turn Skoolbag notifications on. Follow this link for instructions. 

Skoolbag Notifications and eForms 2021

Parents please note in 2021 most of our correspondence will be via the Skoolbag app. Our aim is to drastically reduce paper copies going home, by having almost 100% of our parents using Skoolbag for communication and eForms.

Please ensure you have the app on your device:

  • set your child/children's profiles up
  • join all relevant groups
  • enable notifications

With Skoolbag set up correctly, you will always be in the loop with excursions, special lunches and any information relating to your child/ren.

This app has proven to be very successful during the COVID period. If your child isn't at school or 'forgets' to give you the note, you will still know what's going on and what needs to be returned or paid for.

Please help us improve communication and reduce paper use  by downloading the Skoolbag app and completing eForms instead of using paper. Come and see us in the front office if you require any assistance with the app.

Skoolbag can be accessed on your computer if you're unable to put it on your phone.

Qkr on Your Computer

Click on this link to access Qkr on your computer.

Important Dates and Information

Information sent home since last Grapevine

27 March 2021 - Woodhouse Activity Centre F1 & F2

10 May 2021  - Reception to Year 5 Water Safety Education Program

12 May 2021 - Senior Choir Rehersal Year 4

12 May 2021 -  Whole School - Bonne Fete Casual Day

19 May 2021 - Public Transport Incursion

Important Dates

Tuesday 1 June 2021

F1 & F2 Woodhouse Excursion

Wednesday 2 June 2021

SAPSASA KO Boys Soccer @ Pimpala Primary

Monday 7 June 2021

Bonne Fete Casual Day

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Year 4 Choir Rehersal

Tuesday 8 June 2021

SAPSASA KO Netball @ Tatchilla

Wednesday 9 June 2021

SAPSASA KO Girls Soccer @ RPS

Thursday 10 June 2021

Last Day to Pay for Swimming Rec-Year 5

Monday 14 June 2021

Public Holiday Queen’s Birthday

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Pupil Free Day

Thursday 17 June 2021

SAPSASA KO Football @ Willunga

Friday 2 July 2021

Early Finish 2:05pm Last Day of Term 2

Monday 19 July 2021

1st Day of Term 3

Please check the google calendar regularly to keep up to date with events happening at Reynella Primary School.

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