St Joseph's Newsletter

Hindmarsh Edition: Term 1 Week 8

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

I recently joined the senior students at the El Shaddai Camp site.  It was such an uplifting and enriching experience where students demonstrated great interpersonal skills and our school values evident for all to see.

Key Capabilities Continua

You would be aware that our work at St Joseph’s is influenced by the CESA Living, Learning, Leading framework.  This framework outlines the capabilities that will lead students to achieve the goals of Australian Schooling and to become a thriving, capable learner, a leader for the world God desires.

Students are engaging with the Key Capabilities continua to set goals throughout the year to help them grow and achieve success! 

This continua will help student to reflect on their development and support them to flourish into the best version of themselves that they have been called to be.  At a recent Assembly students demonstrated how they are using this resource to set goals to improve their learning.

In the spirit of partnership, the link to this resource is included so that you too can join in the conversation with your child at home.

Upcoming School Events

Learning Conversations

What are Learning Conversations?
In the past, Learning Conversations were referred to Parent Teacher Interviews, It gives parents/caregivers an opportunity to share in their child's learning at the end of each term.

Next week, Learning Conversations will take place. 
You will need to book a time using the link below. Alternatively, there is a link on our schools website, scroll down to 'Latest News' and click on the button.

This is an opportunity of meeting one on one with your child and their teacher to focus on the progress of your child’s goals, discuss their progress to date and set goals for next term. 

How does a Learning Journey differ from a Learning Conversation?

Learning Journey’s are an informal opportunity where your child shows you around the classroom, explains what they have been learning, which could include reading the provocations, seeing their work either displayed in the classroom or in their workbooks and to share in their joy of showcasing their growth and development this term!

Save the Date: Learning Journeys

❗️Social distancing MUST be maintained at all times. Up to 8 adults at a time can be in a classroom (based on both parents attending).

? Classrooms will be open from 4:30 – 5:45 pm

? Parents will need to register their attendance in the same way as Sports Day. Click here to RSVP the number of people attending.

Please note individual ‘Learning Conversations’ can not be held as teachers will be in the classroom greeting families.

We would love to see all families attend. The staff and I are excited to have the opportunity of being ‘in community’ again and showcasing the amazing growth and development of each student as we journey together in 2021!

Look forward to seeing many of you.

Learning Journey: Sausage Sizzle

The P & F will organise a Sausage sizzle. Whilst waiting families can purchase sausages and / or drink. To ensure we follow appropriate COVID practices the P & F will serve orders.

? Cooking will begin at 4:30 pm with sausages available from 4:45pm. As day light saving ceases a week prior the P & F will stop serving by 5:45pm. We would appreciate any support, cooking, serving and cleaning up.

?‍♀️ Children can play on playground or on the oval but will need to be supervised by parents as teachers will not be available to supervise as they will be in classrooms.

? If you wish to order a sausage and or drink please complete the order form available via Qkr! Sausage orders will be taken prior but additional sausages will be available to purchase. You can start placing your orders after the 25th March.

Getting to know our Staff

Get to know the staff of St Joseph's a bit better. 

Learn more about our year 5/6 teacher Mrs Di Paolo, our year 1 teacher Mrs Saint and our ESO Meka Vizzari.

Teacher: Antoinette Di Paolo

My favourite thing to do: relaxing on my days off from work i.e. walking, shopping and having 'tea' with my closest friends.

My favourite chocolate: Cherry Ripe and dark chocolate.

Favourite subject to teach is 'Health Education' because it's critical children know and understand basic life skills i.e. being safe, physical activity, healthy eating & maintaining strong personal identity and relationships.

Favourite mantra: "If you can choose to be anything in this world, choose to be KIND."Absolutely in love with my nephew and godson, Joseph, who is 1 ? 

Teacher: Rachael Saint

My name is Rachael Saint and I am teaching Year 1 SB this year on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. I am really excited to be working in our Year 1 team along with Mrs Batty, Miss Carmody and all of our wonderful students.

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have been fortunate enough to work and live in SA, ACT and QLD as my husband is in the Air Force. I enjoy spending time with my family, going camping, playing tennis and playing board games. My two daughters keep me very busy in my spare time and I love watching them play netball, swim and perform on stage.

My favourite thing to teach is bookmaking as it is exciting watching the students become brave authors. I love reading their books with them and seeing the joy they get from sharing their books with each other. I look forward to parents being able to enjoy them too during our Learning Journey, later this term.

Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into the St Joseph’s Community!

ESO: Meka Vizzari

My name is Meka Vizzari and I love going out and spending time with my family and friends. I am a very outgoing person and will do anything for those around me! My favourite colour is purple and I love to play different kind of sports, my favourite sport is Basketball. I love working and interacting with children and watching them set goals for themselves to reach the best of their ability! I look forward into making strong connections with both staff and students at St Joseph’s.

Presentation of New Flags

Steve Georganas, our local MP, presented St. Joseph’s with three brand new flags for our school - Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands. Our school captains Laurence and Isabella accepted the flags on behalf of the school. Steve was kind enough to spend some time in our 5/6 classes and speak about the importance and history of the flags. He also explained how to correctly hold them and ensure we are treating them with respect! We are very grateful for this visit ☺️

Senior Jackets

Highlights from the Year 5/6 Camp

Food at the El Shaddai Camping Centre

At the El Shaddai camping center they provide everyone with food throughout the day. The meals that they provide are breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert and supper. These meals are served in the cafeteria which consists of 14 tables. There is a roaster of people who set up and clean up before and after each meal.  Before you eat your food, you always need to sanitize or wash your hands. 

In the cafeteria there is menu on the wall of what food we have during the day. Every day for breakfast they give you the option of toast or cereal. With your meal you have a choice of juice like breakfast, orange or apple. If you choose toast, there are many options of spread. On the second day for lunch, we were provided with loaded fries and on the third day we had sausages in bread. There are always things you can add to your meals like onion, carrots, peas etc. For the first night they presented us with Chicken Schnitzel with toppings and sides you can add to your meal. To finish off on the second and last night we ate beef burritos with your own choice of topping and sauce. Every day for afternoon tea they had fruit and for morning tea there were just little nibbles. 

What did the students think about the food?

Isabella: ‘My opinion of the food was average because there were somethings that didn’t really have any taste like the mash potato and the carrots because I would have liked some butter with it. My favourite thing was the ice cream because it was so yummy! My rating is a 7/10’. 

Sienna: ‘I thought the camp food was decent because some meals were not fully cooked and made me feel a little sick. The schnitzel was going pink, and the beef was not the best. Talking about all the bad stuff the toast was awesome and the strawberry jam as the topping taste very good. I would rate the camp food altogether a 6.5/10’. 

Aya: The ice cream was cool because the cone was covered in chocolate and it taste extremely yummy. The rest of the food was really good as well My rating for the camp food would be a 9.9/10 

The Activities at Camp

At El Shaddai camp we all experienced 4 activities on the first day, 4 on the second day and two on the third day. So, all together there were 10 activities like... 

  • The giant swing: the giant swing was a scary and fun activity where we could go so high and drop down.
  • Laser tag: Laser tag was a cool laser gun game where we could shoot people and deactivate them.
  • Archery: Archery was a great aiming game where we had to try and get the arrow in the middle of the target.
  • Rock climbing: rock climbing was a high and challenging game where we had to try and get to the top of the wall.
  • Low ropes: low ropes were a fun obstacle course that we had to try to complete.
  • Reptiles:  reptiles where an activity where we had a choice to hold a reptile like a blue Toung lizard.
  • Pool: the pool was very fun and deep. In the pool there were toys and more!               
  • Kingdom conquer: kingdom conquer was a creative game where we had to use a huge sling shot to knock down the other team's tower.
  • Raft making:  raft making was an activity where we had to make a raft, stable another to not sink in the river.
  • Canoeing: canoeing was a fun activity that we got to do with a partner in the river. 

Scroll through the photos to see what we got up to

What did the students think about camp?

Laurence: El Shaddai camp was a fun and enjoyable place, although the only minus about it is that we went to the same place as last year and eventually we kept doing the same thing.  

Hiyab: El Shaddai was a very fun camping centre I had loads of fun with all my friends I enjoyed it very much. The activities were very exiting even though we went there last year. 

Mukund: At El Shaddai there was a great experience and I loved doing the activities like Lazer Tag and Giant Swing. I was also in the same dorm with my friends, and it felt awesome, and I saw some old faces too.   

Gurveer: It was good because the activities were fun especially laser tag and the giant swing 

What did the students think about the dorms?

Perse: I thought they are good, clean, hygienic dorms.

Anna: I think the dorms are really pretty but the bathroom showers might need some improvement because the shower had hardly any water

Kedist: The thing I did not like about the dorms was the fact it was small and our shower and tap not work at all.

Arsema: The dorms were spaced out greatly but the tap water was very thin and the shower water didn’t spray out, over all the dorms were fine.

Marlie: they were good and the beds were comfy-Ish

Kavin: they were good because the bunk beds and bad because the showers


School Fees

Term 1 school fee statements have been sent out via the post (individual invoices are not issued).  The due date for payment of Term 1 charges is Wednesday 31st March.  Please refer to the 2021 School Fee structure information available on the school website for payment amounts.  

Existing direct debits have been adjusted in accordance with the fee structure.  If you wish to pay your account via regular deduction forms are available on the website or from the Front Office.  To calculate the amount payable per deduction divide the amount owing on your statement by the relevant number of deductions (i.e. weeks, fortnights, months, terms) remaining for the year. 

School Card Approved Lower Income Fee discounts will not be applied to accounts without a completed School Card Application form (available on the school website or from the Front Office) and after approval from the Department of Education has been granted.  Forms are due urgently so we can submit our applications.  The approval process takes several weeks and accounts may not be adjusted until late in Term 2.

Please contact our Bursar, Karyn Burlow at  if you have any questions regarding your school fees.

Student Safety at St Joseph's

School Crossing

It is pleasing to see so many children and families using the crossing to walk safely across the street.  It is concerning to see parents and carers continuing to perform ‘u turns‘ or ‘3 point turns’ so close to the crossing.  Please DO NOT undertake ‘3 point’ turns or ‘U’ turns near the kiss and drop area.  Please note that council infringement officers will be patrolling the area regularly and infringement notices will be issued when vehicles are not following the rules.

Fines have been issued to parents who not remained in vehicles.


Please note that the school gates are open at 8:30 am.  Formal supervision begins at 8:30 am.  Children who arrive before 8:30 am will be directed to Before School Care.  Fees Apply.

Supervision is provided after school from 3:10 until 3:30 pm.  Children not collected from either Bertie or Albemarle Street will be taken to After school care in the school hall.  Fees Apply.

 OHSC has a licence for 60 students.  It is important to book as we can not exceed this limit.

COVID Update

Personal hygiene and the hygiene standards in our school are critical to reducing the risk of infection.

All children and staff will need to continue to:

    • wash their hands regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating
    • avoid spreading infections to others by staying home if they are unwell
    • cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue

SA Health encourages parents to provide children with their own personal, labelled and named drink water bottles. These can then be refilled at the drink fountains or water taps, rather than children drinking directly from the taps.

Parents will need to maintain social distancing when in the school yard or in classrooms. This is subject to change as we follow SA Health regulations.

A Day of Celebrations: Feast of St Joseph's

On Friday the 19th of March Australian religious songwriter and singer, Andrew Chinn, will be visiting our school to share his songs with our children. Andrew’s songs, such as “These Hands”, “Rainbow”, “An African Blessing” and “Rise Up!” are used in classrooms and liturgies around Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Parents/parishioners are warmly invited to be a part of the celebration of faith and fun. There is no charge for adults.

The concert will take place in the Sacred Heart Hall, St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh 1:50pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Students can wear their Sports Uniform on the day.

Andrew Chinn: Biography

Andrew was a teacher for 20 years in Catholic schools in Sydney, teaching all grades from kindergarten to Year 6 (was a kindergarten/prep teacher for two years). He has been song writing since 1993 and has released 11 CDs, 6 picture books, and 5 DVDs. His music is used in schools across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada and he has visited more than 1000 different schools around those countries.

His best-known songs are These Hands, Together As One, Rainbow, In the Beginning,

Shine Among Them, An African Blessing, Gotta Sing Gotta Pray, and Rise Up!

Andrew lives in Wollongong with his wife, Bernadette, youngest daughter, Eleanor, and a couple

of Shetland Sheepdogs called Mollee and Elbee, who love going to the beach. He is a proud Sydney Swans supporter.

You can check out his website  where you can listen to some songs,

watch some video clips, and find out a bit more about his music. Andrew’s music is also available on iTunes.

Upcoming Masses and Assemblies

Sacramental Program

Students received the Sacrament of Reconciliation after Mass on Wednesday Week 7.

School hosted Parish Mass

Palm Sunday, 28th March, 9:30am - Volunteers required

On Palm Sunday (March 28), St Joseph’s will host the Sunday 9:30am Mass at Sacred Heart Church on Port Road at Hindmarsh. It would be lovely to have families come along and join in this celebration with our local parish. We are seeking volunteers for readings and for a small choir.

Please email if you are able to assist with any ministries at this Mass.

“Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” (St Oscar Romero)

Thank you for your generous donations for our Shrove Tuesday Project Compassion Fundraiser. We raised just over $260.

Forth Week of Lent: Meet Arsad

Arsad, an Indonesian farmer, had no toilet in his house, so always had to walk into the forest to the open defecation area. His family was often sick and open defecation caused many neighbourhood disputes. With the support of Caritas Australia and its partner agency, Laz Harfa, Arsad took part in hygiene, sanitation and financial management training. He then funded the building of a toilet in his house and helped other community members to save money to construct their own toilet.

Now, Arsad’s family is healthier, their community no longer practices open defecation and is more harmonious. Arsad inspired his community to ‘Be More.’

Around 17 percent of Indonesia’s rural population, or 45 million people, practice open defecation – going to the toilet outdoors in fields, forests and other open spaces. (World Bank)

Fifth Week of Lent: Meet Halima

Halima is raising her two children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, while caring for her mother who has a disability. Widowed at 21, Halima fled violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, arriving at the camp with nothing.

Caritas Australia, through Caritas Bangladesh, helped Halima with shelter, cooking equipment, hygiene and sanitation training. She took on the role of community trainer herself, organising the cleaning of washrooms, wells and toilets. 

Halima aspired to “Be More” and is proud that she is able to earn a small income, while maintaining the health of her family and the cleanliness of the camp community.

In the Cox’s Bazar district, women and children make up 78% of the total refugee population where 52% of children are aged 0-17. (UNHCR)

Our Students Making a Difference

The World's Greatest Shave

On Friday 12th of March, I watched on as my courageous brother Savva gave up his gorgeous hair to help support Australian families facing blood cancer. 

Blood Cancer claims more lives than breast cancer and melanoma, everyday 47 Australians are told they have leukaemia and last year our grandma was one of these Australians, so this year Savva decided to shave his head to raise money to help families that are affected by this illness. His aim was not only to raise money to help families and patients affected by leukaemia, but he is also donating his shaved hair to Sustainable Salons.  

Next time you see Savva in the yard remember he was brave and shaved in the name of improving blood cancer treatment and helping the environment. 

Originally Savva’s aim was to raise $1,000, upon completing his challenge of shaving his hair his fundraising total was $1,687.81 and the total is still growing I am so proud to call him my little brother. 

A big thank you to the St Joseph’s School Community for getting behind Savva with messages of support and generous donations. 

Written by Nayia - 5/6C  


Savva to the Rescue!

Parish Bulletin

Parents & Friends

Easter Fundraiser

Our SJSH P&F Easter Fundraiser is LIVE! 

✝️Orders are now open via Qkr! App for Kytons Bakery Hot Cross Buns (and their iconic lamingtons)!

?Simply complete your order under ther P&F Fundraiser Tab in Qkr! before Wednesday 24th March.

?Order for your friends, your family and your freezer! Every packet sold raises money for our school community. 

?Orders will be available to collect under family name in front of the flags at School pick up time on Wednesday March 31st (last day of school before Easter).

?‍?‍?‍?Kytons are a high quality, family owned SA Business. 

❤️Let's all support this new initiative that better aligns with the Catholic ethos of saving our easter eggs until Easter Sunday, when Jesus was raised to new life. 

?All orders need to be completed online. Don't have the Qkr! App or need help to complete you order? Get in contact with one of our P&F Committee members Jacki on 0409 693 087 or email her at 

☕️Now ...... roll on coffee and hot cross bun time!

We're going on a Ladybug Hunt!

After prompting children on how we can use the magnifying glass during our game, we then searched for ladybugs in the front garden of our school. Children transferred and adapted what they learned from one context to another, by being detectives searching for ladybugs and other insects. Children interacted verbally with one another by discussing their findings. Using the magnifying glass helped children notice other things, such as plaques on the floor, bugs on poles (not only in garden area) and comparing ladybug features (big wings, small wings). 

Finding and identifying ladybugs helped children show respect for the environment, as they carefully handled the ladybugs and ensured they had a home. 

Noticing is about seeing and observing the world around us.

Story: The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle

In this book, we explored a range of food, insects and animals, as well as a very grouchy ladybug. We found out what an aphid is, and why ladybugs like to sit or eat on top of leaves. This is because they eat the aphids on there. As a class, we thought if we see a ladybug on our leaves in our preschool garden, then we know they are just protecting our leaves and are eating aphids. 

The Life Cycle of a Ladybug

On Thursday and Friday, the children helped to create artwork depicting the four stages in the life and growth of a ladybug.

We noticed that many picture books and photos depict red ladybugs, yet the ones living in the school garden feasting on aphids are orange. The children were invited to draw and paint ladybugs with orange water paint and crayons.

Enrolment into Preschool & Reception 2022

Please let your family and neighbours know that we are able to offer a few places currently in Term 3 this year for Preschool and School.

Maria D’Aloia, our Principal is now conducting interviews for 

  • Preschool Term One and Three for 2022 
  • Reception Term One and Three for 2023

If you have a child or have a relative or neighbour who will commence in these years and you have not enrolled, please contact the school office to organise an interview.

Have you booked your child into OSHC for these Upcoming dates?

Pupil Free Day: Thursday 1st April

A Full Day Session is being offered to families.

  • Cost: $50.00 per child
  • Session will run from 7.30 am - 6.00pm
  • A non-refundable $10.00 booking fee per child is required
  • Bookings to be returned by Wednesday 24th March
  • The $10.00 booking fee comes off your account for the day
  • Session includes lunch, morning and afternoon snacks

Pupil Free Day: Tuesday 27th April

A Full Day Session is being offered to families.

  • Cost: $50.00 per child
  • Session will run from 7.30 am - 6.00pm
  • A non-refundable $10.00 booking fee per child is required
  • Bookings to be returned by Wednesday 21st April
  • The $10.00 booking fee comes off your account for the day
  • Session includes lunch, morning and afternoon snacks

Vacation Care: April School Holidays

OSHC is not taking bookings for their upcoming Vacation Care for these April Holidays.

Book in early to secure a place, spaces fill fast!

Vacation Care Program - April 2021

There are so many exciting things happening at Vacation Care these holidays! Book in now to secure your place!

Student Supervision

Children are supervised until 3.30pm at the end of the day by the teachers on duty. If they are not collected by this time, children will be taken to OSHC. 

Please note, the OSHC service is licensed for 60 children. Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Fees apply.

Volunteers Needed

Breakfast Club

Parent volunteers are needed to help run Breakfast Club in the Community Kitchen. If you're interested please let the front office know.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (select a day that suits you)

Time: 8.30am - 9.00am

Where: in the Community kitchen (in the Hall)

Chess Club

We would like to set up a CHESS CLUB.  We are looking for any interested parents who may like to be involved with our students at lunchtime or after school coaching and assisting with the games.  If you would like to be involved can you please let us know at the front office.

Day/Time: During lunch or after school (can be negotiated to suit you)

Tuckshop Information

Volunteers are needed to help prep lunch orders and serve during recess and lunch. If you're interested please let the front office know.

Days Available:

  • Thursday
  • Friday
Shifts Available:
  • Recess Shift: 9.00am - 10.30am
  • Lunch Shift: 11.00am - 1.30pm


Fruit Fly: Restrictions

We are in the Red Zone

Much of metropolitan Adelaide and some areas of the Riverland are currently in fruit fly outbreak or suspension areas.

To help South Australia fight fruit fly becoming an established pest, the following movement restrictions apply until at least Thursday 15 April 2021.

If you live in an outbreak or suspension area to Fruit and fruiting vegetables that can be infected by fruit fly (visit must not be packed into lunch boxes or otherwise moved around while restrictions are in place.

You must keep your fresh home-grown fruit or fruiting vegetables on your property. You can eat, cook or preserve your own home-grown produce.

Shop-bought fruit and fruiting vegetables that can be infected by fruit fly must be kept secure when taken home – this means in a sealed bag or container – and it must then be consumed at home.

What fruit and fruiting vegetables can be infected by fruit fly?
You can view the complete list of what you must not pack into lunch boxes at

What fruit or fruiting vegetables can I pack in lunchboxes as an alternative?
Fresh alternatives include  pineapple, melons ( watermelon, rockmelon, and honeydew),  cucumber,  carrots, lettuce,  broccoli, celery, mushrooms, and asparagus.

Other options include cooked fruit, processed fruit (such as fruit straps), fruit puree, canned fruit or frozen fruit.If parents have any queries as to which fruit or fruiting vegetable are affected, please visit:

Learn more about the Fruit Fly Outbreak


Parenting Insights

Article: Establishing digital boundaries for the screen generation

Setting firm digital boundaries helps the screen generation to cultivate healthy behaviours and flourish in the digital world. Looking beyond 'screen time' will help students develop savvy, safe digital behaviours.
Girls benefit enormously from having a caring adult in their lives who can support them and help them process their thoughts when peer relationships turn sour.

eGuide: Optimism

This eGuide outlines 10 simple skills you can teach your kids so they can have a more positive, optimistic view of life. These skills will help them to feel better and more in control.

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities SA Presents

March Webinars for Parents and Educators

Webinar: Students who shut down and disengage - What do I do?

Webinar: Children and young people who shut down and avoid talking - What do I do?

Presented by the LBI Foundation in Partnership with the Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities

Ms Kylie Agnew
Registered Psychologist and Teacher

Dr Ivan Raymond
Clinical Psychologist, PhD

Credit Union SA's School Community Rewards Program

Did you know St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh has been part of Credit Union SA’s School Community Rewards program since 2018?
The program brings a direct financial benefit to our school and is available for you to participate in at any time.

Who is Credit Union SA?
Credit Union SA is South Australia's third largest credit union, with over 50,000 members, and unlike the major banks, Credit Union SA’s profits go back to their members and the communities they live in.

How does School Community Rewards work?
 The School Community Rewards program allows you to nominate our school to receive a financial benefit for every product you have with Credit Union SA. So every home loan, car loan, insurance or savings account held by you will generate an ongoing annual benefit for our school.

You’ll get the benefits of Credit Union SA’s great rates and products, while also raising funds for our school without having to donate your time or money!

How will it help our school?
Funds generated through the School Community Rewards program will help us develop and upgrade our facilities, allowing us to further create a fantastic learning environment for all students. 
We have already raised over $2,000 through the program.  We are using this money towards the school grounds redevelopment. So just imagine what we could achieve with greater involvement from our School community.

Where can I find more information?
To find out more about how School Community Rewards benefits our school please talk to our School Community Rewards representative, Lucy Brooks on 0428 787 230.


All members of the school community must consider their own circumstances and obtain their own advice before joining School Community Rewards. The school takes no responsibility for any advice or product offered by Credit Union SA Ltd. This information is general in nature and does not take into account your own personal circumstances. It is important for you to consider the terms and conditions or Product Disclosure Statement before acquiring any of our products or services to help you decide whether they are suitable for you. Conditions and fees apply. Lending criteria apply to all.