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Term 1 | Week 6 | 3 March 2021

Principals Column

Hello, Giinagay, Hai

Parent Teacher Interviews

Scotts Head Public School values the relationship we build with parents. Learning is a partnership between home and school - parents, teachers and children. There are two opportunities for interviews throughout the year. One at the beginning of the year and one at the midway point of the year. We value collaboration with our parents and the teachers are looking forward to chatting with you all, about your child during parent-teacher conversations during this week.

School Plan

2021 is the beginning of a new 4-year school plan that builds on our commitment to the pursuit of excellence through quality teaching and learning in an environment where positive relationships underpin the culture of the school.

School Vision Statement

All at Scotts Head Public school continually develop learner habits, learning strategies and assessment capability that result in at least a years’ worth of growth in all key learning areas. They collaborate and encourage their peers using effective feedback to reflect, adopting the belief to continually improve as lifelong learners.

Our three strategic directions embrace innovative practices that inspire students to become active, confident participants in a rapidly changing world.

Student Wellbeing

A planned approach to student wellbeing processes supports the wellbeing of all students so that they can connect, succeed, thrive and learn. Our purpose is to create a school-wide, collective responsibility for student learning, which is shared by parents and students. We aim to promote the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, to ensure optimum conditions for student learning across the whole school.

Student growth and attainment in Literacy and Numeracy

Excellent teachers have the capacity to transform the lives of students and to inspire and nurture their development as learners. Our purpose is to implement effective, evidenced-based teaching methods that optimise learning progress for all students. Teaching and assessment is responsive and personalised to meet the unique needs of each students. Through a collaborative and reflective approach to planning, teaching and assessment, we create a strong, visible culture in the school that promotes and supports improvement in teaching and learning, with a focus on reading and numeracy.

Enhanced Learner Capabilities through Systems and Practices

Successful learners are creative and productive users of technology who think deeply and logically to solve problems. Teachers facilitate meaningful student-led inquiry that promotes discussion and develops critical and creative thinking. Learners have the belief, skills and learner qualities to be life-long learners.

COVID Intensive

2020 was a difficult year and our students and teachers rose to the challenges and disruption to regular classroom learning, including both school and remote learning.

In recognition of this disruption our Government and DoE has invested a $337 million program for additional support for students who would benefit most. This will be tailored to their requirements to ensure that students’ educational outcomes continue to improve in 2021.

We have been able to employ Brendan Gillis a highly experienced teacher who will implement small group tuition programs in our school, with a focus on reading.

This funding also helps support our ongoing QuickSmart program with our highly experienced Annie Arnaudon, who provides numeracy support. Thanks to the parents who came along to our information session last Thursday. Find attached a link to a short video to explain how the program works.

Thanks, yaarri yaraang, terima kasih.

Bu Gillian

Gillian Stuart - Principal

Our School Values

School News

This Week's Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 Swimming Champions

Junior Boys (8-10yrs): 1st Reed, Runner-up Kadek

Junior Girls (8-10yrs): 1st Frieda, Runner-up Emi 

11 yrs Boys: Equal 1st Luka & Rocky

11yrs Girls: 1st Lior, Runner-up Freya

Senior Boys: 1st Cohen, Runner-up Gem

Senior Girls: 1st Mirranya, Runner-up Matilda

Classroom Spotlight on Learning - Year 1-2

1-2 are looking at materials in science, this week groups had to design and construct houses for the three little pigs, from straw, from sticks, and from bricks.

Mrs B was the big bad wolf and from the South tried to blow each house down with a high wind. Each group successfully completed the challenge and all houses remained standing.

Outstanding leadership and peer support was shown this week by the year six students when they came into 1-2 as mentors, supporting 1-2 students using the Essential Assessment maths program on the Ipads.

1-2 Gardeners are each planting, growing and monitoring a seedling pot each and when ready will plant out the school vegetable garden.

1-2 are developing team game skills in streets and alleys.

A big thanks to Hugo for bringing in his beautiful pet bird Rainbow.

Check-in Assessments and NAPLAN


The Check-in Assessment includes two online assessments for students:

  • Reading Assessment
  • Numeracy Assessment

 Each assessment is designed to be quick and easy to administer, consisting of approximately 40 multiple choice questions.

The Check-in assessment supplements existing school practices to identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and to help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs.

This will occur for students in Years 4 and 6 on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 April, Week 2, Term 2, 2021.


NAPLAN is a point-in-time assessment that allows parents to see how their child is progressing in literacy and numeracy against the national standard and compared with their peers throughout Australia. At the classroom level, NAPLAN provides additional information to support teachers’ professional judgement about student progress.

Federal, state and territory education ministers agreed to gradually transition NAPLAN online by 2022. NAPLAN Online is a tailored test that adapts to student responses, providing better assessment and more precise results.

NAPLAN is only for year 3 and 5. This year it will be held over four days in Term 2, Week 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 9-11am.

All tests will be online, except for Year 3 writing which will be on paper. Year 3 and 5 students will have access to online practice tests and more information will be sent home soon. If you have any questions please contact your classroom teacher.

This year Adam Rumsey and Lyndsey Caldecott will be administering the NAPLAN and Check-In assessments for all students from Years 3-6.


QuickSmart promotes a healthy understanding of basic maths foundations and problem-solving skills. It not only speeds up the child knowing the answers automatically, but also frees up brain space, which results in the child being able to concentrate on other subjects without feeling overwhelmed or too tired.

Students are selected by their NAPLAN, class tests and general class results. They are given an assessment with QuickSmart and from this we can determined whether the child could benefit from learning the QuickSmart method.

If you would like to know more about QuickSmart please contact Annie Arnaudon, QuickSmart Co-ordinator.

COVID-19 and School Attendance

Students should be at school unless:
  • they have a medical certificate which states that they are unable to return to school due to an ongoing medical condition and the expected timeframe
  • they are currently unwell.

In accordance with advice from NSW Health, parents and carers are reminded NOT to send children to school if they are unwell, even if they have the mildest flu-like symptoms.

NSW Health has requested that schools encourage anyone who is unwell or has even mild flu-like symptoms, to arrange to be tested through their local medical practitioner or one of the COVID-19 clinics.

Students with flu-like symptoms will need to be tested and provide a copy of a negative COVID-19 test result and be symptom-free before being permitted to return to school. Please screenshot the text message you receive and email the school:

COVID-19 Safe Check-in

From Term 1 2021, all NSW public schools use the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in.

Look for the COVID Safe QR code posters when you enter your child’s school. Be sure to sign in at the school administration building according to your school’s visitor guidelines.

Parents and carers who are only dropping off and picking up students do not need to check in using the Service NSW QR code, as long as you don't enter the school gate.

Our Cheeky Chooks Club

Welcome to our new Additions to SHPS, 6 month old laying hens!

Our Cheeky Chooks Chicken Club are now the proud owners of 4 Light Sussex Hens and 2 Australorp Hens.

We are hoping they will start to lay eggs in a couple of weeks. 

The Cheeky Chooks settled the new chickens into their new home with fresh hay for their laying boxes. All our food scraps, particularly fruit and veg scraps will go to the chooks everyday supplementing their diet with fresh fruit and veg, a very important part of their diet as well as grain/laying mash and pellets for protein.

All students have the opportunity to contribute ideas for naming the hens! Some very interesting contributions so far including Parmi, Chicken Nuggets and Patricia!

The Cheeky Chook Club will make a decision this week about the names will be.

Indonesian Singing with Pak Mur

Students in each class have started learning a new Indonesian song with Pak Mur. This really helps to develop fluency and pronunciation in an authentic way. They also learn a wide range of words and phrases that stick in their memory much quicker and longer with the help of the music! Students gradually build up their understanding of the song over several weeks with actions, discussions and activities to support their comprehension. And once mastered, they will hopefully enjoy performing the song with their class at special events or live recordings.

For families that love a bit of karaoke at home, have a look at these clips on YouTube:

Grade 1/2 song: Abang Tukang Bakso (about yummy Indo street food)

Grade 3/4 and 4/5 song: Ingatlah Hari Ini (about the value of friendship)

Parent Information

Scotts Head Public School P & C News

  • Student Injury Insurance for 2021 and P & C Membership forms have been sent home. Please check students bags.
  • We are looking for a volunteer who is able to assist in collating and delivering lunch orders once a fortnight. The orders need to be collated on a Wednesday, and then delivered on the Friday, so two mornings once a fortnight. If you think you can assist, please contact the school.
  • We will be having our Easter Raffle this year. Could you please bring in donations so that we can have some awesome prizes. Donations could include: easter eggs, craft items, etc.  Raffle tickets will go home soon. 

Bread Tags For Wheelchairs

Collect your bread tags at home and bring them in to school! We are collecting bread tags to send off to the Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs group. We have a jar at the office to collect the bread tags and Scotts Hub are also collecting them. We'll send them off once we get a bag full.

The bread tags are recycled in Robe, South Australia, by Transmutation, run by Brad and Narelle Scott. Transmutation run a craft plastic recycling operation and retail shop, selling their own products, as well as other products supplied by Australian artisans that share their vision to recycle, reuse and reduce landfill.

Transmutation take monthly shipments of bread tags from us, recycling the tags to make bowls, boards, coasters and door knobs. These products can be purchased online, from their shop in Robe, or from their distributors around Australia. White boards and bowls are available at some Country Road outlets.


2,910 kg of Aussie bread tags recycled to date


200kg of bread tags / month

For more information, go to their website:

Community News

Our Murals

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