Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 1 week 8 - Wednesday 17 March 2021

From the Principal

Wellbeing and Engagement Survey

Last week information was sent home to all families regarding the year 4-7 Wellbeing and Engagement Survey which students will undertake between weeks 8 and 10 of this term. The survey will ask students to respond to a range of questions around their engagement with school and areas relating to social, emotional and physical health. Schools, classrooms and students are not compared and we will receive a report based on student findings, but students are not identified. The information gathered from this survey gives the school valuable information which can be used to plan and implement wellbeing strategies for our students.


Our year 3, 5 and 7 students will be completing a practice test next Thursday in readiness for the actual NAPLAN assessments that will be held in Term 2. For parents/caregivers of these students please be aware of the following information regarding the arrangements for NAPLAN next term:


All students in Years 3, 5, and 7 are expected to participate in NAPLAN. The NAPLAN assessment dates are Tuesday May 11 — Friday May 21. NAPLAN tests give information on how your child is progressing against national standards in the areas of Numeracy, Reading, Writing, Spelling and Language Conventions. NAPLAN does not replace, but rather complements, other whole school and class based assessments that occur throughout the year. Whilst we encourage all students to participate in NAPLAN there are options for families who do not want their child to participate. This can be done through seeking either an exemption or withdrawal.


Exemptions may be granted for students with a language background other than English or for students with a disability. In these situations, a student's parent/carer must give their permission to the school for their child to be exempted prior to the testing period.


Students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer if there are religious beliefs or philosophical objections to testing. This is a matter for consideration by individual parents/carers in consultation with the school.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s participation in NAPLAN please speak to their class teacher. We require confirmation from families by the end of term 1 if you do not intend to have your child participate in NAPLAN. Further information regarding NAPLAN can be found following at https://www.nap.edu.au/ or referring to the information page that was included in our previous newsletter.

Sports Day

Our Sports Day will be held on Thursday April 1 and we are looking forward to it being a positive and enjoyable community event. Students have been practising hard and will commence rehearsing their team chant in the coming weeks. Information has been provided below regarding plans for the day. A program of the day will be provided early next week.

·        The day will commence at 9am and conclude at 2.00pm (Governing Council have approved an early dismissal for the Easter break).

·        Due to COVID-19 guidelines a boundary rope will surround the oval area where students will be participating in their events (this will be shown on a map in the Sports Day booklet). Visitors will be expected to stay behind the rope. Efforts will be made so that parents/carers will be able to view their child/ren’s events however we need to ensure physical distancing requirements are being met (adults are expected to maintain 1.5 metres between themselves and other adults as well as children other than their own). Our Sports Day does not require the presence of COVID marshals so we request all spectators to support the success of the event by being mindful of this expectation.

·        Please note there will be some events in the gym therefore only students and staff will be allowed in this area.

We will be interested to see how the roped off areas go as this may be a practice that is maintained in future years (some safety concerns have been raised in the past about young children and visitors encroaching upon events creating the risk of an accident/injury occurring).

·        All visitors will be required to use the QR sign in as they enter the school grounds.

·        Students are to go to their class after the first morning bell so that the roll can be taken.

·        The day will commence at 9am on the sprint track where students will meet in their teams prior to starting their first event.

·        In the case of extreme heat or inclement weather, our Sports Day will be cancelled and a modified event will re-scheduled on an alternative date. Families will be notified via SMS and Skoolbag if the event is cancelled.

·        Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, recess and lunch if needed. A coffee van will be on site for all visitors.

School Teacher Interview Bookings

Please find attached how to book School Teacher Interviews.

The system will close at 9am Friday 19 March.


Literacy Update Vicky Jones - Assistant Principal

Everyone across the school has been busy writing stories as part of our Brightpath writing moderation. Teachers were released in their year level teams to moderate and grade each piece of writing together. This information can be used to identify writing goals for students so that they know how to make improvements in their writing.

In some of our primary classes, the Brightpath ruler and levelled writing examples are shared with students to enable them to moderate their own writing. Other classes are using ‘Bump it up walls’ to share examples of writing and to enable students to visually track their learning progress.

During term 4 last year, teaching staff formed a School Improvement Team to focus on key literacy actions for our school. As a part this we researched tools to track reading progress and ways to inspire our older readers. This term we have started to set up the Renaissance Star Reading and Accelerated Reader tools for students in years 3-5. We have also purchased MyON Reader for use across the whole school. MyON Reader is a student-centred, personalised literacy platform that offers unlimited access to a broad collection of enhanced digital texts that are available for online or offline reading. We will be launching this in term 2 and further details about accessing the digital library at home will follow shortly.

Our Literacy intervention programs have started well this term. We are continuing to use MiniLit to support our junior primary students and have now implemented MacqLit across the middle and upper primary years. Extra reading comprehension support is being provided in years 3, 5 and 7 for identified students.

This week, our junior primary staff will be accessing further InitiaLit training, with a focus on stretching the Literacy skills of our children.

We have lots of exciting things happening this year in literacy and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Help requests

  • The junior primary outdoor play area requires a sandpit cover. We have some left over shade cloth from an external shelter that is suitable to use but require some assistance in getting it into the correct size/shape. If you are able to help please contact the front office.

  • Thank you to all families for showing consideration when walking a pet to school. Pets should not come onto the school grounds as there is a potential risk to student safety. Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.
  • Early arrival at school: a reminder that children are not to be on the school grounds prior to 8.30am. This includes entering the gym unless they are participating in the school basketball team's training.

Anne and Megan's year 1 class


Recently there has been a huge community interest in AUSLAN (Australian sign language).

Media broadcasts have necessitated that information regarding COVID 19 reaches all community groups and therefore signing has become an integral part of news broadcasts/ media announcements etc.

Until this point, signing for the deaf community was often a token and happening infrequently.

It is really appropriate that we acknowledge deaf people and engage with them in every aspect of life, particularly through hearing people participating and communicating in the wonderful, language of sign.

AUSLAN /Australian sign language is different from both ASL (American sign language) and BSL (British sign language) ASL has a one- handed alphabet whereas AUSLAN uses 2 hands.

We have included the AUSLAN alphabet with this newsletter for families to have a go and participate in spelling activities with their children.

Anne and Megan have been teaching their class categories of signs and will continue the lessons throughout the year.

To date, children have been learning to fingerspell and count from 0-100. We have also focused on feeling signs, Australian animal signs and days of the week.

Further lessons have included greetings, family, school, colours, food, and clothing. This is a start!

Each week our students will take home a copy of new signs to practise with their family.

Aim high. Maybe one day your child will interpret the news!

If you are unsure of a sign you can check it with AUSLAN sign bank. Note there is both a Southern and Northern dialect. If unsure you can ask Megan (who does not claim to be an expert).

ART in Anne and Megan's year 1 class

In Art we made self portraits. We watched a Youtube video and then did our own.

Who cleaned up the Riverbank?

Who cleaned up the Riverbank?

We went down to the Riverbank and cleaned up all the rubbish that we could find. We picked up rubbish along the way and on the way back to school.

 For Clean Up Australia Day some classes went outside of the school, others went down the other side of the river and many classes stayed inside of the school. Our class walked through Halsey Road and found some rubbish there. Then we walked to a no through road and up the stairs that lead to the Riverbank. We picked up so much rubbish near the river.


We also saw a lot of smashed glass bottes and cigarettes. When we got to the bridge we turned around to go back to school. We walked around the intersection and went through the bushes. It was amazing how much rubbish we found but especially how many cigarettes. After that we took a photo with all the rubbish we collected. The year 3 and 4 classes sorted the rubbish with the help of some year 7s so we could put it in the correct bins.

 We are helping to keep Australia tidy! So who cleaned up the river bank? It was the amazing year 7 classes and the awesome well behaved year 3 and 4 buddy classes.

By Imana and Millie

Harmony Day

In our year 6 class, we have been discussing Harmony Day which is celebrated in Australia every March.  For us, achieving harmony is bigger than one day every year.  So, at Henley Beach PS we are celebrating Harmony Week from the 22-26 March (Week 9).  We wanted to make this week fun but also a learning time for all students and staff.  Here’s what’s happening:

 During Week 9, the year 7 students will be giving lessons to all other classes in the school on the importance of building a harmonious community and what we each need to do to make harmony a reality at HBPS.

On Wednesday, 24 March, Zoe, Sarah, Harry and Siena from Mr Peters’ class have organised a PYJAMA DAY.  We hope that all students and staff will come to school in their pyjamas and enjoy the fun this will bring.  Please check the weather forecast to make an appropriate choice of sleepwear.

We will talk about Harmony Day at the assembly on Thursday of Week 9.  There is a rumour that the Year 7s will also have a short harmony skit.  We hope that their preparation does not cause disharmony for them.

Sarah S and Harry K

School Sport


Congratulations to the following students for being selected in their respective SAPSASA sports.


Abby H and Cate R have been selected in the Airport District SAPSASA Swimming team. Abby and Cate will compete in the events that they have qualified for on March 25 against other districts.


Maya B, Sarah S, Stephanie K, Isaak L and Tate W have been selected in the Airport District SAPSASA Softball team. Their team will play other districts in a carnival scheduled for week 10 at Barrett Reserve.

School Soccer

Soccer will commence next term and the school is looking to nominate 6 teams comprised of almost 50 players. At this stage the team arrangements will be: Under 9, Under 8 (2 teams), Under 7 and Under 6 (2 teams).

Thank you to the parents and carers who have offered to help out in either a coaching, team manager or COVID marshal role. Thanks also to Stuart Flint who has done a great job in coordinating the school’s involvement in this competition. The competition is organised by the North West Junior Soccer Association (NWJSA), who are in desperate need of referees (the only roles that get paid).  If you know someone aged 12 or over who’d like to spend their Saturday mornings filling this vital role please contact Stuart or the school.

Athletics Reminder

Students interested in trialing for either Discus, Shot Put or High Jump, due to their specific technique requirement, will only be invited to trial if they are a current member of Little Athletics. These students will need to submit their PB (a screenshot of Results HQ from the 2020/21 athletics season, with their name) for any of the 3 events they are interested in. Please email this to Renee.Hanna315@schools.sa.edu.au by the 29 March 2021.

Performing Arts

Our school choir had an amazing experience last Thursday when we hosted a Combined Choir rehearsal with Robyn, one of the Directors of Festival of Music. Woodville Primary School's choir attended this session with us. An aim of the session was to establish a 'relationship' with Festival of Music which will continue to develop with future visits, rehearsals and performances, solo pre-audition workshops, solo auditions and masterclasses. Combined choir rehearsal also provides students with the experience of singing and being a member of a 'mass' choir. Making a connection with a local school in our area will support opportunities for future collaboration and promote a consistent approach to teaching this year’s repertoire of songs. A huge thank you to our year 7 choir leaders for leading the warm-up activities and a thank you to all our choir students, they demonstrated our school values by treating our guests with respect and care.  

Henley High Principal Talk – Wednesday 31 March at 6pm in the Gym

Eddie Fabijan, principal of Henley High School, has kindly agreed to come to Henley Beach Primary School and talk to the parents of our year 5,6 and 7 students on Wednesday 31 March at 6pm in the gym. He will talk about his plans for our students transitioning to high school as well as other aspects of Henley High that will be of interest to parents. Eddie is happy to take questions on the night but if you know of a question now, please send it to 
dl.0177.info@schools.sa.edu.au and we will pass it on.

School Pupil/Closure days 2021





Term 1 Dates

Assemblies odd weeks at 2.15pm

PJ Harmony Day - Wednesday 24 March

Harmony Day - Thursday 25 March

Parent-teacher interviews:  22 March – 26March (Week 9).

Sports Day and Early Dismissal (Easter Long Weekend)  Thursday 1 April at 2.00pm  (Week 10) 

Early Dismissal (School Holidays) - 9 April at 2.00pm

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

The OSHC Room is in the process of receiving a makeover. Last week saw the delivery of our new furniture which has added vibrancy and colour to the room. We now have manoeuvrable flip tables, creating dynamic work spaces and the ability to maximise space.


Art Bingo and our OSHC Quiz have been our hit activities in the past two weeks. Students are able two work together to achieve a common goal. What has been the most pleasing thing to see is how well and harmoniously students are able to work together across different year levels. We truly have a great group of students that attend OSHC, enabling the staff to design rich and exciting activities.  


A reminder that OSHC is still taking enrolments and welcomes new students at any stage of the year. We also welcome back any past service users that have not used OSHC in a while. If you are looking for more information about OSHC, please get in contact. We look forward to continuing this journey to make OSHC a successful service within the community.

CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Tomorrow is the last day for Cold Roll orders.  

Sports Day 

Canteen will have a special menu for sports day available on QKR from next week. I strongly urge you to order on Qkr because there won't be extra lunches available.  There will be over the counter snack items available at recess and lunch. 

Orders close 9am Friday 26 March, Qkr preferred.


Hot dog - plain - $4.00      Hot dog - sauce - $4.20     Egg, bacon, cheese roll - $4.00   Egg, cheese roll (v) - $3.50     Cold roll, chicken (2) - $5.00

Recess only : Sports Day donuts in all the team colours - $3.50 strictly order only.

Other School News

Henley High School Tours

Given Henley High School’s school tours have all reached capacity, they have decided to hold 2 more this term.

Tuesday March 23rd, 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Monday March 29th, 9.00am – 10.30pm

 To book in for a tour families can visit: https://henleyhighschool.wufoo.com/forms/zqkt44312j71ka/

 For more information refer to their website at www.henleyhs.sa.edu.au.