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2020 Volume 4 Issue 6

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Enrolling NOW for Kindergarten 2021

Visit our website for more information:


Check here to see if you are in our catchment area:


Our new online enrolment process makes it easier and faster to enrol your child at your local school. To apply online, you must:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • live in the local enrolment area of this school

Apply online here

If you are not eligible to use the online form, or prefer not to, you can download an application to enrol.

Are you leaving us?

Will your child/ren be leaving us at the end of the school year (apart from current Year 6 students)?

If so, please contact the school via balmainps@gmail.com or balmain-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au with Att: Leaving School end 2020, child/'s full name and class. Please also include the name of the new school for administration purposes.

This information will assist us with planning for next year's classes. 

Thank you.

From the Principal

Farewell for now...

For those of you beyond the 3/4 Magnolia classroom, Miss Katie Martin is having a baby and is almost ready to pop!!

Friday saw Miss Martin's last day at school for now...although we will all miss her, Katie needs to concentrate on resting and preparing for the safe arrival of bubz!

On behalf of the Balmain community, I'd like to wish Katie and Kyle all the very best...they will be amazing parents!

Maria Lambos - Principal

Bye for now!

From Miss Martin...

Bye for now.  I would like to express my gratitude to the amazing staff, students and families for making each day at Balmain Public School joyful, fun and a memorable experience.

3/4 Magnolia was such a beautiful class to teach and the growth in their learning reassures that I am in the best profession! Miss Holt will be continue teaching 3/4M in my absence and will do an exceptional job.

I am excited to start my new chapter as a Mum and will return in the foreseeable future. Miss Martin 

Welcome to Ms Holt...


My name is Ysanne (pronounced E-sarne) Holt and I’m originally from Queensland. I have been a teacher since 2011 and I really love education. I have a passion for learning and I consider myself fun, firm and fair.

I love travelling and In 2013 I accepted a position teaching kindergarten in the International Baccalaureate program in Bangkok, Thailand.

My personal interests include yoga, health and wellness. I’m also a nutritionist!

I’m really excited and happy to be taking Miss Martin’s Year 3/4 class. I look forward to meeting parents and will do my best to ensure your child continues to achieve learning experiences in a safe and supported environment.

NAIDOC Week activities at Balmain PS...watch this short video on Insta!

Catch up on NAIDOC and the latest pics from our playground upgrade...

Visit our Insta page...

Thank you, Mrs Bowman!

Thanks so much, Mrs Bowman! You have done an amazing job with our Virtual Art Show...visit our Insta page for a sneak peek of the last 3 exhibits...we can't believe it's over!

What's been happening? External Validation...

External Validation at BPS...

Excellence in NSW public schools is supported by the external validation process. Once during a School Excellence cycle, schools undergo an external validation of the evidence of their school annual self-assessment which, in turn, will support the development of the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) for 2021-2024.

External validation provides an opportunity for schools to discuss their judgements about the school’s practice, and the evidence that underpins them, with a panel of peers.

An external validation process provides an assurance to the school and to the system that the progress being made aligns with the expectations articulated in the School Excellence Framework.

Balmain Public School's executive team virtually met with the panel for 2.5 hours and completed the External Validation process on Thursday 12 November. Although we couldn't meet in person, where we would normally take the panel on a short school tour, a video was prepared (at the top of this issue and on the home page of our website), and shown, after Nia S 5/6C and Alesha S-D 5/4M did an Acknowledgement of Country.

Each of the 14 elements, within the 3 domains of Learning, Teaching and Leading, of the School Excellence Framework was discussed; our on-balance judgements against each of these was successfully validated.

Our judgements against the elements of Student Performance Measures, Data Skills and Use, as well as Educational Leadership were uplifted, as the panel decided that our evidence was actually stronger than the judgements we had originally made in our self-assessment.

Balmain Public School will be due for its next External Validation in 2024.


PLEASE ENSURE YOU PAY FOR THE YEARBOOK VIA FLEXISCHOOLS ONLY. Instructions above?...please do not pay via the school payment system.

From the Office

  • If you are coming to the school for collections or information, please use the office window on Eaton Street where we have our friendly Duck, named “Bill”, hanging out the window. Bill can alert us to your presence and help us to help you with your requests.

  • If your family details, circumstances have changed, ie:  address, mobile numbers, separations, court orders etc, could you kindly email the school so records can be updated. This will ensure correct people are contacted and all relevant information is passed on correctly.

  • Please remember that if you are collecting your child early for an appointment or dropping them off, please ensure you allow extra time for that student to be located and brought down to the office.

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact the office, or Mrs Lambos, to arrange alternate options.



Go to www.flexischools.com.au to place your order

For any food/menu queries please feel free to contact us directly via email :


Alternatively, you can call Kirsty on 0416 786 603 and we will be happy to assist.

Kirsty and Jason Feliciotto – The School Canteen

Weekly: Wk 1-Wk 8 - Gymnastics program

K-2 - Fridays - 1/2C finish at 3:00pm

3-6 - Thursdays - 3/4B finish at 3:00pm

Friday 11 Dec - Year 6 Day Out


Monday 14 December - Giving Assembly

Tuesday 15 Dec - Year 6 Graduation


Tuesday 15 Dec - Celebration of Learning


Wednesday 16 Dec - LAST DAY OF TERM/YEAR

2021 DATES

Friday 29 January 2021 - Students in Years 1-6 return

ALL students in Years 1-6 return today.

2021 Kindergarten students - 'Best Start' Assessment sessions commence today, run over 3 days. Bookings required...information to follow.

Wednesday 3 February 2021 - Kindergarten starts today!


Balmain P&C Welcomes 2021 Families...

Our P&C have created a Facebook group for our new families...here's the link:


School Uniforms

Order uniform items here

For any size exchanges, please:

1. Email the uniform stall with the details of the exchange, at: balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com

2. Return the items to be exchanged to the school office, clearly marked with Student name, Class and EXCHANGE

3. Replacement items will be packed and re-delivered to your child's classroom

Orders will continue to be packed and delivered for collection each week, until we are able to reopen the stall.

Thank you!



K GumnutArianne Tdoing a great job of sharing your memory of visiting Taronga Zoo!
K JasmineSkye Cher enthusiasm and confidence sharing her ' Special family memory" with the class
K KaleJasper Ghis excitement and wonderful effort when sharing his special family memory with K Kale
1/2 Banana PalmAnindo Phis mature attitude when completing assessments
1/2 CactaceaeJoshua McGhis excellent sportsmanship and agility
1/2 LavenderKeira Rher improved and determined focus to problem solve with peers
1/2 MangroveLuca Shis wonderful, increased effort and participation in Literacy Groups
3/4 BambooFarran Walways willing to support his peers in their learning
3/4 MagnoliaOscar L-Rhis exceptional bookwork and effort that he puts in to the presentation of his work! Keep it up!
3/4 RainforestMaximilian N-Whis kind leadership in the playground
5/4 MarigoldTristan Yalways showing an exceptional example of 'The Balmain Way"!
5/6 Cherry BlossomJonah Phis improved attitude to his learning
5/6 FrangipaniTalon Ban incredibly engaging and well-prepared oral presentation
5/6 WillowIzac Mhis effort and focus on our History Investigation task
5/6 YautiaKai Hmaking significant progress on his History 'migrant group' research poster
LIBRARY K-2 - Ms WhelanCassius S 1/2Mwriting books for the library

LIBRARY 3-6 - Ms Whelan

Demi G 3/4Bher enjoyment of stories
STEAM K-2 - Ms BarcenillaSophie W 1/2Bdemonstrating scientific thinking during class discussions
STEAM 3-6 - Ms BarcenillaWill B 5/4Mhis consistent and positive approach towards his learning!
ART K-2 - Mrs BowmanAnindo P 1/2Bdetailed ink work and thoughtful self reflection
ART 3-6 - Mrs BowmanAnthony L 5/6Wexceptional effort and creativity during art
MUSIC 3-6 - Ms BigginsFarran W 3/4Bhis efforts and subsequent great results in music
MUSIC 3-6 - Ms BigginsAlex L 5/6Calways participating in music with focus, enthusiasm and great musicality

YOU CAN DO IT! awards - Persistence

K GumnutNiven Walways persisting with every class task!
K JasmineJames Lworking with persistence to sequence and write "The man with the messy hair"
K KaleChloe Calways giving tasks a go, even when they are very challenging. Well done!
1/2 Banana PalmSebastian Chis persistence when using technology to complete assessments
1/2 CactaceaeIvy Wher great reading success!
1/2 LavenderZac Khis persistent effort to complete his written narrative. Great work!
1/2 MangroveAnna Spersisting when using the split strategy to solve problems in Maths Groups!
3/4 BambooToby Mdisplaying persistence with his pebble, rock, and boulder in his creative writing
3/4 MagnoliaBen Sbeing persistent with his writing! Keep it up!
3/4 RainforestElizaveta Sher persistence in achieving her learning goals!
5/4 MarigoldIan Ydemonstrating persistence across all Key Learning Areas!
5/6 Cherry BlossomLachlan Rhis persistence to overcome challenges in class
5/6 FrangipaniLauren Hher grit and determination to improve in all aspects of her school life
5/6 WillowMatej Preturning to school with a persistent and positive approach to his catch-up list
5/6 YautiaHenry Whis persistence and focus during gymnastics lessons


Thanks to Ms Karstrom, who organises the collection and distribution of the Gelatissimo ice-creams, as well as takes the fab photos!

PHOTO GALLERY: This Week's Positive Pete Winners

And the winner is...(drumroll please!)

Spotlight on...

3/4 MAGNOLIA!!!!!!

Black Cockatoo

This is my prediction of ‘Black Cockatoo’ by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler - Rohan C

What is a black cockatoo? Well a Black Cockatoo is a sacred bird to many indigenous tribes. There are different types of Black Cockatoos like there are different type of cultures and languages.

Black Cockatoos are not seen that often but white cockatoos are seen very often. Black Cockatoos resemble Indigenous people.

The theme “Always was, Always will be” means even if the Aboriginals have died, their culture and their stories will still be alive. The Black Cockatoo relates to this theme because they are sacred just like the Indigenous people.  This theme is for Naidoc Week which is from 8th-15th November.

The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

In English this Term, 3/4M have been reading and discussing various myths and legends. We discussed and illustrated the Piped Piper of Hamelin and how it is a legend that has not proved to be true. 

In 3/4M we discussed how characters such as the Piped Piper are represented in such a way to have motives for actions and how the narrative can be interpreted in various ways.

Here are some of our writing displayed in the classroom.

NAIDOC Week Celebrations - Kangaroo Tasting

Scott, Mr. Pete and Buddy came to our school and talked about Aboriginal people and traditions. We were dancing, and looking at tools they used. They showed us a food holder, a boomerang, tapping sticks and lots more! Later they served us some Kangaroo that Mr. Pete had ‘hunted’ at Woolworths. They cooked it and it tasted AMAZING!

 By Felisha K

Maths meets art

Maths meets art

In Mathematics 3/4M have been identifying shapes that are regular and irregular and their attributes. We looked at Picasso artwork and created our own Picasso inspired artwork incorporating two dimensional shapes that include various quadrilaterals, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, diagonal lines. 





The Balmain PS Instrumental Program is a vibrant and fun program, where every student has an opportunity to learn an instrument in a supportive and collaborative setting. Our experienced music teachers from Directions In Music specialise in teaching primary school instrumental music programs, and we are excited to be welcoming our newest young musicians to join our program in 2021!

Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful skill for young people to have, and provides many rewarding benefits to a child’s development. Most importantly, playing music with our friends is fun!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the 2021 Balmain PS Music Program, please use the QR code or link below to register online.


Alternatively, please call the Directions in Music team to enrol on 9662 2211.

No Scaredy Cats online interactive child development webinar for parents

No Scaredy Cats online interactive child development webinar for parents. 

Parentshop is hosting an interactive webinar for parents to help them identify and reduce anxiety and build resilience over three consecutive Monday evenings. 

16th, 23rd & 30th November 2020 - 7.00pm - 9.00pm AEDT


Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus Selection and Enrichment classes

Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus Selection and Enrichment classes

Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus would normally hold an information evening for perspective families interested in our gifted and talented learning opportunities at the end of October.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to hold this evening.  Please click on the following link to see a presentation of information about learning opportunities for the Selective and Enrichment programs for enrolment in 2022:


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