Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 1 week 10 - Wednesday 31 March 2021

From the Principal

Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to attend our recent parent-teacher interviews; we had an extremely positive level of participation across the school and this is a great reflection of family engagement with your child’s learning. All staff are committed to working in partnership with you and I encourage you to contact your child’s class teacher throughout the year if the need arises.

Recently I attended the annual Department For Education's school and pre-school leaders conference. Education Minister John Gardner and Chief Executive Rick Persse addressed the group and both spoke about the Department’s key aspirations for public education. These aspirations focused on all students becoming confident and creative individuals who become active contributors to society and are able to find a pathway for a successful life. Both speakers commented on the growth that has been achieved within the state’s public education system in relation to various measures (PAT assessments, Phonics Screening, Wellbeing and Engagement) along with higher rates of SACE completion in secondary schools. The efforts of all educators in navigating through the challenges presented by COVID-19 in 2020 was also acknowledged.

As this is our final newsletter for the term I would like to thank all students and staff for their efforts throughout the term. Staff have worked very hard to set the foundations for a productive year; ensuring classrooms are focused on learning and that expectations have been set that reflect our school values. Well done to our students also, it is always enjoyable to visit classrooms and observe them engaging in their learning and to talk about their class work. I would also like to thank the support provided by families which is evident in many ways and we look forward to your ongoing help throughout the remainder of the year.

Sports Day

Tomorrow is our Sports Day which will be an exciting day for everyone! Please take the time to read the reminders below.

·        The day will commence at 9am and conclude at 2.00pm (Governing Council have approved an early dismissal for the Easter break).

·        Due to COVID-19 guidelines a boundary rope will surround the oval area where students will be participating in events (this is shown in the Sports Day booklet). Visitors will be expected to stay behind the rope. Efforts will be made so that parents/carers will be able to view their child/ren’s events however we need to ensure physical distancing requirements are being met (adults are expected to maintain 1.5 metres between themselves and other adults and children other than their own). Our Sports Day does not require the presence of COVID marshals so we request all spectators to support the success of the event by being mindful of this expectation.

·        Please note there will be some events in the gym therefore only students and staff will be allowed in this area. We will be interested to see how the roped off areas go as this may be a practice that is maintained in future years (some safety concerns have been raised in the past about young children and visitors encroaching upon events creating the risk of an accident/injury occurring).

·        Visitors are required to use the QR sign in as they enter the school grounds and physical distance.

·        Students are to go to their class after the first morning bell so that the roll can be taken.

·        The day will commence at 9am on the sprints track where students will meet in their teams prior to starting their first event.

·        The canteen will be available for children only on the day. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, recess and lunch if needed. A coffee van will be on site for all visitors. 

Mobile Phone and Personal Device Policy

The Department for Education has recently confirmed its policy regarding student use of mobile phones and personal devices. Under the department’s policy, primary aged students are not permitted to access their mobile phones and personal devices during the school day (unless they have an approved exemption as outlined in the policy). Along with this expectation, we have been required to develop a school policy to further describe the management of this area. A copy of the policy has been provided in this week’s newsletter and is also available on the school’s website. We thank parents and carers in advance for your support with the expectations outlined in the policy. If you have any queries or require any clarification, please contact the school.

School Zone Safety Pilot Project

Our school has been contacted by the Charles Sturt Council to participate in a School Zone Safety Pilot Project, which is a collaboration between the Council, the University of Adelaide and SAGE Automation.

Within school zones, South Australia has the rule of a lowered speed limit of 25km/h 'when children present', requiring drivers to slow at any time of the day when children may be in the streets adjacent to school, including irregular events such as early dismissal and after-hours extra-curricular activities.

The School Zone Safety Pilot Project will assist motorists to identify whether children are present within our school zone through the application of ‘smart technology’.  The technology aims to assist drivers to identify when pedestrians are within the school zone and raise driver self-awareness about the speed they travel in the zone through the following process:

·        Heat sensing bollards detect the presence of pedestrians within the school zone;

·        Radars detect the approaching speed of motorists;

·        An illuminated sign panel directs drivers to “CHECK SPEED” should the system detect a pedestrian within the zone and should a driver approach the school zone at a speed exceeding 25km/h.

The school zone in Military Road (adjacent our school near the OSHC and Performing Arts building) has been identified as the location for this technology. Governing Council have endorsed this project and it is expected that the infrastructure will be installed during the April school holidays.

COVID-19 Update: QR Codes

The Department for Education has indicated that it is no longer necessary for parents and carers to check-in at the school gate to enter school grounds, however, it is a requirement when entering classrooms or buildings within the school (we are also required to use the QR sign in for events such as Sports Day). For people without smart phones, this can be done via a hand written record that will be available in the Front Office. 

Please be aware that all visitors must continue to sign in at the Front Office as a part of our normal processes.


As mentioned in our previous newsletter our year 3, 5 and 7 students will be participating in NAPLAN assessments in Term 2 (the testing window is from Tuesday May 11 – Friday May 21). Whilst we encourage all students to participate in NAPLAN there are options for families who do not want their child to participate. This can be done through seeking either an exemption or withdrawal. Please speak to your child’s teacher before the end of term if this is something that you want to discuss further.

 Yard Matters

 Metcalfe Lawn

In the mornings, prior to the first bell, we request that only Rec-Yr 2 students play in this area. Students are not to play near the entrance doors of the junior primary building.

 After school riding of bikes and scooters in the school grounds

As there are many people, including staff, still moving around the school after dismissal time we request that students do not use this equipment until 3.30pm.

These expectations have been established to support a safe environment and we thank you in advance for your support with these matters.


HBPS Mobile phone and Personal Device policy


Sports Day Timetable - Thursday 1 April


Maths Hub News - Aileen Clancy

Over the past couple of weeks we have been conducting maths mindset surveys across all classes. We really want to know how our students feel about maths and whether they have a positive maths mindset. For Years 3-7, the survey was online; some questions required a rating score, some a simple ‘agree/disagree’ and others were a ‘tick all that apply’. Our Junior Primary students did a paper version which had lots of pictures to help them express how they feel about maths.

Once all the surveys are complete, a group of Yr7 students will be assisting with the analysis of the data and we are hoping to get a good idea of what we need to improve as well as what is going well at Henley Beach. If we are able to make maths a positive experience for all of our students we will see the benefit in engagement, enjoyment and of course achievement.

Our school improvement goal in Mathematics is to ‘Increase student achievement in Mathematics particularly in the retention and elevation of students into the higher achievement levels.’ As mentioned in earlier newsletters, differentiation is one of the tools we will use to achieve this goal. We want to be able to stretch and challenge every student whatever level they are currently working at in maths. With this in mind, teachers in years 6 and 7 have been working hard to adapt the unit plans created by the DfE by adding in new strategies, ideas and tasks so that we can meet the needs of all of our students, particularly those with potential for high achievement. Year 5 teachers will spend time next week to do the same thing. In addition to this, we have begun to provide intervention in maths to students who need a little extra support, as well as those that we believe have potential for high achievement.

Maths Word of the Week


Median is the "middle" of a sorted list of numbers. It is often used when looking at house prices because it stops outliers (ie super expensive, or super cheap one off houses) from having too much of an affect as they would if we used a simple average calculation.

 To find the Median, you simply place the numbers in value order and find the middle number.

Example: find the Median of {13, 23, 11, 16, 15, 10, 26}.

Put them in order: {10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 23, 26}

The middle number is 15, so the median is 15. (When there are two middle numbers we average them.)

Credit to - https://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/median.html  

Australian Early Development Census

Reception families please see attached letter.

Harmony Day

Everyone has a responsibility to create an environment where we can interact peacefully and respectfully.

The things we do and say should consider the rights and feeling of others.

Our school values are very clear about including others, Respect, Care, Security and Doing your best.

Last week the Year 7 students worked with classes across the school doing fun activities using the school values and to promote the messaging around the purpose of Harmony Day.

Italian - Mary Taheny & Deanna Disotto

This term in Italian the year 6 students have been learning about Venice and Carnevale traditions. We made post cards to our family pretending that we were in Venice during the Carnevale celebration. As masks are a huge part of Carnevale we finished our learning by making our own maschere - masks. 

Italian - Gelato Day

Here are some photos of Gelato Day.

The weather was perfect, and the demand was great.

You can see the line up in the photos.

All the student volunteers did a great job serving.

Miss V’s Reception Class - 2E

The Reception Classes have been busy learning about Easter and how it is celebrated differently by families.

In Miss V’s Reception class, we have been reading various stories about Easter. 

 ‘How to Catch the Easter Bunny’ by Adam Wallace is definitely our class favourite … 

Jack – “I would camouflage and put a bag over Easter Bunny and take him with me”. 

Harper – “I will give Easter Bunny a hug and not let go”.

Wade – “I can pull out all the carrots in my garden and make a trap because I know Easter Bunny loves carrots”. 

We also created carrot bags and went on an Easter hunt in the Grub Club garden. 

By the time we came back to class, we found hidden chocolate eggs. We must have juuuust missed Easter Bunny!

The students created an artwork of what they thought the Easter Bunny’s face looked like… We think our artworks are EGGS-CELLENT!

Lego Club

There has been some great interest in Lego Club this term with many fantastic creations by students. Throughout the weeks, I have seen students develop their creative thinking, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills while engaging in this lunch time activity, with creations varying from animal shelters and houses, to spaceships and a nuclear-powered crocodile!

Lego Club will continue in term 2 at lunch time on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the STEM area. All students are welcome.

Chess Club

Our first chess competition for 2021 begins in Term 2. 

If you have not already signed up to participate, you have until the end of Term 1. 

Many thanks to Mr Boon Tah for his help in setting up the draw.

In other news, HBPS will be entering our first team in the new inter-school competition to be held at Grange Primary on select Friday afternoons after school during Terms 2 and 3.  Watch this space to see how our team progresses! 

RSPCA Fundraiser

A Coin for Life Charity Fundraiser - Zaria, Bella and Lillian.

The RSPCA were overwhelmed with the girls organising a fundraiser at the school and donating a total of $268.80 to them. The manager couldn't thank them enough for their efforts and said that they never receive donations over $50 so it was the highlight of their week! The girls were presented with their certificates this morning and they were so happy! (as you can see by their smiles 😊).  The girls  are looking forward to organising their next fundraiser in term 2.

Reception Class Term 1 Kindy Visit - Mrs Jones

As part of our on-going transition process and connection with Henley Community Kindergarten, this week we went to visit the kindy to meet the teachers and to make new friends.

We were very excited to explore the learning spaces and share a song time together. Trudi (Kindy Director) noticed how big everyone looked in their school uniform!

In Term 2, we are looking forward to welcoming the kindy children here at cchool for a play and story session.

We are also looking at ways to develop a closer continuity between learning from kindy to school and next term, staff will have the opportunity to visit each other to see learning in action across both settings.

Here are photographs that show the fun that we had.

School Pupil/Closure days 2021





Term 1 Dates

Assemblies odd weeks at 2.20pm (next assembly, Thursday 8 April).

Sports Day and Early Dismissal (Easter Long Weekend)  Thursday 1 April at 2.00pm  (Week 10).

Early Dismissal (School Holidays) - 9 April at 2.00pm

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

The school’s early finish days means that OSHC will be opening early. On the 1st and 9th of April, After School Care will begin at 2pm. Please advise attendees to come to OSHC as they normally would. For families that do not use OSHC, but who need care on these days, please contact the OSHC Director.


A reminder that OSHC is still taking enrolments and welcomes new students at any stage of the year. We also welcome back any past service users that have not used OSHC in a while. If you are looking for more information about OSHC, please get in contact. We look forward to continuing this journey to make OSHC a successful service within the community.


CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Many thanks to our awesome volunteers this term and for Sports Day.  We couldn't do it without you!

Reminder we will have a table outside for parents to buy snacks. EFTPOS available.  

Please send students with gold coins to buy lots of yummy snacks from the canteen counter.  The canteen counter will be strictly for students only. Some snacks will be cookies, pinwheels, banana bread, fruit salad, slams, jellies ( in team colours!) and the usual drinks.

Other School News