Term 3 2021 | Week 6

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News from the Principal

I trust you are all well and working your way through the current COVID expectations. We still remain under the same restrictions at a school level. As information is updated I will ensure that you are informed of what school will look like for your child and their family.

This week saw the annual Book Week Parade held under the school COLA. It was an extremely successful event with many students and staff participating in the fun and festivities. Huge thank you to Shirley for working so hard to prepare this event. Everyone looked amazing and actively joined in.

During the past few weeks staff have been busily testing their children in a variety of data sets aimed at identifying where each child sits in relation to learning outcomes. Many students have made excellent growth and progress since last time they were tested. Congratulations for trying your best during this process.

Tonight sees our Governing Council reconvene for the first meeting of Term 3. Tonight's discussions will be based around student data, facilities upgrades and improvements, school finances and a number of other matters. I would like to acknowledge their work and say thank you for making our school a better place to be.

Our site budget team are beginning the process of developing a  budget for 2022. We are in the early stages but have made good progress to date. We look forward to continuing the healthy financial status of our school.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work Mrs O’Neil has made in bringing this years Colour Explosion to Long Street. I’m sure the students and staff will have a fabulous time at this years event.

Assemblies are back on our agenda at school. Unfortunately they are for staff and students only at this time until further notice.

Bryan Rotherham



Senior Leader

We have just finished our latest round of Read, Write Inc testing and are very pleased with the results.  We have a lot of our students now reading in the higher levels of this program.  We thank you for your support with at-home reading and literacy homework support. Without this support it makes it difficult for students to progress as they are not practicing their reading skills regularly and in a variety of settings.

Our middle and upper primary classes are continuing with the Literacy and Language program, as well as using decodable reading texts during Reading Groups and Intervention sessions.  These students are also showing improvement and growth in Literacy.

Our Student Free Day in Week 9 has a focus on Mathematics and Numeracy.  We will be working with people from the Math Association of SA on activities to assist our students with their Numeric understanding.

Jodie Turpin

Senior Leader

Student Wellbeing Leader News

What is anxiety?

Some level of anxiety is a normal part of life and growing up. But if it stays for long periods of time then it could be a problem.

Everyone experiences anxiety sometimes, especially when faced with new, stressful or dangerous situations. If high levels of anxiety continue over time, this can mean constant physical feelings of panic and avoidance of anything that might trigger it. An anxiety disorder should not be ignored and it usually won’t get better on its own.

Things parents can do: Anxiety in children and teenagers is very common and there are treatments available to help them overcome it.

As a parent, there’s many things you can do to support your kids through it.

You can find out more information on https://kidshelpline.com.au/ 

Becc O’Neil 

Wellbeing Leader

Diary Dates


Thursday 2ndRegional Basketball Carnival
Friday 3rdSchool Photos
Thursday 9thGirls Football
Thursday 9th"I Wish" performance at Middleback
Friday 10thSchool Closure Day
Monday 13thStudent Free Day
Friday 17thSoccer
Thursday 23rd

Sports Day

2.10pm Finish

Friday 24th

Last Day of Term

2.10pm Finish

Monday 1thFirst day of Term 4

What's Happening in ........


For the past few weeks all classes have been learning the Australian National Anthem.  We have also been listening to the Indonesian National Anthem, Indonesia Raya. 

Monday the 17th of August was Indonesia’s Independence Day.  Room 1 have been looking at the Indonesian flag and also looking at our Australian flags.  Here are some of their flags they drew themselves. 

Other classes have been looking into traditional Indonesian games that are played and making comparisons to our Australia day celebrations.  Classes have been practicing asking simple questions and responding in full sentences using only Indonesian target language. 

Some games we have been learning about are Tarik Tambang (Tug of war), Lomba Egrang (Bamboo stilt race), Balap Kelereng (Spoon and marble race), Panjang Pinat (Teams climb a greased pole to get prizes from the top), Balap Bakiak (Team running race), and the favourite one that we played last year was Lomba Makan Kerupuk. 

Flags drawn by students

What's Happening in ........


This year in P.E has seen students given the opportunities to develop their skills in a variety of ways which are split into other strands depending on their requirements. These have included:

· Invasion Games – Invading an opposing teams’ space to try and score. Our invasion games have been Hockey, European Handball and Tag Rugby. These were chosen as a way to help students understand how important defending is and that not all games are just about attacking. 

· Striking and Fielding - Use an object to strike another out into a field to attempt to score. Our Striking and Fielding game was Baseball, this proved a challenge for some students due to the smaller shape of both bat and ball, this led to some entertaining lessons from both a playing and viewing standpoint.

· Net and Wall - Having to clear a net or rebound off a wall where your opponent can’t return the ball in the same manner to score. Our Net and Wall games have been Volleyball and Tennis. This has seen students develop from using their bodies to clear the net to using another instrument and having to transfer those skills over with some minor technical changes.


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