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2021 eNewsletter | Term 1 week 5

Upcoming Events

26/02/2021- Surf Education Day 

11/03/2021- 1/04/2021- School Dentist visits

19/03/2021- School Photo Day

25/03/2021- Young Leaders Conference

31/03/2021- P&C Easter Raffle

31/3/2021-   P&C Hot Cross Bun Drive

28/05/2021- 25/06/2021- scopeIT

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Principal's Report

Welcome to Week 4, Term 1.

What a great start we have had to 2021, and almost at the half way mark of the 1st term already!

All of our wonderful students are all now settled in, and back into the routine of school which is great to see. Our newest recruits, the Kindergarten students have adapted to big school incredibly well, and are now even out on the playground during our infants’ lunch and recesses.

This year we have 16 mainstream classes, 2 Opportunity Classes for years 5 and 6 and 3 Support Unit classes.

On Kindergarten we have this year, Mrs Pass, Mrs Norman and Ms Tancred.

Year One we have Mrs Stretton & Miss Preston

Year Two, Mrs Gennari, Miss Davies (soon to be Mrs W) and Miss Bulmer.

Year Three, Mr McGuiness and Mrs Shelley

Year Four, Mr Kember & Mrs Bishop

Year Five, Miss Scotton, Mrs Brechney and Mrs Calverley on OC

Year Six, Mrs Freers, Mrs Stevens and Mrs Carter on OC.

The Support unit teachers this year are Miss Morris, Mrs Burke and Mrs Bailey,

We have multiple other wonderful staff in support roles and also other executive roles.

In addition to this, we have a team of SLSO’s and admin staff working tirelessly to help our students get the most out of their education.


Thank you for the great response we have had thus far with Book Pack sales. It is fantastic to see so many students armed with all that they need to see them through this year within the classroom, it truly does make a difference. In regards to distribution of these packs it is a big job and we are working hard to get them into the classrooms as quickly as possible. Once in class, the teacher has discretion of what goes home and what is required to stay at school. There was a $10 QBD Gift Voucher included in all Book Pack Pouches that have been purchased so far. We have asked that despite what is taken home from class to class in resources, that the GV is taken and placed straight in your child’s bag to take home safely, please double check with your child if you are unsure.

On Friday the 12th February, we had the pleasure of inducting our 2021 School Leaders into our Leadership team. We had the parents of the recipients attend and have them present their pins to them which was a very special moment for all. We also had our Sports house Leaders and our iCentre leaders receive their badges and certificates. We look forward to seeing what exciting endeavours 2021 will bring for our Leaders.

Whilst on that day we also as a school and as out new leaders first official duty, we held an Apology Day Ceremony. Lead by Charly Stackman, who made the Acknowledgement of Country, students and staff gave recognition to our nations first people. We reflected upon the moment, 13 years prior when our Prime Minister at the time said “Sorry”. Our amazing Didgeridoo group played as both the flags were raised in unison. Whilst Rogue and Typhon held a framed apology for all to see. We concluded this ceremony with a minute's silence to show our respect, it was lovely to see all of our students demonstrating their best manners and exhibiting the school values throughout the ceremony. Thanks to Mrs Bundy for her wealth of knowledge and preparation for the day’s ceremony.

Coming up we have our annual school Swimming Carnival on Monday the 22nd February at Wyong Pools, this will be a fun day for all students 8 years and up to test their swimming ability and for those who chose not to compete can cheer on their house.

Additionally, we also have our school photo day coming up on Friday the 19th March, more information on that to follow shortly.


Other School News

Inauguration Day 2021

Thank you to the parents who attended on the day, and made this occasion such a special one for the students involved. Lucy Ord, our female School Captain reflects in her own words:


Uniforms were freshly ironed and washed, hair was plaited, brushed or styled and shoes were neatly polished. What was all this preparation for, you ask? Well, last Friday, the 12th February, a group of well-deserving students were inducted into the 2021 Wyong Public School Leadership Team. Our parliamentary leaders (captains, vice-captains and prefects) received their badge, a jacket with their role embroidered on the back, along with a certificate stating their pledge. The sports house captains and vice-captains accepted their house coloured shirts, with their roles named on the back, and their pledge certificate and badge. Finally, our i support leaders (also known as library helpers) were also presented with their pledges and badges. We wish our 2021 leadership team a fun-filled, interesting and memorable year.

Lucy Ord - School Captain

Inauguration Day

PBL- Positive Behaviour for Learning

At our school, we use Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) – a whole-school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and develop. Our whole school community works together to establish expected behaviours and teach them to all students.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a school-wide program that creates a positive, encouraging environment for learners.

Students at Wyong Public School are taught to follow the school expectations of being respectful, responsible and aspiring to demonstrate excellence. By explicitly teaching each behavioural expectation, students improve engagement levels and distractions are decreased. The school provides a positive, supportive learning environment.

Wyong Public School has 3 expectations: Respect, Responsibility and Excellence.

Each week in our Newsletter, we will provide you with the two behaviours we will be teaching over the fortnight, along with the matrix that will appear in the PBL lesson and any new messages about what is happening with PBL. These are great discussion points for you and your children at home and show the common language that all teachers use at school.

PBL Lesson's Week 4 and 5

Aboriginal Education

Mrs Bundy reports that all of our wonderful students have settled into their classrooms and school life very well. She would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families that she has been working alongside of throughout the transition period to our school. 

Friday was a day of recognition for all at WPS. Our leadership team followed on from their first appointment in the morning as School leaders and along with Mrs Bundy and Mrs Arnot, conducted our National Apology Day Ceremony. Lead by Charly Stackman, who made the Acknowledgement of Country, we as students and staff gave recognition to our nation’s first people. We reflected on the moment 13 years ago, when our then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised and said "Sorry".  Our Didgeridoo group played beautifully, as both flags were raised in unison. The framed apology displayed, for all to see, being held by Rogue Burton and Typhon Jenkins, throughout the ceremony and completed with a minute's silence to show our respect. All students displayed wonderful school values throughout the Ceremony. 

The Didgeridoo group and the Ngara choir will recommence in week 5. 

Also please note the Ngara AECG meeting will be held next Monday the 22nd February at 4:00 PM, at Wadalba Community School held in the library.

All are welcome to attend. 

Apology Day Ceremony

Zone Swimming carnival

Tuggerah Lakes PSSA​ have created a COVID safety plan based on NSW Health, NSW Education advice, as well as the requirements of the venue. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for students to compete at a Zone level with the opportunity to be selected to represent at a higher level. The organising team has considered a range of possibilities, but the management of student and staff is the priority. Hence the decision has been made that no spectators will be allowed at the Zone Carnival.

New Summer menu items

Exciting news!! There has been some new Summer items added to the menu at the Snack Shack. Jelly sticks, in mango, strawberry, pineapple and apple for 20c each. 

Or a delicious Chicken burger with lettuce, pineapple, cheese and your choice of sauce. 

Canteen Menu 2021

Breakfast Club

Library news

Year 7 2022 Information Evening

 Year 7 2022 Information Evening

When: Wednesday, 17th March 2021

Where: Wyong High School COLA (guests to be greeted by student leaders upon entry)

Session Times:  4pm – 4.50pm  5pm – 5.50pm  6pm – 6.50pm

RSVP: Ph 4353 1088 / QR code registration 

Bus Safety Week

Bus Safety Week reminds all road users to ‘Be Bus Aware’

Our school bus operator Busways is reminding all road users, parents, and students to ‘be bus aware’ as part of Transport for NSW’s Bus Safety Week campaign, running Feb 22 - 28.

Bus Safety Week, part of the ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign, sees Governments, bus operators, and emergency services raise awareness about the importance of being safe in and around buses and spread the message to ‘Be Bus Aware’.

The initiative provides a timely reminder to parents to have a talk with their children about bus safety; to motorists when giving way to buses; to pedestrians to make sure they are alert of their surroundings; and to cyclists to ensure they can see where buses are. We all have a part to play in bus safety.

The ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign has been developed with input from Bus NSW, NSW Police and Transport for NSW.

For more information on bus safety or to learn about Transport for NSW’s ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign,

visit https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/campaigns/be-bus-aware/ or visit the Busways website www.busways.com.au. 

School Photo Day - Friday 19th March

Friends of Wyong Public


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