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Newsletter 2021 Term 2 Week 8


Dear families of St Bernadette's

Winter is definitely upon us.

Today we decided that as one of the coldest days yet the wearing of something warm would be appropriate. 

This cold snap signals a great time for a long weekend. Please remember that Monday June 14th is a public holiday so school will be closed.

Stay warm and enjoy the time with your family. Might I suggest a PJ day with tea and Netflix??

Love and light,

Mrs Lisa Gerrard (on behalf of all of the staff and students)

Attendance Rate: 88.6%  - To unpack this a little more, this means that 88.6%  of our students have an attendance rate of 90% -100%. 


Sunday 13 June 2021

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Gospel Reflection by Greg Sunter

This week’s gospel is a wonderful example of the teaching style of Jesus. It even tells us that ‘he would not speak to them except in parables’. Jesus used the parable form almost exclusively to share his message. He used imagery that was familiar to his audience; parables about the everyday life of a rural community: seeds, planting, growing, harvesting. The secret of Jesus’ parables, when we understand the cultural context, is that there was always a ‘twist in the tale’ – what is called a ‘discombobulating shift’ – that turns the expected outcome of the story on its head.

This is nowhere more evident than in the image of the mustard seed. On the surface the parable is about the kingdom of God starting from very small, humble beginnings and growing into something great. However, immediately prior to this kingdom parable, Jesus has reminded us that the community makes a living out of growing grain crops like wheat for bread, etc. His parable about the mustard seed describes a tiny seed that grows into a great shrub ‘so that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade’. A farming community that was growing grain crops would be greatly alarmed at the thought of actually attracting birds to their fields or even nearby. Jesus’ message about the kingdom of God is that it is actually disruptive and invasive. The kingdom brings unrest and disquiet to the predictable. The kingdom of God is unsettling. 

Stage 2 Religion Learning Cycle 'What is a Sacrament?'

The Stage 2 Religion Learning Cycle for this term is 'What Is A Sacrament?' We have read Mark 1:1-11 The Baptism of Jesus and discussed the spiritual sense of the Scripture. Students in Year 4 created headlines to capture the key message that resonated with them in the Scripture.

Year 4 Headlines

Altar Servers' Roster March 27 - July 18, 2021



TERM 2 - Dates for your diary

Important Term Dates 

11/6 - Whole School Mass led by Year 4 

11/6 - Public Speaking 

14/6 - Public Holiday - No staff or student at school

15/6 - Principals Cuppa and Chat 9am - 10:30am

17/6 - Parent Committee Meeting 9am

17/6 - Confirmation Information Evening 

23/6 - Great Aussie Bush Camp 

24/6 - Great Aussie Bush Camp

25/6 - Great Aussie Bush Camp

25/6 - TTFM survey closes

25/6  - Last Day of Term 2 

12/7 - First Day of Term 3 

As a Community of Learners

Over the past two weeks a number of staff members have attended collegial visits to other schools. The idea behind this is to provide staff and students with professional learning opportunities where they can learn and share ideas around learning. This time the visits were to observe and reflect upon how literacy blocks are facilitated in other settings.

I would publicly like to thank and acknowledge the gracious principals and staff at Christ the King, North Rocks, St Mary’s, Rydalmere and St Bernadette’s, Castle Hill who welcomed us openly.

A Gentle Reminder

Every now and then I come across incidents between students where personal space is not respected. As a part of our PBS4L framework, we remind and teach students that their bodies are theirs alone. We are often using time to reteach students about what is appropriate use of our body in social settings. 

These social norms can also be reinforced at home. Children are naturally curious about their bodies and it is our job as their educators to assist them in knowing what is socially acceptable. For some students, a hug from a friend is ok, for others it's not. Friendly tipping while playing bullrush may be ok but slapping backs etc is not.  

As always I know that you will support us in reminding your children that consent is important and without it you have no right to touch another person’s body. This is a lesson that will serve them well in the future.

Parent Committee Meeting

Come and have your say on fundraising ideas on Thursday 17th June at 9.00am in the Hall.  Please bring along your ideas for fundraising for Terms 3 & 4.

Tell Them From Me (TTFM) surveys now open for students, teachers and parents/carers

We encourage parents and carers in our community to complete the online Tell Them From Me (TTFM) survey, which is now open from Monday 31 May to Friday 25 June. 

These surveys provide CEDP with information about school life, how engaged students are with school, and the different ways that teachers interact with them. They measure such topics as emotional and social well-being, physical health, and behaviours and attitudes linked to student success.

Your link to participate will be sent to you by email and/or through Skoolbag. The surveys are anonymous and optional but we really appreciate your feedback. During the course of this week we will be offering “Share a cuppa and feedback morning”. At this time we will provide you with a cuppa and some yummy treats while you fill out the survey. Come and join us on Tuesday 15th June, 2021 at  9am in the Hall.

Should you wish to complete the survey at home here is the link.

Don't forget to collect your Bread Tags!

ACARA Student Data Collection

Dear Parents/Carers, 

As in previous years, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) collects data from schools to determine the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA). CEDP is currently working to provide relevant details to the Catholic Education Commission of NSW. Data collected is de-identified of personal information​​. 

Parents and caregivers must advise their school by Wednesday 14 July 2021 if they do not want their child's data included in this report. Please do so in writing, to the school office. 

The Standard Collection Notice and Privacy Policy can be accessed from the School Office if you require it.

Enrolling now for 2022

We have almost concluded the enrollment process for 2022. Many families have submitted completed enrolment forms, had their interview and are in the process of securing a place in Kindy. If it is your intention to enrol your child for 2022 please fill in the necessary paperwork as there are limited spaces available.

Happy Birthday

8/6 - Brandon T 

11/6 - Ansh T 


2021 Athletics Carnival

After some recent poor weather, we were finally blessed with some beautiful weather for our Athletics Carnival on Tuesday. It was great to have so many of our community members attend this event, especially after the difficult times we have all been through recently.

Our children had a great day of competition and cheering, supported by our army of parent helpers. A huge thank you to you all on behalf of the staff of St Bernadette’s! Days like this can only be a success with your generous support.

All of the children gave it their all and as always there were some outstanding performances. A squad of children who will represent us at the Cumberland Zone Athletics will be selected in the coming weeks. The final points tally, as well as the junior and senior age champions will be announced at this Friday’s whole school assembly.

Action shots of our SBD athletes


Community Health Advice

St Bernadettes Primary School

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