TIDINGS - Term 2 Week 5 . 2021


Talking to Jesus

I was recently listening to a new song that tells the story of the impact of faithful prayer on one family. It is called Talking to Jesus, by Elevation Worship and Maverick City.

In one of the verses, the father retells the moment his son walks into his room while he is praying, and they pray together. Consequently, the father says:

And now He's talking to Jesus

Thank God He's talking to Jesus

I hope He's talking to Jesus

For the rest of his life…

The song reminds me of why I got into teaching and Christian education. I always wanted to play a pivotal role in influencing young people to grow up well, to live well and not make the mistakes I made ( a story for another time). I wanted to, God willing, help to shape their life in a positive way and I believe being involved in the education of young people is a significant way to do this.

In Proverbs, Solomon writes that if you train a child in the way he should go then when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Good education, be it at home or at school, is the building block for a successful future.

The proverb though provokes many questions. In what ways are we training our children? Are we leading them into life? Perhaps, is the way we are training them a deliberate action or an accidental product of business? Whether we like the answers to these questions or not, the truth remains, the way we are trained when we are young is critical to who we become.

A foundational purpose of Christian education at RCC is to raise responsive disciples of Jesus who are able to positively impact the world around them. For those students who do not choose Christianity, the passion is the same; we desire that all our students be raised, trained, and educated in such a way that they develop foundations that lead to a life whereby they can influence the world for good. We intentionally plan, teach, relate in community, and create extracurricular opportunities that will provide occasions for our students and their families to deliberately build foundations that lead to flourishing. Just have a look at this week!

To connect with our community, it was a pleasure to recommence Relate@RCC in our new garden! It was wonderful to share a coffee and baked treat with our parents and relate once again. We will be doing this fortnightly so stay tuned to Facebook and emails for updates and please come along and join us.

In the high school, to facilitate a stress-free, joyful transition to high school, we held the second of three Experience Days where students spend a day in the high school experiencing some of what it has to offer. It is great to see students get excited about a more mature approach to learning!

The primary students didn’t miss out either. They connected with the rest of Australia by engaging in the National Storytime initiative. They were read Give me some Space! by an astronaut (well they looked like one at least) and then launched rockets in celebration! It was very cool.

Finally, many of our students competed in the Christian Schools Soccer Gala Day. It was a great day to connect with and compete against other students across our region. Congratulations to the students for their exceptional efforts.

It is a privilege to offer such a great variety of opportunities to our students, enabling them to trial and refine what they are learning in a variety of settings. In doing so, we are able to teach our students that it is not all about the end game, or the final result; while these are important, they are not the ultimate goal. The purpose of RCC education resides in how well our staff know our students and the subsequent opportunities each student has to take the small steps that assist them in achieving the next step in becoming who God has created them to be.

After winning the Margaret River WSL surf event, Tatjana Weston-Webb was given a chance to say something to her fans. She chose to remind them God loves them, and He has a plan for their life. At RCC we want to do the same. We want to take every moment we get to remind our students of the simple truths. They have been given an identity, purpose and hope and we are privileged to journey with them throughout their education to help them begin to comprehend and fulfil this.

What an honour it is to be involved in your student’s lives; to set them on a path that leads to life and life abundant!

Good tidings!


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Our next Relate@RCC will be held on Wednesday 2 June @ 2.30pm.  Please join us for a relaxed time of conversation and community building in the beautiful surrounds of our garden.  All are welcome!


Any student who is unwell, even with the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms, must stay home and be tested and not return until a clear test result is provided and symptoms have abated.

Everyone must continue to practice good personal hygiene. Washing of hands and respiratory hygiene is still essential.

Birthday cakes are permitted in consultation with your student’s teacher. Food no longer needs to be parcelled.

Visitors and volunteers are allowed on campus. This includes attendance at assemblies and other events. Any visitor to the school must comply with sign-in arrangements.

Any person who is unwell, even with the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms, must stay home and be tested.

Visitors should maintain 1.5m physical distance from other adults (including staff) and other visitors when on the school site and at school pick-up and drop-off times where practicable.


Monday 24 May to Thursday 27 May

Friday 28 May

Wednesday 2 June @ 2.30pm


Wednesday 2 June @ 7pm in the MPC


Thursday 3 June


Wednesday 9 June



Friday 25 June



Monday 19 July 2021


The Annual General Meeting of our governing body, Ballina Christian Education Association, will be held in the MPC on Wednesday 2 June 2021 commencing at 7pm.  All members of the RCC community are welcome to attend.  


Congratulations to our Cross Country Age Champions


House Points

On 144 points Tied first place – Yeager and Fenwick!!!!

3rd place – 122 – Rous

Primary Age Champions:  

12 Years girls - Hannah Mallam

12 Years boys - Fonua Bailey-Taione

11 Years girls - Zoe Hanna

11 Years boys - Jack Mensinga

10 Years girls - Nyoka Baird

10 Years girls - Heidi Collins

10 Years boys - Henry Strahan

10 Years boys - Cassidy Saunders

9 Years girls - Leah Messemaker

9 Years boys - Kobee Hickleton

8 Years girls - Anna Koronui

8 Years boys - Jesse Mallam

Secondary Age Champions 

18 Years boys - Kai Iwasaki

18 Years girls - Kayley Martorana

16 Years girls - Charlotte Hogbin

16 Years boys - Joshua Diaz

15 Years girls - Eva Hanna

15 Years boys - Callum Sawras

14 Years girls - Evie O'Connor 14 Years boys - Levi Mallam

13 Years girls - Olivia Kyprianou

13 Years boys - Matthew Simmons

12 Year girls - Abby Mallam

12 Years boys - Mark McKenzie

Congratulations to the following 5 students who are attending state on 28th May and thank you to the parents who are taking our team to Sydney  – Jesse Mallam, Hannah Mallam, Henry Strahan, Matt Simmons, Sam Simmons.

Primary Merit Awards Weeks 4 and 5

Primary - National Simultaneous Story Time

The Primary students and staff had a fabulous day participating in the National Simultaneous Story Time and making and launching their own rockets!  They enjoyed listening to this year’s story “Give me some space” written and illustrated by Philip Bunting read by NASA Astronaut Shannon Walker from the NASA International Space Station!

North Coast CSSA Soccer Gala Day in Kingscliff

Year 7 2022 Experience Day #2

High School Service Day - Serving the School Community

Year 8 Food Tech



Racecourse Café will continue to provide a lunch canteen Monday to Friday in Term 1.

Bring your orders into the School Office before school or by 10.30am.
Please write the name and order on a bag or envelope and enclose the exact money. 

Note: No Change will be given as orders go straight to the Racecourse Café. 



Relaxed, fun learning atmosphere with qualified female coach

When: Wednesday's  4pm - 5pm

Where: Saunders Oval, Ballina

Cost: $10per session

Ring Wendy 0490 806 105 for more information or to book a place