Christ the King North Rocks Newsletter

Term 1 Week 2: Friday 5th February, 2021.

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

The beginning of this Sunday's Gospel has always brought a smile to my face. No sooner does Jesus heal Peter's mother-in-law than she begins to wait and to serve them - she does not wait to recover or take some time for herself, instead she immediately sets to work to serve the Lord. Our Lord too experiences this business of life as He tirelessly heals and teaches the townspeople. At the beginning of the school year I am sure there are many mothers - and fathers - who may have felt like Peter's Mother in law. With jobs to be done, children to get ready for school and with no time for ourselves life can seem frantic at times. Thankfully Jesus provides us with the remedy for this franticness. Jesus' remedy is simply to take time away to spend in quiet prayer. There is no minimum requirement, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes - it does not matter as long as there is some quiet time with God. Just like your children - who have started school and grown too quickly before your eyes - maybe as we move towards Lent, this can be a time where you start, in a small way, by putting aside time for God and watch how it too grows over the years without you even realising. (Ben Horne)

Welcome back to School for the start of the new year for 2021. I trust you and your families enjoyed the break over Summer and are refreshed and ready to take on the new year and what it has to offer.  Thank you to our CTK teachers who have been back at school over the last fortnight preparing for classes and to welcome our cohort. We welcome our new staff members Mr Ben Kroon  [Yr 5], Miss Julianne Barker [Yr 6],  Mrs Jacinta O'Flynn and Mrs Colleen Brennan [teacher aides] and Mrs Caroline Elchaar [Library assistant] . We would also like to give a warm welcome to our new students - Olivia A Yr 5, Jess K Yr 4, Ralph S Yr 3, John J Yr 3, Apeksha G Yr 3, Jonathan P Yr 2, Ava A Yr 2, Peter J Yr 1, Marc J Yr 1, Danielle L Yr 1 & Jaden R Yr 1. On Monday we welcomed our 2020 Kindergarten to CTK.  We trust these children will enjoy the next seven years of learning and development in our school community. We ask our Lord’s blessing upon our school community for the upcoming year.


Today our Year 6 students and their parents gathered to celebrate the announcement of this year’s Student Leadership team. During our liturgy those gathered focused on the leadership role our senior students play in our school community asking God’s blessing for the year ahead. Father Ian blessed the leadership badges and our senior students as they begin their final year of primary school at CTK. Congratulations to the following students on their leadership appointments for 2021.

School Captains: Mackenzie M & George D

School Prefects: Filomena L, Lucas H, Jad S, Marc C, Nicole S, Kaia T, Paula E & Giselle L.

Colour House Leaders:

Darug / Red Zachary T, Julius B           Maddock / Green Charlie Z, Stephanie P

Burton / Blue James F, Addison W      Aylward / Yellow Marcus B, Lillian P


A reminder that our Grade Parent Information Zoom Meetings will be held in Week 4. An email and skoolbag were sent out during the week with dates and times.  It is imperative that parents login into these online information meetings as teachers will provide information regarding homework, classroom protocols and curriculum matters. Please put these dates in your calendar.  Please note that Kindergarten will not be holding a Parent Information evening.


Please be reminded that there are allocated parking spots adjacent to the church and library for disabled parking. These spaces are for vehicles that display a disabled pass or sticker only and not to be used for abled bodied parking. Many of our elderly parishioners who attend weekday morning Mass require these spots with close access to the church. Your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Please note also that there is NO RIGHT HAND turn out of the school driveway onto Statham Ave between 8:15-9am and 2:45-3:15pm. A reminder also that parents are not to get out of their vehicles during drop off or pick up as if you are using the drive through. It slows down the flow of traffic and is a safety concern. You co-operation in these matters are appreciated and expected to insure the safety of all our school community members.


Join with us as we look forward to another exciting year, with quality teaching and learning taking place in our learning spaces working together as a community to provide our children with the best learning opportunities possible. 

Tony Hughes


Upcoming Events

Term 1, Week 3

Monday 8th February

  • Sports Program: All Students in Sports Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00 - 4.30pm

Tuesday 9th February

  • Safe Internet Day
  • Uniform Shop 8.00am - 12.30pm - appointment only via the office
  • PE: Year 5, Kindy, Year 4 {Group 1}

Wednesday 10th February

  • PE: Year 6, Year 2
  • Chess: 3.00-4.00pm

Thursday 11th February

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 {Group 2}

Friday 12th February

  • BAND: 7.45am for all excisting students from 2020 only. Band groups for new & existing students throughout the day.

Term 1, Week 4

Monday 15th February

  • Sports Program: All Students in Sports Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00 - 4.30pm

Tuesday 16th February

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.30pm - appointment only via the office.
  • PE: Year 5, Kindy, Year 4 {Group 1} 

Wednesday 17th February

  • PE: Year 6, Year 2 
  • CHESS: 3.00-4.00pm

Thursday 18th February

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1 Year 4 {Group 2} 

Friday 19th February

  • Band: 7.45am  - existing students from 2020 only
  • Band groups throughout the day
  • Hill Zone Swimming Carnival

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 23rd February 

  • Parramatta AFL Rep trials

Wednesday 24th February 

  • Parramatta Football Rep trials

Monday 1st March

  • Parramatta Netball Rep trials

Tuesday 2nd March

  • Parramatta Rugby League Rep trials

Friday 5th March

  • CTK Cross Country 

Tuesday 9th March

  • Diocesan Swimming Carnival

Friday 12th March

  • Catholic Schools Week Liturgy + OPEN DAY 9AM - 11AM

Friday 19th March

  • Cross Country Back-Up day

Wednesday 24th March 

  • Parramatta Touch Football Rep trials

Thursday/Friday 25th & 26th March

  • Year 6 Canberra

Term dates for Term 1

Good Friday,                        Friday, 2nd April        }

Easter Sunday,                    Sunday, 4th April      }  Public Holidays

Easter Monday,                  Monday, 5thApril      } 

Last Day Term 1 : Thursday 1st April


Term 2      Monday,      19th April              to      Friday, 25th June

Term 3      Monday,      12th July                to      Friday, 17th September

Term 4      Tuesday,      5th October          to      Friday, 17th December

Grade Parent Information Nights will be held VIA ZOOM during Week 4

Our Parent Information evenings will be held for Yrs 1-6 during Week 4 AS A ZOOM MEETING [please see timetable below].

I strongly encourage all parents to attend these valuable sessions as the teachers will be disseminating information regarding homework, expectations, grade practices and behaviour protocols and many more details pertaining to their grade and learning for 2021. I will also be discussing various matters pertaining to your child’s learning and the administration of the school.

These evenings are for parents only and an integral component for commencing the year on a very positive and practical note. Please note that these nights [Yr 1-6] are not designed for one-on-one interviews with the teachers. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please make an appointment through the school office.  

I look forward to connecting with you all at these meetings next week.

Monday 15th Feb- 6pm Yr  4 / 7pm Yr 3

Tuesday 16th Feb- 6pm Yr 6 / 7pm Yr 5

Wednesday 17th Feb- 6pm Yr 2 / 7pm Yr 1

There will not be a Kindergarten information night.  If parents need to speak with the Kindergarten teachers, please contact the school office 8846 2700 or email and the Kindergarten teachers will contact you directly.

Other School News

2021 Grade Teachers

Kindergarten- Miss Marie-Louise Tcherkezian / Mr Ben Horne / Mrs Patrice Hanna

Yr 1 – Miss Courtney Milone / Mrs Ally Trethowan

Yr 2 – Mrs Erin Wynne / Ms Sarah Brady / Mrs Patrice Hanna

Yr 3 -  Mrs Kaylene Searson/  Mr Aaron Debrincat

Yr 4 – Mr Brad Mogan /  Mrs Samantha Roberts / Mrs Mel Szoloch

Yr 5 – Mrs Danielle Young /  Mr Ben Kroon

Yr 6 – Miss Venice Boules / Miss Julianne Barker / Mrs Monica Burley

PE Teacher:    Mrs Lara Kelly-Hosking

Performing Arts:  Mrs Danielle Atkinson 

Drama Club News

This week I visited every grade from year 1 to 6 to invite children to join Drama Club. Drama Club is only for children in those grades who are committed to preparing for the City of Parramatta Eisteddfod which will be held on weekends during May and June. The children were asked to come to the Performing Arts room after they had finished their lunch, at which time they were given a permission slip to take home which detailed what is involved in Drama Club. If you feel that this is something your child would be interested in, but that they did not yet receive a permission slip, please let me know.

Danielle Atkinson

Performing Arts Teacher

WElcomeasy Lunch Orders


Learn to be a chess champion! Coaching for students at Christ the King Primary School is held on:

Intermediate: Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, starting on 3 February 2021

Beginner/Rookie: Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, starting on 3 February 2021

Learning and playing chess helps children develop their logical thinking and problem solving

skills, improves their concentration and focus, while also being a great source of enjoyment.

Activities include group lessons on a demonstration chess board or interactive whiteboard,

puzzle solving and fun practice games.

Students earn merit awards by making checkmates, or by displaying skills and positive

qualities, which all good chess players strive to develop.

If your child is interested in taking part, you can collect an enrolment form from the school

office, or email for a copy. For all enquiries, please

contact Sydney Academy of Chess on (02) 9745 1170.

Parish News

Weekend Masses

We are currently allowed to have a maximum of 120 persons attending each Mass.

All Parishioners must wear a MASK while attending Mass.


Parishioners attending all weekday Masses are required to complete their details on the registration form provided in the church foyer.

Wednesday to Saturday Mass at 9:00 am (note Friday Mass starts at 9:15 am)


Saturday         5:30 pm Vigil

Sunday            8:00 am & 10:00 am

Do I need to make a reservation for weekend Mass? Yes

There is a limit of 100 people at each Mass. excluding the celebrant and assistants. All Masses are regularly evaluated and updated accordingly. We have designated the Sunday 8am Mass for Seniors of our Parish but of course anyone may attend. It is still a government requirement to register all attendees to assist in contact tracing should it be required. Therefore the Eventbrite website from this weekend, will allow 100 parishioners to register to attend their chosen Mass.

 All reservations are to be made before Friday 5:30pm.

Volunteers are required for the Readings and to assist in operating the music PowerPoint. Please email the parish office: or phone 9871 8710 after reserving a place at your selected Mass.

Thank you for your assistance.


Please follow the instructions when making your booking. You need to separately book each person in your family and bring your ticket or mobile phone with your e-ticket to Mass. Please contact the parish office on 9871.8710 or via email: should you encounter any technical issues registering. Thank you. 

We wish you a Blessed week ahead.

Stay strong and safe,

Fr Ian McGinnity

Parish Office Information, Parish Mass Times, Reconciliation and Rosary

Parish office hours are Mondays - Fridays 9am - 4pm.

Our current contact details are phone: 9871 8710 and email:


Wednesday to Saturday Mass at 9:00 am

(note Friday Mass starts at 9:15 am)  


Saturday         5:30 pm Vigil

Sunday            8:00 am & 10:00 am


Saturday after Mass (9:30am - 10am) or by appointment

Community News

School Notes

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Volunteer Form’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Child Protection Training Module’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Click on title, go to Administration, print and complete the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form to apply for student leave other than illness