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Newsletter 2021 Term 3 Week 8


Dear families of St Bernadette's

What glorious weather to welcome the beginning of Spring. A great time to get out in the backyard to read a book or begin to tend to the gardens that have suffered for attention during the cold winter months.

As hard as it is to envision a return to our pre lockdown routines we see Oct 25th as a possible light at the end of the tunnel. As we get closer to this date we will give everyone the ‘return to school’ plan we will have in place. Obviously we will be following the advice from CEDP and NSW Health about the covid safe protocols needed to be put in place to maximise best practice.

Until this date we will maintain our online platform.

At this stage we as a staff are well on the way to being double vaccinated before the students return. Yet another way to support the best way forward for our school community. 

Stay well and hang in there. As I often remind you we are only an email or a phone call away.

Love & Light   

Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of the St Bernadette’s staff & students)


We have been hearing in the media how important it is to look after our children’s mental health and keep them connected during this extended lockdown. Rather than focussing on things you can do to help them, you could turn it around and ask them what they can do to make someone else’s day a bit brighter. Not only does this cheer someone else up but demonstrates Catholic values of Common Good and Solidarity by thinking of those other than ourselves.

Some suggestions to brighten someone else’s day might be:

  • Zoom call or FaceTime someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. I know it might seem like the last thing they should do after a day of school work on a laptop, but it might cheer up someone who has few other chances for conversation. 

  • Chalk pictures. If you have a footpath or driveway, you could have them create some chalk art and bring some smiles to people who walk by.

  • Create a sign or poster with a positive message to hang in your window. People will see it as they walk by your house. 

  • Send an old fashioned letter in the post. Who doesn’t love to get a letter in the mailbox - if it’s not a bill!

  • Leave flowers at someone’s door, if you have some flowers growing in your garden at the moment. 

  • Send a small care package. It could include a small food treat, a small toy or just some coloured paper and pencils. Again, everyone likes getting a package!

I think these kinds of gestures are like the saying at Christmas ‘it is better to give than to receive’. By doing good for others, we often feel better inside ourselves. 

I’d love to see your photos or images of what you come up with. 

Mrs Willard


Sunday 5 September 2021

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

Jesus opens our eyes to the reality of God's presence in our midst, in the goodness of people and in the tenderness of life, even in its vulnerability. He opens our ears to hear the word of God spoken to us by others, revealed to us through the created world.

There is an eschatological dimension to being open to the word of God, because we are opened to hear something from the future. The prophets always speak about this future in the present tense. They see it happening already. Isaiah proclaims, ‘Here is your God!’ and the world is transformed. Jesus says ‘Be open.’ The good news always opens us to future possibilities, to personal and communal transformation, to a new creation. With the word of God, the future invades our present.

Although the eschatological future is already present to us, it is only unfolding, it has not yet opened completely. We still judge each other by appearances. We still miss the presence of God in the poor and the dispossessed, in those who suffer from disease or war or loneliness. We still shun those of another race, or those who have been shaped by another culture, or those who worship God in a different way. Although the eschatological future is already present, we have not yet put aside all of the biases of the past, we have not yet been fully transformed. But God has spoken, God has come to save us. God is trustworthy; God keeps faith forever.

Father's Day Prayer

God our Father,

we give you thanks and praise for fathers young and old.

We pray for young fathers, newly embracing their vocation;

may they find courage and perseverance to balance work, family and faith in joy and sacrifice.

We pray for fathers around the world whose children are lost or suffering;

may they know that the God of compassion walks with them in their sorrow.

We pray for men who are not fathers but still mentor and guide us with fatherly love and advice.

St Joseph you are a great role model for you lived your faith, and showed love, care and protection for your family. 

Help fathers and those like fathers today, to follow your example in faith and love.

We remember fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their spiritual love. 

All: Amen.



Children not logging on or submitting work each day will be marked as absent. A letter or a phone call will follow to request a reason  for the absence. This is a legal requirement to demonstrate that children are attending school via remote learning or face to face learning.  

If your child is unwell and not able to attend please contact the school office or fill out the form in Skoolbag.

Community Learners

Thank you to all those who participated in our fun book week zooms. The teachers really enjoyed sharing their favourite book with you. We loved seeing you dressed up as your favourite book characters.

Book Week Costumes

Guessing Challenge Winners

We had a great response to our Teacher Book Collection guessing challenge too.Thank you to all the families who sent a picture and paragraph about their child’s favourite book and got into the spirit of a remote book week by dressing up or creating a mask. 

Our First Place winners are:

Kindy - Oliver O

Yr 1 - Elle H

Yr 2 - Nerso B

Yr 3 - Caitlyn O

          Orlando C

Yr 4 - Elena M

          Sebastian L

Yr 5 - Isabelle E

          Sonia B

          Mikaella M

Yr 6 - Lucas N

          Eamon B

Our Second Place winners are:

Kayla B, Ethan L, Harrison B, Chloe K, Tadiswa S, Sienna P, Cameron B, Isaac L, Ryan D,  Joshua J, Shane F, Megan L, Nicholas F, Youssef E, Olivia E, Preston B, Yvonne C, Samara C, Eva L, Christian P, Veronica M, Stevania F, Jada N. 

We have a prize for each winner and a smaller prize for our second place winners. These prizes will be available in Week 10 and we will advise via SkoolBag how these prizes can be collected. 


Our Staff Development Day for Term 3 is Friday 17th September. School will be closed as no staff will be onsite. 

Procedure Reminders

    When there is an issue that arises here is the procedure to follow:

      • Contact your child’s teacher directly.

        • Contact the Assistant Principal if you feel that the matter is particularly urgent or if the issue involves the child’s class teacher.
        • Contact the Principal directly or via email if this needs to be addressed further.
        • The reason for this process is that 9 times out of 10 your child will tell their teacher first so they will have the most information at hand. The AP and Principal will of course investigate but it may take longer for minor incidents. In the event that a matter is of a personal or urgent nature please don't hesitate to speak to Jackie or Lisa.

        When coming into the school office:

        • Please wear a mask and sign in via the QR code.
        • Stay 1.5 m away from any other person in the office area.
        • Don't forget to sign out upon leaving the office.

          Survey Feedback

          We really valued your feedback around how we can improve our practice.

          1. More communication: As a community we are endeavouring to be clearer in our communication between home and school. We are looking for better ways to send out information to ensure that all stakeholders are well informed. If you would like information translated please let us know via the school email.
          2. More notice: We take onboard that parents would appreciate more notice for upcoming events. In a normal year we would lock events into our calendars for the year so that unless unforeseen circumstances arise, people could plan for days off etc. Once we are out of lockdown we will do this again as soon as is feasible. 

          Thank you once again for your honesty and support to make our school the best it can be.

          Premier's Reading Challenge -UPDATE

          To support all students, the following adjustments have been applied to the Challenge in 2021. 

          • The Challenge closing date has been extended to Friday September 3, 2021.

          • Students on all Challenge levels will be able to read 10 choice books. 

          • Students on all Challenge levels will be able to include books on their reading records that they read collaboratively as a class, in person or online with their teacher or at home with their parents/carers.


          PBS4L During Remote Learning

          Whilst working online it is important we continue to uphold the St Bernadette’s expectations:

          ⭐ I am safe

          ⭐ I am respectful

          ⭐ I am a learner


          What would this look like online?

          I am Safe 

            • Join Zoom lessons from a safe area in my house eg. the living room or kitchen/dining area
            • Use the technology correctly

            I am Respectful

              • Wear appropriate clothing during Zoom lessons
              • Mute my microphone when I am not speaking
              • Only use the chat feature in the Zoom lesson when my teacher asks me to
              • During Zoom lessons I am listen attentively
              • Speak kindly and use my manners when interacting online

              I am a Learner

                  • Complete activities set by my teacher
                  • Only use the comment section on Google Classroom when I need to ask a question
                  • Avoid distractions around me when I am working
                  • The work that is submitted is my personal best

                    Altar Servers' Roster 16 July - 17 September 2021


                    Our Digital Sign

                    We would love to advertise events in our community so if you know of an upcoming event please email the details to

                    Don't forget to collect your Bread Tags!

                    Enrolling now for 2022

                    We still have a small number of places left in our 2022 Kindergarten. Please send in all relevant information as soon as you can to secure your place.

                    Happy Birthday

                    • Youssef - 25/08
                    • Mia L - 26/08
                    • Marie-Elise - 27/8
                    • Ryan R - 28/08
                    • Isabelle E - 28/08
                    • Malia - 29/8
                    • Phineas - 30/8
                    • Sarah - 30/08
                    • Gabriella V - 31/8
                    • Patience - 31/8
                    • Nina - 03/09
                    • Vince - 04/09
                    • Abigail - 05/09

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