Reynella Primary School Grapevine

Term 4, Week 5 | 2021

From the Leadership Team


It was with great pride that we attended Bonython Hall on Tuesday November 2 to attend the graduation ceremony of our inaugural Children’s University graduates. 30 children from Reynella PS achieved 30 or more hours making them eligible to graduate. This is the first year we have participated in this event and are looking to continue in 2022. Many thanks must go to Fiona Brown for introducing and coordinating this wonderful opportunity for our students. We must also acknowledge the efforts of our families in supporting our students with their out of school hours learning activities.

Students receiving the National Bronze Award for 30 hours:

Brooklyn A

Charlotte A

Brayden B

Indiana D

Krystine G

Hunther G

Lewis G

Evie H

Michael H

Kody J

Charlotte K

Ethan Mc

Alana Mc

Laila M

Jaden M

Elly P

Riya P

Charlie R

Mase S

Lara T

Jaya W

Jack W

Elexis W


Students receiving the National Silver Award for 65 hours:

Archie D

Lachlan J

Ava Mc

Gemma R

Chase W

Students receiving the National Gold Award for 100 hours:

Abigail B

Peyton M


Rehearsals across the school are in full swing now in preparation for our upcoming end of year concert: Reynella the Musical. Entering the concert space will look differently this year due to COVID restrictions that we must adhere to. Parents will be unable to access the space until they arrive for the concert from 4.30pm as we will have the area fenced off with clearly identified entry and exit points. These spots will be manned by staff as each family will need to scan in their allocated ticket from and check in using the QR code for mySA GOV (we will have numerous places for this to occur). Please refer to the separate note sent home with students on Tuesday or on Skoolbag.

Let’s cross our fingers that the weather will be kind to us and COVID keeps away. We will inform you as soon as we hear of any changes to directions from SA Health and Department for Education.


Thank you to the 128 families who responded to the Department’s Parent Engagement Survey. As part of our whole school work at last Friday’s pupil free day staff went through the data collected. There were many isolated comments that due to anonymity we are unable to act on however, a focus for us in 2022 is to ensure our communication regarding student learning and progress is consistent. All classes, R-6 and NIT teachers will use Seesaw as their primary way of communicating from next year. Student R-3 will still be utilising Google Classroom to support their learning.


Student News

Learning with B1 & F1 - Mighty Miniatures

Last week B1 and F1 watched a video about Anthony Ryan Schmidt, a young boy with a talent for making his model cars look life-size. We used his ideas to take our own photos and we were blown away by our creativity. The finished products look fantastic and will be on display on the fence outside B1 until the 19th November.

First I found my buddy, I found a piece of paper. Make something small look big. Jarrod B1

We had to make it life-size to make it look real. We had to use pictures and toy cars. We worked with different buddies and worked together. Agam B1

We had to take photos with miniature things and make it look life-size. Me and Kelsey are buddies and Kelsey brought a toy dog and we took a photo of it and there was yellow grass and a small patch of green grass in the middle where we put the dog. I liked Jasmine, Annalise and Kayley’s because the background was cool. I liked Logan, Dylan, Miles and Oliver’s because the background looked really real and cool. Ayesha B1

I had to do a photo of a miniature and make it look real. I did photos with Lily and we did it with two rock crystals.  Zendaya B1

I had to take photos of a car and I had to show how big it was. I had to lay down a piece of paper and then I put the car in the picture. I put it in the swamp. I like Paddy and William’s because the shelter for the car and I like the driveway. Dylan B1

I had to take a photo and I had to make it look real. I had to work with my buddy. Morgan B1

Logan, Dylan, Oliver and Miles…its real, it looks like it’s life-sized, well it’s so big and it looks like someone’s just dumped it, months of lying around. Casey B1

I took photos of a cow and a horse. My favourite was Taliah and Mila’s. Ryan B1

I like the car because it looks real and it looks like it’s in traffic. Drazic B1

I really like the tornado because it looks like it is swirling and the car looks so cool it looks like it is a legendary car it looks so cool. What an amazing idea Tayla and Mia U, and I like the look of the background, it looks so incredibly great and I really like the little tent.  Miles B1

First we got a piece of paper then we went outside and took a photo. We found one that would work for us. We both agreed so we deleted the others and kept the one and my buddy agreed with me as well. Izla B1

We could have the printed off background or a natural background. You had to put the little figures in it and make it look life-size. And then once you’ve taken a photo you had to put the heart on which one you liked. You had to take a photo of how small they are in real life. Ruby F1

I had fun collaborating with Spencer and Taihen, I liked getting dirty. We had to position the camera right, up close. We had to make the scenery better and blur out other people in the background. At one stage we had to move our item because people were everywhere. We tried to make it look like it had crashed and we tried to do a runway. We did one like it was at a hill like it had landed at a base. We did one on its side and one was in the ground, buried. We had to move sticks on top of it as well. I reckon it looks realistic because of the dirt everywhere. Cale F1

We had to find an image or landscape outside or use a piece of paper as a background. We had to fold the piece of paper and put the cars or vehicle on the flat surface so it would look like it was really in the environment. We thought that it would be good to have the tractor with the cows and put it over to the side so it looked like it just went across. We found out that the cow on the bottom stretched because of the camera. Mila F1

Blake, Jarrod and I worked really collaboratively and Jarrod needed to get to know me better before we could work well because we hadn’t worked together before. I think Jarrod especially enjoyed it because he brought a car from home and he was really excited about that. It turned out really well and he was so happy when he saw the outcome. Lachie F1


Hi everyone,

I came across this article the other day.  It made a lot of sense to me, so I thought I would share it with you.  I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers, Fiona



Over a meal with a small group of successful business friends a while ago we started to share how the experiences of our early years had influenced our resilience levels. Coincidentally, almost everyone around the table had experienced hardship, feelings of inadequacy, unfair treatment or judgement by authority figures, low self-esteem and times of 'doing without' in our early years (and for some of us, me included, well into our adult lives.)


Our conclusion?

Hardships and hard times are a precious gift. They teach us. They toughen us. They give us strength - IF we approach them with the determination to overcome. Every one of us noted that if we'd not experienced those earlier tough times we'd not now be capable of doing the work we do, nor in a position to contribute to society in our various ways.

Reflect for a moment on the adults you know. Have you noticed that those who've had an easy life as youngsters do it tough when the pressure comes on? Often the brightest ones, who've not had to work hard in school or even university, struggle the most when complex tasks require solid application. Further to that, when times get tough and jobs get scarce, those same people are not well equipped to cope with the situation. Many of them find it scary, depressing and mighty uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you've already been at the bottom of the pile, if you've already survived on the smell of an oily rag, if you've been unemployed or part of a group that the 'popular' crowd don't want to be bothered with, you know you can deal with tough times - because you've done it before.

It starts at childhood, so let's consider our child-raising techniques. I speak from the perspective of having raised six children, five of them boys, and now as a grandmother of seventeen.

I profoundly believe that if we make our children's lives soft and easy, if we take away risk and challenge, if we always seek to protect our children from adversity, we weaken, damage and distort the precious young lives we're entrusted with. Of course we protect them from danger when they're little, but - danger and adversity are not the same thing. Real danger is life-threatening; adversity is just a situation that we have choices on - choices of attitude, choices of action.

Although many people know this intellectually, how often do you hear successful people - who have experienced tough beginnings - say, 'I don't want my kids to have to go through the hardships I did.' And so - they bend over backwards, spend vast amounts of money, do everything they can - to smooth the path for their children, to make life easy for them. Very faulty thinking. There is a DIRECT relationship between kids who have life too easy or have been over-protected and adults who lack resilience. Often they are also selfish and self-centred to the point of narcissism. Sadly, these people rarely rise to their potential.

And in the school environment, look at the trend towards not making any kid feel like a failure. This is not preparing them for the real world - no boss is going to say 'Never mind the stuff-up you made, or the major customer your mistake just cost us.' From an early age, let them feel the consequences of their actions, or lack of action. It won't damage their psyche to be told they've stuffed up and these are the consequences, as long as it's fair and done with love and firmness.

Many people with wonderful easy childhoods, with every advantage and everything they want lavished on them, end up living adult lives of boredom, emptiness and quiet desperation. Softness makes us weak and ineffective.


So how do we develop resilient young people?

It's too big a topic for this one article, but here are four of my basic rules.

1.      Don't mollycoddle them. Very young children, starting at age two, can make a contribution to their family with chores and can be pushed to take responsibility.

2.      From an early age let them feel the consequences of their actions. Let the punishment fit the crime.

3.      Don't give them everything they want. Make them earn and save for their rewards and treats.

4.      Link pocket money to tasks. It's not a right.

I'm glad we've had a tough economic time recently. We needed it. To be an effective nation and effective people we must become resilient again. Resourceful and resilient people and companies thrive. They're prepared - with the right attitude. They know how to rise above immediate circumstances, they have the long view and they have determination.

Pamper your children and you weaken them.

Article by Robyn Pearce for the NZ Herald Published 2 December, 2015


School News

End of Year Concert 2021

Our annual End of Year Concert has been organised in line with current COVID guidelines. Please be aware that, should things change, you will be notified as soon as possible.

All visitors to our site must adhere to the following procedures: masks are recommended, QR Code on arrival, practice social distancing and we will have hygiene stations near the Oval Canteen for your use.

Programme    4:45 pm – 6 pm  Picnic Tea on Oval: BYO food or purchase from one of the visiting Food Trucks

 Liquid Delights (coffee, cold drinks), Bab’s Greek BBQ and

Moos Ice Creamery Van                                               

Please support these businesses by ‘spreading the word’ to friends and family.

6:10 pm   All students must meet their class teachers in classrooms when the siren sounds.


8:00 pm   Approximate finish time of concert (please help with pack up if you can).

                Important Things to Remember

·      Friday 26 November is a School Closure Day.

·      Monday 29 November is our backup concert date, in case of unsuitable weather on concert night.

·      Class teachers will be in contact with parents regarding clothing/costumes.

·      We are very keen for all students to participate. It has proven to be a most enjoyable and entertaining evening and a wonderful way to celebrate the year.

·      We need a definite indication of which students will and won’t be attending on the night, so class items and final plans can be made. Please let us know if your child is or is not attending by returning the tear off slip or completing the Skoolbag eForm by Friday 19 November. We need one form for every child please.

Tickets for End Of Year Concert

Tickets: Everyone (except for Reynella students) will need to book a ticket/s through Try Booking at or use this QR code, which will direct you to the Try Booking website. Your electronic Try Booking ticket will give you entry to the oval and concert.

You will be given the option to book 1 of 2 tickets on Try Booking, please book: 4:30pm – 8:30pm if arriving early for a picnic tea on the oval. or 6:15pm – 8:30pm to just attend the concert.                                                                                                          

If you cannot access Try Booking, please contact the school as soon as possible, as we cannot allow access without a ticket on the night.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the library from Wednesday 10 November until Tuesday 16 November. This is an opportunity to browse and purchase some early Christmas gifts with many popular books and stationery items available. It is a great fundraiser, as the school receives a percentage of Book Fair sales, enabling us to select a variety of books and resources for use across the school. Parents, family and friends have the opportunity to visit the Book Fair before and after school to browse and purchase items.

Due to COVID restrictions you will be required to wear a mask, check in using the QR code and socially distance as much as possible. We will need to limit the number of people inside the library so there may be a short waiting time. Students will visit the fair with their class and can also purchase items. EFTPOS and cash payments are to be made when purchasing and also when ordering a backorder.

Thank you, Sharon and Wolf.

Book Fair opening hours 2021




10 Nov – Wednesday


3.00 – 4.30pm

11 Nov – Thursday

8.15am – 9.00am

3.00 – 4.30pm

12 Nov -  Friday

8.15am – 9.00am

3.00 – 4.30pm

15 Nov – Monday

8.15am – 9.00am

3.00 – 4.00pm

16 Nov - Tuesday

8.15am – 9.00am



Have you seen our website?

Did you know you can access information about STEM, student support and wellbeing on our website at any time?

We are regularly updating information on our website so that you can find out more about what we have on offer at Reynella and what's coming up on the calendar!


Just a reminder - during Terms 1, 3 and 4 hats are required be worn to play in the yard.

Please make sure you check your child's hat is named.

Canteen News

Can you help?

We have some amazing volunteers who have been helping in our canteen for many years, but it's time for some 'new blood'. If you have got any time at all to spare, please come and speak to us, give us a call or send us an email. Even two hours once a month, would be a big help. We'd love you to join our busy, but fun team.

Lunch Order Procedures

Cancellations will only be given a full credit, if the order is cancelled by 9am on the day of the lunch order, this can be completed on QKR before cut off time 9am for the lunch order day. No credit will be given if there has been no communication with the canteen or cancelled via QKR prior to 9am.

No Lunch: if you forget to place your child's lunch order and can contact the canteen before 10am and pay on Qkr using the "money owing to canteen" option this will reflect immediate payment and the order can be fulfilled. If immediate payment is not received by the school, only an emergency sandwich will be provided (ie jam, vegemite, cheese) as we do not want children to go hungry. Chasing up parents for payment is time consuming and unfortunately some parents do not pay outstanding amounts in a timely manner therefore this option has now been removed.  An emergency lunch is the only option.

Canteen Contact Information

phone: 8381 1493 - option 2


Finance News

Information on our proposed 2022 Materials and Service Charge (M & S Charge) was communicated to parents via Skoolbag on 15 September 2021. Parents  were invited to attend the Governing Council meeting on 26 October 2021 to discuss the 2022 fees. The proposed fees of $310 per student were passed at that meeting.

The next stage of this process is to conduct an Online Poll, where parents will vote for the $310 to be the Prescribed Sum, which means the whole amount will be legally recoverable. This Poll will be live by the end of this week, all parents of students enrolled at Reynella Primary School for 2022, should receive an invitation to the Poll by email by the end of this week. If you don't receive one, it probably means we don't have your correct email address.

2021 M & S Fees were due on Friday 9 April, if they have not been paid, they are long overdue. Thank you to families who have paid their fees in full, set up an Instalment Plan or applied for School Card assistance. If you still have fees outstanding and don't have an active payment plan, please contact Sharon or Kaylene in Finance this week to make arrangements.

After School Sport

Basketball News

The 2021 Basketball season only has a few weeks left, we will soon be asking families to commit to 2022 Basketball as the season starts early in Term 1. Keep an eye out for information on how to apply to join a team.


Finance and Communication

Don't miss out on Skoolbag Notifications

To ensure you don't miss out on school communication, please ensure you turn Skoolbag notifications on and make sure you are part of your child's year group in addition to class and this will ensure you are kept up to date will all the information.

Follow this link for instructions. 

Qkr on Your Computer

Click on this link to access Qkr on your computer.

Important Dates and Information

Information sent home since last Grapevine

Thursday 21 October - Southern Metropolitan Music Festival Concert Day

Friday 29 October - Graduation Information

Tuesday 2 November - Kaurna Movie Night

Tuesday 9 November - End Of Year Concert Information

Important Dates

17 November 2021

Last Day to Pay C7 Bounce and Botanic Gardens Excursion

18 November 2021

Last Day to Pay Bounce Excursion F3 & F4

24 November 2021

AFL Max Excursion F5 & F6

25 November 2021

End of Year Concert

26 November 2021


29 November 2021

F3 & F4 Bounce Excursion

30 November 2021

C7 Bounce and Botanic Garden Excursion

6 December 2021

Year 6 and 7 Graduation

10 December 2021

Last Day of Term 4.

Early Finish 2:05pm





31 January 2022

First Day of Term 1 2022

Please check the google calendar regularly to keep up to date with events happening at Reynella Primary School.

Community Noticeboard

AMC- The Change Factor provides a safe space for your child to talk about their worries, emotions, and daily challenges.  Our empathic and experienced team consists of counsellors, social workers and mental health clinicians who can support your child with social and learning difficulties, friendship struggles, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), family breakdowns, grief, and loss. At AMC, we maintain a strengths-based and child centred approach which aims to equip children with the necessary tools to improve both their wellbeing and resilience. We also specialise in working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities. Our team all hold valid police checks and the relevant state and government clearances to work with children and families. We can visit your child in their home or can obtain an office space upon request. Sessions may be funded by both Medicare (under a mental health plan from GP) and NDIS funding. For further information please get in touch.

0483 840 943


Leadership Team

PrincipalMichele Russell
Deputy PrincipalMatt Simmons
Senior LeaderRichard Kemp
Wellbeing LeaderFiona Brown

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