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Mount Macedon Primary School aims to develop positive, independent, resilient and inquiring students who are ready for the future.

Principal's Report

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Hello Everyone,

We had a really nice first week at school last week. We had a couple of anxious children but generally everyone was glad to be back and we were glad to have everyone back.

Thanks so much for your work in helping to make sure that our school continues to stay COVID free. I know that it’s hard not to come inside to settle your children into their room, and I’m hoping that this will change soon, but our children are becoming capable and resilient at settling in each morning. I have experts from DET (Department of Education and Training) telling me that we are very likely to get COVID in the school some time though, due to the virulent nature of it. Please be assured that we are ready to manage it and that we will keep you informed whilst maintaining strict confidentiality. If your child tests positive, please contact the school so that we can ensure that all parents are checking their children for symptoms. I have a feeling that we may get a bout of summer colds, given the range of different weather last week (I had my heater on one night). This will be an added burden, but if your child is symptomatic i.e. has a sore throat, cough, sneezing or a runny nose etc, we will need to call you and ask you to take them home. They will then need to have a PCR test in order to return to school. The RAT tests are protective measures for regularly checking your children in case they are asymptomatic or have recently been exposed.

We had our first assembly on Friday, and although remote WebEx assembly is not ideal, it was lovely to get the whole school together to welcome our Foundation students. At the assembly, we announced the Grade 6 whole school responsibilities for this year:-

School Captains - Poppy and Lucinda. This role is elected by the senior students. Our School Captains will run assemblies each Friday, and will represent the school when we have important events or visitors.

House Captains- Mitchell (yellow) –Jocelyn and Emily

House Captains Kulin (green) – Oscar and May 

Our House Captains help to organise school sport days (just a reminder that we have our swimming sports at Woodend pool this coming Friday). They also organise a whole school game in the yard each Friday lunch time.

School Reporter – Eliza. Eliza writes a monthly report about the school for the Gisborne Gazette and also writes articles for the school’s weekly newsletter.

School Photographer-Darcy. Darcy will record our year and important events in photographs and he will then store them securely on our internal administration system. Darcy is a keen (and wonderful photographer already).

Junior School Council President – Molly. Our JSC is made up of student representatives from every class. They meet regularly and decide on any important events that will be organised by the children. They also make all decisions for student fundraising.

Environment Team Leader - Lilith. Lilith will be responsible for leading the green team which has representatives from each class. They will have regular meetings with the vision to make the school more sustainable.

Student Voice Leader – Aiden. Aiden will visit each class every week, and peer to peer talk to them about what is happening in the school, what is working well and what needs changing. He will then meet with me, and we will discuss and hopefully implement solutions to the problems. One year, one of the requests was for a rollercoaster in the school. Sadly, I couldn’t help with that one!!

Technology Leader –Charlie. Charlie will organise much of the technology in the school. He will be trained in using our green screen, virtual technology, 3D printer, robo-spheres, microphones etc. He will then support both staff and students to understand and use this equipment.

Peer Mediators (also called Playground Patrol) –Jayden and Thomas. Jayden and Thomas will be in the playground every lunch time. They will wear a fluoro vest so that they are easily recognisable. Their role is to support the yard duty teacher by helping our younger students if they have minor problems, or if they feel more comfortable talking to a peer. Any large problems will be immediately directed to the teacher on duty outside.

Buddy Leaders (a very popular role) – Olive and Ella. Each week our Foundation students have a lesson with their buddies. This lesson is designed and delivered by the Buddy leaders with support from the teachers. These sessions build strong relationships between the buddies and allows our older students to model the school ethos of Care, Create, Collaborate.

Congratulations to all of our Grade 6 students. They are a lovely group of children.

This Friday we have our whole school swimming sports at the Woodend Pool. Please don’t worry if your child can’t swim or is scared of the water, we cater for all children. It is going to be a warm day, so could you please sunscreen your child and give them plenty of water. We will stop and remind all children to put more sunscreen in during the morning (the school can provide this).

Last night we had our first FOS (Friends of the School) meeting. This is our parent body who organise social events and school fundraising. This year is a fete year (the first for a while) and we will need as many parents as possible to help us. The fete raises money that allows us to add “extras” to the school such as the resurfaced basketball court, the new school fence, shade sails, garden beds and the decking for the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) room. PLEASE consider joining FOS. They are a very welcoming group.

I’d just like to finish with a reminder that I am always here to talk to you. If you have an issue, please come to me to talk about it. If I don’t know, I can’t help. You are always welcome to see me.

Have a lovely week and enjoy the weather


Bushfire Management Plan 2022

If you haven't already, please read our Bushfire Management Plan updated for the 2021-2022 fire season. This information is important to know to ensure our school families are familiar with the plan and procedures in the event in the event of a Bushfire Emergency. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school regarding this.

Swimming Carnival

This Friday we are holding our Swimming Carnival at the Woodend Outdoor Swimming Pool. All year levels from Foundation through to Grade 6 will attend, and we will be leaving by bus from school at 9.15am, so please ensure your children arrive to school on time. Please also ensure that your children bring their swimming gear, 2 towels, goggles, hat and a spare T shirt to wear in between events. As we are off site for the day, there will be no lunch orders so please pack a healthy lunch, snacks and plenty of water for the children. We are sure it is going to be a fun day!

MMPS Update by School Reporter Eliza

Hello everyone.

All the students in the school have started to settle into the new school year, including the new Foundation students. 

The Grade Sixes have received their leadership roles and a lot of them have already started working on their leadership ideas and activities.

The Swimming Carnival is coming up this Friday. All the grades will be doing races and fun activities while some students from Grades 3-6 will compete for a chance to race other schools at the District level. The Cross Country and Athletics days are also coming up soon. At the athletics day, there will be: short and long distance running, shot put, long jump and much more.

The Foundation students now have a Grade Six buddy to guide them through their first year of school. The Grade Six buddies will show them around the school, and make sure they are okay and enjoy themselves. Every Friday they will be doing fun little activities together.

This year there are going to be a number of different lunch time activities at the school. These include things like a Lego club, a games club and an Art club. So if any of the students need something to do or are interested in any of them, they can join in and have some fun! 

So, there is a tonne of things going on at school already and a heap more to look forward to. I hope all the students enjoyed their first week of school for 2022!


Lunch Orders

Lunch Orders are back for Wednesdays and Fridays. See attached Lunch Order menu for 2022. Please note there will be no lunch orders this Friday 11th Feb as the students will be attending the Swimming Carnival.

MMPS Lunch Order Menu


Outdoor Lessons

As we hurtle into Week 2 of Term 1, the students have been settling back into school routine quite well. This week, to break up the learning and time spent in classrooms, the students have been making the most of our lovely summer weather. The Grade 2's combined some outdoor learning with a PE class by playing a game of Octopus on the oval, and the Grade 5/6's took the same opportunity by playing a fun game of dodgeball.

See below for for some great pics!

Holiday Inspired Art

This week in Art the Grade 4/5 students got super creative and put together some pictorial stories of the activities they got up to on their summer holidays. Have a look at some of their stories below.

From the Office

Just a quick note to remind parents if you are dropping your child late to school, please present via the school office and sign your child in as a late arrival. This really helps staff and teachers keep track of attendance, and helps avoid any disruption to the start of class. We appreciate your cooperation.

Music Lessons 2022

Music will resume for 2022. Our music lessons are run by Shaun Evans from Ranges Music Network. Please email: if you are interested in music lessons for your children. This year, the music lessons will be held mostly on Wednesdays and cater for all levels, classes and instruments.

Guitar Lessons 2022

Friends of the School


Central Highlands Orienteering Club

Gisborne Secondary College

Woodend Netball

Term 1 Tennis

Gisborne Pilates Plus

Important Dates

School Swimming Carnival - Friday 11th February

Athletics Carnival - Friday 4th March

Cross Country - Friday 18th March (Grades 3-6)

Foundation children will attend school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays during February. Wednesdays are a rest day.

These Wednesdays are:

Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd.

2022 Term Dates

Term 1 - Monday 31st January to Friday 8th April

Term 2 - Tuesday 26th April to Friday 24th June

Term 3 - Monday 11th July to Friday 16th September

Term 4 - Monday 3rd October to Friday 20th December