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Term 3 Week 4

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COVID-19 UpdatesCanteen OpeningTravelling to School

Upcoming Events

August 3rd -Zone Athletics Carnival

August 6th-PSSA Gala day

August 10th-  P&C Meeting

August 27th - Book Week Parade

Education Week

Last week was Education Week, which is an annual celebration of public education in New South Wales. Our school focus was student engagement in Mathematics. Photos will be shared on Facebook, later in the week. As a part of the celebration we shared "Education at EHPS" on Skoolbag, to which we had an overwhelming response from the community.

This year's theme 'across the state is Lifelong Learners', as continuous learning is critical for success throughout life. Evidence points to Reading as the number one skill life long learners engage in and we take this opportunity to remind parents and carers of the Edgeworth Heights Reading Gems program. Congratulations to all students who are reading nightly, you are doing a wonderful job.  The race to fill the class gem bag is as close as the Olympics. Which class will be first?

COVID-19 Restrictions

At this stage we have not received any additional updates which directly affect our school and we are so grateful that we can continue to teach face to face. The information below is the same as last weeks and is here as a reminder. Thank you to all of our parents and carers who have been adhering to the guidelines currently in place.

A reminder that we are currently in Level 2 restrictions and students should not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms of COVID-19. Any person with any COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home and should not return until they have received a negative test result and are symptom-free.

In circumstances where children have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms, a letter from their GP is sufficient to negate the requirement for a negative test.

Parents and carers are unable to enter school grounds for drop-off and pick-up. Whilst waiting to collect children from school outside of the school gates, please physically distance from others and it is recommended that you wear a face mask.


Our Zone Athletics Carnival will be held this Tuesday at the Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale. Transport is by private vehicle.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions only one spectator per competitor is allowed. Please check in with the QR code on arrival. We hope everyone has a fantastic day and wish all competitors the best of luck.

This Friday our PSSA teams will compete in the next round of the competition.  Transport to and from the venue will be by bus. Unfortunately, parents/carers cannot attend. 

Canteen Opening

It is wonderful to have our canteen operating again. Just a reminder that it will be open every Wednesday to Friday. Orders can be placed by the QuickCliq website or over the counter on the day.

The QuickCliq website has been updated which means any bookmarks saved previously will no longer work. To re-establish a bookmark in your browser go to www.QuickCliQ.com.au and select ‘Log in’ the top right hand corner and then you will need to resave. 


Just a reminder for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to please return their PLPs as soon as possible.

Travelling Safely to School

While the majority of our students are walking, riding and travelling safely on the bus to and from school, it has been brought to our attention that some students are putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations and we ask that you have a conversation with your child/children about keeping safe. Some of the concerns we have been made aware of are students putting their arms out of bus windows and changing seats while the bus is moving, riding without helmets, students riding in the middle of the road, students playing in neighbouring gardens and students antagonising pets on private property. Once again the majority of our students are doing the right thing.