Week 8 Term 2 2021

Principal: Ms Judeline Wadhwani,

Acting Principal: Mr Patrick Baiwan,

Head of P-6: Mrs Wiki Thomas,

Head of 7-12: Mrs Rachel Baiwan,

Head of RE, Faith & Mission: Mr Raymond Rangatin,

School Address: P O Box 211, Kavieng, New Ireland Province

School Telephone Number: (675) 984 2128

School website address:

From the Principal

Dear parents and members of the OLSH community and extended OLSH community,

I am in my fourth lockdown in Melbourne.  Thankfully the situation is being managed with utmost attention to detail in containing the spread of the virus and we hope to be out of lockdown sooner than later.  In the meantime, leading the daily life of the school keeps me joyfully occupied especially as we are now at the “business end” of the school term.

We are approaching the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. 

There will be no school on Monday 14 June. 

Year 12 students will have their Written Expression Mock 1 Exam on Tuesday 15 June

Teachers from 7-12 have been advised to set substantial learning activities.  We believe that it is possible to have relaxation and fun whilst engaging with dedicated hours of home study.  


  • Term 2 – School closes on Friday 2 July
  • Term 3 - Monday 12 July  – Friday 17 September
  • Term 4 – Monday 27 September  – Wednesday 1 December


  • Year 10 – Monday 11 – Friday 15 October
  • Year 12 – Monday 18 – Friday 22 October
  • Year 8 – Monday 25 –  Thursday 28 October

A for Appearance/Attire

I am currently reading P-12 Pastoral Care reports and wish to address comments made by class teachers and coaches (7-12) about a substantial minority group of students regularly coming to school not wearing the correct uniform. In some cases, incorrect footwear and less than neat hair have been mentioned.  In a very small number of cases, stained teeth (from the chewing of betelnut) have also been mentioned.

As the beacon school in Kavieng, we endeavour to uphold high standards of attire that must be adhered to on a daily basis.  Our students must appreciate the value of a neat, smart appearance in wearing their uniform with pride to school each day.  Parents please support our uniform expectations by ensuring that your child leaves home each morning looking like a proud OLSH scholar.

On the other hand, I must commend all those students especially at P-6, whose teachers have commented on their smart appearance in OLSH uniform every day.  Well done.

A for Attendance

Since last week, the respective Head of School and I have been meeting with the regularly absenting student and parent(s) to address this issue.  Whilst the majority of the students are doing the right thing by adhering to A for Attendance and punctuality, there is still a substantial minority whose attendance and punctuality are cause for serious concern.  Thank you to all parents/guardians in anticipation of your support for getting your child/children to school on time every day.

A couple of regular reminders appear below for the attention of all parents and guardians.

School start time & student safety

It has been noted that some students are standing outside the school gates as early as 7.00 am.  Parents please note that there is no supervision for students before 7.30 am.  Please do not leave your child outside the school gates.  This is a hazard to their personal safety.

Changed Traffic Flow Arrangements

Please continue to support us with your co-operation in adhering to the changed traffic flow arrangements.

Health and Safety is every person’s responsibility at OLSH

As the health and safety of all members of the community are paramount, I reiterate below my message to the OLSH community with regard to COVID-19 safety and Scabies Management.  All parents and guardians are asked to support the school by doing the right thing at all times.  

COVID-19 Safety

Please do not send your child to school if they are sick or display any signs of cold and flu or have a fever.  Please get medical attention for them at the earliest and inform the school of their absence.

All students above 12 years of age are expected to carry and wear a mask to school.

Personal hygiene and hand hygiene are to be practised every day at home and at school.

Scabies Management

As there have been a few cases of scabies at OLSH, parents are asked to please take note of the school’s scabies management policy which can be found in the link below.  As scabies is a highly contagious disease, please ensure that you follow the guidelines in the policy. A hard copy was also sent home with the newsletter in Week 3, for parents who receive the hard copy of the weekly newsletter.

In the interests of the health and safety of the entire OLSH learning community, it is important that all families act with caution and care in taking prompt action to treat their son/daughter for scabies.  Please send your child to school only after the steps for first line treatment and follow up treatment (if necessary) are carefully followed.


Learning-Teaching News

P-6 News

Home Link Book

Please continue to use the Home Link Book regularly especially in these last 3 weeks of term.  

Important Year 10 and Year 12 dates


  • Friday 11 June                   Science Practical Examination Mock 1 (Skills)
  • Friday 25 June                   Science Practical Examination Mock 2 (Investigation)
  • Friday 30 July                     Science Practical Final Examination


YEAR 12  (Please see added dates)

  • Tuesday 15 June               Year 12 Written Expression Mock Exam 1
  • Monday 12 July                Issue of 2020 Written Expression Reading Booklets to students
  • Monday 19 July                Year 12 Written Expression Mock Exam 2
  • Monday 2 August            Year 12 Written Expression Final Examination

Staff Professional Learning

Over the years, OLSH has been appreciative of the many opportunities for the sharing of professional wealth among educators.  I particularly acknowledge the Diocese of Toowoomba, Queensland and the Executive Director Dr Pat Coughlan for their support in sending their staff over to OLSH for the sharing of professional expertise.  OLSH teachers and ICT staff have been the richer for gaining different perspectives on how daily learning-teaching and school operations can be continually enhanced.

As visits from international personnel had to be suspended due to the pandemic, we have been challenged to focus on how we can share and build from the professional expertise that lies within our teachers, considered to be some of the best nationally, and certainly in New Ireland Province. 

The Building Collective Efficacy Professional Learning Programme introduced in 2020 and continuing in 2021 has been an outcome of how we have responded to this challenge to develop our teaching teams at home. Under the banner of our Learning-Teaching theme Every Student Under the Microscope, P-12 teachers working in teams, have supported their Head of School in delivering a range of professional learning sessions that were identified as needs-based.  Ongoing professional conversations as a result of lesson observations and feedback, revisiting professional learning topics and sharing best practice have become regular aspects of in-house teacher development at OLSH.

Professional support from Melbourne for OLSH teachers

I acknowledge and thank my former colleagues Ms Anna Damigella, Marymede Catholic College and Mrs Nada Ellis, Star of the Sea College for their invaluable support and resources provided to OLSH teachers.  Both these teachers have offered continuing support to OLSH teachers in the areas of handwriting (P-6) and writing (P-12). 

In supporting our aim for OLSH students to become good writers for life, Mrs Ellis has sent an overwhelming number of superb resources which have been categorised and uploaded to the main drive.  They are now available at the touch of a button for all P-6 teachers and 7-12 English teachers.  It is our hope that we will be able to arrange video-conferencing sessions to meet OLSH teacher needs for professional learning conversations.

Maintenance staff working on AV Room upgrade

Meet the Staff – Mr William Savitas

This week we are pleased to introduce Mr William Savitas, ICT & English teacher (7-12) and Boarding House Supervisor.  Jedidiah Kalisa and Christina Thomas, Year 10 students present their interview of Mr Savitas.

Mr. William Savitas first joined OLSH in January, 2020. He comes from New Ireland and was previously attending Don Bosco Technical Institution (DBTI) in Port Moresby. He misses the morning assemblies he had in DBTI and all the friends he made there.

His favorite color is maroon and his hobbies are writing, creating graphic design, creating and editing multimedia.

He believes that the challenge OLSH is facing is - the era of COVID-19 has caused a lot of challenges for both students and teachers in terms of effective teaching and learning. Also one other challenge is the continuous blackouts that are beyond our control.

What Mr Savitas finds most appealing about OLSH is that the students and teachers of OLSH are friendly and also there is cooperation and collaboration between the teachers and students.

The book that he read and was a memorable one was Dr Ben Carson’s life story. It was a memorable book because it stated how Ben went through the challenges in life and become successful at the end.

His message for the students of OLSH is to be always grateful that you are a student here at OLSH. You have access to standard learning materials/facilities and teachers who can help you. Students in other schools don’t have the type of learning facilities that OLSH offers.

Christina Thomas and Jedidiah Kalisa

Year 10

Year 12 ICT Class

Mr William Savitas with Jedidiah and Christina

From the Acting Principal

Term 2 fees

A reminder that Term 2 fees are payable in full on Friday 18 June.  Your timely payment of  fees helps OLSH meet our high operational costs to provide the highest quality of learning-teaching every day.  If you are experiencing difficulty in meeting this deadline, you must contact Mr Patrick Baiwan and make alternate payment arrangements as soon as possible. 

Mr Patrick Baiwan

Acting Principal

From the Head of RE, Faith & Mission

CATHOLIC CHURCH CALENDAR: 10thweek in the ordinary Year ‘B’ 2021

WEEK REFLECTION: Mark 14:12-16, 22-26

This is my body this is my blood

Last Sunday was the celebration of the Body and Blood of Christ or Feast of Corpus Christi.

The Body and Blood of Jesus has bound together God and humankind for all time.

When Jesus was on earth, he shared himself with anyone in need. To avoid just taking the Eucharist for granted, we must be like Jesus to recognise human hunger and bring food for others. Our sharing of the Eucharist unites us with Jesus and our Christian communities. How is that sharing evident in our lives today?

The Eucharist is everything. It’s all things, the fullness of life, eternal salvation, mercy, grace, happiness, etc. Why is the Eucharist all this and so much more? Simply put, the Eucharist IS God. Therefore, the Eucharist is all that God is. Ponder the depth of your faith in the Eucharist today and strive to renew it, worshiping God as one who believes with your whole being.

Class Patron Saints

Names of all the Patron Saints of each class have now been put in front of each class. Please remember your Patron Saints in your daily prayers. Small statues of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart are now being put in the primary classes. Big thanks you to Ms Songo for her effort in making the Cards of the Patron Saints and Mr Thomas for the installation of the statues of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

Patron Saints for each class are as follows:

  • Prep Class – St. John Berchamans
  • Yr 1 – St. Catherine Laboure
  • Yr 2 – St Therese of Lisieux
  • Yr 3 – St Peter Chanel
  • Yr 4 – St John Baptist De La Salle
  • Yr 5 – St. Catherine of Alexandria
  • Yr 6 – St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Yr 7 – St. Elizabeth Seton
  • Yr 8 – St Francis Xavier
  • Yr 9 – St. John Vianney
  • Yr 10 – St. Scholastica
  • Yr 11 – St. Aloysius Gonzaga
  • Yr 12 – St. Joseph Cupertino


Thank you and God bless you all

Mr R. Rangatin

Head of Religious Education, Faith and