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November 11, 2021 - Term 4 Week 5

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents & Community Members,

While working towards end of year processes (i.e. preparing for production of Semester 2 reports), in recent times our school has committed a significant amount of time preparing for the new school year.  Following the data analysis undertaken by teachers and shared with the School Board, Operational Plans for 2022 have been drafted to address areas for development.  This includes English (Reading), Mathematics (Number), along with Student Health and Wellbeing.  All plans are currently in draft format and will be shared with the School Board at the next meeting on November 22.

The 1 to 1 Technology Steering Committee met on Monday evening to continue the process for implementation of the program next year.  I sincerely thank the efforts of this group for providing invaluable insights and being an active conduit between the school and the community.  Please be advised as classes are structured for the new year, consideration will be given to families of Year 3 and Year 5 children who would like early access to the program.  As is normal process, we will not be able to confirm classes until January, although families should be assured that the student training associated with implementation will mean access to the device will not be necessary until at least mid-term one.  This initial time is to allow for configuration of devices, establishment of clear protocols, understanding of the “ipledge” and gaining a clear understanding of the processes required.

Our current group of Year 5 children have been undertaking a leadership course in preparation for nomination and selection of Student Councillors and House Captains for next year.  While the course culminates with the selection process, last week witnessed the “Great Race” through Perth’s CBD and the ability to showcase their leadership skills.  Based on these efforts, our student leadership for next year is in good hands.

Finally, as the weather warms up, the excitement in the lead up to the Colour Blast is intense - my sincere thanks to all the parents and community members for efforts towards this year’s event.  Bring on the colour!!!

Peter Meston


2022 Class Structures

The proposed structure of our classes for 2022 will be as outlined below:

  • 3 x Kindergarten
  • 2 x Pre-primary
  • 2 x Year 1
  • 1 x Year 1/2
  • 1 x Year 2
  • 1 x Year 2/3
  • 1 x Year 3
  • 1 x Year 3/4 *
  • 1 x Year 4
  • 1 x Year 4/5 *
  • 1 x Year 5
  • 1 x Year 5/6
  • 1 x Year 6

Requests for class placement in 2022 will be accepted from now until Friday, November 19.

* Please note; the Year 4/5 class and the Year 3/4 class will be part of the “1 to 1 Technology” program in 2022.  Year 3 or Year 5 children in these classes will be invited to be part of the program and purchase a device. Please indicate if you would like your child to participate in this exciting opportunity.  (Please also note; if your child is selected for either class but you are not able to obtain a device for any reason, a shared device will be supplied for use at school)

Requests must be submitted following discussion with your child’s current teacher and may give consideration to social groupings, class structures or other factors.  Please also note: as outlined in the “Class Placement Policy” (attached to this week’s Newsletter), requests for specific teachers will not be considered given that staffing levels or allocations have not been finalised.  Requests should be in writing and submitted to the administration area marked “Attention to the Principal”.

Late requests will not be considered.


Upcoming Events


Friday 12 - COLOUR BLAST

Monday 15 - Phys Zen Yoga: Room 11 & 12

Monday 15 - All library books to be returned this week

Thursday 18 - First Aide Focus Incursion:  Rooms 5, 6, 7 & 8

Friday 19 - First Aide Focus Incursion:  Rooms 11 & 12

Friday 19 - Fab Food

Monday 22 - School Board Meeting (7.00pm)

Wednesday 24 - Staff Meeting (3.15pm)

Thursday 25 - Street Art & State Library Excursion: Room 1, 2 & 7 (year 2)

Thursday 25 - Transition Day: Kindergarten, Pre-Primary & Year 1

Friday 26 - Assembly: Student Leaders (8.50am)

Friday 26 - Meet the Teachers:  Kindy 2022 (2.00pm)

Friday 26 - Phys Zen Yoga: Room 11 & 12

Friday 26 - Transition Day: Kindergarten, Pre-Primary & Year 1

Term 4 Planner

Current as of 10/11/21

Important Information

Library borrowing – end of year procedure

Please be advised that this week, (i.e. ending Friday November 12) will be the last week for borrowing books from our school Library with all books to be returned by the end of next week, i.e. Friday November 19.

The reasoning behind this time-frame is out of our control given a change to the school’s library system having been mandated.  We had hoped to manage this in a more strategic manner but unfortunately given the high demand for support and services, this is the latest date our school could secure.

In the meantime, please make contact with your local Library to access books (and other resources) for the balance of the year -;

  • Duncraig:  (08) 9400 4790
  • Woodvale:  (08) 9400 4180
  • Whitfords:  (08) 9400 4870
  • Joondalup:  (08) 9400 4707

Glengarry Primary School - 2022

Please inform the school if your child/children (excluding Year 6) will not be attending Glengarry Primary School in 2022 by emailing or calling our school on 9378 5678. This will help with planning for the new school year.

Thank you for your co-operation.


As many families are aware, Glengarry Primary School has concluded a consultation process in regards to the implementation of a 1:1 Technology Program for Year 4 students, or students who may be in a 3/4 class or 4/5 class.  In total we have had over seventy families respond, and indicate whether they would be willing to purchase a device for their child.  Parents are now invited to access the Winthrop Parent Portal to purchase an iPad and required accessories:        

Alternatively, families are able to provide a family owned iPad if it runs iOS 15 as a minimum requirement.

Please keep an eye out for any future parent information afternoons, as well as the possibility of a parent visit to a teacher development school that has already successfully integrated technology into the curriculum. 

For more information relating to the Glengarry Primary School 1:1 Technology Program, please click here.

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who received a merit certificate at the last assembly.

Preston SPP
Conor MPP
William JPP
Koa F1
Hartley E1
Skyla M1
Isla D1
Liv R1
Mila M1
Jonah F1
Curtis M2
Ethan N2
Sasha B2
Max W2
Darren K3
Thomas P3
Poppy B3
Lucas W3
Jake M4
Isaac J4
Hayley G4
Lincoln F4
Aayan P4
Rhys W5
Moana H5
Levi T5
Ben H6
Gabe S6
Osian R6
Jack C6
Connor F6

We Care Awards

The following We Care awards were presented at the last assembly for "Integrity".  Congratulations to all recipients.

Sadie HPP
Lydia RPP
Hannah M1
Dieu-An N1
Isha M2
Jude L2
Taya G3
Madeleine D3
Matilda C3
Flynn F4
Owen D5
Kyle M5
Miranda D6

Talulah W6
 Our next value is "Compassion"

We Care Award Recipient

Congratulations to Flynn F for being awarded the 'We Care' Award for Integrity.

Around Glengarry

Reading Programs

Thank you to the parents and community members who give up their time to support our students in Makuru Block. An extra special thanks to Lynn, who is a Reading Express regular. The children love seeing you every day and we are so grateful for your help!

Year 5 Leadership Excursion

Over the past 4 weeks, Year 5 students have been participating in our Leadership Program in preparation for Year 6. 

On Thursday 4 November, the program concluded with The Amazing Race held in Perth’s CBD. Students raced around the city in small groups, completing all sorts of crazy challenges and working as a team to let their leadership skills shine! It was an eventful, energetic and exciting day!

Many thanks go to the wonderful parent volunteers and teachers who attended to make this event so successful.

Sara Barrett, Jacinta Stephens and Megan Richards

Tim Winton Award

In Term 3, a record number of Year 3 and Year 4 Glengarry students entered stories in the 29th annual Tim Winton Award writing competition, and celebrated their efforts with a fun ‘Tim Winton Party’ at school.  This creative writing competition is open to all Western Australian school students and encourages imagination, innovation, and creativity.  There were over a thousand entries from across the state, judged by a panel including authors, journalists and librarians. 

Beau A was invited to attend the Tim Winton Award Ceremony evening at Subiaco Library where his amazing story, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Butcher (attached), was awarded 2nd place by Tim Winton in the Middle Primary category.  Zara J and Caitlin E received high commendations by the judges for their impressive entries, Girl in Disguise and Oceana and the Evil Octopus.

The complete list of highly commended entries and the Anthology of winning stories can be viewed at the City of Subiaco website.


School Grounds

Have you checked out how fantastic our grounds continue to look recently? We are so fortunate to have some lovely working and playing spaces that make up our beautiful grounds for our students and community to enjoy. Thanks (& congratulations) to Hugh Fraser for being our gardener extraordinaire!

Chaplain's Chat


Have you ever been feeling down and then been comforted by a caring friend or family member?  They probably treated you kindly and made you feel understood.  If so, this person was practicing compassion.

Compassion is showing empathy and imagining yourself in the other person’s situation and then taking action to help.  It is a trait which will help you deepen your relationships and make the world a better place.

Sometimes we don’t know the struggles a person is going through, so it is important to show everyone compassion and kindness.  We can practice compassion by listening more in our conversations, making time for family and friends, and being more selfless.

We can also demonstrate compassion in our communities by visiting the elderly, doing a random act of kindness, participating in charity events, donating clothes, toys, or food to those in need, or by contributing time and resources to community service projects. 

Jennifer Wolff


P&C News

Community News

Local Author - 'When Duck Got Stuck'

A simple message about kindness and the idea that we all need help sometimes, lies at the heart of When Duck Got Stuck – important messages for pre-schoolers.  This gentle natural world story, with adorably cute characters, also provides a little lesson on why it’s important to take our rubbish home – a relevant and topical subject.

Children will learn that even a small act of kindness can make a BIG difference.

When Duck Got Stuck is a beautifully illustrated picture book perfect for:

  • Ages 2-5 years
  • Young children, parents, grandparents, caregivers, librarians and teachers who are interested in protecting nature and our natural environment
  • Those that love a woodland adventure!

For enquires Joanna can be contacted on 0424806392, or

Triathlon WA

Triathlon is an accessible sport for all ages and it helps develop fundamental motor skills through swimming, riding a bike and running. There are also health and lifestyle benefits that come from taking part in triathlon – the physical, social and mental benefits.  Many of our clubs run junior programs for those aged 7+ to expose children to the sport in a welcoming, inclusive, fun and safe environment.

For a full list of the triathlon junior programs click here and get your kids involved today.

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