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Issue 5 – 7 May 2021

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 11-21 May - NAPLAN Online (Yrs 3 & 5)
  • 12 May - Kindy G2 & Rm 6 Farmyard on Wheels incursion
  • 13 May - Dental Screening - PP, Yrs 3 & 6 - 9.15am
  • 14 May - National Walk to School Day
  • 14 May - On Air Assembly 
  • 17 May - Dance lessons commence Yrs 5/6
  • 18 May - Kindy G1 & Pre-Primary Farmyard on Wheels incursion
  • 19 May - Year 6 Camp Commences
  • 20 May - Dance lessons commence PP-Y4
  • 26 May - Book Fair
  • 1 June - School Photos
  • 3 June - School Photos 
  • 4 June - School Development Day (Students do not attend)
  • 7 June - Public Holiday (WA Day)
  • 11 June - School Cross Country
  • 18 April - Speak up Final (Yr 4-6)
  • 25 April - Interschool Lightning Carnival (Yr 5-6)

Principal's Message

Dear Community

I’d like to thank everybody for the way they have handled the COVID restrictions over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I think this is a situation that we will be living with on and off for a few years to come. I am pleased, however, that we seem to be learning from each individual situation and each time are able to adapt to the restrictions in a more seamless manner, limiting disruption to our students.

On a bright note, this week our school captains, Maya and Toloa were invited to Parliament House to listen to the inaugural speech of our local member, Stuart Aubrey. They thoroughly enjoyed this special experience and were great representatives for our school!

After School Parking

Unfortunately, we have had a number of near misses in the afternoons due to inappropriate, illegal and careless parking during pick up times. The ranger has been contacted and will be doing regular visits in the afternoons to encourage compliance.

We will always have a shortage of parking and there is no easy fix for this. Some things we can do to help include walking where possible, carpooling and utilising alternate parking areas such as the parking on Deanmore Road or parking at Deanmore Square. But most importantly, it requires everybody to be practising a little bit more patience and common sense.


Over the next two weeks our Year 3 and 5 students will be participating in the 2021 NAPLAN Online assessments in writing, reading, spelling and language conventions and numeracy. Whilst we prepare our students for NAPLAN in the lead up, making sure they are exposed to the types of questions they may be asked, the format of the tests and the devices that they will be using (iPads with a plug in keyboard), we do so with a low key approach. In most cases, the students wouldn’t even identify what they are doing as ‘NAPLAN preparation’.

However, this low key approach is not one that is usually duplicated in the media, so over the next few weeks, please be aware of any other messages that your children may be getting. We want them to be relaxed about the testing, not stressed. The message we work hard to give them is that it is just like any other task and that all we ask of them is that they do their best on the day. If you could reinforce this same message at home, that would be much appreciated!

School Board

After all the COVID developments of the past few weeks, we are excited to finally get to hold our next School Board meeting next Wednesday, 12 May at 6pm. It will go ahead either on site or via a zoom meeting, depending on what restrictions are in place on the day. The main focus of this meeting will be the school budget for 2021. As always, if you are interested in coming along to see what Board meetings are all about, please just email me at so that I can register your intended attendance.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call or email me on

Sarah Dawson


Your Move Program

Dear Families and Scarborough Community,

National Walk Safely to School Day Friday 14 May

SPS, get ready to walk to school on Friday the 14 May! It is National Walk Safely to School Day!

This will be a wonderful opportunity to walk in with your family, friends, or neighbours to get active together. Let's start the day with some fresh air in our lungs and exercise our legs.  

If Friday is a tricky day for families to walk to school, there is the option to park and walk from Deanmore Square.

The canteen will be open before school to buy a juice for $1.50 to quench your thirst on arrival.

Active Travel Days are starting every week from Tuesday 11th May & Thursday 13th of May 

It is time to get active. Ride, walk, scooter or skateboard to school on a Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of term to earn points for our school.

Our Your Move Team will be taking the tally on those days and hoping to get lots of families active this term. We know it is tricky with the wet weather, but let us give it a good go!

Thank you!

Your Move Team 

Running Club

Interested in joining the Scarborough Primary School running club? Invites are now open for students in Year 1 to Year 6 with younger students being able to attend with parent supervision. It is the perfect opportunity to participate in different activities and to have some fun whilst being fit and active. The sessions will be held at Deanmore Square on Friday mornings from 8:10am to 8:40am and will be run by Mr. Bacci. 

P&C News

Who are we?

The SPS P&C (Parent and Citizens Association) is primarily a fundraising body in our school. Our focus is to raise funds to support the school and the students in their growth and well-being.

Everyone is welcome to join the P&C, whether as a member or just to keep informed on our events and contributions. 

2020 saw the P&C contribute to assist with swimming costs, Mathletics, music, and choir shirts. We raise our funds through events, dress-up days, the Entertainment Book, booklist etc. and of course the on-going delivery of the Canteen and Uniform Shop. 

Entertainment Book

Another excellent idea for a Mother’s Day gift is to support our Entertainment Book fundraiser.  

Why not give mum the VIP treatment with Entertainment? Packed with thousands of valuable offers across dining, retail, attractions and travel, an Entertainment Membership is the gift she can enjoy all year round. And if you order between now and the 10th May, she will also receive a $20 or $40 eGift Card!

Buy today and she will have three months to activate her membership, once activated, she will have 12 months of amazing offers at her fingertips.

We think Mum will love it even more for supporting Scarborough Primary School, knowing it helps a good cause. A one year membership is $69.99 with 20% going back to our P&C fundraiser!


Containers for Change

We will continue to fundraise through the Containers for Change initiative. The Containers for Change bins can be found at the school entry at Hinderwell Street near the Room 9 Heritage Building. Keep on bringing those empty cans and bottles to support the P&C!

Alternatively, if you wish to donate at a refund point of your choosing you can quote our Scheme ID C10240685. If you prefer to attend a Reverse Vending Machine location please use the barcode at the bottom of the P&C news. This may be your preference if you have a larger donation and be rest assured that the money goes back to the P&C.


A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been able to volunteer in canteen during Term 1. Your support and time is what makes the canteen a success! We look forward to seeing you and new volunteers this term.

We are always looking for canteen volunteers. So, if you have any Friday mornings available, Laura would love some assistance in the SPS canteen.

E-mail us at the P&C or speak to Laura on Fridays in the canteen if you are keen to help.

A special reminder to all Kindy group 2 parents and caregivers - you can also order lunch from Canteen every Friday! Don’t bother making yet another lunch, order before Friday 8.30am via and we will deliver it your child’s classroom!

Please also note that all canteen orders need to be placed via QuickCliq prior to 8.30am on Friday. Cash is not accepted.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is fully stocked!! Come and pay us a visit on Wednesday mornings for all your uniform requirements from 8.45am to 9.15am. P&C volunteers will be at the canteen hatch to assist you. If the shop is unattended, please wait as they may be delivering an order.

Order forms can be downloaded from the school website at  E-mailed orders will be delivered to your child’s classroom.

Contact Sarah via

In the meantime if you have questions and/or suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us

And make sure you follow us on Facebook!

Community News

Please see the Community News section on the school website for courses and events going on around the community. 

The advertising material in the Community News section does not represent endorsement by Scarborough Primary School.  For further information please contact the company directly.

Term 2 Parent Planner 2021


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