Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 4 week 2 - Wednesday 20 October 2021

From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 4. We are looking forward to a positive and busy term ahead, with many important activities and events occurring, including: transition days (for both yr 6 and 7s moving to high school and new reception students starting at our school next year), yr 6 and 7 Graduation, end of year reports, SAPSASA sport, swimming lessons and our end of year celebration (we are working towards an after hours concert format which families can attend). Details for all of these events will be shared with the community once planning has been finalised.


Our year 6 students returned home last Friday from their trip to Woodhouse Activity Centre and it was a fantastic experience for our students. The itinerary was very full and despite some less than ideal weather, students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and engaging activities. A special thanks to Michael Boere who coordinated the preparation of the camp and other staff members Danni Murphy, Luke Springer, Aileen Clancy, Ben Kitchin and Donna Nitschke for also assisting. Our parent helpers also provided fantastic support.

2022 Class Planning

At this stage, based on predicted enrolments for next year, we expect to have 14 classes (which includes our Junior Primary Special Options class). From the beginning of this term, our school will be starting the process of student placement in classrooms for 2022. Due to grade level cohort numbers it is anticipated that the mainstream classes will be a mixture of single year level and composite year levels. There are a range of factors that inform the placement process including learner achievement, work habits, behaviour, gender and social and emotional needs. The goal is to create classes that have a balanced profile across all of these perspectives. Families of children in a composite class may have queries about how their child’s learning and social needs are met in this structure; a question and answer section has been provided below that provides further information about this area.

If parents/caregivers believe they have information, based on educational needs, which will help in your child’s placement, please put this information in a letter addressed to the Principal, marked ‘Confidential’. All requests need to be received, in writing, by Monday 25 October. Please be aware that this process is not about selecting teachers for your child but rather providing information for the school to consider. We cannot promise that every request will be met, however, all information will be taken into consideration. Alternatively, if your child will not be attending Henley Beach next year, please inform their teacher or the front office.


Composite Class Frequently Asked Questions

Why do schools have composite classes?

Composite classes are a practical solution to managing the varied enrolment numbers at each year level through balancing the available levels of resourcing to create classes that are within Department for Education’s recommended class sizes. Some schools actually create composite classes, even when they don’t need to, for the educational, social and emotional benefit of children.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages for a child in a composite class?

Research confirms that there is no academic disadvantage for children placed in a composite class. Successful learning is less dependent on organisational strategies (such as composite or single year levels) but rather the quality of the teaching and instructional practices. Older children in a composite class can develop maturity and consolidate their learning by being role models and peer tutors for the younger children in the class. The younger children can develop more rapidly by having these interactions with older children. Schools will strive to organise opportunities for children in a composite class to mix with their same age peers in formal and informal learning and play situations.

How does the teacher of a composite class cater for the needs of children over such a range of ages?

All teachers have to cater for a range of ages and abilities of the children in their class. Within a single year level the academic age range of students can be up to 18 months – 2 years. Planning and programming is based on the Australian Curriculum achievement standard for the grade levels within the class. Further to this, teachers of the same year levels will collaboratively plan the majority of curriculum areas to ensure consistency across classrooms.

How are composite classes formed?

Some parents/carers may have the view that their child has been placed in a composite class due to concerns around their learning – this is not the case. The school strives to ensure all classes, whether they are a single year level or composite, have a balanced profile that reflects an equal distribution of academic achievement, social and emotional needs and gender.

Kindy Transition Visits

On weeks 4, 5 and 6 of this term the 2022 intake of reception of students will have the opportunity to participate in transition visits at Henley Beach. The purpose of the transition visits is to familiarise the children with our school environment and help them get a sense of school life. We look forward to them, and their families, joining our school community.

Materials and Services Information for 2022

At the beginning of the term correspondence was sent home to families regarding the proposed materials and services fees for next year. As a part of this process there is an opportunity for parents/carers to attend a meeting where school leadership and Governing Council representation will be present to discuss this proposal. Please note that the date for this meeting is Tuesday 26 October, at 6.30pm. In lieu of attendance at the meeting, parents/carers may express their views in writing to the chairperson of the school council prior to the meeting.

Please email: baker_t1@optusnet.com.au

Motions to be put to the regular Governing Council meeting following general discussions are as follows:

Motion 1: “That the Henley Beach Primary School Governing Council approve the Materials and Services (M&S) Charge for 2021 being set at $370.00”.

Motion 2: “That the Henley Beach Primary School Governing Council determine to conduct a poll of parents and carers seeking endorsement that the ‘prescribed sum’ (Total M&S fees) be legally recoverable”

Following this meeting, a polling process will be undertaken with the school community.

COVID-19 Arrangements

Please be aware that the guidelines and expectations around this area have remained the same for this term, including:

·        The movement of adults in school needs to be limited therefore we request parents/carers do not enter classrooms. Parents/carers are able to come on site to drop off or collect their child but must ensure physical distancing occurs between other adults and children.

·        When entering the front office (or other indoor areas) please ensure you are wearing a mask and check in via the QR code provided (this information allows SA Health contact tracers to act rapidly any time, day or night, and to directly notify you if you have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19).

·        If you need to see a member of staff you can arrange an appointment via the front office. Meetings need to be held online or telephone.

·        If your child is unwell, please keep them at home.

·        Volunteer activities will be planned/scheduled according to class teacher needs.


End of Year Volunteer Award

Each year our school benefits greatly from volunteer assistance and as a way of recognising someone who has made a significant contribution in their support of students, class activities and school events, an annual award is presented. If you would like to nominate a volunteer for this award please do so in writing by Friday 12 November. In your nomination please include the following information:

·        Your name and the name of the volunteer being nominated.

·        A brief summary why this person is being nominated (1-2 paragraphs).

Facilities and Grounds Update

During the recent holiday break the Performing Arts/OSHC room had a significant amount of maintenance work undertaken which has certainly assisted the presentation of these spaces. Along with this work, volleyball goal posts have been installed on the oval and will be a great addition to student play opportunities.



Henley High School Tours

Tuesday 26th October, 1.45pm - 3.15pm

Wednesday 10th November 9am - 10.30am

Monday 22nd November 9am - 10.30am

 To book in for a tour, parents can visit https://henleyhighschool.wufoo.com/forms/zqkt44312j71ka/

Wellbeing Coordinator - Dr Donna Nitschke

This term, we have several student-led initiatives happening. These include the addition of an Art Club held in the STEM area during lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. Some of the activities available will be drawing and origami. Lachie from Year 5 has organised a Rubik’s Cube Speed Competition which commenced in Week 2. Our Backpacks 4 Kids team has been very successful in collecting items for this important charity. Backpacks will be delivered to the group early in Week 3.

The painting/updating of our shelter shed is slowly proceeding, led by our Year 6 and 7 student executive and overseen by Bronte (Year 6). We look forward to making the shelter shed a place that adds to student wellbeing, community opportunities and shade activities by providing a pleasant, sheltered option especially during our hotter months.

A group of students has begun to organise for Remembrance Day on the 11 November.  As in 2020, we will be selling poppies to assist the RSL. More details about this day will following in the next newsletter.

Literacy Update Vicky Jones - Assistant Principal

Year 6 Camp


Arriving: As soon as we arrived we got our luggage and put it on a balcony so we could get them ready when we moved into our dorms. We had a look around and then we ate our recess.

First day: The activities we did on the first day were challenge hill, ice blocking and bouldering. Challenge Hill was a giant hill you had to climb and there were 30 obstacles you had to overcome. Ice blocking was when there was a very muddy track and you went on a big ice block down it. Bouldering was a wall with little handles and you had to climb it and we did various challenges.

Second day: The activities we did on the second day included mandala art, survival lesson, laser skirmish and team challenges. For mandala art we made patterns and drew random pictures. For the survival lesson the helper explained how to get water and find shelter. They also showed us how to make fire using rocks. After we finished that we got to make a shelter. We got to do laser skirmish in a bunch of trees and bushes. We had super high-tech laser weapons. For this activity we got to do the hunger games where everyone had a lot more health and there was a hunter who tried to catch everyone. Lastly, we did team challenges to improve our teamwork skills and to have fun.

Last day: On the last day we did tube sliding and Challenge Hill. Tube sliding is when you get a big tube and drag it up a hill and then go down a big slide and get sprayed by water. On Challenge Hill we went in a giant labyrinth and played games in there.

The food: The food there was pretty good. We had food such as steak, chicken and sausages, for breakfast we had toast, cereal, bacon and eggs and pancakes. The dessert was really good as well, we had apple crumble and ice cream sundaes with m and m's.

Night: At night we played this game called minute to win it and we played spotlight in the middle of a forest. Minute to win it had different challenges you had to do and the person who did it first won.

When we were leaving: we had to pack our clothes after we finished breakfast. When the bus came we got our luggage and went back to school.

Sustainability & Grub Club UPDATE Nancy Coleman

Welcome back to all our Grub Club volunteers! We are looking forward to getting Grub Club sessions going again. This term classes will be doing a variety of activities including a garden challenge (finding and making a tally of the plants), harvesting peas, cooking a simple salad of the imagination, making a drink bottle planter, planting spring seeds, saving seeds from last season, making a scarecrow, and closely observing a small window of plant and animal life. The instructions for the “salad of the imagination” are attached below in case you would like to have a go at home!


Our garden is looking especially lovely! Check out the beautiful new pergola for the sultana vines and the outdoor sink which has been reused from junior primary. Thank you to Audrey for the freshly painted picnic table and benches, ready to be decorated by the students.

 A group of year 5 students from Ben Kitchin’s class, with the help of volunteer Leah, have designed an entry for the Bunnings Spring Garden Competition. Well done and good luck to Aston, Jasper, Darshini and Savannah!

Parents and Community (P&C)

School Pupil/Closure days 2021


CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

We will have the summer menu available on Qkr  in the coming weeks with some new items suitable for the warmer weather. 

You may notice some items not available for lunch and this is because they are more suited to the cooler terms. They will be back for winter!

There will be a special in week 5 to promote our new Summer menu items.

 Taco Tuesday is back! Weeks 3 & 8

The last day of term will be over the counter lunches only.  $2- $4 lunch menu items will be for sale.

A reminder that if you order lunch for your child you must still provide recess and brain food as any snack items ordered are only delivered at lunch, not recess.  We will have apples available for those that forget, at a cost of $2 payable on QKR.

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

Second vacation care completed and another success! It was great to see smiles on the children’s faces during this time; it makes the work really fulfilling! We had a great day out at the zoo, particularly watching the bird show and seeing the lions get fed. It was the second time we went to Inflatable World and it is proving to never get old. Science day had us all learning things, like how difficult it is to build a Ferris Wheel out of pop sticks, even for staff, and how you shouldn’t shake your lava lamp. Most of all, it was our Mario Kart competitions that brought out some great competitive spirit. There were some junior primary children who showed some of our older students, and even staff, how to drive. We all had great fun and cannot wait until the summer vacation care. The program will be released in week 5 this term.

After the two weeks of vacation care in the Italian room, we are now back in our newly renovated OSHC room. We are offering families who haven’t used OSHC this year, and new families, their first session free. This offer is for the whole of term 4. If you are interested, please contact Andrew.

Community News

Fundraiser for Headspace - James Lakin SSO

Our very own James Lakin is fundraising for Headspace Australia by cycling 1,500km during November which equates to 50km a day. Headspace Australia provides mental health support for youth aged from 12 – 25. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and can be done via the following link https://www.mycause.com.au/.../pedalling-for-peace-of-mind 

headspace provides mental health and wellbeing support, information and services to young people aged 12 to 25 and their families across Australia through