James Busby High School

Term 2, Week 10, 2021

Important dates

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our school community of our 2021 focus areas as well as to provide some other relevant information that will help you to support your child/children to engage with their education.

    During 2021, we are focussing on 4  ‘Big Picture’ areas within the school to support our students to engage in their education deeply and with greater confidence.

     The 4 ‘Big Picture’ areas are:

    ·  Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L): PB4L is a set of practices and strategies that assists schools to support the social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes of students.

    ·  Trauma-Informed Practice: Trauma-Informed Practice is a whole-school approach which enables all staff members to engage in consistent evidence-based strategies to meet complex behaviour, wellbeing and academic needs of all students. This works best through a consistent whole-school approach within a positive education model.

    ·  Pastoral Care: Pastoral care is a continued commitment to, and active demonstration of concern for, the growth and wellbeing of each student, as well as the broader school community. It focuses on developing an environment and culture that supports the physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of every student. To support this, every student will engage in a Pastoral Care program every morning from 8.50am-9.10am.

    ·  Leading, Managing, Doing: This is a professional learning activity of approximately 27 weeks that will engage our staff in some of the latest research, strategies and principles around leading the learning in their classrooms, managing complex student needs and behaviours and imbedding practices (doing) that will build a positive behaviour culture in the school. This complements the longer term  work in PB4L and trauma-informed practice.

    These focus areas have been deliberately chosen because they align well with each other as well as our values, student expectations and mantra.

     Our Values:

    ·  Equality

    ·  Excellence

    ·  Respect

    ·  Safety

     Our Student Expectations:

    ·  Arrive at school on time.

    ·  Be in uniform.

    ·  Have all equipment necessary for learning.

    ·  Be on time for and attend all lessons.

    ·  Be respectful of others, teachers and themselves.

    ·  Follow all reasonable requests.

    ·  Be safe and respectful on the playground.

    ·  Strive for excellence in everything they do.

    ·  Proudly represent their school.


    Our Mantra:

    ·  Scholars Today, Leaders Tomorrow.

    In order to support us with our work in 2021 we ask that you ensure that your child/children are aware of the following:



    ·  Attendance is a MANDATORY requirement by law for all children under the age of 17.

    ·  Our school day begins at 8.50am for ALL students.

    ·  Please be aware of our Bell Times at the end of this document.

    ·  This later start is designed to assist students to get to school on time each day.

    ·  Each day will begin with ‘Pastoral Care’. This is a vital part of student learning and support.

    ·  Please ensure that your child/children arrive well before this time each day.

    ·  Chronic, long-term lateness and non-attendance not only negatively impacts student-learning outcomes, but also can have serious consequences for families in terms of legal attendance requirements.


    ·  Students must wear uniform each day.

    ·  We have relaxed our approach to uniform somewhat in the hope that students will engage with the many choices they now have.

    ·  Students can wear any combination of our uniform options that are available at the uniform shop. Please see the flyer enclosed with this letter.

    ·  Sports uniform may be worn everyday as long as they change for PE.

    ·  Students can wear black or white LEATHER shoes. Sports shoes are acceptable, but must be leather and predominantly black or white. No bright colours.

    ·  The transition to our new school logo is a 3-year process so that families are not financially disadvantaged. The uniform shop will still sell uniform with the old logo until stock runs out.

    ·  If your child/children are involved in a school program where they represent the school they will be expected to wear the more formal uniform, not sports uniform. The school may be able to assist with this.


    ·  It is important that students come to school each day with the correct equipment for each subject.

    ·  Please ensure that your child/children have this equipment available to them.

    ·  All teachers will advise students about the equipment they need in each subject.

    ·  A lack of equipment can compromise the quality of the learning experience and inturn impact learning outcomes longer term.


    ·  Homework in all its forms is an essential part of school life.

    ·  Homework is designed to be an extension and consolidation of classwork.

    ·  Assessment tasks and assignments are also classified as homework.

    ·  Students can receive support with homework, assignments and assessments in our free Study Centre every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    ·  Please take an active and supportive interest in homework.

    ·  Show your children that you value their education.

    ·  Failure to complete set tasks can sometimes result in your child/children not meeting course requirements as well as poor development of core literacy and numeracy skills.

     Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):

    ·  All devices, phones, tablets and laptops can be used for educational purposes.

    ·  If your child brings a device to school they are COMPLETELY responsible for its safety, ethical use and repair.

    ·  Unethical use of a device that is deemed non-serious will result in a request to turn it off and put it away.

    ·  Refusal to do this will result in confiscation. The device will be safely stored and returned at the end of the day.

    ·  Repeated unethical use (non-serious) of a device will result in a request for it to no longer be at school.

    ·  Unethical use deemed serious could result in suspension and/or police involvement depending on the circumstances.

     Social Media:

    ·  Students are not to be on any social media platforms during school hours.

    ·  Students found to be using social media platforms inappropriately for teasing, bullying and in any manner that impacts the wellbeing of another person will be at risk of serious consequences including suspension and/or police involvement.

     Reporting Bullying:

    ·  At James Busby High school, our anti-bullying mantra is: Stand Up, Speak Out Against Bullying

    ·  We encourage all incidents of bullying to be reported in a timely manner.

    ·  Students can report this to a staff member: Teachers, Head Teachers, Year Advisers, Head Teacher Welfare, Deputy Principal, and Principal are all here to assist with your concerns.

    ·  Students can also report to our James Busby High School Student Wellbeing Ambassadors who wear easy to identify shirts.

    ·  Students may also report this to a parent. If this is the case, please contact us so that we can assist.

    ·  The faster we know, the easier it is to work at stopping it.

    ·  We all need to work together to stamp this out.

    ·  We can only address these concerns if we are made aware and work together.

     Who to contact in the school:

    ·  If you are concerned about an issue regarding classwork, homework, assignments, assessment or any other learning concern please contact your child’s teacher or the Head Teacher of the subject.

    ·  If you have a concern about your child’s progress, the best place to start, is with the Year Adviser.

    ·  If your concern is welfare or wellbeing related, please contact your child’s Year Adviser or the Head Teacher Welfare.

    ·  If you are unsure about whom to speak to, our front office staff will help to direct your enquiry to the right person – 96077766.

     Student Sleep, Diet and Exercise:

    ·  Please encourage your child/children to get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise regularly.

    ·  This is proven to have a positive impact on learning and wellbeing.

    ·  Please DO NOT deliver JUNK food to the front office to be given to your child/children.

    ·  Please DO NOT encourage them to order food from delivery services like Ubereats, Menulog, etc. The people who deliver the food come to our fence lines and could pose a child protection risk.

    ·  We have a contract with our School Canteen operator that meets all healthy eating guidelines.

     Technology usage at home:

    ·  While we recognise that in your home, you make the decisions regarding your child/children, we ask that you support us in this very frustrating and increasingly serious area of ethical technology usage.

    ·  We ask that you set boundaries and time limits for your child/children and their use of technology in the home.

    ·  Please encourage these time limits so that students get enough sleep and have time for other activities.

    ·  Please encourage and monitor their usage of social media platforms. This is the number one cause of conflict between students, teasing, bullying, serious wellbeing concerns, increasing serious mental health and safety in schools.

    Supervision of children after school:

    ·  Once school is finished for the day, please insist that your child/children go home and are under your supervision and care.

    ·  Students who do not go straight home and are not under adequate parental/carer supervision after school are at greater risk of disengaging from their education, don’t complete homework, assignments and assessments regularly, can get caught up in anti-social behaviours and can pose a risk to themselves and sometimes others.

    We thank you for your continuing support and look forward to working with you.

    Ms Olimpia Bartolillo


    Year 9 News

    Hello Year 9,

    The end of this term marks the half way point of this year and how time has flown! We have witnessed a great deal of positive interactions and good ambassadorship from most of our grade and for that I thank you. The members of the Year 9 Fast Forward group were able to make a campus visit to WSU Campbelltown and get a taste of university life. This group were excellent ambassadors for our school and the university mentor sung their praises to me, commenting on their respectfulness and genuine care for each other as a group. She was able to get a small glimpse of what I see across our grade on a daily basis. Friends supporting friends and being uplifting and positive. Students trying their best and putting their upmost effort into every task they are given and students treating each other and teachers with respect and kindness. I see and want to recognise all those students who I consistently see do all of the above. We have many choices in life, but if we make those choices from a place of kindness we are already succeeding in life.

    I encourage all of you to continue working hard, to set goals and strive to meet those goals. But most of all, I encourage you all to choose kindness in every situation.

    Ms Encina

    Well done, Year 12!

    Another term bites the dust… and what a term it has been!

    Term 2 saw the Athletics Carnival, Prefect Camp to Collaroy, Road Safety Program, Visual Arts Excursion to Bundeena, Love Bites Program, Western Sydney Careers Expo, work experience and placement, and of course, many, many assessment tasks.

    Mr Costa, the Prefect team and I had a fantastic 3 days at our camp at Collaroy Beach earlier this term. We all learned a lot about leadership, working as part of a team and developed our public speaking skills. The prefects also challenged themselves on a high ropes course, giant swing, and laser tag! We all learned a lot about ourselves and each other, but mostly we learned about the demonic screams certain individuals will let out when flying through the air on a giant swing.

    After all this, sounds like we all deserve a break!

    But we can’t rest for too long… Term 3 will be another big term. In fact, it will be our last term! We have so much to look forward to! Preparation for our Formal and Graduation is well underway. They are both shaping up to be fantastic events.

    Important Term 3 dates for Year 12:

    ·         9 – 20th August – Trial Examinations

    ·         14th September – Graduation at Liverpool Catholic Club

    Look after yourselves and each other over the break! Rest up, but get some good study in as well.

    Looking forward to next term!

    All the best,

    Ms. Hall and Ms. Walsh.

    Hands-on maths: High school students use mathematical skills in trades

    Years 9, 10 and 11 students from four different Sydney schools gathered at James Busby High School to put their maths to the “practical” test.

     About 50 students from schools participating in the NSW Government’s Educational Pathways Pilot Program studying Mathematics in Trades applied mathematical concepts to the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries.

    Experts from that sector were at our school and helped to run students through four different scenarios, such as measuring pipes and rooms, as part of a collaboration with the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association.

    In one of the scenarios, students used equations to measure the mass flow of a refrigeration unit, and bent copper pipe correctly.

    The Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education Geoff Lee said connecting students with industry was a top priority.

    “Creating a synergy between training pathways and industry’s needs through the EPPP will reduce skill shortages and create a highly employable workforce,” Mr Lee said.

    “Particularly in the current climate where NSW is relying on the trades workforce to plug skills gaps exacerbated by the pandemic.”

    It is hoped the event will also help pave the way for work experience and School Based Apprenticeships for students.

    The schools involved in the workshop on Wednesday June 23 included James Busby High School, Miller Technology High School, Ashcroft High School and Liverpool Boys High School.



    MIT Mathematical application workshop

    EPPP Maths in Trades Workshops

    The Educational Pathways Pilot Program has been hosting industry workshops at James Busby High School. Representatives from Daikin, Kirby and Apprenticeships Are Us have delivered hands on trade learning experiences with our students as well as others from local schools including Miller High School, Liverpool Boys High School and Ashcroft High School.

    So far we have had the pleasure of running two apprenticeship expos in Automotive, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration. Our Maths in Trades students, as well as those who expressed interest have been exploring these amazing opportunities. Students were both engaged and challenged by these experiences.

    Mr Suljevic

    EPPP Team Member

    Maths in Trades Automotive Workshop

    Come and Try Athletics Carnival

    Just one week after the James Busby Athletics Carnival, we prepared our muscles and running shoes for our next big track and field event. The Come and Try Carnival is held annually at Campbelltown Athletics Centre, consisting of 9 schools from Fairfield to Bargo. We brought with us good energy, big smiles and a positive attitude, because win or lose, we were there to “Come and Try”.

    We gave it our absolute best, some of us running metres that we never knew we could run, and jumping metres, we never knew we could jump. What’s best is that we were on a level playing field, making friends and sharing memories with students with differing abilities from various schools. It was a great experience for us and an excellent way to show off the athletic ability that we had developed in PDHPE since the beginning of the year.

    Congratulations to Jayden Goundar of Year 12 for excelling in all track and field events particularly for coming first in the 100 metres sprints. Well done Jayden!

    Ms. Olivia Pham

    Come and Try Athletics carnival

    Community Access

    This year, our Stage 6 IO/AU classes resumed Community Access to learn important life skills to meet outcomes in PDHPE, Mathematics and Work and the Community. We are learning to navigate our way through life by first navigating our way through our community with peers and teachers. We represent our school in such a positive light, always on our best behaviour and respecting members of our community.

    So far, we have walked to Green Valley Plaza and learnt to use the self-service checkout at the supermarkets. We ate lunch at the local Vietnamese restaurant and waited patiently for our food. We caught the T-Way to Stockland Wetherill Park and Westfield Liverpool, and ended the term having lunch together at Rashays Liverpool.  Most importantly, we have a buddy system that encourages us to lead and socialise with peers to foster positive relationships with each other. Our excitement cannot be contained, just look at our photos for evidence of this!

    Ms. Olivia Pham

    Community Access

    Year 7 Inquisitive Minds Workshop

    In Week 6 our Numeracy Team hosted a workshop for all Year 7 students, with an organisation called Inquisitive Minds.

    The workshop guided students through strategies they can use to help them solve mathematical problems in class, exams or every day! Students worked under time pressure in pairs, putting their problem solving powers into practice to complete as many challenges as they could, at different levels of difficulty. We saw students smile, laugh, focus and eventually, look satisfied when they’d solved some problems! There may have also been some chocolate prizes involved : )

    Congratulations to our prize winners in all sessions. It was wonderful to see SO MANY students having fun, challenging themselves, and working together to problem solve. Thanks also to our wonderful 10A Maths volunteers who were kept busy marking student answers throughout the day.

    Ms Keady & Ms Hall                         

    Numeracy Coordinators                

    Year 7 Inquisitive Minds

    Year 9 Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion!

    In term 1, students of Year 9 completed a topic that explored Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. They are:

    1.       All objects remain at rest o move at a constant speed, in a linear direction, unless another force acts upon it.

    2.       Force is equal to the mass multiplied by the acceleration (F = m x a).

    3.       For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

    To help better understand these laws, students conducting some fun experiments. These included creating bottle rockets, balloon rockets and their own version of Newton’s Cradle. It is always great to see students get enthusiastic about the task at hand. Great work year 9!

    Our Year 9 Scientists exploring the laws of motion

    Kitchen Chemistry

    In kitchen Chemistry, students explore the 3 states of matter – solids, liquids and gases. They will discover how the particles within each behave, and how they can change. The topic also delves into other characteristics of substances such as density.

    The teacher ‘built’ a Density Tower. In the large measuring cylinder, the following substances and objects were added:

    ·         Water

    ·         Oil

    ·         Dish soap

    ·         Honey

    ·         Milk

    ·         Maple syrup

    ·         Ping-pong ball

    ·         Cherry tomato

    ·         Metal screw

    ·         Popcorn kernels

    ·         Bottle cap

    It was clear that these substances did not mix. Instead they formed layers, one on top of the other. The objects also landed in different layers of the tower. The students accurately identified the reason… each substance has a different density! The substance at the very bottom of the tower is the most dense of the substances used. The density decreases as you move up the tower. Why not try this at home yourself?

    What makes Slime so Cool?

    Slime. It’s as simple as mixing corn flour and water! Add some colour of choice and you’ve just made yourself tonnes of fun. Test it out and see how the slime changes if you try and stir it slowly, then fast. What did you notice? Come and share your experiences with us in Science today. We’d love to hear all about it.



    During Term 1 and 2, we have continued to build our relationship with the PCYC. This includes participation and commitment to the following programs;

    Fit for Life –  Rain, hail or shine, our dedicated students meet at the PCYC at 7.30am every Wednesday morning to participate in a fitness session, get stuck into a free breakfast and sometimes get driven to school in a  Police car! Our regular attendees always participate well and have shown a lot of dedication. Thank you to Ms Pham and Ms Naad for your support and assistance of the program. Thank you also to Mr Roberts who is on standby back at school with the school bus when needed.

    Fit for Life

    Fit for Work – A big congratulations to Jesse Tetai who successfully completed the ten week three day per week program. Jesse was awarded the special award at the graduation ceremony demonstrating outstanding commitment. We hope by being involved in this program, Jesse has made some lifelong friends with other students and the police and can take with him some lifelong skills for the workforce.

    Fit for Change – In Term Three, we will have selected students participate in the Fit for Change Program. Watch this space.

    Congratulations, Jesse!

    Star Jump Challenge - One of our biggest achievements was the participation in the PCYC ‘s Star Jump Challenge. The idea around this was to set a target to complete a set amount of star jumps to raise money for the PCYC and Mental Health Programs. At JBHS, we went one step further, and we set ourselves a target to complete a six hour relay of star jumps! I had one of my most proud moments when at 2.52pm we completed our last star jump! This was an incredible achievement by all involved. Staff, classes and students volunteered to give up their time to partake in the challenge and together we raised over $2500!!

    Some notable achievers were


    All day star jump participants

    Artin Quas Mousa

    Louis Lam

    Rimon Sharif

    Rihanna El Foul

    Lucia Martinez Punzo

    Shelly De Gabriel

    Jade Moore

    Aailia Ali

    Dylan Kao

    Faheem Talukder

    Naeem Talukder


    Students who showed excellent enthusiasm during their allocated time

    Adam Rahif

    Liam Barnes

    Eric Tan

    Jonathan Nguyen

    Yousif Khachick

    Brittany Woods


    Outstanding Staff Achievements

    Ms L. Keady

    Mrs O. Ramadan


    A big thank you to the Wellbeing Ambassadors, Prefects, Ms Martin and Mr McClaughlin for their assistance with the wellbeing activities and fundraising throughout the day.

    K. Cattanach

    HT Student Services

    Art Incursion Workshop

    Selected Girls Education members and gifted art students were lucky enough to be selected to take part in an incursion in the last week of Term 1. The students met and worked with two talented local artists who together discussed the theme of Body Positivity whilst refining their visual arts skills.  This incursion was facilitated by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in conjunction with the 2021 International Women’s Day celebrations. All students received insight into the life of an artist whilst recognising and bringing attention to such an important message. As you can see, we sure do have talented artists at JBHS!

    For further information about the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre please visit https://www.casulapowerhouse.com


    K. Cattanach

    HT Student Services

    Art Incursion

    Year 7 Oztag Gala Day

    12 year 7 students were selected to participate in a special Oztag gala day organised by the PCYC late in Term 1. The Inaugural South West Super Cup was a fun day where students were able to get to know more about their peers more, meet students from other schools, reconnect with students from their Primary Schools as well as show off their skills in a friendly environment. A memorable moment was meeting NRL superstars Sonny Bill Williams and Brad Fittler. A special mention to Melina Magliarachi who was selected in the All-Star team who took on a team of Police, PCYC and Army Personnel. Thank you to the wonderful Ms Byrne, Mr Luo and Mrs Bishop who attended the event as well as our bus driver Mr McCabe.

    A link to a newspaper article about the event is below



    K. Cattanach HT Student Services


    Links to Learning

    Our Year 8 students involved Links to Learning have come a long way since their initial involvement in the program. Each week, the group meet their dedicated Youth Advisors who work on life skills to assist them now and in the future. Themes explored include values, respect, career goals, risk taking, team work, being a bystander, communication, self-esteem and positive choices. The students have participated in individual support sessions Jenni, Harry and Sam to discuss barriers they are facing, identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them. Students also attend group workshop sessions (over 17 weeks) to re-engage with group learning, learn life skills and build social confidence. Throughout the program, students work with Youth Advisors to track their own progress and celebrate successes.

    At JBHS, we have been engaged with this successful program for a number of years and we are sad to hear of the program’s conclusion. We hope to continue our relationship with MTC and wish Jenni, Harry and Sam all the best in their future endeavours. Thank you for being so patient and dedicated to our students and our school. You will be missed!!

    K. Cattanach

    HT Student Services

    Family Support and Connect

    At JBHS we ensure our students and families are known, valued and cared for. We are able to make referrals to families through the South Western Sydney Family Connect and Support Service. If you, your family or someone you know may need support with an external agency, please see the attached flyer below. Referrals can be made by families themselves or can be done through the school. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Cattanach HT Student Services.

    Library Art Competition Winners

    Congratulations to Jazzlyn Munoz of Year 9 for winning first prize in the Library Art Competition. Our runners up were Jaylyn Munoz and Rhian Ross also of Year 9.

    Their amazing sketches are in display in the Library.

    Kids in the Kitchen

    A big warm hello to all parents, carers, family members, friends and others!

    In the spirit of James Busby High School we would like to present to you some of our finest cooks that have been working so hard in our professionally equipped kitchens down in G block. Some of students excel in cooking, while the others in eating! Nevertheless all students have been grinding away in the kitchens each fortnight cooking delicious recipes which range from chocolate truffles, pancakes, chow mein, fruit salads, corn fritters, pizzas and much more!

    Our students are required to watch demonstrations carefully conducted by our professionally trained staff in which then they then have to follow carefully and reproduce on their own in their groups.

    I'd like to give a shout out to all those students who have been following instructions and creating these marvellous dishes in which they get to eat or share with their friends and family.

    Students are assessed on each recipe focusing on the presentation of their recipe and the other half coming from their ability to effectively prepare and clean up their kitchen station.

    Thank you to those dedicated students who come to each class well equipped with their leather shoes and container to take their goodies home! Keep up the good work and remember "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art".

    Mr Fodor

    Home Economics

    Industrial Arts Concreting Job

    Earlier in the term our senior boys, along with the guidance of their teachers took on a task that is no mean feat! They spent a hard day labouring, using their skills to successfully concrete a section of our school grounds. Needless to say our students did an amazing job. Well done to all involved.


    Beading Club

    New Online Enrolment System

    We are excited to announce we are now rolling out the new Online Enrolment System.

    The Online Enrolment System is designed to provide flexibility for our parents to submit an enrolment application online and at the time that best suits you. The application can be accessed on all browsers and mobile devices including iOS and Android.

    The online application process is currently restricted to:

    • Enrolments into local schools only
    • Children who are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or permanent residents
    • Children who live in NSW.


    We offer our support and encourage you to complete your application to enrol online. If, however, you do not feel comfortable completing an application online, a paper copy will be available for collection from the front office or can be downloaded from the Department’s going to a public school site.

    Further information about online enrolment can be found on our website https://enrol.education.nsw.gov.au/#/?schoolCode=8460

    Why Attendance Matters

    Everyone has a role supporting positive school attendance.

    Regular attendance helps students to:

    • develop a sense of belonging
    • develop and maintain friendships
    • be more engaged at school
    • progress with their learning
    • be more aware of career and life options.

    Every day counts. Missing just one day a fortnight can amount to four weeks of lost learning over a year. Over their school life, this can equal one year of missed learning.

    Skoolbag App

    We share important information on our Skoolbag app, including copies of Assessment Tasks.

    See the instructions below to assist you with downloading the app:

    The SkoolBag app is the easiest way keep up with school events, last minute notices, newsletters and all school communications.

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    Homework Centre

    Information for parents and carers including learning and wellbeing resources, advice, study skills, a quick guide glossary, homework help, learning from home tools, support for additional needs and more can be accessed on the above link.


    A friendly reminder that our school has a ClickView subscription. Clickview is like netflix for education. There is a wide range of classroom-friendly content, from popular films to documentaries and television programs and Australian-made educational videos on the site. See below for help with accessing Clickview at home.