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Newsletter 2021 Term 4 Week 8


Dear families of St Bernadette's

This fortnight we congratulate our Stage 3 students on the receiving of the Sacrament of Confirmation. We pray that the acceptance of the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit will give them the strength to sustain them in the next part of their life’s journey.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our parents who have continued to be vigilant as we traverse these times of transition back to some type of ‘normal’ life. While we celebrate that we can be more social, catch up with family and friends and even return to some sporting activities, we still are keeping in touch with each other. Getting to know what a ‘close contact’ is and how to manage this has been a learning curve for us all. So I thought I would just outline what has to happen at a school level so it makes sense when we ask for certain information.

Once we have been notified that a student or staff member is a close contact we have to put in a notification to CEDP along with the persons covid test results. Of course if the results are negative then we continue as normal even if the student has to isolate. If the result is positive, then we have to follow the NSW Health protocols to check who the person came in contact with etc. 

As usual, any child or staff member comes to school with any cold or flu symptoms they will be sent home and can return once they have a negative covid test result.

Stay well & take care,

Love & Light   

Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of the St Bernadette’s staff & students)


As the year draws to a close, sometimes we get a bit frazzled and say or do things we don’t mean. This can also happen with our students. We have noticed that students are getting more ‘cranky’ with each other and are saying or doing things they normally wouldn’t. 

As with all the other curriculum areas we teach, we teach our students how to be resilient problem solvers on the playground as well. 

To give you an idea of this process, when a student comes to a teacher with an issue on the playground (a minor issue) we will often ask them what they have already done to try and solve the situation. We will ask them to tell the other student “Stop it, I don’t like it when you…..” 

If the other students does it again (minor behaviour), we ask them to say to the students again “Stop it, I don’t like it when you… If you don’t stop I will tell the teacher”.

If the behaviour continues, the teacher steps in, completes a Minor behaviour form and will determine a consequence, usually some time out off the playground. 

If there is a hands on incident, the children should report it to the teacher on duty immediately to ensure the behaviour stops. The teacher then completes the appropriate form. 

By asking our students to try and deal with ,Minor issues themselves, we are building resilience and responsibility. We want them to build these skills in a safe environment so they have some strategies for when they are in other environments where an adult might not be close by (like the park). 

Mrs Willard


Sunday 28th November 2021

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

The readings of the First Sunday of Advent set the stages for our reflections on the entire season. They contain a number of promises, all pointing to peace and fulfilment. Each reading depicts a dimension of suffering that was often brought on by the people themselves. The promises are assurances that the end of their suffering was in sight. The promises reveal a loving and provident, a merciful and forgiving God. These are promises full of hope.

The coming of the Lord is clearly a time of expectation, not of fear and trembling. Although the earlier tradition about the Day of the Lord included punishment of the wicked, the focus here is on redemption. The time of expectation may be preceded by apocalyptic signs in the heavens and dismay on earth, but this cosmic shift will bring fulfilment, not destruction. The love and providence, the mercy and forgiveness of God will be made manifest.

What is expected of those who receive the promise? An Advent way of life exhorts us to ‘wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ’. This way of life is both simple and profound. It does not necessarily require unusual behaviour on our part, but it calls us to live the usual unusually well. It affects the everyday events of life; it directs the way we interact with people; it informs the attitudes that colour our judgments and motivations. It is as ordinary as the birth of a child; it is as extraordinary as the revelation of God.

Staffing Updates:

This week marks the end of a journey at St Bernadette’s for Mrs Mary Elliott. Mary has been a key member of the leadership team as REC and has worked tirelessly in her role as a classroom teacher & currently as a Diversity teacher. She leaves us to enjoy the seaside life of the north coast. I know you will join us and wish her all the very best in the next part of her life journey.

Miss Leanne is finishing her year with us also on Friday. She begins her long service leave next week. We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her in 2022. Mrs Karen Lee will be teaching Year 3 until the end of term.

As a community of Learners

Year 5 Greenhouses

As part of Year 5s Science unit - Food and fibre, the students researched, designed and constructed Greenhouses from mainly recycled materials. As part of their research, they identified seeds that could be grown over a short period of time.

Construction - We put the cloth down so that we can filter out the water without losing any soil. The duct tape and plastic screen are there to stop the soil and plants from mixing. We also have the baskets there so that they act as pots like little seedlings. We also have holes at the bottom to get rid of the water and make sure it doesn’t drown.

Growing - The class went for an observation walk to decide the best place to place all the greenhouses. We took into consideration all the elements required for good photosynthesis to occur. We planted the seeds on Thursday of week 7. The recent rains over the weekend certainly helped and we could see some growth.



Congratulations to Bernadette who won our Bernie Bright token count. This is Bernadette’s first win for 2021. The students in this house will receive their recognition of achievement this week.

Token count:





Leaving families

A reminder to complete a "leaving form" if you know that your child will not be returning to St Bernadette's Primary school in 2022 - Please call the school office to request this form if needed.



Week 8:

Friday 26 November - Pizza Lunch Day (Orders via Qkr)

Week 9:

Friday 3rd December - School photos 

                                        First Reconciliation (date changed to 3rd December at 6.30pm)

Week 10:

Friday 10th December - Year 6 Graduation

Week 11:

Tuesday 14th December - Last day of Term 4 for Students 

Wednesday 15th December - Staff Development Day (No students at school)

Thursday 16th December - Staff Development Day (No students at school)


Week 1:

Friday 28th January - Staff Development Day ( No students at School)

Week 2:

Monday 31st January - MAI testing for Years 1-6

Tuesday 1st Feb - First Day of School for Years 1-6

                                MAI testing for Kindergarten

Wednesday 2nd Feb - Kindergarten Orientation

Thursday 3rd Feb - Kindergarten Orientation

Friday 4th Feb - First Day of School for Kindergarten

A gentle reminder:

We ask that when picking up your child from drive through please remember the following items:

  1. Don’t park across the crossing as it limits visibility for drivers when children have to cross Evans Road.
  2. Don’t block the Parish Driveway as it limits the Priests ability to enter or exit their residence.
  3. Please don’t overtake the car in front of you as it creates a dangerous situation for all Cox Crescent users.

When picking your child up from the back gate please remember the following:

  1. Reverse into all car spaces - this gives better visibility when you are leaving.
  2. Please hold your child’s hand or keep them close to you when moving to your car.
  3. Don’t gather on the grass as this encourages children to run around in and out from between the parked cars which can result in an accident.

Pizza Day

We are having our first cashless event this Friday 26/11/21!

You would have received instructions on how to place your order using the QKR app for a pizza lunch order. Please contact our office if you require any further assistance. 

A reminder that today is the last day to place your order, unfortunately we are unable to process any late orders, and no cash orders will be accepted through the office.

School Photo Ordering Information

Summer reading Challenge

All students are invited to enter online the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Reading Challenge. Competition opens on the 1st Nov 2021 and closes at 5pm on 25th Feb 2022. Enter online at

For more information please look on the Parramatta Diocese website.

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Enrolling now for 2022

We still have a small number of places left in our 2022 Kindergarten. Please send in all relevant information as soon as you can to secure your place.

Happy Birthday

  • Justice - 19/11
  • Nolan - 19/11
  • Lachlan B (Yr2) - 20/11
  • Arabella - 23/11
  • Mikayla - 25/11
  • Harrison - 28/11
  • Harry - 28/11


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