Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

Friday 2nd July, 2021

From the Leadership Team

We are already half way through the 2021 school year. It is amazing how quickly we have arrived here.

It is at this time of the year that we stop and notice how far each of our learners have come. As part of our Leadership roles, Anita & I have read the written reports of all 370 of our learners between us. We have appreciated the opportunity to read the story of each individual journey.  We hope that families enjoy reading how hard each learner is working and the commitment to learning and growing as much as we did. 

Site Upgrades

During the upcoming holidays work will begin on our interior painting project. Painting will begin in the double storey building next week and will progress through all buildings in the school into Term 3. We have planned with the painters to minimize disruption to learning spaces, but some classes may need to share rooms for a short period. We will notify families, if this has any impact on drop off and collection points. 

These works will impact on our administration area during the holidays so there may be days where the office is unattended. Please call prior to coming in if you need to visit the school for any reason during the holidays. We anticipate that all painting work will be complete by week 5. 


As you would be aware, Australia is again in an uncertain position with outbreaks and lock downs around our country.  

If the COVID 19 situation reaches South Australia over the holidays and there are changes we will contact you using our Skoolbag app which is available via push notifications, email and our website.

Please ensure that you keep us up to date with any changes to your address and contact details to remain on our contact list. 

Happy Holidays

We wish everyone a happy, safe and relaxing break. We hope that you are able to spend some time with your child and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 19th July.

What is the NCCD?

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) takes place every year. The NCCD is a collection that counts: • the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability • the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students. Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This ‘help’ allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Schools provide this information to education authorities.

For further information, visit

Mid Year Reports Optional Parent Teacher Discussions

Mid-Year Reports will be sent home with learners this afternoon, Friday July 2nd. We hope that you are able to spend some time together with your child, reading the report and celebrating their 2021 learning achievements and plan ways to support them to achieve their semester 2 goals.

Next term we will be offering optional interviews.  Discussions will be available with class teachers or our specialist teachers (Japanese, Science & Performing Arts).

Details will be in sent out on Wednesday 21st July on how to book a discussion timeslot during week 2. 

School Phone Outage

On Wednesday 21st July (Week 1, Term 3) our phones will be part of a system wide upgraded. Telstra IP have advised us that as a result of this work our current phone system will be down from 2:00pm on that day.

Please use Skoolbag or email if you need to contact us that afternoon.

Improved phone lines should resume by 5:00pm.

Celebrating Pam's Retirement

Farewell Pam

Thank You

On behalf of our school community I  would like to thank Pam Williams for her many years of service to our school. 

Pam has a long partnership with Dernancourt, her 3 children all attended here and Pam was an active parent volunteer, member of our Governing Council and Grounds Committee. She has worked as a TRT and had a number of short terms  contracts before applying for and winning a permanent position in 2013. Pam has created loads of memories with our youngest learners and their families, shared and created memories with staff past and present and most importantly touched the heart of many people with her warmth and acceptance. Thank you doesn't seem enough!

Pam's is looking forward to sleep ins, spending time in her garden and renovating her home. She assures us that she will stay in touch and visit regularly.

We know that Pam will find joy in her retirement and we wish her all the best as she continues on her journey.

Thank You Pam!

Staff Celebrating Pam

As a staff we came together with some invited guests to celebrate Pam's teaching  career. 

Special thanks to Adam and Jodie for coordinating this event and ensuring that we were able to congratulate Pam on a career across Northern Territory and South Australia.  We were able to share stories, laugh and shed some tears together. We all feel lucky to have been able to share a part in her teaching story, and even luckier to now be able to call her a friend rather than colleague.

While we will miss Pam, we know that she has earned this break.

Learners celebrating their time with Pam

On Thursday 24th June, as part of our assembly,  our school community were informed that Pam Williams will be retiring at the end of this term. Students shared their memories of having Pam as their teacher.

"Pam's class was always fun, she would let us play every morning."

"I remember being the special helper or star of the day, Pam made us feel special everyday."

"I had a good time when I was in Pam's class, she would read lots of books"

"I remember reading all the Eric Carle books  as part of literature study when we were in Pam's class."

"Pam is really nice, and a good teacher"

Hilary presented Pam with flowers on Behalf of Governing Council. She acknowledged the time and commitment Pam has given to our school, and wished her health and happiness in her retirement.

J3's farewell to Pam

J3 changes

On Monday 28th June,  J3 celebrated their time with Pam and Natasha, farewelling them with a Teddy Bear's Picnic. They have  also been busy making and creating gifts for their teachers to take with them. Natasha will remain on staff and will continue to see and connect with J3 learners

Next term J3 will welcome Izzy as their teacher. Izzy has been visiting and is excited to be a part of the J3 learning journey. Izzy is planning a Family Connections event  with J3 families early next term.


Week 9 Assembly Awards

J2Amalie TilP2Jakob McIntyre
J3Edward PearnP3Samson Ball
J4Preruet KalalaP5Sihang Zhang
J5Charlize ProchazkaP10Prunelle Kalala
J6Luca PlacanicaP12Dylan Golder
J7Corbin MurchJapaneseTyler Stagg
ScienceSammy D'Abreo

Terrific Kids Awards

Congratulations to  -  Sarah Jones P6, Kevin Cao P8,   Aryan Nayee P12, Isabella Tran P14 who were the recipients of the Term 2 Terrific Kids Awards  presented by 

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the 2021 Premier's Reading Challenge.

J2     Tyler, Kai, Cherie, Indy, Ama, Li Ao, Violet, Aidan, Lynton, Dino, Sophia, Finn, Cameron, Aria, Mia, Sabby and Amalie.

J4    Kawdhi, Kishin, Lincoln, Sahar, Zac, Haylee, Natik, Oneli, Kelan, Isabel, Alisha, Maci, Owen, Jude, Medina, Ellie, Elijah, Preruet, Minh, Violet, Kashvi, Brodie, Paige, Jett, Harry and Alija.

J5    Rory, Ayda, Oliver, Chloe, Ibrahim, Elijah, Sargun, Blaine, Charlotte, Sami, Max, James, Marcello, Charlotte, Dhyan, Aaliyah, Samuel, Charlize, Tyler, Lewis, Jaxon, Eliana and Ziyi. 

J6    Bailey, Isabella, Noah, Bryan, Mikayla, Grace, Alice, Reyansh, Vilok, Eeshan, Ethan, Lucas, Ella, Abby, Kayode, Devaj, William, Aarav, Luca, Shyama, Declan and Kyle.

P2    Adella, Amadeus, Hiro, Hope, Hugh, Inayah and Samy.

P3    Harrison, Ashton, Samarveer, Lucas, James, Shlok, Aaliyah, Max, Kaliah, Riley, Erin, Jessica and Jackson.

P5    Domenic, Rudra, Renesh and Connor.

P6    Ethan

P8    Kiyara, Oscar, Brody, A.J, Myrto, Tyson and Mahayla.

P14    Isabella, B.J and Oli.


Congratulations to Marcus and Lucas (Year 6s) and Teejay and Cooper (Year 7s) on their selection for the North East zone in last week’s Year 6 & 7 SAPSASA carnival held at West Beach. All four boys play football for our school team and played against other districts during the games. The Year 6 team was lucky enough to come 2nd in the overall carnival. Well done boys. We know you represented Dernancourt with enthusiasm!

SAPSASA District Team Reps

Crossing Monitors

A big thank you to our crossing monitors - 

WEEK 1  - Zara (P12), Kelsey (P10), Jessie (P8)

WEEK 2 - Ruby (P12), Eniko (P8), Zoey (P10)

WEEK 3 - Sihang (P5), Jasmine (P12), Elisha (P4)

We appreciate you keeping our school community safe. 

Important Dates

Term 3, 2021 Calendar - All dates marked on the Term 3 calendar also appear on our Skoolbag Events Calendar.

Governing Council News

Canteen - Thank You

A huge thank you to the School Community for your support throughout this term. Next term we will be holding another Special Day for Matsuri Day. Look out for the details next term.

Enjoy your holiday break, stay warm and looking forward to your continued support during Term 3.

Education Committee

Parenting Workshop with Madhavi Narwana Parker Last Wednesday Madhavi Narwana Parker came and delivered an engaging, insightful and encouraging workshop on buliding resillience with your child.  The main points covered in the workshop were:

What is resilience?  Resilience is mentally and emotionally coping with and adapting to challenges in helpful, constructive ways in order to return to a healthy state of wellbeing in a reasonable amount of time.

What isn’t resilience? Never getting upset or worried when something goes wrong and being happy, confident and calm all the time. How to develop resilience (confidence and courage)

  • Help children develop confidence through competence. Children need to know they can do things on their own and that they are coping for their age. E.g carry their own school bag, pack their bag, put on their own clothes, make their lunch, bed etc. 
  • Help children develop confidence through challenges.  It is ok if a child has "small" failures. This helps them learn that if things don't go the way they want it is still ok.  E.g  Forgetting their school hat.  While it may seem like a catastrophe to a child it really isn't the end of the world.
  • Develop confidence through character.   Who they are as a person is what matters most. Not what they can or cannot do. Provide a home environment where your child is loved, cared for, nurtured and shown kindness. 
  • Develop confidence and courage by teaching children to be generous and teach empathy.  (Knowing how another person is feeling)
  • Love your child for who they are not who you want them to be.  Look for good things  about your child (traits not abilities) and tell them often.  
  • Madhavi allowed time for parents to ask questions which was a valuable part of the workshop. If you missed this workshop there are still bookings available for the next two.  The next workshop on 18th August will focus on resilience and well being whereas the last one on 15th September will have a focus on digital technologies and the impact this has on children, as per the request of parents.

    Both workshops run between 7:00 - 8:30pm but please note the change in date of the last workshop due to the Festival of Music performance on 8th September.

    Bookings essential.


    Uniform Reminder

     The students of Dernancourt School R-7 proudly wear our school uniform, which helps build and maintain school spirit, pride and a sense of identity and belonging. We ask that you take the opportunity over the next two weeks to ensure that your child has the appropriate uniform.

    Please check that your child has navy blue track pants / leggings/ shorts/ skorts. Denim, black or logo bottoms are not permitted. Tops must be navy with optional logo. These can be long or short sleeve. Hoods are a choking hazard and not to be worn.

    Only 2021 commemorative tops or regular DSR-7 jumpers are to be worn by Year 6 and 7 students.


    Wonder Recycling Rewards

    Wonder Recycling Rewards

    Wonder Recycling Rewards has been extended. Please collect your bread bags and tags over the holidays and bring them to school next term!!

    Don’t know what to do with all your empty bread bags and tags?

    Our wonderful year 5/6’s from P8 have registered our school to participate in the Wonder Recycling Rewards  program - a fun and easy program for our school to recycle bread bags and tags that might otherwise go to landfill, and earn rewards points to redeem on new sports equipment for our efforts. All the collected plastic will be used to create school play equipment! PLUS we will go in the draw to WIN one of five exercise circuits made from the recycled plastic we collect.

    ·         Any brand of bread bag can be collected

    ·         Bags must be free of crumbs, but don’t need to be washed


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