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Newsletter 2021 Term 1 Week 4


Dear families of St Bernadette's,

During the past two weeks many new students have joined our community. We would like to formally welcome these new students and their families to St Bernadette’s. It is always great to embrace new friends at our wonderful school.

Over the past week I have had a number of enquiries regarding the events:

  • Whole School Masses - Currently we have been advised not to attend Parish masses on first Fridays as there would be too many people to cater to the social distancing rules. Now that the restrictions have changed, we are planning to have our first whole school mass on Friday March 5th. We will confirm details closer to this date as we know that covid restrictions can change weekly.

  • Canteen - A number of parents have requested an increase in the number of days that lunch orders could be made available. We have found a company that a number of other schools use called Welcome Easy. So we are hoping to get this up and running for 3 days a week from Week 6. This is an online and totally cashless system where parents can order one or more days and it is delivered to school ready for the children to enjoy. Further details will be forthcoming in the next week.

  • Class run Canteen Days - After much discussion we have decided that we can hold our first class canteen day for St Patrick’s Day at morning tea. Our Kindergarten families will be leading this and I know more information about this will be coming soon.

  • Parent Committee - Our first Parent Committee meeting will be at 9.30am on Tuesday March 2nd, in the Hall. We ask parents to maintain social distancing and have a mask handy should the restrictions change. At this meeting we will discuss possible fundraising ideas for 2021. It would be great if all class contact parents could come along and any other parent who would like to share some ideas. 

I would like to extend my personal thanks to our families for your patience with us as we try to observe our covid safe directives. At times, these may differ from other institutions but please know that the health and safety of your children and families are our first priority. 

Love and light,

Mrs Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of all of the staff and students)

Message from the Assistant Principal

Thinking about Learning - Good sleep hygiene

We have all had a chance to settle back into school and after school activities and work schedules would have been established. We might be finding our children seem tired and irritable after a day at school and it’s a good chance to check in on how much and how well our children are sleeping. Our teachers are noticing that children are tired by the end of the day - some even say they are tired before recess! Here are a few facts about sleep in children:

  • Kids between the ages of 5 and 12 need 11hours of sleep a night

  • Blue light from televisions, computer screens, phones and tablets suppresses melatonin levels and delays sleepiness. They should be turned off at least an hour before bed.

  • Regular bed and waking times, even on the weekend, promote better sleep

  • Good sleep is crucial for brain development

If you notice your child is tired after getting home from school, yawning all the time or your child’s teacher has commented that they seem tired, here a few suggestions for better sleep in your household:

  • Establish good bedtime routines with clam activities before bed and a regular, early,  bedtime. Remember children need 11 hours each night, so if they wake at 7am, they would need to be in bed by 8pm.
    • Check if your child’s bedroom is ‘good’ for sleeping - no TVs or other screens in the room, dark enough, slightly cool and quiet.
    • Don’t go to bed hungry or too full.
    • Turn off all devices, including TVs, at least an hour before bed.
  • As adults, we know how much better we feel and how much better we function when we have had a good night’s sleep. Let’s help our little learners do the same!



    Sunday 21 Feb 2021

    REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

    Today’s readings show us that Lent is a time for us to receive God’s grace. We are not the ones who, through our penance, are meant to accomplish great things. Rather, it is God who acts; it is God who makes the sacrifice; it is God who accomplishes great things for us.

    Each reading describes a different kind of conflict within which we might find ourselves: a world-wrenching upheaval, such as happens during social discord, war or natural disaster; the struggle between right and wrong, between fidelity and disobedience; the struggle with temptation. In the midst of the conflicts of life, God initiates a covenant with us. God saves the world from the chaos into which it was thrown, makes a covenant with all living things and with the earth, and sets a bow in the heavens as a perpetual reminder of the covenant. Christ dies for sinners, and offers them baptism that will save them from the chaos of their lives. The Spirit drives Jesus into the desert, there to be tested, but to emerge triumphant. His victory is not for him alone, but for all who will heed his words and follow his example.

    The bow in the sky is a sign of the good news of the covenant; baptism is both the good news of salvation for us and our pledge of fidelity to God; Jesus’ proclamation is that the reign of God is at hand. With the psalmist we praise God for inviting us into this covenant relationship.

    Stage 2 RE Learning Cycle

    The Stage 2 RE Learning Cycle is titled Who Are Our Heroes? 

    Students have explored who are the heroes in everyday life. Students have learnt about Malala Yousafzai, firefighters and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We are now making connections between these everyday heroes and the heroes found in Sacred Scripture who overcame adversity and hardship. We have begun to learn about Job from the Old Testament. Take a look at our anchor charts.

    Term 1 Class Mass, Reconciliation & Altar Server Roster



    As a Community of Learners

    We have had an amazing start to the year. Our students continue to enjoy their Dance Fever classes each week, our Stage 2 students continue to participate in Drama Literacy classes and our Stage 3 students have begun a drumming class. So much is happening and these extra curricular activities allow all students to engage in a variety of activities at their own pace.

    It’s a very busy term of learning at St Bernadette’s!

    Staffing for 2021

    We say farewell to our ICT Trainee Cidnie Dela Rosa. She leaves us to take on a new role from this week. We thank her for all of her hard work and wish her well in her future endeavours.

    Gentle Reminders

    Birthdays: We understand that birthdays are an exciting time but we also need to attend to the needs of our classes. Please remember to only send individual treats (not whole cakes) and only one treat per child. Please do not send additional decorations or ask teachers to take photos as this causes major disruption to learning. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 


    I have noticed that we still have a number of children who are arriving late each morning. Classes begin at 8.55am and we ask that you assist your child to be on time, ready for learning. A comment from the staff collective has been that some children find it difficult to join in without feeling anxious which can cause loss of additional learning time. 

    Remember, 5 minutes lost each day = 25 minutes per week = 250 minutes over a term.


    Term Overviews & Zoom Parent Information Meetings

    Parent Information Sessions for all grades will be held next week, Week 5, via Zoom.

    By now you should have been able to access the Term Overview for your child’s class. As a follow up you will be receiving a zoom meeting link ( Via Skoolbag) for a time when you as a class group can ask questions or clarify any details regarding your child’s learning. This meeting will be a time when all information about the general organization and routines will be discussed. Should you require a further meeting please contact your child’s teacher to organise another appointment time at a later date. 

    Sushi Lunch Day - Thursday 25 February

    Please ensure you place your sushi order by Tuesday 23 Feb. Strictly no late orders. 

    Attached is a copy of the order form.


    Assemblies for 2021

    As per NSW Health and CEDP guidelines, we are able to resume whole school assemblies this year. We will be conducting assemblies under the COLA, with grades / stages separated, as in line with COVID safety guidelines. Unfortunately, parents will not be able to attend until further restrictions have been lifted. 

    We will be taking photos of award winners and class presentations and uploading these to Skoolbag as soon as practical. 


    Congratulations to Ian B in Year 5 who has been cast in the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) play at Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Incredible! 

    Well done, Ian!

    Shrove Tuesday

    On Tuesday, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday as a whole school community to mark the beginning of Lent. 

    We are grateful for the donations of pancakes from Woolworths and Coles at Carlingford Court. Thank you for the generosity you showed our school! 

    We were able to raise $200.70 for Missionary donations. This is a project that we continue to work on so that our friends in the community of Daly River can have access to clean water during their school day.

    It was so nice to see the children enjoying their yummy morning tea! 


    School Banking

    CBA School banking is available on Friday!  

    Please remember to drop your bank books into the canteen between 8:30 and 9am.

    Street Library

    Street Libraries are a beautiful home for books, planted in your front yard. Or in our case, our school's front gate! 

    St Bernadette's will be installing a Street Library which students and members of our community will have access to books from the street, and are an invitation to share the joys of reading with our neighbours.

    Students, family members and all members of our community will be able to simply reach in and take a book that interests them; when they are done, they can return them to the Street Library and pick another book.

    If anyone has a book or two that they think others would enjoy, they can just pop it into our Street Library.

    They are a symbol of trust and hope – a tiny vestibule of literary happiness.

    We will release more details of our Street Library very soon. Watch this space!


    Last week Miss Jeanette, our school counsellor and Miss Simone went around to each class to discuss Zones of Regulation. The Zones of Regulation is a strategy used to help children identify and self-regulate their emotions. All the different emotions children feel can be categorised into four coloured zones - blue, green, yellow and red zones. In the class talks students discussed things they can do to help them be in the green zone.

    The PBS4L focus for Week 4 is we keep our hands and feet to ourselves. At St. Bernadette’s it is important that all students feel safe at school. You can be safe at school by making sure you keep your hands and feet to yourself and showing respect to others.

    The PBS4L focus for Week 5 is we use our manners and speak kindly. It is important to use our manners and speak to one another using kind positive words because this shows respect and appreciation.

    Happy Birthday

    8/2 - Emmett B

    9/2 - Sonia B

    11/2 - Ethan L 

    14/2 - Isaac L 

    14/2 - Sebastian B 

    14/2 - Veronica M

    15/2 - Chloe D

    16/2 - Angelena N 

    16/2 - Arya H

    16/2 - Tala A 

    18/2 - Preston B


    Cumberland Zone Swimming

    St Bernadette’s was represented by a small yet talented group of children. Six of our finest swimmers competed across the day in a wide range of events, all completing their races with confidence. 

    Congratulations to the 2021 Zone Swimming Team!

    Ian B

    Eamon B

    Alex C

    Samara C

    Isla M

    Liam M

    The following children achieved excellent results on the day and will represent us at the Diocesan Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 9th March!

    Ian B - 100m Freestyle (2nd), 50m Freestyle (2nd), 50m Backstroke (1st), 50m Breaststroke (2nd), 50m Butterfly (1st), 200m Individual Medley (1st)

    Isla M - 50m Breaststroke (4th)

    Liam M - 50m Backstroke (4th)

    We look forward to hearing more of our swimming success in March!


    Community Health Advice

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