Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 3 week 6 - Wednesday 25 August 2021

From the Principal

This week all year 1 students will undertake a Phonics Screening Check (PSC). The phonics screening check is an assessment tool that will provide information about how students are progressing in their phonics development. Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds and is a vital foundation in learning to read. There are 40 words in the PSC which includes a mixture of real words and invented words. Children who can decode the invented words should have the skills to decode any other unfamiliar words using similar patterns of consonants and vowels. Teachers will be conducting the assessment with their class and following the test will spend time analysing their students’ data to develop interventions where needed.

 Another testing program that will be undertaken from next week will involve yrs 2-7 students completing a reading and mathematics assessment (PAT R and PAT M).  Year 1 will be completing PAT M only. This assessment is completed online and teachers will have immediate access to student achievement. The information gained from these assessments will enable teachers to identify areas of strength and development at both an individual and class level.

 If you have any queries regarding your child’s achievement in these assessments please speak to their class teacher.

Home-School Communication

A valued element of school life is the presence of regular communication between home and school. All staff at Henley Beach are committed to ensuring parents and caregivers have the opportunity to discuss their child's learning progress. Teachers can be contacted at any time throughout the term, or alternatively, your child's teacher may also contact you if they have any areas that they wish to talk with you about. In light of COVID-19 guidelines, a level of flexibility with the format of these catch ups is necessary (eg. a telephone call) which can be negotiated between yourself and your child's teacher. If you would like to speak with your child's teacher, please contact them via email, Seesaw or calling the front office.

 2022 Planning

Future enrolments are an important factor that helps inform the school’s class and staffing arrangements. In order to support our planning for next year, for families of Reception students (starting in 2022), if you have not already contacted the school regarding your child’s enrolment, could you please do so as soon as possible. Alternatively, we require families to inform us if their child will be leaving Henley Beach at the end of 2021 as soon as possible. This information helps us plan our class structures for next year. Also, if you know of families who are considering enrolling their children at Henley Beach, please encourage them to contact the school.

Staffing News

Donna Nitschke, our school’s Student Wellbeing Leader, will be retiring at the end of this year. Donna has filled this role for the past 2 years and has been a very important support person for our students, families and staff. A process will commence shortly for filling this position and once it has been finalised, the outcome will be shared with the school community.

 COVID-19 Update

Please be aware that the current expectations and guidelines remain in place. 



SSO Recognition Week

Last week we acknowledged the work of our SSOs as part of SSO Recognition Week. Our SSOs fulfil a variety of roles and responsibilities and make an invaluable contribution to the learning and wellbeing of students along with the day to day operations of the school. We are fortunate to have such a committed group of SSOs and we thank them for their work.

HBPS Book Week Celebration 23 - 27 August

Book Week 2021: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

 Dear parents and carers

As a part of our Book Week celebrations we will be having a dress up day on Thursday 26 August.

At the beginning of the day, from approximately 9am, we will have a parade so that families have the opportunity to view each class. The parade will occur along the fence line of Burford Rd and Lexington Rd.

Please be aware of the following:

·       Adults in attendance are required to stand outside the school perimeter and are encouraged to wear a mask.

·       Photos taken should only be of your child; please do not take or upload photos of other children without their parent’s consent.

 Thank you in anticipation of your support with this request and we look forward to this exciting whole school celebration of books and reading.


Literacy Article - Vicky Jones

Book Week 2021 has finally arrived and there is a buzz of excitement around the school!

Students are discussing their costumes for the parade on Thursday and classes are designing their story setting and writing imaginative descriptions. I am looking forward to sharing photographs in the next newsletter.

 In Reception this week, the children are sharing their favourite books with the class.

Here are some of the books that have been shortlisted as children’s books of the year. Perhaps they will become a favourite story of the future.


All Book Club ordering will be done online. Children were sent home a catalogue and will have their orders delivered to school.

 Parents have the convenience of ordering online via the internet or through the iPad/ iPhone app.

 The process is simple. You can track the progress of your order all from the comfort of your home. The process eliminates children losing order forms, misplacing the money and double handling at the school level.

No orders will be processed at School.

No money to the office.

 ISSUE 5 CLOSING DATE:  3 September

Olympic Medalist Swimmer visit

There was excitement across the school today, when we were joined by a very special visitor!

Double Olympic gold medallist, Brittany Elmslie, came to talk to us about being an Olympic swimmer.

Brittany won gold in both the London and Rio Olympics, swimming alongside her Australian teammates including; Cate and Bronte Campbell, Emily Seebohm and Emma McKeon.

Brittany told us that she has a large fish bowl at home where she keeps all of the medals that she has ever won in her career. Her two gold medals are her favourite.

Her favourite swimming race is the freestyle and she does not really enjoy breaststroke or backstroke.

Brittany told us that she has competed in swimming competitions all around the world but her favourite place to visit was Hawaii.

She encouraged us all to follow our dreams and to believe in ourselves. She dreamt that one day she would win an Olympic gold medal and through hard work and determination, she achieved her dream by winning two!

What a wonderful experience and we all got to touch the gold medals as we left the Gym.

Maybe one day in the future, one of our talented Henley Primary School Pupils will come and visit us to share their success. There could even be a future Olympian who will share their medal and experiences.

Mrs Jones

Olympic talk with Brittany Elmslie

On the 23rd of August an Olympic gold medallist came to our school, she came to talk to us about her journey to the London and Rio Olympics. She told us to follow our dreams and to set goals for the future. She talked to us about how she always loved swimming and her mum having to drag her out of their pool every night. When she was little she did surf lifesaving and swam for the local swimming club, when she was 16 she started doing competitions in Brisbane. She was lucky enough that her mum drove her an hour and a half to Brisbane every Saturday for competitions. In 2018 she moved to Adelaide for a change of scenery and for a change of coach. She said that even if you wake up and don’t want to get up because it’s a bad day to still get up because there are good days coming and there are more good days then there are bad.  The best part of her coming to talk to us was that in the end we got to hold at least one of her Olympic gold medals.

By Zaria G and Indy V.

Tournament of Minds Teams - Neil Wuttke

Congratulations to the students who are busy working in a team to solve the challenges in the Tournament of Minds competition. It is creative problem solving competition where the students need to solve complex challenges without adult assistance. The State Final is on Sunday 11 September at Flinders University, Tonsley Campus.

Team 1.  Maddie, Izzie, Alex, Kester, Irini,  Grace, Miley

Team 2. Sara, Hailey, Riley, Sara, Olivia, Luka, Maya

Team 3. Cate, Amelia, Nikki, Isaac, Elijah, Georgia

Team 4. Amelia, Lennox, Sienna, Hayley, Mia, Ada, Henry

Team 5. Sienna, Indy, Bronte, Zaria, Summer, Minke, Matilda

We wish them every success in their efforts.

Parents and Community (P&C)

School Disco - Thursday 9 September

Parents and Community Term 3 Student Event

What: Junior Disco (Rec-Yr2) & Dance Party (Yr3-Yr 7). 

This will definitely be a fun filled event for your child with a music DJ playing the latest songs. There will be neon lights and loads of decorations that glow plus a popcorn bag on arrival.

When: Thursday 9 September.

Tickets: Cost is $10.00 per person (cash). To book and secure your child’s ticket (wrist band) send the exact cash in a well-marked envelope  (Name, Teacher, Year, Disco) to the front office no later than 9am, Tuesday 7 September. 

This is a lock-in event and due to the event's COVID safe plan, numbers need to be fixed prior to the event so there will be no ticket sales at the door.

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER - A cash only event; if it is cancelled your payment will be reimbursed in cash which will be sent home with your child.


Example of envelope for Disco ticket money

Disco details


Finance Officer - Mark Beech


Planning and information relating to excursions and camps is communicated to the school community in the normal timeframes. However due to Covid19 and the potential for events to be cancelled, invoices are being raised approximately one week prior to the event to mitigate the risk of payments being received and subsequent refunds or credits having to be processed.


The HBPS P&C Committee are about to kick off a fundraising initiative to raise money for the school. We set ourselves a fundraising target of $10k this year. The money we raise will go towards upgrading some classroom furniture (e.g. new mobile/movable desks, stools) and the upgrade of canteen equipment (e.g. dishwasher). Press the download button for the details to see how you can get involved.

School Pupil/Closure days 2021




Term 3 Dates

Can be found in Skoolbag - click on Events tab. The calendar date with a dot represents an activity.

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

Vacation Care Program September/ October 2021