Weekly Awards

Congratulations to the following students -

“Striving for Excellence” Award – (for a student who has exhibited academic improvements and / or has been applying themselves to the very best of their ability)

Aida B - Year 6 - For the positive attitude you have displayed towards your learning. Keep up the fantastic work Aida!
Blaine J - Year 4 - For your enthusiastic approach to the demand writing task, “The Magic Letter”. You have endeavoured to add a variety of noun groups to make your narrative more descriptive. 
Harrison E - Year 1 - For your clear explanations during Mathematics discussions and diligent effort in all learning areas. Keep up the fantastic work Harry!

Laura McC - Year 4 - For the hard work and persistence you have demonstrated in your learning! You are a role model for your peers.Keep up the great work

“MacKillop Award” – (for a student who exhibited Gospel values in their words and actions)

Alexandra M - Year 5 - For consistently being kind and thoughtful. You quietly model our school motto, “To love is to serve” everyday. Thank you!

“To Love is to Serve” Award – (for a student who has consistently displayed leadership qualities)

Grace F - Year 6 - For proactively assisting with jobs around the classroom. You set a great example with your hard work. Thank you!