Regentville Public School Newsletter

Week 10 Term 2 2021

From the Principal

Dear parents,

Over the last two weeks there have been some exciting things happen at school.

Last week, the Stage 3 students put on their second Cake Stall of the year. What a fantastic display of yummy treats we had! There wasn't much left by the time the cake stall ended. A big thank you to all of the students, teachers and parents who cooked and prepared for this event. All proceeds form the cake stalls go towards the Year 6 gift to the school at the end of the year.

On Friday last week we welcomed the parents of the Gold and Silver Award recipients. It was great to have parents share this special moment with us.

Reports were sent home on Monday of this week and I thank the teachers for their many hours of preparation in getting them ready for parents. If you would like to discuss any aspects of your child's report, please feel free to contact the school to arrange a convenient time to talk with or meet your child's teacher.

Term 2 will end this Friday 25 June and students return for Term 3 on Tuesday 13 July. There are already exciting things planned for next term including Kindy Farm excursion, Penrith Valley Performing Arts Festival, Stage 2 and 3 Spelling Bee, just to name a few.

I hope that everyone has a well deserved rest over the holidays and that students come back in Term 3 ready and raring to go!

David Bamford

Deputy Principal 

NB. Mrs Thompson is on leave and will return after the holidays.

Attendance Matters

Current Attendance Rate

  • Overall attendance rate is 92.3%. State average is 88.3%.
  • 74.4% of students (483 students) have an attendance rate of 90% or above. State average is 59.6%.
  • 13.6% (88 students) have an attendance rate below 85%.
  • Unfortunately, there are 968 Unexplained absences so far this year. See below.

We are aiming for 80% of our students to be at school 90% or more of the time.

Notes to explain student absences

All student absences are to be explained. This is a legal requirement. The best way to do this is to send a note in with your child after they return to school. You can also consider using Skoolbag app form or phoning/emailing the office.

Once the explanation is received by the teacher, they will determine with that leave is justified or unjustified. eg. a justified absence is that Terry was at home sick with a tummy bug. An unjustified absence would be that Mary stayed at home because it was her birthday.

The teacher will record the absence as justified or unjustified in the roll, a legal document and requirement by the Department of Education.

Your help with this matter is appreciated.

Partial Attendance

Partial attendance has an impact of your child's learning and can have an impact on the learning of others. There are an increasing number of students who are arriving late to school and missing important learning time.

Please note there are a small number of students who have valid reasons for their late arrivals.

Early departure of students should only be used when appointments can not be made outside of school hours. Like late arrival, early departure can impact your child's learning.

All late arrivals and early departures require an explanation that is recorded in the roll. 

Partial attendance is recorded as an absence when creating the list of students who have 100% attendance for the term.



Our Stage 3 debating students have recently completed the first three rounds of the Penrith Valley Debating Competition. During each debate, students have the opportunity to undertake speaking roles (1st to 3rd speaker), or have the role of writing rebuttals for their team (4th speaker). 

 In Round 2, our Regentville A team (Year 6) debated against Werrington County Public School, and our Regentville B team (Year 5) against Henry Fulton Public School. Both teams argued the topic ‘Mobile phones should be allowed in the classroom.’ Regentville A argued for the negative on this occasion, and Regentville B for the affirmative. Congratulations to Regentville A who won their debate, and to Regentville B team for their wonderful efforts!

 Round 3 saw both teams travel to Werrington County Public School, where Regentville A debated against Kingswood South Public School, and Regentville B against Wallacia Public School. Both teams argued the topic ‘Zoos are beneficial for animals.’ Regentville A argued for the affirmative on this occasion, and Regentville B for the negative. Well done to both teams on a hard-fought debate, with Regentville B claiming victory!

 Our students are committed to refining their skills in formulating an insightful, evidence-based argument around a given topic. Crucial to the delivery of their argument is the development of their skills in speaking to an audience, such as volume and tone of voice, pace, keeping to time, eye contact and use of persuasive language. Ultimately, their role is to convince the adjudicator that their stance on the topic is the most accurate one!

 Mrs McLoon​

Dance for Sick KIds

Thank you so much for your support of our Dance for Sick Kids Fundraiser. The money has been counted and we raised an incredible $923.45! This is enough to accommodate a family at the Ronald McDonald House for a week. 

What a wonderful school community we have!

Playground Equipment Grove area

We would like to officially thank the NSW Government for the community grant that provided the funds for our fantastic playground equipment in the grove area. This equipment will provide the children in our community the opportunity to climb and explore in a safe, child-centred environment.

We are sure that the new 2021 Kindergarten students will enjoy spending time utilising this great resource.

Calendar Reminders

What's happening Term 2

Fri 25 June Last Day Term 2

Tues 13 July Students return for Term 3

Fri 16 July Kindy Farm excursion

Thurs 22 July Penrith Valley Performing Arts Festival

From the Office

Current Notes

Operoo (CareMonkey) profile updates

Can you take a few minutes to check that your child has a current and up to date health profile. We use the Operoo system to ensure that all students health issues are accessible to staff members in the case of an emergency.

Even if your child has no health issues, it helps us to make quick contact with you if needed.

If you need help with this, please contact the office for some assistance.

It is a legal requirement for schools to keep accurate rolls. In order to do this we need to receive a note or phone call from parents for student absences, within three days of the absence starting stating the nature of the absence ie. sickness, family business, short leave. The Skoolbag app has an easy to use function that allows you to generate an online note we print off  to give to teachers.


The new Regentville PS caps have arrived and can be purchased through the front office for $12.

P&C News

Next meeting Tues 3 August 7-8.30pm in library