Holy Trinity Primary Granville

Term 1 Week 10 - 1st April 2021

From the Leadership Team

Philip Mahony | Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

 As we end the first Term for this  year, it is important as a Catholic School, to reflect on the events of Holy Week and prepare for Easter Sunday. The students have been celebrating these important events over the past week and have been prayerful in their presentations.

The Sacred Tridiuum

A "Triduum" is a three-day period (the word comes from the Latin - tres Dies). The Easter Triduum is a three-day period in which Christians celebrate what Easter means to them. Is it the pinnacle of the liturgical year. These three days are three days of mystery.The Easter Triduum is when we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. These days call to mind the last meal and arrest of Jesus (Thursday evening), the crucifixion and burial of Jesus (Good Friday), and the resurrection of Jesus (Easter Day).

While you attend the services over Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, explain to your children the meaning of each event. When they are enjoying their Easter Eggs also stress with them the eggs mean New Life in the risen Lord for all of us.

School Uniforms

The students need to be in their Full Winter Uniform by Monday 10th May. During the first three weeks of term 2 they can wear their summer or winter uniform, depending on the weather.

Student of the Week Assemblies

We will go back to announcing the 'Student of the Week' on Friday afternoons at 3:00 pm, so parents can attend. Hopefully we can still zoom the assembly for parents who can not be at the school.

Have a happy and Holy Easter.

Today is the last day for term 1.

Term 2 resumes on Monday 19th April.

Warm regards

Phil Mahony

Jason Fisher | Assistant Principal

Enjoying the Holidays

As we move into the holidays after a very busy term, it is a great opportunity for the children to rest up and get ready for Term 2. During the school term the children are set to a routine, so the holidays provide an opportunity to relax the routines, so the children are able to refresh. However, it is important for the children to keep practicing their skills in a fun and interesting way. Parents can provide opportunities such as; going to the library to borrow books to read, involve the children in cooking dinner and get them to measure the ingredients, check the local newspaper for free activities the children can attend and write a family journal of the holidays. Keeping the children learning in an authentic way will help the children return to school ready for Term Two.

I wish the whole Holy Trinity Community a very Holy and Safe Easter filled with the love of family and friends. See you all next term.

Religious Education News

Today, the staff and students of Holy Trinity took part in a reflective journey with Jesus. The Stage 3 students narrated and re-enacted the events of Holy Week while students witnessed and walked with Jesus. Our first station was the celebration of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) followed by our reflection of Holy Thursday; Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, breaking bread at the Last Supper and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. Next, students looked on as Jesus took up His cross and walked to His Crucifixion and death. Finally, students arrived at the tomb of Jesus and were witnesses to the Resurrection of Christ (Easter Sunday). 

The Stage 3 students are highly commended on their performances and reverence.  

We wish all of the students, their families and our Holy Trinity Community a blessed Easter and a safe and wonderful holiday. Thank you for your continued support this term and we look forward to seeing you in Term 2.

Journeying With Jesus

Holy Week Mass Times

Please find attached the Holy Week Mass times at Holy Cross Parish.

Easter message from Bishop Vincent Long

Please take this opportunity to read Bishop Vincent Long’s Easter message:  

Cross Country

Cross Country Champions for 2021

The Diocesan team will be announced early next term.

Under 8 & 9's


Katrina V
BoyJohn T
Under 10'sGirl Vanessa E
BoyLogan C
Under 11's GirlOlivia T
BoyAaron K
SeniorGirlSarah N
BoyBenton S

Enrolments Kindergarten 2022

Kindergarten 2022 Enrolment packs are available from the school office or download from our Web page. If your child turns 5 before the 31st July 2022 they are eligible to enrol for Kindergarten 2022.

Interviews for Kindergarten 2022 will commence in term 2.

Medical Information

If parents need the school to administer any medication to students, please see the office to fill out an authority form.

Any new asthma plans need to be handed in also.  If your child's plan has expired, please see your doctor to renew.

Thank you

HTG Facebook Page

Have you checked out the school Facebook page lately! We are constantly posting about the great things that are happening at HTG. 

Need to Know

Notice required before moving students from school

10 school weeks in writing must be given to the principal before removal of a student or a full term’s fees will be payable. 

This requirement is in recognition by the family of the commitment to assist funding of the School by having their child take a place that could have been offered to another family.

2021 School Fees

2021 School fees are now overdue for payment. If you have paid, thank you. If not,  please make payment by the 7th April 2021.  If you have any questions regarding school fees for 2021, please see Mrs Borg in the office.

How to Install the SkoolBag App

Instructions for parents installing the SkoolBag app.

The SkoolBag school app is the easiest way for parents to stay up-to-date with the school events, notes, newsletters and all school communications.

Follow the instructions below to download the SkoolBag app and stay connected with what’s happening at Holy Trinity.

For iPhone and iPad users:

Click on the “Download on the App Store” button above, or go to the Apple App Store, search for “SkoolBag” and download the free SkoolBag app. After opening the app, add your school(s) and you’re ready to go!

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A Reminder for our School Community - Complaints and Grievances

If , at any time, you find that you have a concern with the school, you are encouraged to come to the school and speak with the teacher/s, assistant principal and/or principal, to identify your concern.

It is our aim to work with all members of our school community to ensure that we do the very best to provide a productive, safe and enjoyable learning experience for our students and professionally fulfilling experience for our staff.

If you would like to raise a concern, the Catholic Education Office has guidelines for ensuring that complaints are handled fairly. Information about how to handle complaints either informally or formally is accessed on the school website or system website. 

COVID-19 Local Testing Clinics

Please get tested if you have any COVID-19  symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of taste or smell. Self-isolate until you know your test result. Also, please do not send students to school if they are feeling unwell. 

Local Testing clinics:

Merrylands Drive Through Testing Clinic

Corner of Burnett Street and Merrylands Road, Merrylands

Auburn Community Health Care Centre Drive Through Testing Clinic

Norval Street, Auburn 

Auburn Drive-Through Testing Clinic

48 Boorea Stret, Auburn

Smithfield Drive Through Testing Clinic

63 Long Street, Smithfield


Student of the Week

Week ending  26th March 2021

Kindergarten    Joshua G           

Year 1                Jonathan P                                

Year 2                Angela N                               

Year 3                Tanika R                                          

Year 4                Katrina V                           

Year 5                Jacob G                                        

Year 6               Manyang B           

Principal's Award

Isabelle G - Yr 3

Benjamin B -  Yr 4

Jeremiah K - Yr 4

Jasmeet B - Yr 4

Rashad B - Yr 4

Jacob G - Yr 5

Student of the Week

Week ending 2nd April 2021

Kindergarten   Manassef H         

Year 1                Andrew W                                     

Year 2                Saif H                      

Year 3                Vincent W                          

Year 4                Charbel A                                      

Year 5                Ella A               

Year 6                William B                    

Birthday Celebrations

Congratulations to the following students who celebrate their Birthday in 


Matthias K, Amir S, Felix T, Luna H, Mikhaela D, Roshav S, Saif H, Harry B, Aleeha R, Vincent W, Aarush A, Aadarsh A,Karim A, Jabbra A, Dominic Z, Logan C, Vanessa E, Kevin Q, Stephanie B, Abuot M, Lucky A, Taim A.


1st AprilHoly Thursday
Last Day of Term 1
2nd AprilGood Friday
4th AprilEaster Sunday
19th April

First Day of Term 2

Before & After School Care

Parents we have a service that will now offer before & after school care, with drop off & pick up to and from school.  If you are in need of this service, please contact the office for an application form.

The Children's Hospital at Westmead's Emergency Department has Moved

Please refer to the flyer attached for new information.

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