St Bernadette's Primary School Dundas Valley

Newsletter 2021 Term 2 Week 4


Dear families of St Bernadette's

Just when we thought that things were going back to normal we have a new set of Covid restrictions. While we know that it is a necessity, it certainly throws the best laid plans into chaos. 

Once again, we rallied as one and while we were disappointed that some of our activities last Friday were cancelled it was so nice to see so many people come to join in our Mother’s Day celebrations. Personally, I extend my sincere thanks to all of the parents and the wider community who had to alter their arrangements at the last minute.

I know you will all join in on thanking Stage 1 students, Miss Carly, Mrs Sidoti and Miss Strawbridge for preparing their performance so well and for being so adaptable as we continued to change venues on them. I’m sure you will agree that it was great.

A number of parents have asked if we will have the opportunity to have open classrooms later on this term. Once the restrictions lift and we have a clear picture of how to proceed, we will definitely invite parents into classrooms.

Fingers crossed and watch this space!

Love and light,

Mrs Lisa Gerrard
(on behalf of all of the staff and students)

Attendance Rate: 87.1%  - To unpack this a little more, this means that 87.1%  of our students have an attendance rate of 90% -100%. 


This week, our year 3 and 5 students completed the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. These tests are a point-in-time assessment that allows parents to see how their child is progressing in literacy and numeracy against the national standard and compared with their peers throughout Australia. The results of these tests are used by our classroom teachers to see where further instruction would be beneficial and where our students are excelling. 

In the past few years, we have moved to online testing. NAPLAN Online is a tailored test that adapts to student responses, providing better assessment and more precise results.  We are very lucky that we have access to enough devices for all students to access the online tests easily and have spare devices in case of any technical issues. 

At St Bernadette's, we do not 'teach to the test'. We want to gain an accurate picture of where our students are at a particular point in time. We also don't want to place undue pressure or stress on our students. We want our students to know they are more than the results of these tests. We focus on developing a well-rounded child who understands their worth is more than academic results. Their schooling at St Bernadette's is built around quality teaching which effectively covers the whole curriculum and ensures they are well prepared for not only the NAPLAN tests but all areas of their development. 

I would like to congratulate our year 3 and 5 students on the way they have approached the tests and their attitude of doing their personal best. 

Mrs Willard
Assistant Principal


Sunday, 16 May 2021

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

The Feast of the Ascension is really a kind of liminal moment in the Easter season. It is a time between times; a moment when we have left one place in our journey, but have not yet arrived at a second. While the narratives that describe the Ascension fit well into the unfolding story of redemption, the feast itself celebrates one aspect of the resurrection itself, namely, the exaltation of Jesus. The readings help us through this paradox. They allow us to focus on this theological point while we commemorate a turning point in the life of the church. We do this by considering both the enthronement of Christ in the heavens and the new body of Christ on earth.

Today we stand awestruck, watching Jesus ascend into the clouds of heaven, there to be enthroned at God’s right hand. Today we are overwhelmed by the divinity of the one whom we have known in his humanity. Amidst shouts of joy and exaltation, Christ is enthroned in heaven in both his divinity and his glorified humanity. Now he is present with us in a new way, in a new body, in the church. He teaches through its apostles and evangelists; he ministers through its prophets and pastors. Through us he continues to heal and to comfort; to forgive and to include. We have his power, the same power with which he performed marvels when he walked the earth. We have each other; together we make up the new body of Christ.

Stage 1 Learning Cycle in Reigious Education

The Stage 1 Learning Cycle in Religious Education for this term is ‘What is Sacred Scripture?’

In learning that Sacred Scripture can be a way of life that nourishes and inspires our words and actions, the Year 1 students have illustrated a Sacred story that they know.


A Community of Learners

Diocesan Cross Country

On Tuesday, 4 May, a squad of 25 children represented St Bernadette’s at the Diocesan Cross Country. This huge event is held each year at Sydney Motorsport Park, involving around 2000 children. This year our competitors braved very poor conditions where they had to be marshalled, and also run the course, in rain. In spite of this, there were no complaints and everyone gave it their all and cheered their friends on.

Congratulations to our Diocesan Cross Country Squad for 2021!

Sonia B, Mikayla B, Eamon B, James B, Louis B, Preston B, Lachlan B, Alex C, Tania C, Sereno C,  Samara C, Max C, Chloe D, Jayden E, Olivia E, Stevania F, Ayden H, Nicolas L, Caleb L, Jacob L, Elena M, Lucas N, Eamon N, Stefan S, Gameia Y.

Special congratulations go to Eamon N, who came home in 4th place and has qualified for the NSWCPSCCC Cross Country Championships in August! We look forward to hearing more of his successes then.

Collect your Bread Tags!

Miss Steph and her environmental crusaders are at it again and this time they will be ‘killing two birds with one stone’!

As we all know, plastic going to landfill isn’t such a good thing. It can take up to 500 years for some plastics to actually decompose. Unfortunately, one such item that often ends up in landfill is the good old bread tag.

Here’s the thing though! We have found an Australian charity that works with a local recycler in South Australia to turn your old bread tags into wheelchairs! What a brilliant idea! Now we can save the environment and help those in need at the same time! Please click on the following link to find out more about what these amazing people are doing.  

Long story short, please start collecting your bread tags from loaves of bread and other bakery items. Bring them to school and drop them in the bread tag bin which is located in the breezeway near the office.

Thanks for your support!

Police Visit

On Tuesday morning our school was lucky enough to have two police officers visit us and speak to our children. 

The infants' children learnt all about stranger danger and their safety networks. The policeman used a great analogy describing how younger penguins stay in large groups and are looked after by the older penguins, just like our children when they are out and about in the community.

The primary children learnt all about cyber safety. This was fantastic as it reinforced what many children already know, however, sometimes forget, when they are online.

We thank both these officers for their time and effort.

Change of Date for Public Speaking Opportunity

As mentioned previously, we would like to hold a public speaking opportunity for Years 2 - 6 this term. This is an extracurricular activity for those children who feel confident in speaking before an audience.

The children who wish to participate will speak prior to 11 June before their peers. Then, on Friday 11 June, parents will be invited to see the finalists perform their speeches.

Date:  Friday, 11 June 2021

Time:  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

Venue:  Hall

Topic:  Free choice

Criteria:  Eye contact, gestures, voice projection, cohesion of speech.

Each class has a marking guide in place so this is one that they are familiar with. This ensures that the marking criteria is age appropriate.

Term 2 School Fees

Please be aware that 2021 Term 2 School Fees Statements have been issued and sent home to families. If you have not received your statement, for any reason, please contact the office immediately. It would be appreciated if your payments are made in accordance with the due date listed on your statement. Should you wish to make an arrangement to suit your needs, or if you have any queries regarding your fees, please contact our Finance Officer Mrs Haddad. All conversations are strictly confidential. Also, a friendly reminder: if you know that you will be leaving our school please notify our office as soon as possible. CEDP requires ten weeks' notice for a leaving student. We thank you for your ongoing support.

Gentle Reminders

After-School Routine

Following some adjustments to our after school dismissal procedures, we have noticed that some of the children are unsure of where they are to wait in the afternoon. Here are the three options and terms we use for each of the pick-up points:

  • Back Gate:  Here, the children are escorted to the back gate by the teacher on duty,  to parents who are parked in the parish car park.

  • Pick Up:  Here, the children wait in front of the canteen. This is where parents who have parked and come into the school grounds will pick up their children. Once again, they will wait with the teacher on duty.

  • Drive Through: Here, the children will meet in the hall with the supervising teacher. Their names will then be called by the teacher on the street as their car approaches. 

Please make sure that your child is clear on where you are to meet them to reduce the anxiety and confusion.

Of course COSHC children will be picked up by the after-school staff from the pick-up area.

Parish House Driveway

Please remember NOT to queue across the Parish House’s driveway before or after school as it makes it impossible for them to enter or exit. They are often called out into the community for various reasons and may be needed quickly. Thanks to those who already make the effort not to block their one and only exit point. 


Assemblies will continue to be held at 2:30 pm under the COLA each fortnight from Friday, 28 May unless advised otherwise.

School Uniform

By now, all students are expected to be dressed in full winter uniform, including ties for boys and tab ties for girls.  When boys are wearing long-sleeve shirts they are expected to have them tucked in at all times.  We ask that parents help us with this by having a quick check of uniforms before students leave home. We have noticed that the younger students don’t know how to tuck their shirts in so it’s greatly appreciated if parents could help out with this. 

Enrolling now for 2022

We have almost concluded the enrolment process for 2022. Many families have submitted completed enrolment forms, had their interview and are in the process of securing a place in Kindy. If it is your intention to enrol your child for 2022 please fill in the necessary paperwork as there are limited spaces available.

TERM 2 - Dates for your diary

Important Term Dates 

Week 5 

17/5 - Online lunch orders 

19/5 - Online lunch orders 

21/5 - Online lunch orders

21/5 - School banking 

Week 6

24/5 - Online lunch orders

26/5 - Stage 3 girls soccer gala

26/5 -  Online lunch orders

28/5 - Online lunch orders

28/5 - School banking

28/5 - Assembly under the COLA

What to do if you child is unwell

We understand at times it is difficult for families to know when your child needs to stay home when they complain of feeling unwell. We ask that if your child displays any symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose etc that they are kept home. To return to school they will require a clearance certificate from the doctor or a negative covid test. We thank you in advanced for your cooperation.

Altar Servers' Roster March 27 - July 18, 2021


Parent Calendar

Our school calendar has now been synced to the SkoolBag App. You are able to access the school calendar for important term dates and add these to the calendar in your phone.

How to do this:

- Select 'events' icon on the bottom of the home page. This will then bring up the calendar and the current month will be displayed.

- Under the chosen day you will see all of the events we have scheduled for that day. 

- To add these events to your calendar select 'notices' and 'add to calendar'.  You can choose to add all the important dates to your calendar that are relevant to you.

The calendar is also visible on our school website. 


A reminder that classes commence at 8:55 am.

To help your child have a positive start to the school day it is important that they are at school on time.

Being at school a little before 8:55 am allows them to have time to calm themselves and be confident in knowing they are prepared and ready to learn. It also gives them time to say hello to their friends and classmates and burn off some extra energy.

Being late to school can create an anxious situation for some children.

If your child is late, they must come to the school office to be signed in by their parent or carer. They cannot be dropped late and left to run through the school gate unaccompanied. 

Happy Birthday

3/5 - Nafisa Y

4/5 - Ruby H

7/5 - Terrence T

9/5 - Shane F

11/5 - Tania C

12/5 - Liam M

13/5 - Giordeio C



Community Health Advice

St Bernadettes Primary School

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