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HSC Examinations 9 November - 3 December 
The HSC Examinations will be held onsite between 9 November and 3 December. This has been a challenging year for the HSC students but we are proud of the efforts the girls have made to prepare for the examinations and to remain connected to their teachers. The Year 12 teachers have been busy providing feedback to their students and we are confident that the girls are well prepared for the examinations.There are specific guidelines that require the HSC examinations to be run in small groups in exam rooms that are not accessed by other students. The HSC Examinations will be held in the S Block and students in Years 7-11 will be allocated to other rooms for the period of the examinations. We will also need to restrict movement and noise around these rooms to provide the best possible environment for the Year 12 students. Please keep our Year 12 students in your prayers over the next four weeks as they complete their HSC Examinations.

College Leaders’ Commissioning Ceremony
We have received updated advice that from next week schools are permitted to have assemblies, provided they are outdoors and each year group is separated. We will therefore be holding our Student Leaders' Commissioning Ceremony next Friday 12 November in front of the whole student body. Unfortunately, we are still not permitted to have visitors on site but we will be taking a number of photographs and these will be available for parents to download. We look forward to this opportunity to celebrate together and commission our new student leaders. 

Reminder - COVID-19 Protocols are being followed at College Reception
According to CEDP instructions and Public Health Orders we are not allowed to admit any non-student without an appointment into the College. 

All visitors and parents arriving at College Reception are asked to:

a)  Wear a mask;

b)  Scan the College QR code

c)  Push the door bell to attract the attention of the Receptionist 

d) Tell the Receptionist the reason for your visit (through the glass if not wearing a mask)

e) If attending for a scheduled meeting you will also need to show evidence of double vaccination to a member of the College Executive (Digital Certificate or printed immunisation history). There will be no admission if this evidence is not provided.

If you are picking up your daughter please wait outside whilst she is brought to Reception. She will come out to you. 

If dropping off an item for your daughter you will be asked to stay outside and pass the item to Reception Staff through the door. If you are not wearing a mask the door will not be opened and you will have to leave the item for your daughter outside the door for Reception staff to collect after you have gone.

We understand that these procedures may be inconvenient but we must protect our students and staff. Please be patient with our Reception Staff as following the protocols can be stressful for all concerned.

The usual process of parents writing a note if they know their daughter needs to be picked up is even more important at the moment. Because students in different year groups can’t mingle, we don’t have a student runner taking messages to classes. Parents need to indicate on the note when their daughter needs to be picked up and the student needs to show that to her teacher either when she needs to leave class or, preferably, before the class starts. She would then leave the class to meet the parent at the front office at the appointed time.

Message from the Kenny House Leader
Kenny is running our initiative in weeks 6 and 7 of the term to raise funds and awareness for the issue of domestic violence. We are hoping to support DV West by creating care packages for the women and children staying at their supported crisis accommodation. We have allocated each year group an item which we ask them to bring in and give to their homeroom teacher. The allocated items are as follows:

Year 7 - Writing journals
Year 8 - small toys or body lotion
Year 9 - Body wash and loofa
Year 10 - Shampoo and conditioner
Year 11/12 - Toothpaste and toothbrushes

DV West would really appreciate these donations as many women show up to them with nothing but the clothes on their backs as they don’t want to alert their abuser or raise any suspicions by packing bags. It would mean a lot to these women to know that there are people in the community who are thinking about them. So please support the initiative by bringing in your allocated item during weeks 6 and 7.

Thank you,

Violet Neal - Kenny House leader

Textbook orders for 2022
Campion Education would like to let you know that the Resource Lists for Years 7 – 11 are now available and can be completed online at  Please place your order by Friday 10th of  December 2021,  for home delivery.

When ordering online you will need to use the following Access Code: “627G”

All orders placed online are delivered to your Home, Office or any designated address. 

Please do not use the College address. The parcels will be delivered the fortnight ending Friday 14th of January 2022.

Placing your order online by the due date is the best way to ensure students will receive all available items in time for the start of the new school year.


There are many advantages apart from deeper learning and improved results to making the most of class time.   By completing more work in class you will have less to do at home, your teacher will be pleased with your application and so will your parents when they read your report, and of course, you will learn more! And if you don’t use class time efficiently? Well you will have to do more work at home, you will find you don’t always understand the work, your teachers will have to continually be reminding you to refocus and you may even make it harder for other people in your class to learn. It’s a no-brainer!

What does working effectively in class mean?

  1. Sit next to someone who will help you stay on task rather than someone who distracts you.
  2. Ask questions whenever you are unsure, unclear or do not understand something.
  3. Be polite and respectful of your teacher and your classmates at all times.
  4. Come prepared to the lesson with all the books, technology and equipment you will need.
  5. Contribute your thoughts and ideas at the appropriate times.
  6. If you find yourself day-dreaming, ask yourself questions about what is going on or take notes about what is being discussed so you regain your focus.
  7. Try at all times to stay on task and be engaged in the work you are doing.

Learn more this year about how to work effectively at home and at school by working through the units on

Our school’s access details are:
Username: forccconly
Password: 55success

HSC 2021 Livestream Blessing with Bishop Vincent

This Sunday evening November 7 at 8pm, via Catholic Youth Parramatta’s Facebook page, Bishop Vincent and a small team will be hosting a livestream event for HSC students and their families. This livestream event will feature messages of support from clergy, appearances by some Year 12’s, and a reflection and blessing from Bishop Vincent. 


Caroline Chisholm College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. We wish to remind you that teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, teachers are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. In the case of a genuine emergency please contact the school office during business hours on or phone 02 4737 5500. We appreciate your assistance and understanding. If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact the college.