Chisholm Need to Know


Parents/Carers Dropping Off and Picking Up Students on The Lakes Drive
A reminder to parents/carers dropping off or picking up students from the Kiss and Ride zone on The Lakes Drive to:

  • No Parking is allowed in front of the College on The Lakes Drive between 8.00am and 9.30am or between 2.30pm and 4.00pm

  • Parents/Carers may set down or pick up within the designated zones at any time - do not in any circumstances park or stop in the No Stopping zone, or allow any part of your vehicle to protrude in front of the school gates. Buses, staff, and emergency vehicles need access to this driveway at all times.

  • Please move as far forward as possible when dropping off or picking up students. Cars sometimes block the driveway illegally because they reasonably assume the cars in front will move as far forward as they can before they stop. Unfortunately, cars frequently stop just after the drive when there is room ahead, causing problems to drivers behind.

  • When stopping in the set down or pick up zone please park close to the kerb to allow other traffic to pass by. The College has had complaints from neighbours and other users of The Lakes Drive that drivers are stopping a long way from the kerb and not allowing sufficient space for vehicles to pass.

  • The accepted time limit in NSW for setting down and picking up is 2 minutes. Please try to adhere to this time limit.

  • Safety Tips:

    • Drivers should remain in their vehicles at all times in the Drop-off and Pick-up zone. 

    • Make sure children use the Safety Door (the rear footpath side door) to get in and out of the car.

    • Make sure the handbrake is applied when the vehicle is stationary. 

    • Avoid dangerous manoeuvres such as U-turns and three-point turns. We have observed various vehicles doing U-turns across the double white lines.

Senior Students Study Sessions - Mondays 3:00pm - 5:00pm
From Monday March 22, the College will offer supervised study in the Senior Common on Monday afternoons to students in Year 11 and 12. This is an excellent opportunity for students to work individually or in small teams to prepare for assessments, consolidate classroom learning and work on group tasks. Research is clear that when students, girls especially, support each other’s learning, they improve their own learning, too.

Depending on numbers, we will continue this into Term 2. Please encourage your daughter to engage with this.

Wearing of blazers
From the start of Term 2 until at or near the end of Term 3 it will be compulsory for blazers to be worn to and from the college every day other than Wednesday. If students do not have a blazer these must be ordered as a matter of urgency, so they are ready to be worn at the start of Term 2 which is only a few weeks away. All uniform items can be bought from Lowes in Penrith Plaza.  

Navy blue stockings
This is an early reminder that at the start of next term, all girls will also be required to wear navy stockings as part of their uniform. It may be time to check whether your daughter still has navy stockings and, if not, organise to purchase them from any store.

The only facial jewellery allowed at the college is in the ears (up to 2 earrings in each year, small hoops or studs). In particular, there is to be no nose or lip jewellery, nor can recent piercings be covered with band aids. I mention this before the holidays as this is a time when a number of students seem to think there is time for a piercing to heal before returning to school. This is not the case over a two week break and there will be no tolerance or allowance of time for a new piercing to heal once the students return to school. This applies to all students from Year 7 to Year 12. Students who have non-uniform jewellery will receive warnings leading to detentions.

CathWest Presentation to Year 9 and 10 students
Mrs Cathy Larkin, Principal of CathWest Innovation College, presented information about courses of study available to students. Further information is available and at their Open Nights on 18 and 19 May, 2021.

Diary Dates - Term 1 Week 9

Monday 22 March
Year 10 Commerce Glenmore Park Town Centre Excursion

Wednesday 24 March
Constitutional Convention Excursion

Thursday 25 March
Constitutional Convention
NAPLAN Practice Year 7 & 9 Omnibus & Writing Test

Friday 26 March
Year 11 & 12 Ancient History Chau Chak Wing Museum Excursion
Rep Sport: Mixed Touch Championships

Diary Dates - Term 1 Week 10

Monday 29 March
NSWCCC Swimming Championships SOPAC
Year 10 Commerce Glenmore Park Town Centre Excursion
Tuesday 30 March
Year 8 Medieval Day

Wednesday 31 March
Year 12 Hospitality Incursion
College Cross Country Carnival

Thursday 1 April
Year 10 Agr Royal Agricultural Show Excursion
Last Day of Term 1


Caroline Chisholm College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. We wish to remind you that teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, teachers are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. In the case of a genuine emergency please contact the school office during business hours on or phone 02 4737 5500. We appreciate your assistance and understanding. If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact the college.