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Term 4, Week 8

From the Principal

Important Dates for 2021

School dates:

Wednesday, 27 January: Staff Development Day - Staff only
Thursday, 28 January: Staff Development Day - Staff only
Friday, 29 January: Returning students for Years 1-6
Monday, 1 February: All newly enrolled students Years 1-6 assemble at the school hall 10.00am. Entrance via the gate on Frances Street.

Friday, 5 February: 2021 Kindergarten first full day

Uniform Shop dates:

Pickup for uniforms ordered on Flexischools

Wednesday, 27 January: 10.30am-12.00pm (orders close Tuesday @ 5pm)

Thursday, 28 January: 8.30am-9.30am (orders close Wednesday @ 5pm)

Friday, 29 January: 8.30am-9.30am (orders close Thursday @ 5pm)

And then every Thursday, 8.30am-9.30am (orders close Tuesday @ 5pm) until the end of Term 1. Pick up will be at Avoca Street car park near the office entrance.

Performing Arts Spectaculars

The 2020 Dance Spectacular on Tuesday afternoon was simply that: Spectacular, especially given the interruptions this year. A very big thank you to teachers Nicky Laurendet, Taylor Johnson, Natalie White, Layla Fukui, Deidre Grace, Nicole Kalonfonos, Daniel Pozarik and former parent, Peter Vaneris for rehearsals, performance support and producing a video of the event for distribution via a link to the performing children's parents. All our students will have an opportunity to be inspired by the performances when they watch it in class in the Christmas wind down and hopefully sign up for next year. The calibre of the performances has simply grown year by year. Unfortunately for privacy and child protection reasons we will be unable to share more broadly.

Our band and strings program are also working on virtual performances to share with parents and at Presentation days. From what I have seen of the first Randwick School Symphony Orchestra, these too are amazing! While you will miss the live performances and the excitement generated, "the show must go on" and we thank everyone for the enormous extra work that filming and editing takes.

Final 2020 Events

We look forward to seeing more parents at Presentation Days and Year 6 parents at the Farewell and Bell ringing. Once again we are conducting these under DOE's COVID safe plan so these are ticketed and registered events only.

Our final school camp takes place on Monday and Tuesday with Year 6 off to Port Hacking. It is a great time for Year 6 to spend together experiencing a personal challenge program, celebrating their 7 years of Primary school and looking forward to their high school journey. I was interested to hear my granddaughter's High School Principal providing advice to the prospective Year 7 parents: Firstly help your child be organised, by packing a bag the night before and completing homework as it is received. If this is modelled by parents in Year 7 it is likely to stick for the senior years. Secondly, present yourself well at school each day, clean and neat and taking pride in the uniform. Again a habit to stand young people in good stead with any future employer. Thirdly, do not buy a smart phone. If a phone is required for safe travel, get a standard one NOT connected to the internet. I would have to concur given our main social issues in Year 6 this year have stemmed from inappropriate use of smart phones after hours where students have accessed inappropriate content or social websites, certainly not a good recipe for the mental well being of our young people.

Return to School 2021

Advice will be provided later in January on the COVID regulations for the new year. At this point we ask that students be dropped off to the teacher at the gate in the normal way on Friday, 29th January 2021 and assemble at the music in their 2020 class groups. New classes will not be formed until Week 2 when numbers are confirmed.  2021 new Kindergarten will be provided with separate advice.

As always if circumstances change and you will not be returning please advise promptly to Late returns must be advised in writing for the place to be held.

A Free Event

To end on an educational note you may be interested in a free event: Mathical Book Prize - Live Author Readings Registration | Eventbrite​ that promotes both literacy and numeracy as well as providing some great book ideas for Christmas. Enjoy and keep up the reading through the break.

As this is our last complete newsletter I would like to wish you a very peaceful, relaxed and safe summer break. Thanks for the community spirit that has stood out through a challenging year for all.


Susan Allen, Principal

Sentral Parent Portal

It’s that time again - we know you are looking forward to receiving your child’s Semester 2 report. They will be published shortly, on your child’s Sentral Parent Portal available via our school website homepage or directly here If you have forgotten your password, please use the link under the ‘Sign in’ button.

If you are new to Randwick, you will have received a letter containing a code for your registration to the Sentral Parent Portal. Please use your allocated access key provided in the letter to register for access.

If you have lost your letter, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school for assistance.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

2020 has seen Randwick students continue to follow our wonderful Positive Behaviour for Learning. We can all be proud of what it means to be Respectful, Responsible and to be a Learner. In Term 4 we have seen some fabulous new signage go up in key areas around the school like the playground, Library, stairs and corridors outlining what it looks like to be a respectful, responsible learner in those areas. A magnificent mural has also been painted on the Library wall outside in the main playground. The bright and bold colours of the flowers and bees surrounding our values of BEEing Respectful, Responsible and a Learner reminds us that when we follow these values, school can also be as positive and bright for everyone! It is truly captivating so keep your eye out for it! Particular focus for our Positive Behaviour for Learning has been around the toilets, the library and representing our school. We have learnt what it means to be Respectful, Responsible and to be a Learner at Randwick Public School. 

Information for parents and carers about the changes to school operations because of COVID-19 health advice current from 17 August 2020 is available.

    What's on?

    Year 6 Camp

    Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th December

    Presentation Days

    Please note, there have been changes made:

    Kindergarten - Monday 7th December, 9.30am - 10.30am

    Stage 1 - Monday 7th December, 11.40am - 12.40pm

    Stage 2 - Monday 14th December, 11.40am - 12.40pm

    Stage 3 - Monday 14th December, 9.15am - 10.30am

    Year 5 Sun, Surf and Sea

    Wednesday 9th December

    Fun run / Colour run

    Thursday 10th December

    Kindergarten Graduation

    Friday 11th December

    Christmas Picnic

    Tuesday 15th December

    Year 6 Farewell

    Tuesday 15th December

    Last day of Term 4 for students

    Wednesday 16th December

    Please provide your feedback by clicking on the link. We will direct the feedback to the appropriate people and/or share it in the newsletter!

    Thank you!

    From the Uniform Shop

    From the P&C

    P&C Fundraising Event Planners required

    We know many of you were interested in helping out next year but don’t have a lot of time to spare - THIS IS FOR YOU!

    You can put your hand up for one or more of the events listed below where you will be able to help shape and bring the event to life.

    We have lots of expertise in setting these events up but we need you to make it happen and it will be loads of fun too.

    Below are the events we have been working through, they are yet to be confirmed but we would like you to please email which event you would like to be a part of and grab a friend to join with you too!

    Term 1 Welcome back Event & Easter Raffle

    Term 2 Art Calendar

    Term 3 Comedy Night and online Auction

    Term 4 Christmas Market stall and BBQ

    Randwick P&C Secretary required

    Randwick P&C needs a new Secretary to start next term. Below are some details about the role - maybe it could suit you? We would love to hear from you and if you have any questions, then please get in touch.


    The fun bits:

    ·         Connecting people with each other

    ·         Telling the community about P&C activities

    ·         Working and assisting the P&C sub-committee volunteers

    ·         Contributing to the P&C's executive committee's decision making

    ·         Coming up with new ideas for events and initiatives

    ·         Buying chocolate for the meetings when they are held at the school

    ·         Organising gifts and thank yous for the community.


    The important bits:

    ·         Writing up the meeting agendas and minutes, and circulating them (we have templates for everything)

    ·         Following up any actions points from meetings and assisting with ad hoc activities

    ·         Setting up online Zoom meetings and Eventbrite events (if we are still online next year)

    ·         Sending out Skoolbag notifications prior to meetings

    ·         Checking compliance (Constitution/by-laws) matters now and again to ensure P&C is doing the right thing

    ·         Keeping a list of meeting attendees and financial members.


    The time commitment:

    ·         About 30 mins the week before the meeting

    ·         About 30 mins the week after the meeting

    ·         Attendance at the monthly P&C meeting (3rd Monday of the month in term time)

    ·         Attendance at the monthly Executive meeting (2nd Monday of the month in term time).


    Is this for you?

    ·         You do not have to have secretarial skills to do this job, just an openness to get involved and to help out

    ·         If you and a friend might like to take the role on together, we would be keen to hear from you. The tasks can be divided up quite easily and we are happy to work out a solution to suit you.

    Please get in touch with Isabel before the end of term to find out more:

    Kindergarten Principal Awards


    Alan N

    Amelia C

    Annabelle L

    Aoife M

    Brooklyn B L

    Cashel B

    Dylan P

    Elsie G

    Gemma W

    Hannah Z

    Henry E

    Indiana T

    Isabel O

    Jasmine K

    Kaila B

    Ksenia B

    Leni K

    Levi M

    Lily T

    Louise D

    Luke M

    Luna  T T

    Murilo S M

    Noah S

    Paige S

    Samarbir B 

    Sasha K

    Scarlett N

    Trung N

    Yoyo Z

    Yui I

    Yul L

    Yuna W

    Year 1 Principal Awards

    Ivy F

    Harry T

    Asha G

    John R

    Imogen M

    Bonny D

    Jacob A

    Brayden N

    Harry H

    Luca Y

    Neve M

    Year 1 Leadership Awards

    John R

    Evelyn O

    Charlie B

    Arina D

    Iyah A

    Sarah M

    Hugo H

    Sebastian M D

    Mahlia C

    Year 2 Principal Awards

    Aaliyah S

    Alessio Z

    Alexander G

    Amy S

    Arsene W

    Bradley H R

    Charlotte O

    Chloe G

    Elias S

    Emily L

    Evan O

    Freya G

    George L 

    Harry B

    Isla M

    Jordan T

    Lucas M

    Lucy R

    Mark D C

    Vivi M

    William H

    Zara G

    Year 2 Leadership Awards

    Aaliyah S

    Benjamin B

    Charlotte M

    Chloe G

    Clemmie H

    Evan B

    Finn B

    George L

    Georgina M

    Isabelle C   

    Isla M

    Jayda R

    Liam M

    Maddie G

    Nathan K

    Niyah G

    Sam J

    Year 3 Principal Awards

    Ada C

    Annalise A

    Ariel W

    Bailey S

    Beatrice B

    Carter C

    Cassius S

    Eili C

    Georgia B

    Hannah K

    Ilija K

    Ineke K

    Isobel G

    Jack L

    Jan-Antonio F

    Jethro S

    Karin I M

    Kereil T

    Khalil S

    Lewis M

    Louis K

    Lucas X

    Mandy G

    Matilda R

    Maximilian R

    Morgan F

    Nash F

    Oliver O

    Raj N

    Rose F

    Sam C

    Samuel W

    Sarah B

    Sasha K

    Sienna W

    Sonny N

    Vaughn S

    Yousef B

    Zahra H

    Year 3 Book Awards

    Eili C

    Yousef B

    Year 4 Principal Awards

    Alexander P   

    Amelie T

    Amika G

    Anja R

    Arabella L

    Ariana C

    Athena K

    Benjamin W

    Charlie J

    Charlotte S

    Claudia S

    Daisy H

    Douglas M

    Edward L

    Elektra M

    Emma W

    Erin W

    Eve K

    Ewan A

    Indiana L

    Iris Y

    Jay B

    Jichu J

    Jocelyn R

    Joshua M

    Kahu B

    Kailen N

    Kataraina J

    Kate P

    Lucas C

    Luna K

    Maisie C

    Mirabella M


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