No.27 Fortnightly - 10 Dec 2021

From Our Staff

Principal, Erik Hofsink

It is the time to wrap-up.

Enough has been said about 2020 and 2021 as the years of the pandemic. Our theme, “We Have Hope”, was certainly both timely and appropriate and I am delighted to announce the theme for next year being: “We Have Peace” (Philippians 4).

The word ‘PEACE’ is very common and habitually used in most languages. For most people it simply means the absence of war and conflict. The Bible also talks about peace. In the Old Testament the word for peace is Shalom and in the New Testament it is Eirene. Most commonly, the word ‘peace’ in the Bible is used to describe something which is ‘complete’ or ‘whole’. Among other things, it was used if there were no missing bricks and no holes in a city or temple wall. When a brick is missing from a wall, its structure is fragile, not whole, until the brick is replaced, and the wall repaired. Therefore, when applied to humans, it makes sense that peace is more than to stop fighting. Rather, it is a complete restoration of relationships to the point where people can work together for each other’s benefit. As we know from the Old Testament, human kings generally failed to establish this shalom in their kingdoms. Therefore, the prophet Isaiah looked forward to a better future King, a Prince of Shalom (Isaiah 9:6). Isaiah prophesied the coming of a child with four names! One of those names is: Prince of Peace. This Prince would introduce a reign of shalom with no end, an ever-expanding kingdom where there will be healing of brokenness and restoration of relationships.

As some of us watch the world news headlines each day, we receive confirmation that, the same as in biblical times, our world still does not know settled peace. Peace remains, however, one of the most talked about and greatest desires of all people. John Lennon famously sang, “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.” A desire for peace among the nations is evenly matched by a desire to live at peace with each other and to have peace within ourselves. We crave peace, while strife and disharmony are undeniably part of the fabric of our lives. Not a comforting observation, but unfortunately true. And most of us have discovered that our frustrations and lack of peace are not resolved by a trip to Westfield, a job change, a Masters degree and even the Olympic games. While recently listening to a sermon by theologian Alister Begg, he stated that there are essentially only two reactions to this human predicament, which can be summarised by The Beatles and John Lennon song titles. The first one says, “We can work it out!”, and the second, “Help! I need somebody. Help, not just anybody!” Reaction number two is typically what kicks in when reaction one does indeed not work out! It’s only when we realise we need help from not just anybody, that the search for a Prince of Peace may start.

But how do we know this prince and how will meeting him lead to an experience of peace? Well, we know that peace left the garden when Adam sinned (and with him the entire human race and creation itself). Humanity’s relationship with the Creator was broken. But God had a plan. Fast forward nearly 800 years from Isaiah’s “Prince of Peace” prophecy to the New Testament, and the birth of Jesus is announced. Jesus came to us to accomplish what needed to happen when He ultimately died on a cross for our sin and rose from the dead – restoration, reconciliation, forgiveness, transformation. Jesus is our Eirene. The only way you will ever know peace and to establish peace in your heart, is to accept and believe in Him. And the next step? As part of the more than 2 billion people who claim to have found this peace, we are called to create more peace by sharing the message and being instruments of peace. We really have no excuse not to do this. This is what Christmas is all about.

May you and your families all have a peaceful Christmas!

I’m praying for a safe return of all our students and staff in the new year and until then, may you know God’s grace and peace. 

Emmaus Christian School Calendar

To view all of the schools important calendar dates click on the 

Emmaus Calendar link.

Summary of Current Permission Notes

Summary of Current Permission Notes

Please note that the following excursions/event notes have been sent out. Please complete any relevant to your child.

TitleGroupPermission MethodForms Due

Yr 3- 9 Awards Assembly

Mon, 13 Dec

Years 3-9

by Invitation

Bookings required on Trybooking

6 Dec 2021

Secondary Formal

Graduation Dinner 

Mon, 13 Dec

Year 9 & 10

by Invitation

Bookings required on Trybooking

29 Nov 2021

Pool Fun Day

Tues, 14 Dec 2021

K-10Email23 Nov 2021

2022 Camp

Borambola Sport

and Recreation


Wagga Wagga NSW

Mon 7th - Wed 9th

Feb 2022

Yrs 6 & 7

Email3 Feb 2022

2022 Camp

Kianniny Resort

Tathra NSW

Mon 7th - Wed 9th

Feb 2022


8, 9 & 10

Email2 Feb 2022

2022 Term Calendar

Yr 9 & 10 Secondary Graduation Dinner

Date: Monday, 13 December 2021

Times: 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Venue: Trevino's Restaurant, Gold Creek Country Club, 50 Curran Dr, Nichols

Dress: Formal     

Theme: Enchanted Evening

Bookings for this event are now closed.

Table Seating Allocation Please note that all seating arrangements will be made by the school and will be published at the venue on the evening.

* Please DO NOT attend if you are displaying any COVID symptoms. COVID hygiene practices will be in place. *

Year 3 - 9 Awards Assembly

Date: Monday, 13 December 2021

Time:  9:30am - 10:30am             

Venue:   Emmaus Gymnasium, 73 Davenport Street, Dickson ACT 2602

Student Dress:   Full Formal School Uniform  

Tickets for this event are available for:

  •  Year 5 Families - Limit 2 Tickets per Yr 5 student. Student not included in this count.  
  • Year 3-9 Award Recipient Family Member - Limit 2 Tickets per student. Students families will be notified the week prior to the Awards Assembly for the purpose of planning.  
  • Emmaus Board Members

All Students in Years 3-9 are required to wear their Formal Emmaus School Uniform on the day (NO sports uniform).

Tickets for seating by RSVP only. Bookings for this event are now closed.

Trybooking Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BVSCI 


Note: If COVID-19 restrictions have to be reinstated at a higher level, we will advise families via Skoolbag notification at the earliest possible time.

* Please DO NOT attend if you are displaying any COVID symptoms. COVID hygiene practices will be in place. *

K-10 End of Year Fun Day

DATE: Tuesday, 14 December 2021

TIME: 9am Walk from school  Walk back to school: K-2 at 12pm, Yrs 3-10 at 2.30pm

DESTINATION: Dickson Aquatic Centre

STUDENT GROUP: Kindergarten to Year 10

TRANSPORT: Start and finish at school, walk to the venue.


CLOTHING: Sun smart clothing, rashie, swimmers, optional goggles


K-Y2: two towels, sunscreen, water, recess & lunch, shoes & money for cafe

Yrs 3-10:  Towel, sunscreen, water, recess & lunch, shoes & money for cafe 

COST: None for students


K-10 Wacky Christmas Shirt Day

Wacky Christmas Shirt Day

The SRC are excited to announce that on the last day of school, Wednesday, 15th December - students are welcome to wear a Christmas themed t-shirt/top to school!

This is not a fundraising opportunity – but a fun and festive way to end the school year in our Emmaus community. 

On the day:

  • Students are welcome to wear free dress on the bottom. As long as it is appropriate and modest.
  • Appropriate footwear/fully covered shoes.
  • If students don’t have a Christmas themed shirt, they can wear Christmas colours.

Many blessings,

The SRC & Mrs Mackenzie

Emmaus School Holiday Office Hours

 Open: Thursday, 16th to Friday 17th December 2021 - Office Hours 9am - 3pm

Closed: Monday, 21st December 2021 - Friday, 14th January 2022

Open: Monday, 17th to Tuesday, 25th January 2022 - Office Hours 9am - 3pm

Closed: Public Holiday (Australia Day) Wednesday, 26th January 2022 

Open: Thursday, 27th to Friday, 28th January 2022 - Office Hours 9am - 3pm

School Resumes for all students: Monday, 31st January 2022 -  Office Hours 8:30am - 4:00pm

Secondary Bursary Scheme

The ACT Government provides financial assistance to support families with education expenses through the Secondary Bursary Scheme for students in years 7-10 and the Student Support Fund programs.

The scheme provides assistance to low-income earners in the ACT with dependent full-time students in years 7-10.

Information about the Scheme

Custodial parents or guardians who are financially responsible for the student(s) may apply for this benefit. This means the student(s) must be living with the applicant and be financially dependent upon the applicant, or in special government care that is paid for by the applicant.

Students must be studying full-time in the ACT, attend a public, non-government school or the CIT, or be approved for home schooling.

Students must be in years 7-10 or, if home schooled, be of an age where they would be enrolled in years 7-10.

The bursary is available only to ACT residents. If a post office box is given as a postal address and is the address on your Health Care Card or Centrelink Card, proof of residency in the form of a copy of a current driver's licence, telephone account or other account from a government body should be attached to the application.

Applicants prove low-income status by providing a photocopy of a current Centrelink Card or Health Care Card with means tested payment codes. Applicants having Health Care Cards endorsed ‘FO’ ‘CD’ ‘MO’ & ‘DSP Blind’ are not eligible for this scheme. If the card expires before the processing period then an updated copy must be sent as soon as the new card is received to ensure receipt of the next payment.

Bursary Payments
  • The Bursary payment is $750 per year for eligible students in years 7-10.
  • Applications lodged in November 2021 will be paid in February or March 2022 (please note these timelines are indicative only).
  • Applications received after this date will be processed and applicants paid as soon as possible after receipt.
  • Late and/or incomplete applications may result in delayed or reduced payments.
  • Applications received from 1 July 2022 to 31 October 2022 will be eligible for a half-year payment of $375 only.
  • No payments will be made for applications received after 31 October 2022.
Application Forms

For further information, please ring the Bursary Administrator on ph: (02) 62058262.

Semester 2 Student Reports 2021

Teachers are now busy writing end of year school reports. They are due to be sent home to parents via email in the last week of Term 4.  Please ensure that your email address is up to date with the school so that your child’s report arrives in a timely fashion.  If you have not received your child’s report by the last day of school, please contact the Luke Willsmore, Assistant Principal, Teaching & Learning lukew@emmaus.act.edu.au

Emmaus Summer Vacation Care Program 2021 - 2022

Dear Emmaus Parents and Carers,

Bookings are now open for the Summer Vacation Care Program for 2021 for the 16th & 17th December 2021. 

Parents with Primary aged children should enrol them into the Primary Vacation Care service via the myFamily Lounge booking system by Wednesday, 1 December 2021. Further information will be available shortly via Skoolbag.

Please contact afters@emmaus.act.edu.au if you require any additional information.

Change to Secondary Uniform

Emmaus has recently decided to incorporate a trouser and shorts option for our female Secondary Students.

The inclusion of these items, as identified by the Uniform Committee, aligns with the existing uniform and therefore does not take away from the image of the school; supports engagement in physical activity; and is more culturally appropriate for some members of our Emmaus community.

The items are available through Lowes and will be added to our Uniform Guide.


Are your contact details up to date?

Dear Parents,

A reminder to notify the school if your contact details have changed. Please email emmaus@emmaus.act.edu.au if this applies to you.

The Administration Team

Emmaus School Bags

Emmaus School bags are available to purchase in the Front Office. Emmaus school bags are a compulsory uniform item for all students in Years K-10. Eftpos & Credit card payments accepted. 

16 Litre, Balance Bag $40 each  (Suggested size for Years K – 2)

34 Litre School Bag $65 each  (Suggested size for Years 3 – 10)         



Emmaus Athletics Carnival Age Champions 2021

Age Champions

12 years:  Oliver Moore, Gweneth Walsh     13 years:  Samuel Hind, Olive Odoemena      14 years:  Jacob Mc'Nevin, Anya Grace   

15 years:  Harry Wilkinson, Joanne Southam      16 years:  Peter Tate (absent), Marilla Cavenagh   17 years:  Micah Edwards (absent), Holly Burch  

P&F Fundraiser

Bunnings BBQ - P&F Fundraiser

Bunnings Warehouse, Canberra Airport

A BIG Thank you to all for coming out and volunteering and or buying sausage sandwiches and drinks at Bunnings Majura Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser on Sunday, 28 November 2021.

We appreciate our volunteers giving up their valuable weekend time to raise funds for EMMAUS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. We made a profit of $1,776.00 ?. Plus we were able to donate some Perishables to the Ngunnawal Pantry.

A BIG thank you to Cathryn in the Front Office she has never missed a Bunnings BBQ since we started them over 6 years ago and also our sponsors Bunnings and Woolworths.

Not only was it a great fundraiser but a great social event to meet other people from the school. Again, thank you so much to our volunteers as it would not have happened without you.

Thanks again Dave

Gingerbread Houses Fundraiser

Thank you to all who supported the Emmaus Gingerbread Folk Fundraiser. We raised $988.00 for Emmaus Christian School.

Emmaus Lob-a-Choc Stall @ Bunning Christmas Night Market

Thank you to all the Emmaus Families support this year with the Bunnings Fundraisers especially Catherine from the front office and the Oie Family that we always see supporting these events. Last nights Bunnings Christmas Markets was another success raising around $500 for the school, in addition to guaranteeing another two Bunnings BBQ’s for next year.

The event last night would not have possible without my Santa’s little helpers aka volunteers. So a Big Thank You to Amy for her awesome raffle ticket selling, and Dan, Nat and Liam for corralling the kids and adults keen to play. And Finally we have raised over $6,000 form these Bunnings Fundraisers this year. Have a Safe Merry Christmas and New Year and I hope to see you at the next Bunnings Fundraiser in the New Year.

Cheers Dave 

In and Around the School

Year 2: Morse Code

Changing of the Guard!

Year 8: Lino Prints - Animal Portraits

Yr 4 Science

In Yr4 Science, we have been looking at materials and their properties.

We have undertaken 2 Science Design Challenges in the last weeks of Term 4.

First challenge was to design and make a container, about the size of a 6 egg container, that could keep an egg safe from a 1 metre (or more) drop.

Second challenge was to design and make a sunproof and waterproof hat from scratch using our own materials. In Week 10, Mr Miller will test our designs by pouring a water can over our heads. Hopefully it’s hot and sunny and our designs are waterproof enough.

Year 5: Marionette Puppets

Year 9 & 10: Design Technology - Armature Wire

Year 4: Watercolour and Oil Pastel Free Drawing

Year 8: Japanese Tea Ceremony

Kindy: True Christmas Spirit

J for Jesus who was born on Christmas day!

Light up the room with Kindness in Kindy

Fun & Games during Aspire Week!

Year 2: Athenians Christmas Crafts

Happiness is School Friends....

Year 10 Trip to Jamberoo

Yr 6 & 7 Japanese Cooking - Yakisobi

Year 3: Marble Maze Construction

Year 10 Awards Ceremony

Year 10 Graduates receiving their Certificates!

Special Awards & Speeches

Year 10 Family Snap Shots

Year 2: Roman Day

Year 5 Transition to Year 6

Year 1: Renewables

We finished up our unit on where energy comes from by thanking God for providing us with resources to use to help our families and communities.

We found out that scientists are helping us discover renewable energy sources to provide into the future.

Address: 73 Davenport St, Dickson ACT 2602

Phone: 02 6247 7151

General email: emmaus@emmaus.act.edu.au

Absence email: absences@emmaus.act.edu.au 

Website: www.emmaus.act.edu.au

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