Willoughby Public School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 10 - Friday 17 September 2021


At Willoughby Public School we aim to cultivate socially-aware learners who are critical and creative thinkers, within a safe, respectful and responsible learning community.


Dear Parents and carers


We made it to the end of Term 3 ?

What a term! No doubt we will look back and remember the many positives of online learning rather than dwell on the negative. For me, there have been many positives – teachers flipping the learning almost overnight and then adjusting the learning as we moved into Term 3. A huge thank you to our teachers, student learning support officers, administration officers and executive leadership team for keeping Willoughby PS operating remotely.

A huge thank you to our parents and carers for supporting your children throughout the term with their online learning. I acknowledge it has been a very tough time but we really appreciate your ongoing support and I’m sure as partners in your child/children’s learning you can see the outstanding growth made by the children.

Finally, thank you to every student at Willoughby PS, you have become independent reflective learners, technology wizards, demonstrating enormous maturity and commitment to your own learning. You should feel very proud of everything you have achieved in difficult circumstances.

2022 Student Leader nominees:

Thank you and congratulations to the Year 5 students who submitted their application for a student leader position (School Captain / Sports House Captain) for 2022. Your Student Leader Nominee Badges have been posted to you and we look forward to seeing you wear them with pride on your Zooms and then once we are back on-site next term, as you demonstrate your leadership qualities.

For the first time in memory, there are an equal number of Sports House Captain nominees from each house! 

Giselle L

Harry M

Annabelle B

Nalinee L

Olivia L

Isabelle M

Milly L

Jack C

Madeleine B

Claudia Mc

Kalen S

Holly B

Lucinda F

Chaehee S

Mimi M

Sasha P

Oscar Mc

Lotta V

Anandini S

Daniel C

Joseph T

Dia S

Tilly N

Bianca L

Gabby T

Sylvie La

Inky B

Adrijan M

Katarina D

Sierra F

Zachary Mc

Alice Mc

Kyan S

Troy C

Isabelle S

Sophia F

Archer U

Nandita N

Ethan I

Aryan W

Madison D

Zara Q

Alison Z

Neve T

Zahra S

Ella H

Jack H

Liam P

Annabelle B

Ella M

Max C

Jessica M

Pippa M

Blake M

Milly L

Keisha S

Elyse M

Tom M

Ben B

Lilly N

Hugo B

Sofia P

Zachary K


Thank You!

On behalf of our staff at WPS I would like to wish you a relaxing, screen free holiday to recharge ready for Term 4.

Jennifer Simmonds


Order of return under staggered approach where we remain under stay-at-home rules

Students will return to face-to-face learning with NSW Health-approved COVID-safe Level 3 plus settings on school sites in the following order:

  • From 25 October 2021: Kindergarten and Year 1
  • From 1 November 2021: Years 2, 6 and 11
  • From 8 November 2021: Years 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10

The return to school roadmap is subject to change depending on new information expected through the Public Health Order and additional advice from NSW Health. You can stay up to date with the most recent advice on our Advice for families page.


Over the past 2 weeks, Stage 3 students participated in Round 2 of the CSIRO Bebras Challenge - an international initiative aiming to promote computational thinking skills.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding results:

High Distinction - Ethan C 6/5R

Distinction - Anna v d M 6DS, Anna B 6O, Audrey L 5F

Credit - Oscar P 6DS, Evelyn L 6O, Juliette P 6/5R


Below are 2 challenge questions from previous years for you to solve.

(Solutions can be found later in the newsletter)

Bebras Question 1 - Heaviest Box

Bebras Question 2 - Backward Bug

For the first time ever (to my knowledge) [insert drum roll!!!!] we present the WPS Jazz Ensemble ... completely orchestrated via Zoom! 

I hope you enjoy the WPS Jazz Ensemble's performance recording.

A great effort by the kids and Mr Brinsmead! 

Not even Covid can keep the WPS band quiet! 

Cool, indeed! ??

Some snippets of learning from across the school

Below we have showcased some more of the learning that has been taking place at home and at school this term. 

We are very proud of the hard work our students have been putting in and are delighted to showcase some of their work samples to our community. 

Art by April P in KC

Scroll through some learning from Year 1

Scroll through some learning from Stage 2 (Year 3 and Year 4)

I am a web designer and developer. And I couldn't find any good placeholder videos for a website mockup so I came up with my own. I hope you find it just as ...

Writing for Change - Flynn A 6L

Migration Presentation - Aston A 6L

Stage 3 students prepared a speech explaining the migrant group they studied this term. Students looked at the factors of why people people were pushed from their home country and what pulled them to Australia.

Students looked at an inspirational person who emigrated and determined the legacy of their chosen migrant group on Australian culture.

Aston A shares his presentation on the Ten Pound Pom below.

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Scroll through some of the screen-free Wednesday activities we chose to do


Books at Home 

We are so looking forward to welcoming back your students on site progressively from Wk 4 next Term. If you are wondering what your student has out on loan, and what they will need to be returning to us next term, your child has access to this information via their portal. Once logged in, they will see a link to Oliver Library. In Oliver Library use the drop-down menu under your child’s name, to access what they have out on loan. This video shows you how to access the portal from Google. The best thing you can do right now in preparation for your child coming back to the Library, is to collect together the books they have out on loan, place them in their school bag or Library Bag. These can then be promptly returned when the time comes next term. 

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021 

Congratulations to over 600 of our students who completed the PRC this year!! I have now checked and validated all entries across K-6. Over the next few weeks, the work shifts over to the State Government to organise the preparation of certificates for all. These are emailed and posted out to us in the second half of Term 4. Once we have printed and collated these they will be handed out to students.  

School Holiday Events 

The State Library of NSW is holding a series of workshops for kids and families – all held safely online. More information HERE, by searching under the workshop option. 

Our own Willoughby Public Library is holding an Origami workshop for children on Wed 29th September. Visit this link for more information on this and other activities. Books can also be borrowed via their online options

Why Read? 

A funny question for me to ask, but I think sometimes it’s easy to forget what a wonderful part of our lives that reading can be. Whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction, reading allows you to escape the confines of school, work or life for a while, and pursue your own education about the world. It allows you to delve into interests and discover things or parts of things that you didn’t know before. It allows brief visits, or ‘deep dives’ into topics, that can be continued over time. Through reading fiction, we learn about the world through the characters that are living through their own worlds whether realistic or imagined. Through their experiences and interactions, we learn how to be better human beings. As the characters grow and develop through the story, we come along for the journey, and at the end we decide what resonates with our own set of values and experiences, and what doesn’t. We decide which characters we liked, and those that we didn’t, and why. And for the books we just loved – we recommend them wholeheartedly, wish for sequels, and perhaps look for more like them.  

I discovered a great website this week, as I was looking into Australian Reading Hour, which was held on Tues 14th September this year. It is AUSTRALIA READS | MORE BOOKS, MORE OFTEN . All around Australia on this day, people spend an hour reading whatever they want, wherever they are, in whatever way they choose. This site has a page dedicated to recommended reads – worth a look! Lots of titles there to choose from at School Kids - Australia Reads . This event is on my calendar for 2022! 

School Holiday Events 

The State Library of NSW is holding a series of workshops for kids and families – all held safely online. More information HERE, by searching under the workshop option. 

Our own Willoughby Public Library is holding an Origami workshop for children on Wed 29th September. Visit this link for more information on this and other activities. Books can also be borrowed via their online options . 

Mrs Debbie de Silva 

Teacher Librarian 

Accessing the new WPS Digital Library

WPS P&C Dad's Club event

This week, the WPS Dad's club hosted a zoom night with ALF legend Jude Bolton. 

It was a fantastic night for those who attended. We learnt about Jude's experience as a professional footballer and winning the dual premierships with the Sydney Swans. 

The Dad's Club looks forward to meeting you at our next event - post lockdown, for our 2nd Annual Dinner and Raffle. 

A reminder to WPS dads and special blokes to join our Fathering Project portal page. Please sign up at:  https://thefatheringproject.org/dads/join-a-group/

For any questions, ideas or volunteering for the dad’s club please contact dadsclub@wpspandc.com.au

Treasure Hunt Winners

Congratulations to all those who participated in the WPS P&C Treasure Hunt, we hope you all enjoyed learning about our local area.

We had lots of people correctly complete the Treasure Hunt. These entries were entered into a draw which was drawn by Ms Simmonds and Mr Michaeil.

We would like to announce the lucky winners of the $100 Rebel vouchers go to Madison S Yr 5, Zoe S Yr 3 and Kaori S Yr 2 .

A special thank you to Matt Sharpe for organising the Treasure Hunt.  

Bebras Answers

Wellbeing information - useful links

Are you juggling life in lockdown with being a parent, home schooling, or working from home? If yes, you may find some helpful links in this where to guide*, when you can’t go anywhere. We have compiled a helpful list of resources, groups, and activities that you can participate in both online and offline from home or in your neighbourhood. We hope they bring inspiration and fun to the day for you and your family.

Department of Education guide to mental health & wellbeing resources

Resources for Students, Parents and Carers. 

Wellbeing booklet

This portfolio has been created to collate, collaborate and share helpful links and most importantly tips and tricks to having an OK wellbeing within this weird time of isolation and lock-down in a global pandemic.

Enjoy the activities and resources within this portfolio, it is not designed to fix all your problems (if only) but rather to be a handy go-to document of different ideas, tips and tricks for both families and individuals. 

On this link, you'll find a series of short videos focused on enhancing the wellbeing of primary and secondary children.

Learning From Home Resources for Parents


Parent Guide to NSW Syllabuses


School Community Charter - Collaborative. Respectful. Communication.

The attached School Community Charter outlines the responsibilities of parents, carers, educators and school staff in NSW public schools to ensure our learning environments are collaborative, supportive and cohesive.

WPS Zoom Expectations

Holiday reading suggestions for Years 4-6 from Mr M


At Willoughby Public School we have a number of students with a



Even a small trace of nut, peanut or nut/peanut product may trigger a severe allergic reaction called Anaphylaxis, which attacks the immune system leading potentially to death within minutes.

This reaction can happen by taste, touch and sometimes can be airborne. All of these students have access to an adrenaline injection in the form of an Epipen, which can save lives. Photo posters are displayed in the classrooms, canteen, staffroom, playground bags and sick bay for easy identification of these children.

Willoughby PS works with parents/carers to support students in developing an awareness of their allergies and what foods to avoid. Students are encouraged not to share food and to always check with a parent/adult/teacher if unsure at any time. 


Please help us by not including peanut or any nut products in your child’s lunchbox. This includes peanut butter and Nutella. 

Please avoid products with any nuts/peanuts listed as an ingredient. 

Explain about nut/peanut allergy to your child and encourage the ‘no food sharing’ rule. 

Please consider what you are sending for birthday treats to share with the class, checking there are no nut products included. 

The school canteen does not serve products containing nuts. 

It is only with the continued support of all parents and staff that we can effectively maintain a safe school environment for these children.  

Thank you for your understanding. We know you will want to support the school and these children.

Put safety ahead of convenience. Always.


It is the perfect lockdown-pastime for family bonding and to work off those extra lockdown kilos.

Northern Sydney Youth & Family Health and Wellbeing events


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