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November 25, 2021 - Term 4 Week 7

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents & Community Members,

The School Board met for the final time on Monday evening and I once again extend my sincere appreciation for the support and direction this group provides for our school. During the meeting the Board examined Operational Plans for next year in the relevant focus areas, the school budget for 2022 and received an update in relation to our 1 to 1 Technology Program being introduced in 2022. The Annual Report for 2021 that will be released early next year will provide evidence against how the school has progressed in relation to current targets.

While staff are in the final stages of preparing end of year reports, there has also been a significant amount of work undertaken by staff to ensure our school maintains the high standards expected. I extend my appreciation to all staff involved in the preparation of plans, financial submissions and the draft budget. This planning takes a significant amount of time, largely undertaken outside normal hours and provides the School Board with the confidence to endorse all documentation.

My sincere thanks to Kerry Jones and Melissa Stoney, who concluded their respective terms on the School Board. While these people are welcome to renominate, their current tenure on the Board has certainly been appreciated. Kerry has been the School Board Chair in 2021 and I would particularly like to acknowledge her support throughout the year.

Finally, to all those community members who assisted with the Colour Blast – your time was certainly appreciated. To those who sprayed, slimed or dumped water on me; I can’t wait until next year.

 Peter Meston


Upcoming Events


Friday 26 - Assembly (8.50am): Student Leaders

Friday 26 - Kindy 2022 "Meet the Teachers" (2.00pm)


Wednesday 1 - Pre-Primary 2022 "Meet the Teachers" (9.00am)

Wednesday 1 - Staff Meeting (3.15pm)

Friday 3 - Kindy 2022 Orientation

Friday 3 - Yoga: Room 11 and 12

Friday 3 - P&C Christmas Night

Monday 6 - P&C Meeting (@ 7.30pm)

Wednesday 8 - Pre-Primary Learning Journey (2.00pm)

Wednesday 8 - Staff Meeting (3.15pm)

Thursday 9 - Becky Buckeroo Incursion: Lorikeets and PP Red

Friday 10 - FAB FOOD

Friday 10 - Becky Buckeroo Incursion: Kookaburras and PP Blue

Friday 10 - Yoga: Room 11 and 12

Important Information

Review of Glengarry Drive Crossing

(A message from the Police Crossing Section. Please make a special effort to use the crossing over the coming days / weeks to ensure we do not lose the service.)

DUNCRAIG: Doveridge Drive near Netherby Road (Location#: 347)

Please be advised that the above children’s crossing is currently being reviewed by the Children’s Crossings and Road Safety Committee.

In order to complete the review, two sets of surveys (x2 AM and x2 PM) will be conducted at the location along with a site assessment. Please encourage student pedestrians to utilise the facility so that a true picture of the school community’s needs may be gathered.

On completion of the review a report will be forwarded to the Children’s Crossings and Road Safety Committee (CC&RSC) for their consideration and recommendations.

1:1 Technology Program

2022 Contributions and Charges

To view the 2022 Contributions and Charges, please click on the download button.


Please carefully read the parking signage in and around our school area. 

Parking across and on footpaths or driveways is prohibited. 

Unlawful parking is a major safety hazard that poses a risk to children, pedestrians and other road users.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Around Glengarry

Djeran Block Zoo Excursion

On Tuesday, November 9, the students in Djeran block went on an excursion to Perth Zoo.  Rooms 5 and 6 students learnt about the struggle for survival in the African Savanah.  We investigated the animals’ adaptations, and strategies to find food and avoid being eaten.  Rooms 7 and 8 students worked together to classify Perth Zoo’s animals based on observable features.

We all met up to have lunch together and we were grateful for the perfect weather.  We had lots of fun racing all around the zoo to see our favourite animals, particularly the meerkats.  Unsurprisingly, Feniex’s watch recorded over 13,000 steps for the day!

Many thanks to all our amazing parent volunteers. 

By Lyla J and Clare E-J 

Phys Zen Yoga - Room11 and 12

St John WA First Aid Focus

In Week 6, students in Rooms 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12 participated in a St John WA First Aid Focus incursion.  Students learnt the vital skills to assess and respond to first aid situations, while developing strategies to seek help for themselves and others.

Build a Beach Incursion

In Week 5, students in Room 6 enjoyed the hands-on Perth NRM Build A Beach incursion where they built beaches and tested the impact of coastal waves, storm surges and rising sea levels.  They made predictions and assessed a variety of approaches to manage coastal erosion with a strong STEM focus.

Another Glengarry Super Sporting Star

Luke G has been selected in the Future Districts squad for Scarborough Junior Cricket Club for the Under 12's.

He took a wicket in his first game with the big boys and was 21 not out at the end of the innings, the second highest score (22 not out was the highest).

Congratulations Luke for this marvellous achievement.

Diwali Celebrations

On Tuesday, November 16, Meera took part in the Diwali celebrations at the temple in Parliament house.  A few Ministers and the Superintendent of WA Police were in attendance.

Chaplain's Chat


Gratitude is being thankful and appreciating what we have.   Did you know that grateful people are happier, more optimistic, have better relationships, and feel better about themselves?  Grateful people are more engaged, perform better at school, are more supportive of others, experience less sadness and envy, and have better mental and physical health.

Here are some ways we can practice gratitude:

  • Teach your child to thank others both verbally and through writing thank you notes
  • Make a thankfulness tree by writing what you are thankful for on leaf shaped pieces of paper.  Then plan a special dinner where each person shares what they wrote
  • Each night before bedtime ask your child to share three things they are grateful for
  • Keep a gratitude journal and record something that you are grateful for each day.  At the end of each month read your journal to remind yourself of your blessings
  • Have a family gratitude jar where people write down what they are thankful for.  Then once a week pull out the paper slips and read them together
  • Take a gratitude walk and notice and appreciate the beauty all around you
  • Be the positive example and model gratitude for your children


Jennifer Wolff


P&C News

Community News

Zig Zags Vacation Care Programme

Zig Zags OSHC is open for the School Holidays at Duncraig Primary School from 7am to 6pm with a variety of fun school holiday experiences. For bookings please visit or please call 0421 369 516.



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Occupational Therapy Assessment and Groups for Children K-Yr 3 in 2022 - FREE OF CHARGE

Occupational Therapy at Edith Cowan University (OT@ECU) is pleased to announce that we will run groups for children in early primary school who are experiencing difficulties in school participation.

We continue to have more children apply for these groups than ever before and we continue to expand the program to provide services to a far greater number of children. Following the block of sessions, parents are all asked to complete questionnaires and just a few comments they have made in the past include:

“I’ve had more answers from here than anywhere else in 9 years”

“I have had the opportunity to learn why she struggles with tasks”

“I know I need to be doing things at home but this gave great suggestions of activities we both have enjoyed”

“More teachers need to know about this”

“My child is making small but great progress from these classes – even his teacher has commented”

“He has had many individual OT sessions previously, but what was wonderful for him was being part of a group. He enjoyed having other children his age also working through the activities”

Ready, Steady, School is our school readiness group for kindy and pre-primary students, and

Ready, Steady, Succeed is a group which aims to improve essential school skills for children in years 1, 2 and 3.

Experienced paediatric Occupational Therapists will work alongside ECU OT students to provide individualised assessment and group intervention with the aim of developing school participation and performance.

These groups will commence in Term 1, 2022 and will have no fees attached. Groups operate at the ECU clinical school which is based at Joondalup Health Campus.


Glengarry Primary School

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