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Principal's Report

Dear families,

It is amazing to consider that Week 1 of Term 2 is now done and dusted. Speaking of dust, the College combined with St Michaels and John’s Primary school yesterday to hold the first all school colour run. For most students it was a time of great fun and excitement and Coughlin Park certainly took on a new hue. Thank you to Beth Dortmans and Tamika Burdett for organising this event.

On Wednesday evening we held the Year 7 2022 Parent Information night and it was pleasing to see that was well attended and many families interested in our College and what we offer. Our Open Day is on this Monday and I ask you to spread the word to families of Primary students. We are very proud of our school and wish to share our fortune.

This Sunday is ANZAC Day and the College has been reflecting on the sacrifice our armed forces have made in combat through prayer and by promoting the ANZAC memorabilia. I would encourage all members of our College community to attend one of the services available on Sunday.

I am very much looking forward to a wonderful term of learning.

Kind regards,

Gerard Raven

Open Day 2021

St Brigid’s College; where all of our students are lifelong learners that are known, valued and cared for.  A small school that offers big opportunities.
Come and see why your child deserves to learn and thrive at St Brigid’s College by attending our 2021 Open Day on Monday 26th April and take the opportunity to discuss your child’s personal needs with our leadership team.

Learning Walks - See our College in operation
(12.00pm - 3.00pm )

Tasters – Experience our learning sprints from various subjects
(4.00pm – 6.00pm)

Register via this link:

Student News

Thank you!

"Dear St Brigid’s students, thank you so much for helping at our school sports. You were amazing at encouraging and motivating us to be better at our events. We would love to have you back for our 2022 athletics."

From Ss Michael and John's Primary School

Colour Run 2021

Thanks to Ms Burdett and Miss Dortmans for organising our awesome Colour Run! It was wonderful to have all the students from @SMJHorsham and St Brigid's College come together for such a colourful afternoon of fun and laughs to kick off Term 2! We're already looking forward to the next one!

Halogen leadership opportunity



The Halogen Australia exists to inspire & influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well.

Halogen gathers together prominent leaders from all walks of life to be part of The National Young Leaders Day.


Students selected by their schools or community groups as possessing leadership potential attend these events. The program is designed to benefit any student who shows an interest in developing their leadership potential.

We are keen to hear from any YEAR 9 to YEAR 12 students who would like to be involved!


Students will travel to Melbourne for a full day conference at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Sessions will have one or two speakers, question times, short videos, learning exercises, student involvement, music and student interaction.

Students will then come back and have the opportunity to implement strategies and programs to lead and influence others at St Brigid's College and the wider community.


Get in touch with the Teaching and Learning Team (Ms Bird, Ms Schultz, Ms Hobbs, or Mr Coleman) to express your interest!

We look forward to hearing from you, no later than Friday 30th April!

Parent News

School Production

Congratulations to Grady McCourt who was drawn as the winner of the $100 cash prize in our Midsummer Jersey Song Competition!One of the many great things about this year's production of Midsummer Jersey is that we can choose the music tracks that appeal to us. We handed it over to the students to help decide the songs they thought would be a good fit for our school production. We look forward to bringing you more about our upcoming school production in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Calendar of Events

OPEN DAY - Monday 26th April

BRIGHT SPARKS BEGINS - Wednesday 5th May


YR 10 IMMUNISATIONS -  Thursday 13th May

YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE - Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May

YEAR 11 SOCIAL JUSTICE RETREAT - Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May

Term 2 and 3 Canteen Menu

Teacher Advisor Schedule

All our students are assigned to a vertical homeroom consisting of students from Years 7 – 12.  Home room groups stay together for their entire school life at St Brigid’s, encouraging leadership, community and familiarity and giving students a real opportunity to know each other and their advisor.  Lifelong friendships are formed where there may not otherwise be the opportunity.

The Teacher Advisor (TA) program is part of the daily life of students. Homerooms meet for 10 minutes each morning, and approximately every six weeks each student meets individually with their Teacher Advisor to discuss and monitor their academic and pastoral progress. A report over viewing the student’s academic achievement and future goals for improvement is formulated from this interview and made available to parents via our online Parent Access Module (PAM).  This regular contact builds trust and strong relationships between students, teachers and families.   It ensures that families and teachers know each student’s strengths and needs and that secure relationships are formed that guide the students along their learning journey.

Our TA Schedule for Term 2 can be found below.

Study Slam!

Study Slam is an after school program that gives YOU the wonderful opportunity to receive study/homework support right here at school!

Running from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the Senior Study Centre, YOU can come work with various teachers who are all there ready to help! YOU can also use this quiet space to work on the tasks on your own.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and working with you to support you in your study/homework needs!

Careers News

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