Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 2 week 8 - Wednesday 16 June 2021

From the Principal

Semester 1 Reports

In Week 10 (Thursday 1st July) Semester 1 student reports will be made available to families via the parent portal on Sentral (see info below regarding this). Your child's report will provide you with information about their achievement and progress at school to this point of the year. As per department requirements, families receive two written reports each year (the end of Term 2 and Term 4), however, you are encouraged to make contact at any time or arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher if you require further information about their progress. Student reports (Yrs 1-7) are based on a 5 point scale which reflects an A – E grade standard. A ‘C’ grade standard indicates that a student is achieving at the expected standard for their year level.

Below is a summary of the grading scale and accompanying word descriptor used for mid year and end of term reports

A: Student is demonstrating excellent achievement of what is expected at this year level.

B: Student is demonstrating good achievement of what is expected at this year level.

C: Student is demonstrating satisfactory achievement of what is expected at this year level.

D: Student is demonstrating partial achievement of what is expected at this year level.

E: Student is demonstrating minimal achievement of what is expected at this year level

These grades are based on a range of assessment strategies that teachers use to determine student achievement against the Australian Curriculum standards. Teachers make a balanced judgement to decide which grade best matches the standard the student has achieved.

During our recent pupil free day teaching teams spent time reviewing their programming in terms of the curriculum content covered to this point of the year along with setting future directions. These actions ensure appropriate coverage of the curriculum occurs alongside opportunities for assessment at student achievement against appropriate year level standards.

Parent Portal for Reports

Our school uses an online portal that families can access to view their child's mid and end of year reports. Consequently, a hard copy of mid year reports will only be made available upon request under special circumstances; please contact the front office if this applies to you.  For new families, information on how to access the parent portal with your own special access code was sent out earlier this week. Please contact the front office if you require this access code again.

 School Uniform

We ask for family support in ensuring our uniform expectations are met. Please take the time to read the school’s guidelines in this area which are available on our website. Whilst we are seeing all children dressed appropriately with the main uniform items there are some aspects to note, including:

·        Sock colour should be solid blue or white (without logos or alternative colours).

·        No coloured nail polish.

·        School approved hats (beginning of September until the end of May) must be in good condition (without rips).

Forum for parents and carers of children with disability

Parents and carers of children with a disability are invited to join a free information and networking forum in Adelaide hosted by the Department for Education.

Theme: Navigating Together

Forum topics will include:

·        transition to high school

·        the behaviour support toolkit

·        student support services – making connections.

When: Thursday 1 July Time: 9.30am to 2.00pm

More information about the forum can be found on the SERU website.

School Community Happenings

Our school movie night was well attended and I would like to thank the parent volunteers and staff helpers who assisted during the evening. Next term our school will be offering an Auskick program for students in Reception to Year 2. As with all after hours sport, the success of these activities rely on parent help so please consider volunteering if your child will be participating; no experience is needed!

Enrolments for the OSHC’s vacation care are still open. If you are intending to make a booking please do so via the information sent out previously on Skoolbag or by contacting Andrew.


Building Community Links through Targeted Fundraising and Student Voice

Each term, groups of students have planned to hold a community fundraising activity.  Staff at HBPS are happy to support our students in these activities.  We recognise that building awareness of and connection with our community is an important part of establishing positive life skills and effective citizenship.  At the end of 2020, a group of girls from the Year 5 class put forward a proposal to have regular fundraisers to help different community charities.  The girls stated that they hoped to develop their leadership and helping skills.  These girls, Bella, Lillian, Siena, and Zaria who are now in Year 6, ran their first fundraiser in Term 1 and donated the funds raised to the RSPCA.  Their efforts provided a wonderful example for other members of the HBPS community.

During Term 2, six Year 4 girls have organised and run a fundraising competition to benefit the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital.  As their charity fundraising effort comes to a close this week, I interviewed them about their experiences.

Dr Donna: Girls, can you tell me what made you choose the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital as hour charity?

Chloe: Bushfires.  We wanted to help the koalas after the terrible fires in the hills.

Eleni: We were also worried about low numbers, koalas being endangered.

Jordyn:  Like there are only about 30,000 left in the wild.

Chloe:  We wanted to help the injured koalas get better and make sure they had enough food, help from vets and all the supplies they needed.  Koalas are part of Australia and they are important.

Dr Donna: What have you enjoyed about doing this project?

Eleni: Having a challenge.

Matilda:  Making the posters.  I really enjoyed the decorating and making.

Nahla:  Sharing the jobs and cooperating.

Minnie: Becoming more confident in talking.

Jordayn: Working together.

Dr Donna: What has been difficult about doing this project?

Chloe: Writing the script for assembly.

Minnie: Talking out loud to the classes when we had to go around and tell people about this [the fundraiser].

Nahla:  Speaking at assembly to lots of people.

Matilda: Having to think about what we were doing when I wasn’t feeling well.

Dr Donna:  Would you consider doing another fundraiser in 2022?

All six girls: DEFINITELY!!!!!

Mrs Cook's R/1 Class

School Pupil/Closure days 2021




Term 2 Dates

Assemblies odd weeks at 2.20pm.

CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Thank you to all volunteers who helped with Movie Night. Your canteen team couldn't have done it without you. We are so lucky to have a supportive, proactive voluntary school community to make occasions like this happen seamlessly for the students.

From next term canteen with be charging 10c per cutlery item that is requested for non canteen . This will only cover the rising cost of environmentally friendly utensils. Will not included cutlery needed for canteen orders. 

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

Vacation Care Program July 2021


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