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Hindmarsh Edition: Term 4 Week 6

?? School Concert Information included ??

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • World Kindness Day
  • School Concert Information
  • Traffic Concerns
  • Instrumental Evening Information
  • Wheels Day this Thursday for R-3's
  • Preschool: Eat a Rainbow programme
  • Vacation Care Program out now!

Diary Dates

? Upcoming Events:

18th Nov | R-3 Wheels Day
24th Nov | Instrumental Evening

2nd Dec | School Concert
7th Dec | Thanksgiving Mass
9th Dec | Last day of Term 4, finish at 3.10 pm & Year 6 Graduation Dinner
10th Dec | Pupil Free Day

24th Dec - 9th Jan | Vacation Care Closed
10th Jan | Vacation Care Reopens

31st Jan | School Begins Term 1, 2022

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members

The term is proceeding at such a fast pace!  Students have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Swimming Week,’ and are now busily preparing for the school performance on December 2! 

As we approach the end of term, it is a good opportunity to stop, breathe and reflect on our motto:  “In all things love” as we continue the journey to the end of year. 

Did you know that World Kindness day was celebrated on 13 November this year?

World Kindness Day ??

It is an internationally-observed day of kindness that was started in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. It is held on 13th November every year and has been a part of Australia's Federal School Calendar since 2012. 

World Kindness Day is all about acceptance, diversity and love. This is done by taking opportunities to perform acts of kindness towards others. As a school that emphasises kindness to all and ‘in all things love,’ let us support each other by being kind and thoughtful, just as our foundress, Mary MacKillop demonstrated

?? School Concert

We are looking forward to being together on 2 December to delight in seeing our talented students in concert! 

As mentioned previously, we have decided to hold this event on school grounds due to the ever changing ‘COVID’ restrictions.  There is greater flexibility with restrictions with this event being held on the school grounds and it will be possible for every child to have their immediate family present. 

A stage has been hired, so hopefully no matter where positioned, there will be good visibility.   Therefore, a small charge of $5 per person over 16 years of age is requested to meet this additional cost of stage hire.  

Lots of prayers for ‘perfect’ weather!  Alternatively, if wet weather is predicted the concert will be cancelled and rescheduled for the next day during school time. 

Traffic Concerns

 The Staff and I together with our neighbours are very concerned with the ongoing traffic behaviours being witnessed at both ‘kiss and drop’ areas. 

I reiterate it is not only unsafe but ILLEGAL for three point turns to be undertaken near the crossing. 

Parking across driveways and along yellow lines is also not appropriate.  Driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid waiting in queue, whilst vehicles are awaiting to turn onto Grange Road is also extremely unsafe behaviour which could result in a catastrophic injury. 

EVERY child and member of this community and our neighbours deserve a safe environment.  Please ensure your conduct reflects our values of RESPECT and care for ALL. 

? 2022 School Board Nominations

As mentioned in our last Newsletter, we are seeking 2 nominations to the School Board. If you are interested please fill out our digital nomination form by filling out this digital form.

Nominations close on 6th December 2021. An online voting process will also take place along with the voting slip in this newsletter to ensure that everyone has the opportunity of participating in this important decision.

The School Board Manual is available on request or you may wish to have a conversation with Maria D'Aloia or a current member of the School Board if you would like more information about what the role involves.

School Fees

Term 4 and final school fee statements have been sent out via the post.   The due date for payment of all balances remaining is 30th November 2021.  

If you are experiencing difficulty and need an extension of date please contact Karyn Burlow, Bursar via email at   We are happy to work with families to ensure that financial obligations are met but please note, accounts not paid without prior arrangement by the 30th November 2021 may face further action 


God Bless,

Maria, Helen and Rita

Leadership Contact Details

Maria D'Aloia
APRIM & ICT Coordinator:
Helen Clark
Leader of Learning:
Rita Garreffa

Religious Education News

Mini Vinnies Christmas Appeal 2021 ?

It is that time of year again, and a time to celebrate Christmas, however, some families will be doing it tough. Mini Vinnies would like to put a smile on some young faces on Christmas day. The Mini Vinnies group will be decorating a Christmas Tree and displaying it in the front office. The Christmas Tree will be decorated with tags that will give you some ideas of the types of toys needed as donations. There are also posters on display with ideas of items that you may donate.

Please visit the Mini Vinnies Christmas Tree and leave your generous donation under the tree so that the Mini Vinnies Group can donate these toys in time for Christmas. The St Vincent de Paul Society ask that you please do not wrap your gifts.

The tree will be on display in the office from Monday 15th November 2021.

On behalf of the Mini Vinnies group, we thank you for your kind donations.

End of Year Thanksgiving Mass

Wednesday 8th December - 9.00 am @ School in the Sacred Heart Hall

On Wednesday the 8th of December at 9am, we will celebrate our End of Year Thanksgiving Mass in the Sacred Heart Hall. This will be an opportunity to come together as a community and to give thanks for the 2021 school year and for all students and staff to farewell our Year 6 children.

Parents and friends are welcome to attend this Mass, with seating set up outside the hall. We will set up our school shades. We would appreciate any parent help to set up and pack these up.

Year 6 Graduation Mass

Tuesday 7th December - 6.00 pm @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

Our Graduation/Thanksgiving Mass will be held on Tuesday the 7th of December at 6pm at Sacred Heart Church, Port Road, Hindmarsh. Due to the limited capacity at Sacred Heart Church, this Mass will only be open to Year 6s and their families. The focus of this Mass is to celebrate our Year 6s journey through St Joseph’s. The school awards will also be presented at this Mass.

Registration for this Mass will be via an online form. At this stage each Year 6 student will be able to have 4 people (including the Year 6 child) in attendance.

Hindmarsh-Findon Parish Bulletin

School News

Student Highlight: Max the Artist ??‍?

Max in 1C submitted his artwork into the SALA Exhibition along with his talented grandma Nellie.

His “Give Me Some Space’ woodblock was bought by a complete stranger and is now on route to L.A.

It resonated with the buyer who bought it for her 6yr old grandson, Kit, whom she hasn’t seen for 2 years due to these COVID times.

She loved the idea of spaces in our togetherness and felt deeply connected to him whilst being so far away. It’s amazing how art does many different things to many people!

We hope you enjoy his artwork and congratulate Max when you see him!

Max's Art Gallery | 'Give Me Some Space'

Premier’s Reading Challenge

A year of reading was recognised at last week’s assembly with the Premier’s Reading Challenge awards. The challenge is an opportunity to enjoy 12 books in a year and to receive an award. Our year 6 Hall of Fame recipients presented the certificates and medals to each class. Congratulations to our students. We hope they enjoyed many wonderful books.

? Instrumental Evening ??

Mr B is happy to announce our Instrumental Concert Evening (separate to our Music Night in Week 8) to be held at St Joseph’s to highlight our instrumental program on Wednesday, November 24, Week 7 at 6.30 pm in the Hall.

The concert will run for approximately one hour and will feature students of Piano ?, Guitar ?, Drums ?, Strings ? and Rock Band ?.

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions each student  participating may only invite two family members to attend and not all students have accepted the invitation to perform on this occasion for various reasons.

If your child is performing you will be required to sign a consent form that will be emailed to you soon.

? ? Wheels Day on Thursday for R-3's ? ?

Rec - Year 3 | SRC Wheels Day

 Thursday 18th of November

Agreements were sent home on Monday for students in Reception to Year 3 for SRC Wheels Day. Last week’s Year 4-6 Wheels Day was a great success. Thank you to our Year 4-6 SRC students who planned, set up, packed up and maintained our course throughout the day.


  • No Helmet- no riding.
  • No agreement- no riding
  • Skateboarders must also have wrist guards and knee pads
  • Roller blades/roller skates & ‘electric wheels’ are not included in our wheels’ day
  • Classes are rostered to participate in a set course during lesson time.
  • Wheels will not be ridden during play times and may not be ridden in the school yard before or after school.


Scooters, Skateboards and Bikes may be stored in the hall along the back wall from 8:30am


In the event of wet weather, the day will be cancelled- a decision will be made at 8am on Thursday, and a message posted on the school community Facebook page.

Bring Your Own Device 2022

Due to difficulties in the guarantee of delivery of devices in 2022, we will not be offering a portal for the purchase of BYODs. Factory shutdowns due to Covid have led to a worldwide shortage of parts required for devices. All existing BYODs will continue to be supported as per our policy guidelines. We will review our BYOD program in 2022 and inform the community of the process going forward.

Students in Years 5-6 will continue to have 1:1 access to school devices to use during school hours. Years 3-4 students will have access to shared devices during school hours.

COVID-19 Update

Stop the Spread by staying home when sick

Please consider others. Stay home if you, your child or someone living with you us unwell.

Fruit Fly ??

We have contacted the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and confirmed we are in the red ? zone . 

We have been advised that ? honeydew, ? watermelon, ? pineapple,? rock melon,? cucumber and ? carrot can be brought on to our premises and is also permitted to leave the school if the student has not consumed it during the day.

You can purchase fruit from a green ? or yellow ? zone store and bring to school. However, if the fruit is not consumed it must not leave the school. Please note fruit purchased from a store in the red zone or home grown in a red ? zone are not permitted to be brought to school.

Please refer to website for current maps of zoning as this is regularly updated by PIRSA. If you have any further questions regarding zoning and the various requirements, please contact PIRSA directly. 

??? Eat a Rainbow Program ???

As part of the Early Years Framework, our focus this term is on healthy eating and learning about the health benefits gained by eating different colours of fruit and vegetables.

?? Eat a Rainbow: Let's eat yellow! ??

Last week The Preschoolers were introduced to yellow fruits and vegetables as a part of their Eat a Rainbow Programme. Children were excited to explore fruits and vegetables on display such as yellow tomatoes, yellow capsicum, banana, lemon, pineapple, corn and nashi pear.

A 'What am I?' game using cards with pictures of yellow fruits and vegetables has become a very popular activity with the children that encourages descriptive language as they guess the food with clues provided by their friends.

? Preschool Pizzeria still Open for Business!

Our Pizza restaurant continues to promote play that involves lots of conversation about food, money, meal times and experiences that children have of eating and making pizza.

Charlie and Georgia sang the song we have learnt called Pizza Party ( link below) as they selected their toppings and ate their pizza. 

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? Vacation Care Closed: 24th Dec 2021 - 9th Jan 2022

✅ Vacation Care Reopens: 10th Jan 2022

? Vacation Care Program Out Now!

The Dec/Jan Vacation Program is now available. Get in quick as spaces fill fast!

Pick up a copy from OSHC today or head to the link to download a copy!

Our Vacation Care Program was released today. We hope you enjoyed the pancakes served at Breakfast club to celebrate the release. ?

OSHC Reminder

A gentle reminder that if children are dropped off before 8.30 am they need to be booked into OSHC.

Students are not to be left at the front gate before this time.

Parenting Insights

This article will show parents and teachers how to promote critical friendship skills in children and explore what to do when friendship problems occur.

Article: Respond honestly to dishonesty

Honesty is the best policy we know, but it's not always easy for children and young people to own up when they break the rules.

Credit Union SA's School Community Rewards Program

St Joseph's Hindmarsh has partnered with Credit Union SA on their School Community Rewards program, which provides a regular financial benefit for our school without having to donate any time or money, please see the latest offer for our school community.

➡️ View the Credit Union Home Loan Offer here


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